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Personnel management and HRM

"Employees management is a kind of Human Source of information Management. This area of management can be involved about personnel and personnel of the organization. They are in charge of recruiting and staffing of employees in an organization".

Its features include:

Organizational management

Personnel administration

Manpower management

Industrial management

The term employees Management and Human being Tool management can be called as the same process having two titles. In today's world Personnel management is known as human source of information management which came into effect through the 1970s and received the approval in 1989. Both terms however, referred to a similar thing; the personnel manager who help a business represent that company's human resources. Although Human Source of information Management department didn't can be found in the 1940s, but many Individuals Resource routines and programs that people see today emerged in the last times.

Human Reference Management (HRM) previously known as personal management, handles formal system for the management of the employees within the organization. HR mangers have a lot of things to do and think regarding their workers. These concerns include how to control layoffs, address reduced employee loyalty, and build a well trained highly encouraged work force through training, capable of higher productivity with high quality. Manage and increase diverse labor force and contain health care cost.

In 1970s, the work of the HR manger was to keep their companies out of judge because in those days the government placed many regulations about the work. In the 1980s HR mangers possessed to handle staffing costs related to mergers and acquisitions and downsizing. The monetary issues related to an increasingly global and competitive workplace characterize the 1990s

Shifting from Personnel Management to HRM:

The most important role of HRM can be from the transformation of the personnel management function from concentrating on worker welfare to taking care of workforce in a way, that meet organizational and specific goals and providing employees with interior and external rewards. Therefore, today Individual Resource Management (HRM), previously got known as personal management, deals with formal system for the management of the folks within the organization. Many well-known companies record that they are trying to enhance their workforce into a source of competitive benefits.

Stages of shifting of Workers Management to HRM:

Firstly, Effective HRM focus on linking HRM problems to the overall strategy of the business, the most effective HRM will design insurance policies and practices for such corporate policies and strategies which can transform an organization's culture

Secondly, building strong civilizations is a way of promoting particular organizational goals, strong culture' is aimed at uniting employees by having a shared group of managerially group of worth ('quality', 'service', 'creativity' etc. )

Thirdly, the attitude that people are a varying cost is ineffective HRM, replaced by the view that people are resource and that as cultural capital can be developed and can contribute to competitive advantage. It really is accepted that competitive benefits is gained through well-educated and trained, encouraged and determined employees.

Fourthly, the view that the hobbies of employees and management or shareholders are divergent that was substantially true before - is presenting way to the view that this need not always be so.

Shift of employees management to HRM took place in three stages:

1. Records and Administration

2. Accountability Regulations

3. Competitive Advantage

1. Files and Administration: -

In first level the primary activities, that have been completed by personnel team, were, Planning Company picnics Arranging vacations, Enrolling employees for health-care coverage, planning pension people, increase diverse labor force and contain health care cost.

2. Accountability Regulations: -

During this stage primary framework of regulations started rising in the business. In 1970s, the job of the HR manger was to keep their companies out of court. Inside the 1980s HR mangers possessed to address staffing costs related to mergers and acquisitions and downsizing.

3. Competitive Advantage: -

The goal of this shift stage is from just securing conformity to the greater ambitious one of receiving commitment. The staff source, therefore, becomes worth buying, and training and development thus presume a higher account.

P 2: -Assess the role, tasks and activities of the real human resource practitioner

HRM plays a very important role in the success of every business especially big corporation where it is difficult to control all the activities. HRM is also developing and maintaining an excellent of work life that's make work in the organization desirable. It offers well trained and multi-skill employees.

One of the main functions of HRM is the fact it brings tactical integration. To integrate all the functions from top management to lower management. Integrate them at one specific point that all functions are interrelated. The plans of HRM are set up in such away that allows maximum flexibility and because of flexibility it can bring innovation because development is also very very important to the success of an organization like this of specialized circuit. There motto is "innovation or die". HRM also push on better quality due to best quality it can survive in the market. Because with the professional trend there when new competition enter in to the market the old competition stress on quality in order to show that they have a competitive advantage.

The HR Manager has an important role in developing and reviewing policies, procedures and later referring these to senior management for decision making.

The HR Director generally educates staff through applied theories and retraining them with skillful training for range managers.

The HR Manager provides support and direction to people employees which get excited about unwelcome activities.

