Nurse And Friars Role In Rome Juliets Fatalities English Literature Essay

Romeo and Juliet is a tragedy written early on in the job of William Shakespeare about two young "star-crossed fans" whose fatalities finally unite their feuding family members. The nurse and friar Lawrence might not exactly fully be to blame but I am to see to what extent they are to blame, and exactly how together their activities caused their fatalities. I will answer fully the question utilizing a PQA style of writing with quotes to demonstrate my items more clearly.

Romeo considers Friar Lawrence someone they can confide in, and therefore says him about his newfound love, Juliet, at the earliest opportunity. The Friar, however, is not persuaded. He seems that Romeo is very hasty in his decisions, having "loved" Rosaline yesterday, and says, "Young men's love is Not truly in their hearts, however in their eyes". Being truly a very wise man, he warns Romeo to slow down a little, but Romeo insists he wishes to marry Juliet. Friar Lawrence then perceives that the relationship could be used to bring the rival houses jointly.

The nurse is a servant in the Capulet house and can be seen as a distinction to Juliet. She is apparently in higher standing up than the other servants since was a wet nurse to Juliet, exists in private family discussions and is respected by the Capulet's.

Juliet and the Nurse show a close connection, one that's greater than one of a girl and her servant. Since being her "wet-nurse" the Nurse is becoming over time Juliet's close friend, confidant, good friend and mom. After Romeo is banished the partnership between your Nurse and Juliet changes. When the Nurse suggests that Juliet should forget about Romeo and marry Paris, she loses Juliet's trust and self-assurance and Juliet makes a decision to seek the assistance of Friar Lawrence.

The nurse and Friar Lawrence parallel each other in the play in the manner they both are safeguarding the secrecy of their relationship, guarding themselves from risk and both care about Romeo and Juliet. The Nurse and Friar Lawrence never meet during the play and are unaware of each other. This caused bafflement as both were aiming to help in different ways.

Friar Laurence carries out the secret marriage ceremony for Romeo and Juliet. The Friar still feels that Romeo and Juliet's relationship is not true and aren't really in love, but he agrees to marry them anyway. The Friar gives Romeo what he feels to be very good news that Romeo has not been sentenced to death by the Prince, and has only been banished. This displays the Friar's optimism, which helps him start to see the good in every situation.

Juliet begs the Friar to help her in her as Paris is requesting to marry her. Because he's religious, the Friar is also buying a means of avoiding marrying Juliet double, so he helps her plan her "death". He goes to the Capulet house after Juliet is found out "dead", and explains to the family to dash their deceased daughter to her funeral service and then to burial. He justifies this by expressing "it is God's will", and lowers himself by using God as an instrument in his dishonesty.

The Nurse really helps to move the action of the play along. After her romantic relationship with Juliet is established, next time she appears she creates a discord between Romeo and Juliet. During the Capulet's party, she instructs both Romeo and Juliet each the id of the other, and that they are from the rival house. The Nurse is the messenger to Romeo to assemble everything for their magic formula marriage, and at this time she warns Romeo never to hurt Juliet, demonstrating her love on her behalf and foreshadowing the deaths. The Nurse gives Juliet the news headlines that Romeo killed Tybalt and was exiled by the Prince, further hurting Juliet emotionally. The Nurse arranges for Romeo and Juliet's wedding nighttime and final farewell.

Friar Laurence wedded Romeo and Juliet, wanting that their union would bring a finish to the continuous feuding between their two young families, the Montagues and the Capulets. Though the friar's intentions were good, they were steps along the path to tragedy. Within the Friars religious beliefs, it was a sin to marry somebody who was already committed; thus he didn't want to marry Juliet to Paris when she had been committed to Romeo. Juliet questioned Friar Laurence's motives herself, expressing, "Imagine if it be considered a poison, that your friar / Subtly hath minister'd to own me inactive, / Lest in Relationship he should be dishonour'd / Because he hitched me before to Romeo? / I dread it is", but still, her trust in him as a lifelong friend overcame any suspicions that she acquired.

The Friar deserted Juliet in the tomb because people were nearing and he was scared he would be learned, "I notice some noise, girl. " And was frightened because in those times he'd have been performed for doing what he does. Also because if he was observed in the tomb with dead Romeo and deceased Juliet he would be considered to have tampered with the physiques and they weren't in love, just the friar moving the systems.

The nurse's motives for supporting Juliet are very unclear, it can be she simply wanted to help Juliet, or that she simply wished to be in on the gossip. Her advice though is less wished as the play advances maybe as Juliet discovers her motives or as the nurse gets bored stiff of the current situation; this is particularly visible when she explains to Juliet to marry Paris and ignore Romeo. "I think it is best you marry the region / For it excels your first (matrimony). "

The nurse betrays Juliet in the play by not helping her decision to stay with

Romeo. Instead of promoting Juliet the Nurse instead is convinced "I believe it is best you marry the region Juliet seems betrayed by this reply as the Nurse "dispraise my lord (Romeo) recover same tongue / Which she hath praised him beyond compare / So many thousand times The Nurse's betrayal causes Juliet to visit the Friar with the objective to commit suicide should he be unable to help Juliet, "I'll to the Friar to know his solution. / If everything else fails myself have the power to pass away. "

Other factors which could have resulted in the pair's fatality could have been Mercutio and Tybalt preventing in the pub, the feuding family members or the fate which helped bring them alongside one another. The fighting between Mercutio and Tybalt induced the prince to lose patience with the two families and when Tybalt passed away this made the prince banish Romeo, this cause the friar to make the plan to "kill" Juliet. The feuding people induced Romeo and Juliet to keep their love solution, and this resulted in Juliet taking the poison which made her appear dead. Fate can have played a big role particularly when the letter from the friar to Romeo had not been delivered because of condition.

In conclusion, I'll tell you my opinion regarding the tasks of the friar and the nurse in Romeo and Juliet's loss of life. First of all, the Friar impulsively decided to marry Romeo and Juliet, even though he has learned it'll cause later problems. The Friar agrees to give Juliet the potion. The Friar makes the complete plan, that will take total perfection and assistance on everyone's part to work well. Inevitably, it is Friar Lawrence's' mistake that Romeo is not up to date and eventually ends up lost about the recent happenings concerning Juliet, which led to his death. The Nurse allows Juliet to marry Romeo which started out the complete snowball moving and also didn't inform her superiors, even understanding that it had not been right on her behalf. She also made the blunder of showing Juliet to marry Paris which Juliet to work with the friars shattered plan. In all I think the friar is most accountable for the fatalities of Romeo and Juliet, because he explained their issues with marriage, and finished it with fatality.

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