Nestle Milky Pub Product Line Extentsion Marketing Essay

Milkybar white chocolates is an established children's brand with a rich heritage. Within the last 2 years the volumes on this product have been declining credited to negative associations of confectionery brands with youth obesity. In addition legislation helps prevent promoting this product to the key marketplace. A dependence on advancement & turnaround within the brand collection is vital to ensure success & sustainability on the brand over permanent.

Consumers preferences during monetary downturns are usually do not promote trial of services as a result of limited discretionary income. The root concept is the fact consumers would prefer to spend their hard earned cash on products they are certain of, than products that could potentially be considered a disappointment. This trend is also between low income earners & consumers (ACORN Category 5, Group N;O;P;Q;U) (Appendix 1)

Manufacturers are also unwilling to make way bigger investments into a fresh brand & like to extend established brand names in various product offerings. A product that utilises a preexisting brand name requires reduced investment than if a entirely new brand name launched. The risk is also lessened through product expansion. So while an company requires to stay exciting & relevant to consumers to ensure its success the choice is to do this through renovation on existing lines as opposed to complete innovation.

Current Market - Delicious chocolate & Confectionery

Nestle's standpoint on food & nutrition is easy "you are what you eat". You can find more awareness now is that good food means good health insurance and good life and folks are starting to make more food choices based on health. With over 140 many years of food and nourishment research, Nestle is focused on offering more healthy lifestyle selections including Good Food you'll enjoy for an excellent Life!

Due to the dietary challenges that consumers are experienced, what they eat; how much they eat; and just how they live their lives, eating a wholesome diet may be overwhelming. However sometimes a few small changes can make a huge difference to your current health. Nestle dedication is to ensure that consumers don't have to compromise on flavor and enjoyment in order to be healthy. Nestle promotes the idea of healthier eating: to eat a healthy well-balanced diet and the right amount for the amount of activity that you do daily in order to avoid your weight gain. By pursuing these recommendations consumers can ensure healthier, good food alternatives you are more likely to:

Feel and look great

Meet daily dietary needs for nutrients, including essential natural vitamins, vitamins and antioxidants

Provide a boost to your immunity helping to struggle off coughs, colds and other day-to-day bugs

Be better able to control your weight

Lower your threat of developing serious illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes or cancers

However healthy eating is an aspect of the approach to life, keeping active in your lifestyle, is also an important part of keeping well and taking care of yourself.

Nestle helps to provide good food choices by

Providing consumers with useful home elevators the nutrition content of products - both on the website and on the food and beverages packaging

Providing consumers with information about healthy eating and tips how to make more healthy choices

However while key to Nestle's objectives of healthier eating the fundamental eye-sight of good food good life in a nutritionally accountable manner the flavor account of products should not be lost.


Milkybar's key consumer has been children aged 5-13. This young consumer segement usually is not the shopper & generally the shopper is either parents, family members or caregivers. This in itself provides a key obstacle to the professional, while the product must charm to the mark segment it must do the same for the shopper. Therefore there are contradictory motives & desire of the product from both the shopper & the buyer. As the child may simply want a yummy treat, the shopper is concerned about topical ointment issues of high sugar intake, bad diet & excess weight. It becomes very difficult then to charm to both these very key stakeholders without risking alienating one or the other.

The key challenge then is satisfying both these key stakeholders in the purchase decision making process. Some of the consumer the child requires a treat with little result or considered to nutrition & the caregiver requires a product that will offer some vitamins and minerals. A product that may fulfill both these needs will ensure the success of the brand.

To further complicate issues recent development & constraints into advertising children's brands escalates the obstacle of marketing a child-focused chocolate brand. Ofcom's limitations on TV advertising of HFSS (High Extra fat, Salt, Sweets) stops Nestle from utilising Television set as a medium for Milkybar adverts during key children's programming slots. Furthermore the healthier eating argument has prompted key stakeholders of children's health like parents, key givers & schools to reduce chocolates & offer alternatives such as cereal bars, fresh and dried out fruit, nut products and seeds thus also limiting the availabilty & syndication of Milkybar. The below is a ruling from OFCOM which is the advertising regulating body for the united kingdom.


The Government wish to restrict the advertising of food and drink high in fat, salt or sweets (HFSS foods) to children in all its varieties, including on broadcast and non-broadcast multimedia) and to encourage the advertising of better alternatives. This is against a history of cultural and governmental concern about rising child years over weight and ill-health scheduled to nutritionary imbalance, specifically the over-consumption of HFSS foods and the under-consumption of fresh foods, fruit and vegetables. Both the Division of Health (DH) and the Food Standards Agency (FSA) have determined television set advertising as a location where action is highly recommended to limit the advertising of HFSS products to children.

The brand has used the platform of advertising through the concept of a humorous, Wild West-inspired heroes and villains theme. Its latest TV advertisement, a sedate looking Milkybar Youngster on horseback wandering by way of a wood, with no dialogue just canine noises, which highlights the complete natural notion.

The strategy therefore of stretching the product into associated categories is essential. With this thought exploration into a Milkybar ice cream lollies was initiated. This will likely extend this product to a different ingestion occasion & add amounts & earnings to the bottom brand. The product will be positioned as calcium mineral enriched to include value for its consumers. Calcium is a likely relationship for the already dairy rich chocolate bar. The concept behind the added value is the shopper & gatekeeper for kids will seek 'better' snacking options. And a product that will aid in an integral matter for gatekeepers 'diet' will provide a creative solution.

Milkybar glaciers cream lollies will be placed as a snacking/dessert option for children. The creaminess of Milkybar chocolates will charm to children on the flavour platform. The calcium mineral enriched position will add additional value of providing nutritional benefits while being a snack. This will increase its charm as a wholesome snacking option for parents & gatekeepers. The servings & nutritional recommendations will maintain line with Nestle's concepts of sensible & healthier eating. With this thought the idea for project Cool Cow (Milkybar glaciers cream lollies) was produced.

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