HR Manager is dependable to find such people whose abilities are skilled with the nature of business in which the organization is involve.

HR Administrator conducts job analysis, recruitment and selecting functions effectively and effectively which helps a business to hire ready people.

HR Supervisor is liable to raise the skill and knowledge level of the employees to be able to boost their performance level. It isn't obvious that one strategy regarding improving performance level which works for just one business will also work for others

HR Director has a key role in appraising an employee. Through appraising the HR team can judge employees performance. A performance appraisal compares every employee's real performance with the benchmarks of expectations i. e. appraising employees help the companies in evaluating its employees.

HR Administrator is responsible to be sure that its policies are experienced with the government rules and legislation so the authorities shouldn't take the business to court. Secondly it is the moral responsibility of the business that it should work under the premises of government laws.

The HR Supervisor builds a competitive border because conceptually HRM is a strategy of using individual source. Now a day in case a company desires to build a competitive border over its opponents so it needs to be very good in taking care of its human source of information because it is the people who use all the sources of creation.

HR Director is in charge to make this environment to make employees effective and reliable to adjust the changing of systems to execute the businesses.

Now a times planning is necessary for all the functions and activities of the organizations. Building strategies is one of the core purposes of planning. As individuals assets are considered the keys to business success so while planning and building strategies it is very important to integrate the strategies regarding real human resource with over all corporate proper planning so that the success may be accomplished.

An Ideal HR Supervisor: -

Generally HR Supervisor should perform such activities like planning, directing, and coordinating individual resource management activities of an organization to build up the strategic usage of human resources also to continue functions such as recruitment, employees training, planning, staff payment, and employees' performance appraisal.

HR should be a "Profit Centre" which identifies an integral part of a company that directly increases its earnings. Organizations may be prepared in terms of income centers where in fact the profit center's profits and expenses are held separate from the primary company's to be able to find out their profitability. We are able to justify this that recruitments, personnel settlement deal, training and other activities that they do should be profitable for a business.

They need to lessen administration cost through proper planning example providing transfer facilities, espresso, tea, lunch bills, other bonuses lead to raised administrative cost. It can help these to avoid wastage of resources.

They need to conduct Performance Appraisal properly which identifies as " a way by which the job performance of an employee is evaluated (generally in conditions of quality, quantity, cost, and time) typically by the matching manager.

They should provide their workers compensation which refers to as a "systematic approach to providing value to employees in exchange for work performed". Payment may achieve several purposes assisting in recruitment, job performance, and job satisfaction.

They need have good romance with different departments and make an effort to keep themselves current using their activities and shows in order to prevent miscommunication and other disputes.

P3: - Measure the role and duties of line professionals in human resource practices?

"Line administrator is person who deals with the labor force directly". Line administrator performs important role in the success of HR supervisor. Line managers play vital role in terms of utilizing HR insurance policies and methods such as, "disciplinary handling, lack management, Training and appraising employees". Collection managers now have a greater participation in the recruitment and selection process - from the outset. Alongside the HR director, line managers are now typically involved in briefing the recruitment agency, writing the advertisement, brief listing and interviewing then they make sure that recruitment is right. HR supervisor gets staff information from the range administrator, for example if the employees are not working properly or they don't really come regularly, these range managers inform the HR supervisor to use proper actions. If some employees are not carrying out well then HR manager consults line administrator for providing them training in order to develop the skills and techniques of their workers and then appraising those employees who are working well to be able provide them with equal growth opportunities. Some researches have discovered that where employees feels positive about their marriage with their brand managers they are more likely to have higher levels of job satisfaction, determination and loyalty which are associated with higher levels of performance, for example caring for employees health and cleanliness factors will dwelling address employees absenteeism's and hence increase their determination. Aswell as line manager helps HR supervisor in providing employees other fringe benefits such as free medical, move and free education for employees' children and treating every in the same way will increase their devotion towards their corporation and hence, it will address the self-discipline problems. Therefore, the involvements of lines manager in HR procedures enhance their activities further.

M1: -Discuss the way the ideas of PM and HRM are utilized in an organization?

We have chosen UFONE as a business. As we all know that Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) that started out its procedures in January 2001 under the brand name 'UFONE'. As a result of PTCL's privatization, UFONE became an integral part of the Emirates Telecommunication Firm Group (Etisalat) in 2006.

