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New Zealand's Impairment and Aging Regulations and Practices

Task four: Evaluating international improvements to New Zealand's plans and practices with regards to disability and aging.

4. 1. Insurance policies on impairment and aging

4. 1. 1. International procedures on disability


  • Council for Canadians with disability has provide support for impaired and assist them as they find problems when moving into society or finding the job or any educational. As follow several committee :
  • Transportation committee
  • International development committee
  • Human protection under the law committee
  • Social policy committee
  • The sociopolitical model worried about human rights in the 1970s as they focus to reduce the barrier of environment, another negative thought toward people who have disability from cultural community.
  • The Canadian government promote the procedures and support indie living for individuals with disability such as services, travelling and cover and make more flexible for these people.
  • According to the International model of Human Rights, people who have disability also have all the normal protection under the law as a resident and it is existing under regulations for the impaired people.


In Australia, the two Commonwealth policies and important that related to impairment are Impairment Services Function 1986 and the Impairment Discrimination Take action 1992, each of them provide the rights for the disability.

  • The Disability Services Act(DSA) 1986: The act predicated on the handicapped program review that the commonwealth initiated 1983. There are a few action of the legislation supply the services for people with disability in to the society( Baume & Kay 1995):
  • Providing more flexible and more attentive to the needs for impaired people.
  • Assist disabled people gets services plus they can work locally with full participation.
  • Provide service to people who have disability they can achieve the positive effects such as are more independent, more opportunity for job in the community.
  • Considering the results achieved of the disabled people as they are considered of financial for these services.
  • Innovation in the provision of service for individuals with impairment should be encouraged.
  • The impairment discrimination function 1992: the work related to public justice for impaired in Australia. The function is aim to protect the interest of folks with disability who have experience of discrimination in public and private service. There are some action of the work:
  • The disabled people has the same privileges when they are in the community
  • Within the city principle that people with disability have the same important rights.
  • Providing regulations by commonwealth program as the discrimination against the individual on the floor of the disability in the training, work, accommodation.

New Zealand

The New Zealand strategy for folks with disability released to the New Zealand government to promote a more inclusive society for folks with impairment as they can get admiration in interpersonal community. In addition, guideline the federal government put into practice about provide support service for people with disability and some others frame of mind and behavior from culture toward them. The government department while others government companies need to consider to people who have disability prior to making decision.

The strategy and policies

  • Non-disabling culture should be motivated and teach as they have to value and highly values the lives to disable people.
  • People in contemporary society should perceived the rights for folks with disability as they can put into action their rights completely.
  • Considering education for disable people, as they can form their skills and educational centre which can help them participate in society.
  • Giving and providing opportunities monetary and job for disable people relative to human rights and maintain satisfactory income.
  • In the case, disable Maori and pacific people is highly recommended as promote contribution.
  • Providing support the lifestyle choice and culture for people with disability. Also support for quality residing in the community for disable people as they can feel comfortable while moving into that community.
  • Foster leadership by disable people as cause them to become making decision, acknowledge and bolster of the authority for them upon this issue.
  • Long-term support system centred need to set-up on specific: making certain the quality analysis and service deliver is centred for disable people.
  • Foster an aware and reactive public service: ensure that government agencies, general population service are aware the responsive for folks with disability.


Similarities : In all three countries, the policies give attention to how to delivery good support toward to the disabled people in any angle such as environment, educational, career and cultural community.


  • Canada: Policy matter about system support for the impaired people as encourage them take part in social's life.
  • Australia : The government engaged the aspect and focused to the educational discrimination for people with impairment.
  • New Zealand: The government i not only focus on the Western european in New Zealand, they also concern toward to Maori and Pacific folks who are living with disability

4. 1. 2. International regulations on aging


There are several programmes focus on supply the financial of medical care for the elderly as well as concentrate to support service procedures for the older people.

  • Canada pension plan provide the security -income program such as later years security, guaranteed income supplementation(1967) to support for older about the financial and low-income for elderly people by authorities general earnings.
  • Providing guidelines and support of ageing under the populace health fund as well as the countrywide health research and development program.
  • Canada authorities also create and understand the data to support older people along the way effectively.
  • The national construction on ageing are providing the plans effective to seniors as well as consulting this matter for the elderly in Canada.
  • Making sure the manual safe practices for the elderly as their health or vacationing or health insurance plan.
  • Increasing administration income security programmes


  • The Australia administration created the procedures to support older people who are residing in retirement become more active and financially secure.
  • The the elderly can continue to work if they wish in the communities
  • Provide this program such as lifelong learning and energetic ageing therefore the older people in Australia can be more energetic and can increase variety of wellbeing in the elderly. Also a healthy body can reduce the isolation and keep maintaining the freedom on the the elderly.

