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Negative Impacts of Information Technology

Keywords: negative impact of information technology


Technology is the use of knowledge to the practical aims of individuals life or even to change and manipulate the individual environment. Within this century, technical advancement has made our lives easier and convenient. We enjoy higher incomes and better quality lifestyle consequently of improvement and development, but fast progress of technology has impacted our contemporary society globally. Matching to Electricity 22, "In 2008, just 16 percent of world's working society qualified as hyper-connected, however the study expected that 40 percent of us would soon meet the requirements. " Technology has always increased every once in awhile, and you will see more people count on technology. In the foreseeable future, technology will be changing a lot of things and people's life will be easier. However, many people are experiencing the advantages of technology only rather than look at its impacts. Incidentally, extreme usages of technology will effects people's lifestyle. There are several negative effects of technology which will effects people's daily life such as language proficiency, public life and health. Although technology has helped us in many domains, but you may still find many people do not realize the fact that technology has negative affects society.

The first main point for the negative impacts of it on culture is poor words proficiency. Language proficiency is the power of an individual to speak or perform within an acquired language. This is an extremely serious matter to be matter about this producing information technology on society. This is because the present day technology allows the students to communicate with their families and affiliates instantly using software such as Collection, WeChat and WhatsApp. This software will make life easier to communicate between one another. However, this will cause them to disregard the spelling of different words and the utilization of proper sentence structure. Furthermore, with the increasing amount of information on the net, Internet users will come across inaccurate information and business lead to misinformation or even just a little skewed way of thinking. This may lost the college student understanding through some information. Students in this technology love to talk to their friends and makes new friends when they are on social networks. However, a few of them will face problems as it pertains to real life face-to-face communication. They wouldn't know the differences between communication in internet sites and also when they connect face-to-face. Moreover, they have problems in communication because they could not pronounce different words correctly. Matching to Erica Loop (2014) "As a grown-up, you might know that Mr. Bob's bio facts are definately not true, but that doesn't mean that your son or daughter has the same understanding. " With the indegent language proficiency, one might misunderstand the information available on the net. They have to know the nice and bad of the technology in this population. As a conclusion, technology will helps people in learning but people misused it in an incorrect way. We will appreciate our technology in this era and utilize it wisely however, not getting affected into it and also have problems in terms proficiency. To avoid these problems, we have to minimize the communication on social networks and make an effort to talk to people around us more regularly.

Besides, scientific improvement will cause a huge impact on social life. It is because consumers rely on communication devices such as smart phone, I-pad, I-pod, Tab for most of their daily jobs. This causes them neglect quality time with their family members as they are busy checking out the new gadgets or new applications available for sale or getting updated to the current tendency on the social networks. For instance, nowadays teenagers will keep looking and pressing the display or button on their communication device while they do activities such as eating, viewing television with the family. Sometimes, they pay more attentions to their devices than to their family. The more complex technology becomes, the greater it seems to possess control over our lives. Technology has improved human experience nowadays. Nowadays, people spend additional time online than previously and their social life is influenced by internet. They prefer to read the media from the web instead of papers. Also, in addition they like to talk by using their devices alternatively than facing one another. This is because they believe that it'll save time and money, but this will cause them to be addicted to technology. The craving originates from not realising that they already found are what these were looking for. Corresponding to Siege, 22, "the internet has radically transformed nearly every level of human experience in an incredibly short amount of time. " With advanced technology, individual tend to rely on technology devices in short time. Additionally, the trend made many recently impossible things which include being able to access personal data and information of Internet users that they might never meet. Through the internet, people could post and talk about links, statuses, pictures, remarks and even vent their feelings to other internet surfers. They can also look through other users' private information which would include essential information such as era, birthday, and marital status to know more about this person. This gives way to cybercrime. For example, illegal acts, personal privacy invasion, and even private information stealing. Although technology do have their advantages, but much like many revolutionary innovations, they can radically change our lives, for better or worse.

Moreover, the progression of technology not only negatively affected our vocabulary proficiency and interpersonal life but also our health. Most teens and white-collar employee spend numerous time in front of computer screen with no intense exercise which might lead to injuries such as lumbar traumas and carpal tunnel syndrome. It is proven fact that computer is a essential machine for many different careers and activities, even in learning, for men and women, adolescents and children. However, the extended hours of computer can contribute to increasing opportunity for an injury. " The greater tech-time that a child engages in, the not as likely it is the fact will get in his daily dosage of physical exercise". For instance, if children play too much video games, they might experience physical and emotional problems. With higher technology, people are inclined to addicted and sluggish. This is because people are too dependent on the technology available today. People no longer need to leave their house for entertainment goal and they can find the answer to anything with the net browser, Google. With all the advancement of cellular phone, people do not take the time to memorise telephone numbers anymore. Also, mobile phone users can download video games, video and music to keep them interested. As time cross, they forget about the people around them and dependent on the small gadgets on their palm. For instance, once we are in the restaurant, that which we usually see is teenagers busy using their gadgets and even children, they no more playing around and make sound as the devices kept them followed. With excessive usage of electronic gadgets, it'll weaken people's memory and damage their eye places. "I believe modern it greatly simplifies our life, because a lot of that which we no longer need to keep in mind, but basically there are a variety of things that we won't search in the web every time we need it, so computer or smart phone can replace individuals memory". People no more need memorise things they need as their computer or smart phone can facilitates them in this subject. For instance, when searching for grocery you can simply list down on the smartphone and obtain it at the shopping mall. Therefore, this will lead to a weaker recollection as people hardly ever store information in their head. When we take a look at things that are nearer to our face we are likely to blink smaller than whenever we look at distant objects. This will cause our eye to be drier whenever we spend extended hours using electronic gadgets and consequently damage our eye sight. If we do not control our usage of technology wisely, it eventually will weaken our disease fighting capability.

In a nutshell, we believe that the improvement of technology has negatively impacted our vocabulary proficiency, sociable life and health. While language skills should be countered insurance agencies more communication through internet using proper sentence structure and accurate spellings of different words, having face-to-face communication more often or reading more papers to improve the language proficiency. We should manage our consumption of technology devices by lowering the utilization of smartphone for extended hours, understand how to connect and mingle with people around us and make it a habit to write in proper phrases using accurate spelling and grammar. Next regarding public life, we ought to spend quality time with this relatives and buddies. Moreover, try not to store almost all of our private information as it can harm our basic safety. Finally, regarding to health, if compelled to benefit long hours before the computer screen, we have to take breaks among to stretch our body and relax our eyes. Furthermore, contemporary society must have the ability to utilise technology without and can handicap social connections, particularly for many who are easily inspired during our formative years. Our world must learn to accept technology without allowing it to negatively impact the creation of practical adults in society. According to Greg Satell (2013), "Technology, like most human being things, is a dual edged sword, affecting gain and reduction, merit and demerit. " In conclusion, the more complex technology becomes, the more it seems to get control over our lives.

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