(Referenced from: - http://ufone. com/about. aspx )

They 've got large human resources in their Peshawar branch office. They have a human being resource division in Islamabad to guide their employees and offer those facilities and comfort. In this company there are several departments such as sales department, customer care department, finance team, marketing department, corporate department etc. In UFONE Man Resource Section has individual romantic relationship with each section. In UFONE the functions and responsibilities of Human Source Management Department that was recently known as Personal management in recruitment process is listed below:

Before selecting new employees the HR division means that whether there is a need to employ a new employee for this job. The recruitment in UFONE is of both interior and external aspect.

Internal Recruitment: -

In this case the employees already in the organization should load the vacant position. The HR division and other older department choose the best fit from the employees within the UFONE. Following the advertising employees are delivered for even more training. Internal recruitment motivates the employees to execute well and produce good results. It also creates a healthy competition within the staff of UFONE.

External Recruitment: -

If the HR department of UFONE seems that there surely is no-one in the business who can fill the vacancy they recruit from external sources. First they select some supervisors with whom the new people will work in order to form a panel of men and women who will interview applicants.

UFONE has a data platform system i. e. HRMS (Human being Reference Management System) because of its current people as well for the future employees. People just drop their CV's there and in case some vacancy occurs HR department call them for an interview. UFONE also advertise internally for recruitment purpose, because their current employees pass this information to their friends and young families. UFONE's HR management gets the service of inside flow, website design company, and Eveready multimedia in order to post their advertisement. They also have eCV's format in which people put their CV's without moving and this system forward those to the HRM division.

Recruitment process in UFONE: -

For collecting program everything is computerized and it is very easy to allow them to reply too many applicants. They take care of first those individuals who do not fit in their job and deal them carefully because they consider them their future applicants. Then they take on-line analysis test (in essence for testing personality and skills) and applicants that go this test are needed an interview and the day for the interview has already been set. Then the results are screened by a specialist penal to be able to reduce the probability of mistakes in selecting the individuals. After selecting the applicants they are described accounts section for settling the pay plus they supply the new employees an orientation of what's his/her obligations and duties in UFONE. Then after some time they provide them training for improving their skill of communication with the client. The basic purpose behind each one of these recruitment steps is to employ a skillful workforce in UFONE who work toward department and the organization's goals and targets and get competitive edge.

M2: -Make a powerful view about PM and range manager obligations in studied group.

The line administrator has key role in UFONE. They are responsible for dealing workforce directly and they are there to help the HRM team and more as well. The way line manager works together with HR director in selection functions, disciplinary handling, lack management, and training and appraising in UFONE which includes been mentioned in P3. Based on the Judgment directed at us by the HR administrator of UFONE, they are really achieving their goals promptly. He said our HRM team has good romance with every team of UFONE such as marketing, corporate, funding, sales, customers worry departments etc. The HR division plan guidelines and regulation and just how they want their employees to work then our series managers cross those information to the low staff so that they perform consequently within amount of time in order to get organizational goals. Some time they work more than their required responsibility timing from 9am to 5pm and till 8pm in order that they get their focuses on. But what we judged after studying UFONE is even though they offer their workers all the financial and non-monetary benefits a lot of employees from both managerial and non-managerial levels kept UFONE just after few months of the joining. The major cause of this is that sometime to be able to achieve their focuses on in the season many people keep working more then their required duty timing of 9am to 5pm and continue till 8pm and employees find themselves without their interpersonal life. Another problem that we recognized was that there is lack of communication between sales departments and the marketing section.

D1: -Evaluate the roles and duties of HR manager and line administrator in the business as compared to their ideal role.

