Personality and Counseling: AN INSTANCE Analysis

Personality and Guidance Theories: Circumstance Analysis


It can be an incredible, yet hoping time in this point in time to have by one's personal. Even a successful member of culture can have particular issues dealing with the harsh realities of the world. This may bring about a tumultuous amount of emotions, emotions and stress; sometimes it can result a person in devolving to a more childlike personality. I am John C. Hemby and I am a counselor at the Bikini Bottom's Mental Health Establishment. Let me make use of the psychotherapy approach made known by Sigmund Freud. I'll be conducting an instance analysis upon this individual known as Sponge Bob Square-Pants.


A son, around age 28, makes the room. He has a happy, childlike stare on his face. He is of average elevation and slim, despite working at an easy food restaurant. He also offers blonde scalp and blue eyes. He has two bigger front tooth and wears a set of brown shorts, a white shirt and suspenders. The average person walked into the room with a spatula and your dog that he named "Gary". The son lives close by in a two tale house that his abundant parents provided him; it is coated and designed such as a pineapple. He has a sunny disposition and enjoys being constantly in circumstances of euphoria. He gets along quite well along with his coworkers and everyone in the town of Bikini Bottom knows of him. He has several close friends which may have mental issues as well. He has a boss that is overbearing and has a next to obsession with money, a coworker that is lazy, spiteful and has delusions of grandeur about his creative and musical capability. His has two other companions; one considers she is an astronaut and lives in an enclosed environment, and the other is jobless, living off the government and lives in the basement of his own house rather than live upstairs. I had the client lay out on a sofa, such as the traditional psychoanalysis that Sigmund Freud could have done.

Mr. Square-Pants' childhood must've been one of efficiency and simplicity. He probably didn't want for anything as his house has been paid for by his parents. His parents are despondent; always being ended up on "trips" and even going as far as purchasing their not developed son a house in order to own out with their domicile faster. He didn't have any difficulty due to the fact that now he is still quite definitely childlike. Even his grandmother defined him as a 'baby', despite his protests that he wasn't. Growing up probably was a hard ordeal with him and his parents coddled him because he has little to no coping skills or resiliency when things don't go perfectly for Mr. Square-Pants.

Symptoms and Problems

SpongeBob Square-Pants is experiencing a frequent screen of childlike habit. He is altruistically helpful and is seen trying to aid others all the time. This is somewhat of a nuisance to the other individuals that live in Bikini Bottom level. Mr. Square-Pants embodies what Freud described as the Identification (Segrist, 2009). The Identification is defined as the unconscious part of the mind that is impulsive and incredibly childlike. It constantly strives for immediate satisfaction for needs and desires. For example, rather than going to work sometimes, Mr. Square-Pants desires to immediately go jelly sportfishing and hang out with his good friend Patrick Star. He's also consistently driven with passing boating institution and the need to proceed at the fast food restaurant, the Krusty Krab. The Identification may not only be influenced by biological drives and the desire for pleasure, but also by curiosity; The Identification is powered by psychic energy (intimate energy). This can be seen by Mr. Square-Pants always attempting to impress his feminine friend, Ms. Sandy Cheeks, his boss's daughter, and his boating tutor.

Sponge Bob is experiencing too little drive and desire to be more adult-like despite having goals. He is constantly being employed by citizens in the location to further their own agendas. This diminishes Mr. Square-Pants' contentment and allows him to visit much deeper into his psychosis. He should go from one variety to the other, possible manic depressant or bipolar. For instance, when Mr. Krabs (his employer) fires Mr. Square-Pants, he uncontrollably starts sobbing, as if his goal in life has been taken away from him. He then leaves and comes further into a depressive disorder until he hears his good friend, Patrick crying. His friend then comes and tries to show Mr. Square-Pants how to be unemployed, making Sponge Bob worse. The only way he improved was to find another job. He goes through various jobs, he projects working at the Krusty Krab at almost every other job he was at, a whole lot so that the owners terminated him because of his unusual behavior. Then, he hallucinates finding a hamburger grabbing him and taking him back to the Krusty Krab. Once there, Mr. Krabs, sensing sorry for him credited to his delusional point out, rehires him. This is merely one of the episodes that Mr. Square-Pants experience in his dealings with people in the town.

Theorist's Perspective

According to Freud, a client must go through psychoanalysis to become treated for their mental disorder. That is done by exploring the interaction between the mindful and unconscious elements of your brain. These parts of the mind can be taken to the surface by uprooting repressed doubts and conflicts through free relationship and goal interpretation (Segrist, 2009). In Freud's theory, Mr. Square-Pants is utilizing his body's defence mechanism in order to protect his identity. Protection mechanism is defined as way for your brain to protect the average person from being consciously alert to things that are too hard to understand or cooperate. Since the feeling too hard to understand or tolerate, the security mechanism will allow the unconscious feeling to express in a certain way or fashion (Thurshwell, 2009). Since the thought or feeling is too difficult to tolerate, the defense mechanism only allows the unconscious thought or feeling to be portrayed indirectly in a few kind of disguised form. This enables the Mr. Square-Pants to reduce the stress which has been caused by the feeling. For instance, when he was fired, he tried to cope by outwardly looking like little or nothing was wrong and tried to find other occupations (Corsini, and Wedding, 2010, p. 30).

Another portion of the psychoanalysis is dream interpretation. Based on the text, dream examination is a way for a person to understand the focus of a person's issue by looking at icons in the fantasy (Rudnytsky, 2008). This system shows that the mind and motivations to someone's behavior resist from being easily interpreted and the symbols have to be 'decoded' in order to obtain a person's inner mental workings. Mr. Square-Pants details one of is own dreams in which he switches into other's dreams and encounters them. An interpretation of this is the fact Sponge Bob fantasizes being each of his friends and coworkers. He needs to embody their finest characteristics, thus demonstrating his unconscious aspect trying to soak up a brilliant ego. The ultra ego is thought as the primary action to totally suppress any need from the Identification that is considered unacceptable by world standards. The superego is continually going for excellence or a better specific; hence Mr. Square-Pants wanting to acquire the better characteristics of his friends and coworkers (Segrist, 2009).


The conclusion of this analysis is the fact that Mr. Sponge Bob Square-Pants needs an intensive therapy utilizing psychoanalysis. Perhaps, even I should look into utilizing other techniques like Cognitive Behavior Remedy in order to alter his tendencies and educate him additional coping skills. Mr. Square-Pants is not a danger to modern culture; however society is a danger to him. People in his environment can and will take benefit of his trusting and childlike dynamics, since he honestly would like to help people. He has symptoms of delusions and impulsivity with hallucinations if he becomes frustrated from some kind of stress or external stimuli. His father or mother coddled him too much and for that reason does not have any coping mechanisms and a defense device. His dreams show that his unconscious is trying to absorb the better characteristics of his friends to make a much better superego and eventually have the Id be replaced by the superego. However, I have pointed out that his friends do sincerely care for him and make an effort to keep him from damage, so at least he has a reliable support network. He also offers an unfailing capability to see the best in others, often making that each begrudgingly work how Mr. Square-Pants views them. For example, his coworker, Mr. Squid-ward, will try to escape daily duties at their work place. On one occasion however, Mr. Square-Pants prompted Mr. Squid-ward and said that he could do that because he was a great organizer, and Mr. Squid-ward have the task quite nicely and at a fast rate. Sponge Bob will be alright, in the long run, provided that he is able to learn how to increase up and become not extremely trusting of others.


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