Organizational culture, and change management


This study is based on organizational culture, and change management This research provides an overall idea about the particular subject matter area and it provides very important knowledge foundation in both sensible and theoretical manner.

Accordingly in the first part of the study the concept of culture of a business has been studies as a one learning end result of the component. Under that a framework of studying organizational culture has been detailed. After that the inner and exterior factors that could influence organizational culture has been described, accordingly as the ultimate information of the first learning outcome the current organizational culture has been examined.

After a thorough understanding on culture of the organizations a report has been broadened to review understand the impact of change that underpins specific and organizational performance. In that section the idea behind organisational prices the worth to an individual and the the affect of manger's personal prices in dealing with team members has been described properly.

As the 3rd learning outcome the partnership between organizational culture and change management has been realized and appropriately it was recognized how organizational culture make a difference organizational change management process and then it was assessed how organizational culture and change management make a difference individual behavior. Also eventually it is talked about how individual beliefs can affect the behavior of team.

All mutually this study covered a massive area in the topic region of organizational behavior and change management.

Universal Dealer (Pvt) Ltd is UK structured company, they import many food items from various Parts of asia, and among that Sri Lanka is major country. Universal suppliers are recently established company, it isn't alder than a decade, but its improvement is very successful. World is change every day, new solutions are emerge and customer anticipation and satisfactions are change day by day therefore every business has to update their standard. Common suppliers have comprehended change system, so they provide more priority to improve their management and products in accordance with market change.

The Concept of Culture

To achieve this learning target there are three main areas which has to be address. First one is the to ascertain a platform for inspecting organizational culture and then Explanation on inner and exterior factors that effect organizational culture and finally of the section the account was given to gauge the existing Organizational culture.

Determine a framework for studying organizational culture

Organizational or corporate culture is the pattern of beliefs, norms, beliefs, attitudes and assumptions that might not exactly have been articulated but form how people behave and things have finished. Norms are unwritten guidelines and conducts.

In a very simple way we can say the culture of a business is the normal way of doing things in the business. It particularly relates to the behavior pattern and the relationship. The culture of a business evolves as an development of long time. It is normally created by folks who work in the organization both the professionals and the workforce.

So this framework for analyzing group should be developed in a manner considering on above said ideas of the organizational culture.

There seems to be wide range of agreement that organizational culture identifies something of shared so this means held associates that distinguishes the organization from other organizations. This system of shared meaning is, on closer evaluation, a set of key elements that in aggregate catch the fact of and organization's culture.

These elements will be the core of the platform which may use to analyze the organizational culture. Those are the following.

Innovations and risk tasking - The amount to which employees are stimulates to be ground breaking and take risk.

Attention to detail - The amount to which employees are anticipated to exhibit accuracy, analysis, and focus on detail.

Result Orientation - The degree to which management focuses on results or results somewhat than on the techniques and functions used to achieve those effects.

People Orientation - The degree to which management decisions ingest to consideration the effect of outcomes on people within the business.

Team Orientation - The degree to which work activities are prepared around teams somewhat than individuals

Aggressiveness - The degree to which people are intense and competitive rather than easy going.

Stability - The amount to which organizational activities highlight maintaining the status quo in contrast to growth

Each of the elements exists on the continuum from low to high. Appraising the business on these seven characteristics or the elements and then gives a composite picture of the organization's culture.

Explanation on inside and external factors that impact organizational culture to Management Practices

Internal Factors

The actions of Top Management - The activities of the most notable management also have major impact on the organization's culture. Through what they state and how they behave, senior executives build norms that filtration system down through the organizations concerning whether risk taking is appealing, how much freedom managers should give their employees, what's appropriate dress, what action will pay off in terms of pay boosts, offers and other rewards.

Human resources Procedures - Once culture is in place there are routines within the organization that act to keep it by giving employees a couple of experience. For example many of the human resources tactics strengthen the organization's culture. The section process, performance evaluation criteria, training job development activities, the special offers strategies ensure that those hired people fit in with the culture.

Socialization - Regardless of how good a job the organization does indeed in recruiting and selection, new employees are not fully indoctrinated in the organizations culture. Could be most important, because they are unfamiliar with the organizations culture, new employees are potentially more likely to disturb the values and traditions that are in place. The organizations will therefore want to help new employees adapt to its culture. This adaptation process is called as Socialization.

External Factors

The context of Community - The people have an internal life that nourishes which is nourished by important work that occurs in the framework of the city. This matter have two sides some may be community as a external factor how go through the group and the other side employees also result from that community that will influence to the internal factors also. Organizations that promotes a religious culture recognize that folks have both a brain and a nature seek to find meaning and goal in their work, and aspire to connect with other individual and be part of your community.