Here we wish to specify the problems or the area where HR manager is missing after learning UFONE. In this company communication between different departments is very harmful to example an 12 months ago their marketing section made an offer in their advert that customers can get UFONE Sims for free without informing their Sales department, that advertisement captivated the attention of each one, then everyone rushed to get Sims for free, while they didn't possessed enough Sims to provide as effects their image was terribly effected and their Customer Care Department received a large number of complaints. We have held HR office for the challenge of miscommunication between different departments because HR focuses on openness in communication between older management and employees in various departments, ends up with improving employee proposal and their productivity this shows their emphasis is not to provide open up communication. Another problem that UFONE's HR Supervisor is facing is that even though they provide their workers all the economic and non-monetary benefits a great deal of employees from both managerial and non-managerial levels left UFONE soon after few months of their joining. The major cause of this is that sometimes in order to accomplish their targets in the growing season many people keep working more then their required work timing of 9am to 5pm and continue till 8pm and employees end up without their cultural life. This problem implies that HR director is not undertaking well because its not only money that is important with their employees they needed also to manage employees by permitting them to go at 5pm so that they can spend time with their own families. The ideal tasks of these HR supervisor in UFONE should be the following:

HR manager should build such communication system where each office can communicate with each other so that marketing office increase demands of the customer by talking to the sales departments to make an effective advertisement because of their product in this manner each division will perform better.

HR manager needs to have back up personnel in season time where goals are high and with allotted time employees were required to work over time so you can get their targets. And provide them emergency leaves if the employees have crisis in their homes by doing this HR can stop their employees from departing.

They need to lessen supervision cost through proper planning for example providing transfer facilities, espresso, tea, lunch expenses, other bonuses lead to raised administrative cost. It can help them to avoid wastage of resources.

They need to carry out Performance Appraisal properly which identifies as " a method by which the job performance of an employee is examined (generally in conditions of quality, variety, cost, and time) typically by the equivalent manager.

They should provide their workers compensation which refers to as a "systematic approach to providing value to employees in trade for work performed". Compensation may achieve several purposes supporting in recruitment, job performance, and job satisfaction.

They need have good marriage with different departments and try to keep themselves up to date using their company activities and shows in order to prevent miscommunication and other disputes.

D2: -Suggest advice for practical improvement against the defined

Following are the tips for UFONE to carry out their human learning resource planning in a better way:

The prediction of need and option of the work pressure is considered a necessary step in carrying out human resource planning for any business. UFONE should do the forecasting remember the rapid changes in requirements which includes been taking place and should spend their time in finding best employees from service sector, which could be a source of competitive benefits for the organization. They should look for hiring the quality workforce which is done effectively by keeping associates with universities because fresh candidates no concerns they aren't experienced nevertheless they show passion and dedication in their early jobs to built a program for their job. So they can hire the fresh candidates and should train them to assist the HR specialists. Moreover step one should be the establishment of the HR departments on regional levels because without proper HR experts, qualitative human reference planning is extremely hard; this is mentioned at length in the upcoming topics.

Recruitment and selection process has a pivotal role in making successful HRM procedures. In case of UFONE before advertising any vacancy they should do proper job evaluation which will lead to the development of an efficient job explanation and job specs and will bring about getting potential talented individuals for the job.

They should practice performance management insurance policies, different incentives plan should be created e. g. when a department within the office shows exceptional performance in generating more revenue then your rest of the areas or has performed well in lowering the complaints in that area then should get some special incentives and should be provided company's license for good performance because a company's certificate means a lot to any employee. They ought to give most of them some role in decision making and should give them chance to achieve their full potential. In addition job security should be given top priority because if the staff feels being in an uncertain environment and does not feel being truly a part of that company so he/she can never succeed, so in order to make them contribute effectively and fulfill their duties UFONE must work on job security. Furthermore, the employees should be marketed and given more benefits and increased responsibility based on their efficiency and experience. All of this which will help them in keeping their workers loyal and devoted and because of this worker turnover will be low.

Proper training and development continues an organization ready to face untoward situations and helps them in increasing competitive border over its rivals. UFONE should review the performance of employees after every quarter for this purpose they need to make the individual profile of every worker and their performance should be assessed against the standard performance required for the success of the business, this will help UFONE in finding out key areas for development for that particular employee and appropriately they can evaluate what his/her training needs are. Additionally in response to the truth discussed above, they have to invite all the employees for working out programs rather than inviting a couple of employees from every department because most of them deserve to improve and focus on their skills and to get better training.

Organization environment and structure is considered as the most significant factor for the success of the organization in case of UFONE the employees suggestions should get due consideration while making the strategy this can make employee feel as part of the organization and besides that adaptable working hours and family friendly plans should also be presented because they don't really need only money in fact, they need to care for their personal needs as well. As before we have reviewed that sometimes worker works till 8pm which means this is against their own needs, they must set an effective schedule for taking out the work from employees.

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