New Zealand

. THE BRAND NEW Zealand positive ageing strategy offers a framework for understanding and increasing policies for the elderly. The positive aging takes consideration of health, financial security, personal safety and environment living for the elderly in New Zealand.

  • Health: Promote and support the development of the health centre community for the elderly. Taking into consideration the multi-disciplinary availability need analysis throughout new Zealand.
  • Income: the plans has launched to ensure that the elderly gets sufficient income and appropriate standard of living. Following legislation that the security of publicly should be increased provide old age income into the future.
  • Housing: providing support from federal government as older people gets appropriate enclosure option. Furthermore, organize the review option to allow low-income families to purchase home.
  • Transport: public transfer should be evaluated as they are friendly in conditions of road, timetables and safe for many ages. Making certain lack of travel is not the hurdle for health services.
  • Ageing set up: developing the coverage and the number of service that can support ageing set up. put into action and promote service programmes of safety awareness for the elderly.
  • Culture variety: number of quality services for maori and pacific people should be increased and upgraded. Also, older people from cultural community should be recognized the problem in specific and develop those option based on the cultural.
  • Rural: developing and providing policies and support service delivery for older people who is moving into the rural community.
  • Attitudes: all folks has the several positive behaviour to the the elderly as ensuring government agency and publicity plan portray positive images for the elderly. Developing intergenerational progammes in college and areas.
  • Employment : support occupation of the elderly worker according to the government policies sector. Promote the mentoring programs of the skills and experience for older people.
  • Opportunities: improving the ability and increasing the educational and retraining for adult people


Similarities: Supporting guidelines are providing properly toward to the the elderly in every three countries as they can live in the city with good health insurance and comfortable with retirement living.

Differences :

  • Canada and Australia: They all two countries remain give attention to the financial support for the elderly. Also, these two countries has increased the amount of the elderly and giving alternatives how to approach it and protect a good life for the coffee lover.
  • New Zealand: In the case, New Zealand separate in various type on these regulations which is very plainly to aid for older people.

4. 2. 1. International delivery guidelines on disability


  • According to accessible vehicles in Canada, this program were establish to supply the move system and security environment to help people with impairment as they can found it easier when they are going.
  • Health Canada
  • Community living
  • Support financing for disable people in the labour market also help for job because they are having impairment.


  • Disability services Australia 1986 provided the grade of services sent to disabled people as the product quality for healthcare for the impairment.
  • In addition, the younger people with disability in residential older care was establish by the Australia authorities for five yr which helping reduce the number of more youthful people having impairment and support those people as they are living in the residential older care.
  • The disability standard provide obtaining equal access for people with disability.
  • Home and community caution provide support the attention and increasing the independent for folks with impairment in the personal care.

New Zealand

  • In the city, health care services from practice nurse may be related to primary health care centre. Based on the Public Health and Disability act, the principal Heath Business were founded and that provide medical education and also others services of health were supplied.
  • Public Health service also support service disabled people under the brand new Zealand Health and Disability Function 2000.


Similarities : All three countries are give attention to providing the support for disable people with top quality and progammes in different conditions such as healthcare provide.


  • Canada : These insurance plan concentrate on planning safety for people with impairment on the position as transportation or employment, also meet on development educational to allow them to get more encounters and skills that can help them living in society.
  • Australia : Organizing the assistance and delivery carer in effectively to younger with disability on the both part financially and mentally illness help these people more confident with the ability while these are living in the residential community.
  • New Zealand : Provide on the basic need on health care under the New Zealand Health and Disability Action 2000 for the people who have disability.

4. 2. 2. International delivery plans on aging


  • Proving the financial support for older people when they retire at age 60
  • The plans providing the services and also development this program liaising with different levels for the older in the community.
  • Focusing on long-term system support care for the elderly as the social support or any other bodily or emotionally support on their behalf.


  • Australia government matter to provide services and community of attention effectively for the elderly according to their spiritual, culture and charities.
  • Under the older care examination program, the federal government budget to support older people and contribute funds to support these program.
  • Caring the elderly also get the support services from the government. Delivering the support needs in specific for elderly under the National continence management.

New Zealand

There are several support service organizations were founded to build up and help the elderly with higher quality and effectively to them.

  • Age concern
  • Diabetes new Zealand
  • National health foundation
  • Career force
  • Public health association

As these organizations can offer a good qualification to help the the elderly in the retirement life and get benefit in term of the needs that the elderly want.


Similarities: These countries are delivering the good quality and effectively support for the the elderly as well as they consider to build up to ensure the elderly can reside in their community comfortable and happy.


  • Canada: Authorities in Canada might need to supply the higher support of finance and services to care older people.
  • Australia: Medical care system in Australia is quite effectively toward the the elderly.
  • New Zealand : Under each company, they are providing the best support and access for the elderly as the elderly can stay in the simplest way in the retirement life home or center.


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