Government Regulations - This is also having another high effect on organizational culture. Especially in the areas like how to take care of for the employees, rules o customer relationships and like that the government rules and regulations also may have a influence on organization's culture.

National Culture - it is required to taken in to bank account if accurate predictions are to be made about organizational habit in various countries. But will countrywide culture override the organization's culture. Is an IBM center in Germany, for example much more likely to represent German ethic culture or IBM's commercial culture? This example should be studied in to bill to national culture override the organization's culture.

Evaluate the existing Organizational culture

Here if we take the McDonalds firm the organizations culture can be recognized the following.

Organizational culture to deal up with Country wide culture

McDonald's company adjusts to cooking food differences in various cultures. Regarding India, McDonalds offered vegetarian burgers to practicing Buddhists. Parts of asia preferring spicy style saw the launch of spicy burgers, poultry and seasoning. This provides options for customers to buy food with either the American taste or the local preference. McDonalds achieves balance by keeping standardization in products but adjusting to the local taste.

Company operations

Operations Customer Focused Product and service delivery of McDonalds is customer cantered. Which means that McDonalds' primary concern is the satisfaction of its customers. This is ensured through the use of a strict standard of food and service quality. Under immediate Supervision of Mom Company Periodically, reps from the mother company visit certain branches to be able to guarantee the maintenance of quality requirements, to discover problems and issues, also to provide changes on operation, management and marketing techniques.

Relationship with the Employees

The company applies the employment coverage of providing sufficient training to its labor force. Prior to starting work, newly hired employees are given a rundown of the rules and polices, company tactics and the goals of the company. Following this, the employees are launched to different the different parts of the menu, procedure for preparing food, food-packaging techniques, portion of food, handling the cash register, and establishing rapport with customers. New employees receive useful exercises for experience.

Change Management Process

The change management process is one of basic skill in that most Managers and larders have to be competent in there management process. There are very less working environments where change management is not important and not implemented.

In here we are looking basics of change management, and offer some guideline about how these principles can be put in place.

When leaders and professionals are planning to take care of changes, there are five main philosophies which need to be remember

Various people reply various way to change

Everybody has basic needs which have to be fulfil

Changes regularly includes a loss, and people feel the "loss curve"

Anticipation need to be managed rationally

Fears need to be deal with changes

The some techniques in the change management practitioner's belt are well known in the business and operate press. The effective organizational change in their execution and realization are required the intro of lean production, 360 feedback, executive coaches, six sigma, CRM, just-in-time resource and manufacturing operations such as kanban and kaizen, Total Quality Management, or venture applications such as SAP, and etc

Importance (Goals)of Change Management to the Organization

1. To permit changes while, at the same time, maintaining or enhancing service stableness and availableness.

2. To increase the probability of change process success.

3. To lessen and minimize the ratio of changes that should be backed out of due to inadequate preparation.

4. To make sure that all parties influenced are educated of designed changes.

5. To supply an archive of changes applied to aid with and shorten problem conviction time.

6. To ensure that specialized and management accountability for all those changes is diagnosed.

7. To assist with the exactness of predictions of impact, such as response time, utilization, etc.

8. To make sure that all affected people aren't only prepared, but necessary documents and training is in place before the implementation.

Organization Culture and Change Management Process

The firm culture and change management process are interrelated. There are lots of impact cultural influences for change management process. Ever before organization has unique culture, so management system also adapted surrounding that culture and if indeed they use any change process they need to change that change process with the culture, otherwise they need to change group culture. Company drive process is often to increase the effectiveness of the employee to be able to enhance the financial position of the business. Some organizational civilizations are making barriers to execute changes, so they have to overcome those tolerant against to improve. Most of director and leaders are not prepared to do changes, because they involve some fear about any of it success or failure. Social changes or changes version to culture must success of changes, because these two cannot be separated. Good marriage between firm culture and change management process always bring success of change.

Model for the Changing Process

Change is not typical; it does not chase the particular order in change management models were recommended. So, when look at these models of change management, enable a whole lot of flexibility when referring a model alternatively than referring any model too rigidly, The way of execution of changes are differ and depending on which model can be used, but we can fallow basic steps those are crucial to follow and those are normal to any personal or organizational changes.

Model for the Changing Process

Kotter's Eight Change Model

John Kotter's eight change model is so suited equate to the other all models for Common Company change process. It includes eight steps to fallow for the correct change process that will be applied to Universal Supplier.

