Policies for preventing Scam and Mismanagement


The Protection of Scams and Mismanagement Insurance plan outlines measures used by the Institute to avoid scam and mismanagement.


This policy applies to all customers of personnel.


Rosary Tertiary Institute is focused on dealing with fraud avoidance. The Professional Carry out of Personnel is the process guide for interacting with fraud protection. It states that workers are required to inform themselves about fraudulence controls, to inform the institute if indeed they suspect acts of fraud and that if a staff member commits an take action of fraud it'll be investigated.

This Insurance policy is backed by the Fraud, Scam and Corrupt Conduct Method, which summarises the techniques to be utilized once an allegation of scams was created to a senior employee.


  • Staff Responsibilities
  1. Rosary Tertiary Institute seeks to make a safe and rewarding learning and working environment predicated on the ideas of the Catholic beliefs, justice, equity, tranquility, tolerance and pursuit of excellence while safeguarding the sources of the Institute and respect for individuals, the law and the governance of the Institute.
  2. In circumstances where staff conduct will not meet the standards lay out in this plan and related methods, senior participants of staff may speak with the individual concerned in an attempt to remedy the situation. Where the misconduct surpasses the opportunity of authority, the matter may be described the correct civil authority.
  • Personal and Professional Behaviour
  1. Staff must uphold the principles of the Institute discussed in the Prospectus.
  2. Staff must maintain a higher standard of do and degree of performance while demonstrating courtesy, equity and fairness in working with staff, students, companies, visitors and participants of the public. The rights, tasks and aspirations of others will be well known at all times.
  3. Staff must perform their responsibilities in a professional manner with skill, care and attention and diligence and with a proper utilisation of the authority.
  4. Staff must treat others pretty and with value and should never take part in any harassing, bullying or discriminatory behavior.
  5. Staff in administrative positions will maintain, so far as possible, a safe and orderly working environment.
  6. Staff must endeavour to ensure that their activities or decisions do not damage the health, safety and well-being of themselves or others, nor have an effect on their work performance or that of others and must comply with the STAC Occupational Health and Safety Standards.
  7. Staff in management positions must ensure that all personnel have the necessary skills to fulfil the obligations of the positions they take up.
  8. Staff must ensure that romantic relationships with students are professional, respectful and trusting.
  9. Staff must recognize that they have a responsibility to protect the pursuits of students and acknowledge and deal with any conflicts appealing that may occur; to value staff-student relationships and also to accept the responsibilities involved in their tasks.
  • Institute Finances
  1. Staff will maintain the highest criteria of integrity in financial matters and, especially, will adhere to the requirements relevant to financial management legislation and the Institute's financial steps which have been extracted from the rule and constitution of the Dominican Sisters of Wanganui.
  • Protection of Institute Resources
  1. Staff must utilise and keep maintaining Institute equipment and resources within an economical and useful manner and solely for Institute purposes;
  2. Staff must secure Institute equipment and resources against misuse or fraud;
  3. Staff must follow all procedures regulating the use of the Institute's electric communications systems, and steer clear of abnormal personal use of the Institute's digital marketing communications systems which incurs additional expense to the Institute.
  4. Staff must be sure the cover of the level of privacy of others and the maintenance of appropriate confidentiality in regards to to personal concerns and information attained throughout their employment and can use information only for purposes related to work
  5. Staff must maintain the confidentiality of official and private information for which they are really dependable and take all precautions to prevent all unauthorised access to or misuse of the Institute's details and information
  6. Staff must adhere to all relevant copyright and files management regulations and procedures.
  • Respect for the Law and Tertiary Institute governance
  • Staff must comply with all laws, legislation, codes, plans and methods.
  • Staff may are accountable to management any behavior that is at violation of any legislation, rule or legislation or that represents incorrect conduct, mismanagement of resources, or is a risk to public health insurance and safety.
  • The Institute will not tolerate improper do by Institute Personnel or Board participants, nor the popularity of reprisals against those who offer to reveal such conduct.
  • The Institute recognises the value of clearness and accountability in its administrative and management activities and helps the making of disclosures that reveal corrupt and improper conduct.
  • The Institute will need the necessary and sensible steps to safeguard people who make disclosures as identified above in article 5. 4 from any harmful action in response to make the disclosure. The Institute will protect the confidentiality of the disclosure and the individuality of the individual who made the disclosure and allow procedural fairness to all or any parties concerned, including the person who is subject to the disclosure.
  • Staff won't harass or take rash action in response to real or suspected disclosures or involvement in an inspection into such a disclosure.

6. Conflict of Interest

6. 1 Personnel will take action with best interests of the Institute at heart when undertaking the duties of their position and should never allow their private interests or the interests of others inhibit them in this obligation.

7. Gifts

  1. 7. 1 All presents to personnel will be been able according to the Constitutions of the Dominican Sisters of Wanganui.

8. Academic Integrity

  1. 8. 1 Personnel will maintain a higher ethical and academics standard according to the Constitutions of the Dominican Sisters of Wanganui.

9. Misconduct

9. 1 The Institute will perform any necessary disciplinary action for misconduct and unsatisfactory performance based on the Rule and Constitutions of the Dominican Sisters of Wanganui.

9. 2 Disciplinary action will be at the discretion of the local Prioress and/ or Mom Prioress General, according to the Rule and Constitutions of the Dominican Sisters of Wanganui.

9. 3 Demands for review of a disciplinary action will be supervised based on the Guideline and Constitutions of the Dominican Sisters of Wanganui.

10. Theft, scams and corrupt conduct

10. 1 The Institute will not tolerate fraud or corrupt activity.

10. 2 All staff are required to familiarise themselves with the Rule and Constitutions of the Dominican Sisters of Wanganui and fulfil their duties relative to them.

