Positive marriage between physical elegance and romantic relationships

In daily life, it is common that people slightly have a greater inclination towards beautiful and attractive things and items. For example, people are prepared to purchase what they considered as beautiful such as garment and clothes. Other than that, celebrities are required to have good and pleasurable looking to be able to get the audience. Since appeal play an important role in lifestyle, could it be a crucial standards in an personal relationship? Nowadays, almost all of the people from all strolls of life experience the gradual processes of having a crush on somebody, engaging into a romantic relationship, and finally getting married with their loved one. However, some connections might grow to be broken human relationships which are normal in the society. There is a blend of different components that constitute to a romantic romantic relationship. However, what would be the key one in preserving a positive intimate romantic relationship? McNulty, Neff and Karney (2008) mentioned that physical elegance play an important role on producing an intimate romance. Physical attractiveness is effective for people to maintain a positive romantic relationship.


Physical attractiveness is determined by good and pleasurable physical features which consist of comprising attractive cosmetic features, body shape, hairstyle, appropriate elevation, appropriate weight, and self-care. Masculinity is a powerful determinant for male elegance while femininity is an important determinant for feminine appeal (Mehrabian & Blum, 1997). Intimate relationship is defined as an in depth and warm interpersonal relationship. It can be a dating relationship, courting relationship, matrimony, companionship as well as marriage between members of the family. The relationship of romantic dyad will be the key matter is the in this newspaper. In an personal relationship, lovers are emotionally attached and dependent on each other. They are bonded along they loved one another. Physical appeal may indeed assists as an important determinant of relationship status. (Gortmaker, Must, Perrin, Sobol & Dietz, 1993). The intimate relationships regarding bodily attractiveness of a person are reach the contentment of 1 another in a marriage.


There is a confident illusion in intimate relationships specifically love-is-blind-bias. Men and women have a tendency to perceive their charming partner as more literally attractive than themselves. The impact of love-is-blind-bias is more powerful during the first stage of an intimate relationship. It can help to maintain the new relationship as new relationship is slightly more fragile when compared to a long term proven romance. Swami, Stieger, Haubner, Voracek, & Furnham (2009) supported that love-is-blind-bias does exist in partnership. This bias is effective as it boosts self-esteem and sustains the satisfaction of a romantic romantic relationship. The love-is-blind-bias will cease as the affectionate dyads know each other better in a long-term relationship. Anyhow, a few of the individuals are not influenced by this bias in their romantic relationship. In the analysis, extroverts were found to be more likely to have love-is-blind bias. This is because extraverts are more sociable and hence they tend to perceive others favorably.

Equity Theory and Matching Hypothesis

Equity theory and corresponding hypothesis recommended that both men and women have a tendency to find a partner that are of the same attractive level with them. Passionate dyads that are similar in physical elegance are predicted to obtain a better romance. Byrne (1961) explained that there could be some risks associating with dissimilarity in physical elegance between partners as people have a tendency to find partner who is match with their physical attractiveness level. The less attractive partner will constantly being concerned his or her partner that he or she will get a better potential mate and exit using their current marriage. Attractive folks are normally surrounded with an increase of opposite-sexed friends and therefore their partner will have lower sense of security in their romantic relationship (White, 1980). Moreover, the less attractive spouse have to pay their partner because they are regarded as over benefited in the partnership. The reimbursement could be having an improved financial capacity, higher agreement or putting better efforts in the relationship. An effective negotiation will lead them to have a good and satisfying relationship. Alternatively, if they failed to negotiate, the relationship might finish up with broken romantic relationship. In order to avoid from these problems, some people prefer to choose a partner who has the similar physical attractiveness level with them. Anyhow, a study conducted on middle-age couples will not support that the collateral theory is correlated with marital adjustment (McNulty, Neff & Karney, 2008). The satisfaction and behaviours of both spouses weren't influenced although there is dissimilarity of physical attractiveness.

In America, Whites are normally ranked greater than Blacks and the racial discrimination is much more extreme in the past society. Although they are said to own different position, yet there are lifetime of Black-White romance. The intimate romance between Blacks and Whites hence aroused the interest of researchers. Many of them wanted to determine the exchange parameters in Black-White romance as Whites is placed higher. The exchange variables could be the variables that drawn Whites into a romantic romantic relationship with Blacks. Murstein, Merighi & Malloy (1989) researched about the Black-White marriage where physical attractiveness serve as the exchange variable. Twenty interracial couples which contain black men with white women and white men with black women were recruited for the analysis. The things were required to complete a review form and rate the elegance of themselves as well as their spouse. The experts hypothesized that Dark partner would have higher-level of physical appeal compared to White partner. The hypothesis was partially supported as Dark men are reported to become more attractive than their white partner but Dark colored women are reported as less attractive than their white partner. However, the test size of this study was relatively small and hence it is less convincing to represent all the Black-White couples. Feinman and Gill (1978) discovered that woman with lighter coloration is preferred while male with darker coloration is recommended. Thus, Black men and White women are attracted to each other and this finding backed support the prior study.