(Source: http://www. google. co. uk/images?clien)

Step One: Create Urgency

This can help to Universal distributor spark the original desire to get things moving company has low distribution network so they want to expand it all over the UK, still it distributed only within boundary of London. Company has danger from other market, because there are many competition arising with new entrance. Company has opportunity to expand its other region in UK; because London is more competitive place many business organizations are located there, not only UK they have got opportunity to permeate other EU countries Like People from france. Company competences are enough for penetrate and broaden the marketplace network, but they should bolster it further.

Step Two: Form a robust Coalition

The effective change market leaders don't need to follow the original company hierarchy. To lead change, company management level need to bring all together a coalition, or team, of important people whose ability comes from several of options, including job subject, status, skills, and political importance

Step Three: Produce a Perspective for Change

The universal Dealer change process vision is usually to be a respected food company in UK and change aim is expansion of market network all around the UK and Penetrates to other European union countries such as French. When the first start thinking about change. There is going to be many great ideas and alternatives floating around. Link these principles to an overall vision that people can understand easily and remember.

Step Four: Speak the Vision

Change vision is communicated all the stakeholders of General Supplier. There are various methods is implicated for success of eye-sight communication.

Step Five: Remove Obstacles

Universal Company has some obstacles from importing process. There are numerous rules and legislation impose when importing of products, and worker knowledge and skills are not enough for make that happen change. Therefore company must remove those obstructions by using various strategies

Step Six: Create Short-term Wins

Company should create short term wins like annual aim for coverage, 10% change coverage. Company should get a preference of achievement early on in the change process. It will be encourage employees to reach to final goal in changing process

Step Seven: Build on the Change

Company need to implement constant improvement and change build ongoing changes. In here final goal is penetrate to other EU countries that needs to be achieved in the change process. Ongoing improvement is vital for heading to final focus on.

Step Eight: Anchor the Changes in Corporate Culture

The Cooperate culture regularly identifies what gets done, therefore the values behind the business or person eyesight must show in daily work. Required constant dedication to ensure those changes have emerged in every aspect of organization, this will help that change a solid place in General provider (Pvt) Ltd

Resistant to Change

There are extensive reason to change, those are anticipated to lack of understanding, poor communication process, ethnic and belief barriers, norms, conflict, company structure, technological capabilities, Managerial behaviour and style. Therefore professionals and other executives need recognise and identify different form of level of resistance:

1. Threat of power on an individual basis

2. Threat of power on an organization basis

3. Burning off the control by employees

4. Increasing the control of employees

5. Economical factor and limitation

6. Fear for the Job's security

7. Implication on personal aims and plans

8. Misunderstanding about changes

9. Concern with unknown

10. Limited resources allocation

There are extensive factors for create resistance again changes. Group should identify those barriers (immune) to changes and need to discover overcome those resistant otherwise changes aren't implemented efficiently.

Successful Approach to Implementation of Change

There are several key parameters that require to be observed if change is to be successful, those are:

1. Idea and the need for the change: Idea generally should be serious, and often there is not a perceived dependence on change.

2. Adaptation: Adaptation is took place after key persons make decision chose to a mind with planed objectives. Executives and standard employees should help success of change process, and major organizational changes should be sign on legal documents by the mother board of directors

3. Resources: Change is not occurred without resources, it requires allocated resources within timeframe, specially required adaptable budget, and proper individuals tool, technology and etc.

4. Implementation: Implementation is took place after create change decision with organizational plan. Capital approval, employee training, arranging of materials and tools are very important in implementation process.


This project analyses a broad area in organizational culture, and change management process.

In the first part of the study the idea of culture of an organization has been studies in wide term under three main analysis areas. That happen to be organizational culture external internal factors affect for organizational culture and assessing a current organizational culture of a business.

In the next section a thorough understanding on culture of the organizations a study has been expanded to study understand the impact of changes that underpin individual and organizational performance. For the reason that section the concept behind organisational culture and the changes to an individual and as well the have an impact on of manger's personal principles in dealing with team members has been discussed properly.

In the ultimate section relationship between culture and changes has been known and consequently it was discovered how organizational culture can affect organizational change process and then it was evaluated how organizational culture can affect individual and organizational changes. Also ultimately it is mentioned model of change process, protected to changes and successful method to implementation of changes.

Universal Company (Pvt) Ltd is UK centered company, they transfer many foods from various Asian countries, and among that Sri Lanka is major country. Universal suppliers are newly established company, it isn't alder than 10 years, but its improvement is very successful. World is change every day, new technologies are emerge and customer expectation and satisfactions are change daily therefore every business must up grade their standard. Common suppliers have comprehended change system, so they give more priority to change their management and products relative to market change.

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