Negative Ramifications of Technology on Society

Negative Effects of Technology

There is without doubt that technology is playing a crucial role in developing societies as countries rely upon it in every disciplines of life. Countries around the world are rivalling to invent and develop the highest scientific devices that can maintain the highest efficiency and accuracy of the work. Starting from 1980s, people began to use technology every day. The use of technology kept growing dramatically that individuals used it in little things. That overuse led to many negatives. There are lots of negative effects of overusing of technology on societies but the three major results could be health problems, privateness problems and sociable problems.

One of the negative sides of the immediate use of technology on societies is medical issue. There is absolutely no hesitation that the technology is getting better and dispersing across the world. That led societies to cope with it almost every day to get their work done resulting in many issues. These issues can mainly be divided into two main categories which can be mental health issues and physical health problems. To begin which is the physical health problem, there are extensive physical medical issues that brought on by coping with technology however the critical ones are weaken the eyesight. People who usually deal with computers for a long periods of time like programmers suffer from blurry perspective and eye pain. Corresponding to Tripp (2013), people who usually use pcs for long conditions experience serious issues such as soreness of the sight and blurring the eye-sight. That can be clearly seen since sight have to concentrate all the time on the display that emits dangerous radiations that affects the eye critically leading the eyes to start shedding tears which can make the attention blurry. Leading to soreness of the sight on long conditions. In addition, technology can cause mental problems for some. Some individuals who usually spend hours dealing with Tv sets and Pcs without getting together with people get discouraged and get an unbiased patterns which results in fear of talking to people resulting those to suffer from mental disease called panic. However nowadays, parents are exposing their children to technology without taking in concern the cruel effects of such an action. Creating their children to suffer from many mental diseases. Crawford (2011) described that credited to spending huge amounts of time; huge number of children were diagnosed by di polar disorder, panic and depression leading to using large numbers of psychotropic medications. That may be clearly seen because the parents will not take in consideration that technology isolate the child from the exterior world thus they get mental diseases. Last but not least, technology has dual edged effects that are mental and physical problems.

The second negative aftereffect of overuse of technology on the modern culture is the deprivation of privateness and security. As the globe experiencing many progress in the technology additionally it is facing problems of privateness and security that can strip the earth from personal information. Firstly, privacy issues. Privateness problems are believed as one of the critical issues. Privacy issues are worried with checking locations and spying on information. It's very easy for specialists to track and spy on any digital camera that attaches to a network by simply tracking the IP location using programs then establishing relationships by dominating over foibles resulting in accessing data of an individual. For example, some advertising websites can monitor location, monitor what users do and discover the actual users like and dislike by s doing a survey of which products are usually more preferred, while some countries usually spy on another countries to keep up its inner security and spy on extremely important information. Matching to Thai acts group (2012), minister of communication in Iran brought up that the traditional western are spying on the internet resulting in growing of corruption. That's clearly seen because the west have more advanced equipment that can monitor and spy on anyone on the globe with high exactness. Furthermore to privacy problems, security problems can negatively affect anyone on the globe, it is concerned with stealing of information. It is known that information of users of any website are preserved in cloud storage area of the website. Professionals aim for that cloud safe-keeping. If it's not well anchored all of users information including ID and passwords will be threatened. For instance, if a professional hacker login a bank or investment company database, he would cause a fatal damage to the users and the bank, running away leaving almost no trace. "Computer predators" (n. d. ) described that while personal computers are connected to the internet, hackers send malwares to seek for financial information and copy it to them. That can be clearly seen because so many hackers have used these malwares to penetrate banks systems in the western world. Wrapping up, technology affects significantly on the personal privacy and security

The third negative effect of overuse of technology on societies is the interpersonal issue. Through these years technology was getting more advanced not only running a business and work domains but also for numerous range of fields. One of these important areas that gains tremendous amount of revenue is the video games field, which includes been modified many times to make the games more natural and has more similarities to the true life. Video games are so reasonable that killing and other disgusting moments are contained in game titles. The serious ramifications of games can be split into two main categories which can be temper fluctuating and lack of social skills. First of all, due to killing and blood scenes in the games aggression get spread around among all the teens. Matching to Alamy (2012), young adults who usually play brutal video games become extremely aggressive. That may be obviously seen because observing such dangerous views make the teens or children more likely to attack people or cause critical harm to their friends in institutions or in neighborhood. Furthermore to aggression, lack of public skills is another consequence of overuse of technology. Relaxing all your day working on gadgets such as personal computers could isolate the person. It really is clear that technology boosted communications by easily contacting anyone by just pressing a button. However in simple fact it is accountable for the rapid loss of the relationships. Nowadays some people could be creating a date and they're actually resting next to the other person but in truth they aren't having any type of contact. Corresponding to Howarth (2014), children interpersonal skills are decreasing significantly because of spending long periods of time interacting with technology. That's clear because the greater the kid is attached to technology the less his communal skills will be. Overall, technology affects socializing of children.

Finally, technology was made to serve the world but people used it in rigorous levels which it caused serious issues that are health issues, privacy problems and public problems. Health problems are believed as critical issues which influences mental and physical health of the user. Moreover, privateness is negatively affected anticipated to spying and stealing of information of users. Furthermore, socializing is damaged by rapid change of temper and insufficient interpersonal skills. People should spend less time and talk to one another and use technology in rates that it doesn't hurt people to avoid getting any problems in the foreseeable future.

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