10. 3 All Personnel are anticipated to report any suspected fraudulent or corrupt activity to the Director.

B. Theft, Scams and Corrupt Carry out Procedure

1. Approach to theft, fraudulence and corrupt conduct

1. 1 The Institute is focused on preventing incident of theft, fraud and corrupt conduct. This will be achieved through:

  • Risk management strategies
  • Prevention strategies
  • Detection strategies
  • Response strategies

2. Risk Management

2. 1 Risk management will be carried out in accordance with RTI's Risk Management Plan.

3. Preventative controls

3. 1 To prevent theft, fraudulence and corrupt do, the Institute will have inside adjustments to avoid this. These will include: financial delegations, lines of power and accountabilities, segregation of responsibilities, approval processes, etc.

3. 3 The Director will inform staff of how to prevent and record suspected scams and corrupt carry out.

3. 4 Supervisors will ensure that the next staff are aware of and adhere to the Guideline and Constitutions of the Dominican Sister of Wanganui:

  • Staff delegated to make financial decisions
  • Staff delegated to make personnel appointment decisions
  • Staff delegated to manage contracts

3. 5 Staff delegated to engage external companies or suppliers will ensure that the contractors or suppliers are economically lasting individuals or businesses before participating their services.

3. 6 THE CHANCE Management Team provides staff with a risk management tool to permit staff responsible for engaging contractors and suppliers to identify the level of risk and the level of critical evaluation required for each and every procurement activity.

4. Fraud recognition controls

4. 1 The Director will analyse the accuracy of all transactions.

4. 2 The Director will ensure that those staff with delegated financial obligations will analyse transactions for authorization of the next:

  • Validity
  • Accuracy
  • Invoice coding
  • Invoices tackled to Rosary Tertiary Institute
  • Goods and services taxes (GST) calculations

4. 3 The Director will give a monthly profile of her receipts and costs to the neighborhood Prioress and carry out an annual interior financial audit, as per the Constitutions of the Dominican Sisters of Wanganui.

5. Reporting of fraud, scams and corrupt conduct

5. 1 A staff member who suspects an act of fraud, fraud or corrupt conduct may be going to occur, is occurring or has happened must record such suspicions with their head of office, the Director, the neighborhood Prioress or the Mom Prioress General.

5. 2 On acquiring a report of suspected theft, scams or corrupt carry out, the head of office or Director will:

  • Record the time, date and information on the record made
  • Refer the record (including anonymous information where there is satisfactory accommodating information) to the local Prioress or Prioress Standard immediately and before any research of such allegations is carried out.

5. 3 In which a survey of suspected theft, fraud or corrupt carry out made requires a senior official of the Institute, the Director will send the are accountable to the local Prioress or, in case of her unavailability, the Prioress Standard.

5. 4 The Institute's general public information will notify individuals who aren't personnel or students of the Institute how to file a problem regarding improper do, detrimental action or other corrupt do or misconduct by the Institute, its personnel and its officers.

5. 5 Where in fact the local Prioress or Prioress General determine an allegation as a deliberate incorrect allegation of fraudulence, robbery, or corrupt carry out, the staff member who made the allegation will be handled based on the Guideline and Constitutions of the Dominican Sisters of Wanganui.

6. Investigation

6. 1 The Director will determine whether a written report of suspected scam, fraud or corrupt do warrants further research.

6. 2 Where a preliminary inspection of allegations of robbery, scams or corrupt do by a staff member is necessary, the Director will appoint analysis officers and offer them with reference point terms. The research officers will execute all investigations in line with the Rule and Constitutions of the Dominican Sisters of Wanganui.

6. 3 Where an external builder to the Institute is involved with suspected theft, fraudulence or corrupt do, the Director will notify all departments who have engaged the exterior contractor and all other relevant regions of the Institute. Towards the end of the preliminary exploration, the Director may:

  • Take no further action
  • Refer the matter to Legal Services
  • Conduct a full investigation
  • On the advice of the Mom Prioress General, report the theft, fraudulence or corrupt carry out to the police for further action where evidence of theft or fraud is available to be of a serious mother nature and a prima facie circumstance has been proven.

7. Insurance cover

7. 1 The Director is accountable for ensuring that the Institute's management responsibility insurance plan is current and can cover the Institute for the chance of loss incurred from robbery, scams or corrupt activity and externally instigated fraudulence.

8. Statutory reporting requirements

8. 1 Where alleged theft, scam or corrupt conduct have been found to require the embezzlement of money, stores or property, the Director will report the matter to the Victorian Minister of Tertiary Education and Auditor-General of Victoria as required under the Financial Management Work 1994 (Vic).

9. Review of methods and controls

9. 1 The Director will review inner controls relating to theft, scam and corrupt do.

9. 2 The Director will follow up with management responsible for the area affected by theft, fraud or corrupt carry out to ensure that recommendations have been carried out within appropriate timeline.

9. 3 In all instances where there is a report of fraud, fraud or corrupt conduct, the Director will review the methods and control buttons in procedure within the team and advise the Director of this review, including any action taken up to address any inadequacies observed.

10. Records

10. 1 The Administrator will retain the records of all theft, scam and corrupt do investigations.

11. Confidentiality

11. 1 An employee member who's involved in or becomes aware of theft, fraud or corrupt conduct investigation will wthhold the details and exploration results confidential, subject to the needs of the Institute, the Director and the authorities during their inspection.

11. 2 Staff won't discuss or report any suspected or proven incident of theft, scams or corrupt do to the media.


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Approving Body

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RTI Panel of Governors

4th March, 2017

4th March, 2017

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4th March, 2017

4th March, 2020


This insurance plan has been benchmarked with the ONLINE PRIVACY POLICY of Eastern University Australia

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