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Cardio-vascular endurance

Cardio-vascular stamina is the way the body supplies oxygen to power the muscles when taking part in sport or high strength occurrences and situations. It can this through the heart, blood vessels, blood vessels and respiratory system. Footballers need cardio-vascular stamina when the play because they need to be able to run throughout the whole 90 mins. Oxygen to the muscles is exactly what allows them to get this done. Swimmers need cardio-vascular strength when they actually long distance races e. g. 1500m swimming race where their body desire a descent supply of air to the muscles from begin to finish. Boxers have to have excellent c-v endurance to be able to compete at a strong pace throughout a attack. Their muscles need oxygen in order to work within a fight so that they can throw punch after punch and block after block. Both these motions need the muscles to long term contract, flex and tense.

Muscular endurance

Muscular endurance is the capability to perform repetitive or suffered muscular contractions against some level of resistance for a long period of energy. Muscular strength allows sports athletes to do more challenging work. Footballers need muscular strength to have the ability to consistently use muscles within a match e. g. in sprinting a new player uses the quads and caths over and over throughout the overall game. In going swimming they use their muscles regularly over the race e. g. in butterfly they use most if not all the systems' muscles to drag themselves through the water. Boxers need muscular strength to be able to continuously toss punches from spherical one to round twelve because they need to be swinging away for your fight but if they cant they wont have the ability to fight the whole twelve rounds.

Muscular strength

Muscular strength is the ability associated with an athlete to perform a sport at a sustained high tempo for a short amount of time. Footballers need muscular power to have the ability to exert strength when they capture the ball from a long distance such that it trips fast and with power towards their aim for. Swimmers use power when they motivate of the trunk board after having a length to be able to start another lap. This involves the utilization and power from the quads, calfs and foot muscles for the push off. In boxing when a fight needs to dodge a go they may use the technique of leaning back to avoid the punch. This involves the utilization the belly muscles. These need strength to be able to support his upper body as he leans back again.


There are two types of overall flexibility. They may be static flexibility and dynamic flexibility. Static is when an athlete slowly stretch out and hold the position for a period. Dynamic is when an sportsman makes a quick movement in which they stretch. In football a goal keeper needs versatility when he extends for the ball e. g. when the ball is at risk of the top area. Swimmers need good flexibility to be able to stretch their biceps and triceps out properly and have a good heart stroke length e. g. Michael Phellps exhibited good versatility when he was holding out on the starting board by showing his arm course and stretches it to its laid back max prior to the start of race. Boxers don't actually need too much versatility but the onetime they are doing need is when they trim back. They stretch out the trunk throughout this motion.

Body structure

Body structure is the quantity of fat, bone and muscle in the human body. Athletes need different body compositions to perform different sports activities. Footballers have to have a sleek body structure because they need to have the ability to bring their weight round the pitch. When a footballer is excess fat then it creates it harder to perform for very long periods and also makes it harder to carry their own bodyweight. Swimmers have to be slim in order to travel through the faster and better. Based on a boxers weight course a boxer must big and heavy or thin and light. That is so they can perform rather at their weight category.

Skill-related fitness


Balance is an art that is normally learnt after delivery but can be developed further by an athlete to allow them to perform their sport properly. Balance is important because we should stay in a state of complete balance when undertaking are sports So that we don't show up over when carrying out. Some sportsmen need more balance than others. Footballers need balance when they shot. They put their forearms into a supportive position for when they struck the ball so that they don't lose their balance. Swimmers need balance when they are getting prepared to dive in at the start of a race. An excellent balance can provide them a good start allows them to get a head start. Boxer need balance to allow them to throw strong punches and put their complete bodyweight behind the shot also when they dodge photographs they need to have good balance to permit them to recover into the position quicker.


Speed is the quickness of the limb more than a distance in time but it can not just influence the lower limbs it involves all limbs and areas of the body from lower limbs, torso to forearms. Some footballers have to be fast this needs rate e. g. a winger needs rate because he is likely to run the lines to build the opposition with a difficulty. Swimmers need rate when they lash through this inflatable water to keep a good stroke per minute time. Boxers need speed when they chuck a jab so that they can catch the challenger off shield and also to allow them to get out the way of any counter-top punches.


Power is the capability to apply make quickly. "A straightforward equation for power is: muscular power X speed = Power". http://somatotype. net/nzfitness/pages/CompOFfit. htm. Power contains rate because to be able to apply make you need velocity. Footballers need vitality when firing at goal. They want the quads and the calf's to gather up power on the way to the ball so that the shot can be harder and faster. Swimmers need capacity to have the ability to move them through this inflatable water at tempo e. g. when they actually the freestyle they have to have fast, strong and powerful stokes. Boxer toss punch after punch, these punches need to be fast and electricity full in order that they are unseen and effective e. g. a hook must be fast and power full so the opponent does not view it and even if he does indeed obstruct the shot it'll still damage.

Reaction time

Reaction time is enough time it takes for an athlete to respond to a predicament that is going on very quickly (Enough time taken to respond to any stimuli). A goal keeper in football will need fast reacting times to be able to react to photographs coming from 50yds to 2yds. Swimmers have to be able to react to the starting alarm as quickly impossible so that they are not left behind and can establish a lead. For boxers to be able to dodge in approaching punches they have to react to the earliest stimuli and duck and swerve out just how.


Agility is the ability to stop and change way or motion quickly. Footballers need agility because the overall game can transform so quickly e. g. the goalkeeper blocks a take but the ball lands right before the goal, the gamer with best agility should behave quickest and move most effective in order to guard it or reach it into the goal. Swimmers don't should be to agile but one place they do require it is when they are turning around for another length because they want this turn of direction to be as quick as you possibly can also being in water helps it be harder as a result of extra level of resistance. Boxers need to be agile unless they would like to take strike after reach without getting out the way. When a boxer is be attacked by his opponent he'll need the agility in his muscles to have the ability to move lightening quick to get out the way.


Co-ordination is the capability to do something in a blend regularly. Footballers need co-ordination in order to move the ball fluently between their hip and legs because in basketball it's not just putting on foot in front of the other it also about judging the speed of the ball as well as your own speed. When you shot you must have placed your foot in the right places this takes co-ordination. Swimmers need co-ordination within a race. It quite easy but they need to co-ordinate when they need to come up for oxygen so that they don't lose their fast tempo for example in the freestyle the swimmers have lots of strokes that they favor to do before they come up for oxygen. This is all fairly simple but if you lose your count number and co-ordination then you can do too many stroke or too few and lose your air pattern.

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