Impacts of Physical Elegance on Personal Relationship

Several researches asserted that physical elegance have effects on dating preferences (Feingold, 1990; Hadjistavropoulos & Genest, 1994), seeing relationship and marital modification (McNulty, Neff & Karney, 2008; Murstein & Christy, 1976). Specifically, attractive folks are preferred as dating partner and liked by strangers set alongside the unattractive one. One possible justification could be the first impression on others is judged based on their outward appearance. It is because folks have limited understanding of that particular person except for their physical appearance (Dion, Berscheid & Walster, 1972). People tend to have positive stereotypes toward good looking individuals. The attractive individuals are judged psychologically and actually healthy as well as have an improved personality (Langlois et al. , 1986). They are usually judged as someone who are gentler, more brilliant, and friendly and so forth. However, people tend to underreport the value of physical elegance when they opting for their dating spouse. Reason being might be people do not need to be evaluated negatively because of their discrimination on others. A lot of people desire to be judged as adoring and kind person to become accepted by others. Nevertheless, Hadjistavropoulos and Genest (1994) found that folks are more inclined to admit the importance of physical appeal on choosing their seeing partners when they are joining to a rest detector like apparatus. This proven that some people might be supplying a response that is satisfactory by others alternatively than telling the truth.

Some of folks might employ into a romantic relationship in order to gain an increased level of self-esteem and sense of belongingness. They also believed that they are loved and backed by their spouse all the time. Sanchez, Good, Kwang & Saltzman (2008) advised there can be an life of positive romance between physical appeal and romantic relationship success. Hence, person that engaged into a romantic relationship may view themselves as a more attractive person. Alternatively, people might experience body shame in their relationship. Body shame is affected by romance contingency through partner urgency. Individuals who experience body shame will understand their own appearance at a lesser level compare to the culture physical elegance requirement. Single men and women might feel that being literally attractive is one of certain requirements to start a new intimate romance. Besides that, they could be having a larger concern over their physical appearance, thus they experience greater body shame. . The shamefulness of themselves might be their impetus for cause them to become improve themselves in order to obtain a better-half.

A cross-cultural data reinforced that physical appeal is more important for men in choosing their mates (Buss, 1989). In comparison to dating partner, folks are thought to be more earnest on choosing their partner. To research whether physical appeal continue to have an impact on married couple, a research was done on newlywed committed few (McNulty, Neff & Karney, 2008). The cosmetic attractiveness of both spouses was judged based on observer's ratings. Consequence figured both husbands and wives will act positively in their matrimony if the husbands were less attractive in comparison to their wives. Contradictory, both spouses behaved adversely if the wives were more appealing than their husbands. Attractive husbands were found to truly have a lower level of marriage satisfaction as compared to unattractive husbands. The results highlighted that when wives were more attractive than husbands, these were more likely to have a loving and gratifying marriage.

Upon came into into marriage, marriage of both spouses are influenced by many other factors such as tasks on doing housework, paying charges, taking care of children, buying groceries yet others. It really is expected that the value of physical appeal of both spouses decrease gradually. To examine the impact of physical appeal on long-term established marriage, a research on middle-aged few was conducted. The researchers found that both spouses are matched up for elegance and collateral theory was reinforced. The next finding was steady with another research (McNulty, Neff & Karney, 2008) which men will have better marriage adjustment if their wives were more attractive than themselves. A guy who identified his wife as superior to him would feel that he has a good deal to marry a stunning woman. The researches on marital satisfaction and marital adjustment revealed that physical appeal continue to influence the intimate dyads even after their marriage. Basically, many researchers concluded physical elegance of partner great on men in comparison to women. Anyhow, another consequence was concluded in a study that women are in fact more emphasis the value of physical attractiveness in comparison to men (Krebs & Adinolfi, 1975). However, the magnitude of influences might be lowers significantly as the spouses grow older. Both of them are not attractive as recently and the internal beauty is much more important for long term partners. The effect is particularly huge on men in comparison to women.


In finish, physical attractiveness assists as a predictor of seductive relationship. Love-is-blind-bias does exist within an intimate marriage but it decrease gradually. Equity theory suggested that folks tend to find an intimate mate who is as attractive as them. Issues will occur when there is a dissimilarity of physical appeal. The less attractive spouse is normally necessary to involve some exchange parameters that provide as payment for the attractive partner. There is an important discovering that when men are less attractive in a romance, both of the companions tend to react positively and have a larger satisfaction in their romance. The regularity of the studies is uncertain as most of the studies were done in western culture. Perhaps more studies should be conducted in other cultures as well.

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