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Piaget's theory of Cognitive

Most Babies develop motor talents in the same order and sometimes at the the same years. In such a sense, most concur that these capabilities are genetically preprogramed with all infants. The environment does indeed paly a job in the development, with an enriched environment often minimizing the training time and impoverishmnet one doing the contrary. The most cited theory in Cognitive development in children is (Piaget 1896-1980) Piaget's theory of Cognitive development preserves that children proceed through specific phases as their intellect and capacity to see interactions matures. Kohlberg's theory developed through Piaget's theory. In my personal Portrait I will touch on Erikson's theory and Kohlberg's theory. As an extremely young child, there have been rules in my own home plus they were made not to be broken, if indeed they were broken, there were consequences even while a young child. This meant heading to the notty corner. I recognized at an extremely young age the distinctions between right and incorrect. My parents ensured that all of my siblings and myself understood fully an obdient child is obviously right in God's eye. Spirituality was used constantly in my home as a means of aiding with the development of morals at a very young age. For a good example, I remember shopping in the supermarket with my mom, I asked easily may have a candy bar. My mom said no because I hadn't had my lunch time yet. I thought about taking the candy in any case, as my mother and I still left the store I imagined what might have happen if I had used the candy antway. Considering what the consequences were going to be, I choosed never to take the candy. I've never considered taking anything from anyone since. I consider this to be stage I of Kohlberg's theory of Preconventional Morality. That is when a child is aware of that stealing is bad so when they were asked to make clear what they recommended, they expained it with the consequences included. (Kohlberg, 1958b).


There are effects with everything a person does indeed, this is why my mom has stressed to my siblings and myself that we should always be mindful of that which we say and do. My mom was a honest and loving mother which brings me to Erikson's theory of Trust vs Mistrust. Because of the devotion my mother demonstrated her children and people as well as the sacrifices she designed to keep her family along, I have brought up and ensured my very own children acquired that same beloved bestowed after them. I also notice that my children are duplicating the same with their own children. My mother was the neighborhoods second mother, she spreaded her love around to allof our friends and even to the "misfits " on our stop. My mother stills reminds me of once i was 6, she'd say that I've always been the greater independant one of most of her children, she still expresses it today in my own adulthood. My mom reminds me of my temperment, she declares that I've always wished to dress myself even easily put my clothes on backwards. My mother says that I did everything backwards even today I am still that way in terms of just how I lived my entire life as an adult. I trust my mom to a certain point, not everything I've done was backwards. My mom said that I should have finished college first and then take up a family, I did the contrary. Things needed to be done my way according to my mom, I do recall attending catholic institution as a preschooler, I recall on the point of leave for Xmas break and the kids were given a selection of two dolls, one a Ronald McDonald doll or the famous Barbie doll. Every one of the females of course choosed the Barbie. I wanted the Ronald McDonald doll really bad because no person had chosen the doll, I ended up picking the Barbie because I did not need to be the odd ball of the group. This pertains to Erikson's Autonomy Vs Shame

Erikson's theory

For Erikson's theory Initiative Vs Guilt, I had been a very inquisitive child and adult. My parents promises which i was always touching and taking things aside to see how they proved helpful. My mother, she'd always have to replace many of my toys and games especially my dolls because I would pull them apart trying to figure out that they put the body parts together. In the fifth level of my life, it was a bitter sweet time for me. The bitter part was that I had been always picked on by one of my feminine classmates, I used to be teased to be a teachers pet and then for always participating in class. The sugary was that I had fashioned the best eighth class teacher in the world. Mrs Simms was a loving instructor and she always acquired an open door insurance policy when it emerged to the kids in her class. I got the luckiest one becuse she and I resided on a single road. Mrs Simms taught me to dismiss my bully and to continue to get involved regardless of what others may think. I graduated near the top of my category however, my bully were required to duplicate the eighth class again. In Erikson's Identification Vs Role Confusion, this theory was possible for me, I understood that I wanted to truly have a family very early in life. I wanted to be exactly like my mother. I wanted to be a great father or mother like my very own. It's given that my children are all out of the house could this be where in fact the confusion comes into play? Could this be one of why I choosed to start a childcare facilty so that I would not miss my very own? Could this be why Personally i think that I really do things backwards sometimes like having my childs before finsihing university? These are the questions that take at me form time to time.

Generativity Vs Stagnation

In terms of Generativity Vs Stagnation, I believe I completed this stage through the Intimacy Vs Isolation stage; however, I donate to my community in a huge way. I show up at cathedral regularly, and I am part of my neighborhood watch program. I trully beleive that easily disregarded my assignments in my own community, I would be jsut like those that don't value nothing at all or anyone but themselves. I never want be leave of legacy of being nobody. I want to be remembered as a kind and caring women who liked her community and the folks in it. I wish to be remembered to make a notable difference in someones life somewhere. In Erikson's stage of Ego Integrity Vs Despair, I have not yet to cross that avenue. I anticipate having the ability to be called the wised one. I am not looking forward to what this part of life earns terms of old age and the baggae that comes along with it. I AM AWARE that it's an integral part of life and I admit it however, I am not in a hurry to make it happen. I will mix this bridge after i get there. After comprehending Kohlberg's phases that related to my entire life in level one the Preconventional Morality stage, I reviewed this at the beginning of my paper as well as level II Individualism and Exchange. In stage III Conventional Morality, it is the social accord and conformity much like stage four while Public order and power is looked after. (crain)WHEN I compared Erikson's and Kohlberg's theory regarding myself as an adult and since a Grandmother and Mother, I have applied almost all of their theories as well as applied these to my life the simplest way I realized how. I'd like to believe I am living by the code. I could better connect with using Erikson's theory the most, his theory is the one i take advantage of to be the women I am today. In terms of cultural diffrences and they way people are lifted and their specifications of living, I feel that we are all taught and learn about different things throughout our lives. It is up to the individual to live their life to their fullest.













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