Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome In Stories English Literature Essay

Post distressing stress symptoms is a mental disorder that arises from contact with a distressing, awfully scary or life threatening experience going on either to oneself or to a good friend, relative or colleague. The symptoms of the disorder are manifested some time after the experience. The medical indications include reliving the knowledge, avoidance and hyper arousal. You can re-experience the stress through display backs, nightmares, nervousness and frightening thoughts. Avoidance will involve keeping away from places, things or events that remind one of the knowledge. A person may sink into depressive disorder. Gleam loss of curiosity about activities that once felt enjoyable. The average person involved also experiences emotional numbness. In hyper arousal, the person gets anxious, is easily upset and over-sensitive. The individual is also hyper watchful. For medical diagnosis to be made, the symptoms must have lasted for at least per month. The onset of these symptoms is also postponed by weeks or a few months.

Even though this disorder has been in existence for a long period, it was officially diagnosed in 1980. It's been given other brands such as shell distress, stress syndrome, distressing war neurosis and battle fatigue. In the First World Battle, the victims of the disorder were thought to suffer from gross stress reaction and surviving troops of the Vietnam Warfare were thought to have problems with post Vietnam Symptoms.

With the aforementioned qualifications on Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, one can plainly declare that the disorder can't be dissociated from surviving troops of a significant war. For the military who make it through a war and its own traumatic experience, there is absolutely no escaping the symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome and generally, life is never the same again.

This assertion can be evidentially recognized by the three warfare stories given. In the first account, the narrator is the brother of your soldier who survived the Vietnam Battle. As stated above, the troops in this were thought to have Post Vietnam Symptoms (Medicinenet. com, 2010). The narrator reminisces the nice times he distributed to his brother before he became a member of the army and was sent off to battle. The brother, Henry returns a totally changed person but not for the better. In the next account, Krebs is a soldier who comes back from battle long following the battle heroes have been celebrated. Much as he tries hard to live on a normal life, nobody comprehends him and he seems to be living in a world of his own. The third tale is narrated by a former warfare veteran who discusses his experiences along with his fellow troops in the battle. He talks about how exactly a true war story is not moral but packed with atrocities. He however says that the reality of a conflict storyline is someone's experience which is judged by the listener.

Story One: The Red Convertible

In the first report, Henry is a man packed with life and enjoying it to the fullest. He stocks a warm marriage with his brother Lyman the narrator. He is also very friendly and can make chat even with strangers. On their summer travel, he invites a woman he previously not attained to journey with them so they could take her home plus they wrap up spending a substantial amount of time at the girl's home. He's also funny and makes people have a good laugh like when he bears the long haired girl on his shoulder blades so that he can have a feel of experiencing long pretty head of hair. He is exciting, which is clearly shown when he and his sibling spend the whole summer driving across the country.

Henry is also depicted to be very enthusiastic and energetic. He is spontaneous rather than afraid of taking chances. Together with his brother, he spends his pay checks impulse buying a car even after he has been let go. During their warmer summer months head to, Henry is depicted by his sibling as getting a carefree attitude. This is shown in the way he relaxes under a tree napping peacefully with no cares on the globe and enjoying the moment while it lasts.

Henry then joins the army immediately after the summer trip. He's sent off into the Vietnam Battle and it takes about three years for him to return home. By enough time he results home, he's a totally different person. The narrator implies that the change is not for the better. He also says that even although war has ended in the government's mind. It is going to be a long time before it has ended in Henry's meaning that the conflict experience will be imprinted in his mind's eye for a long time. Lyman also goes on to say that it's heading to be hard to expect his brother to improve for the better.

Research shows that battle veterans who develop Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome have a problem re-entering the culture after warfare and having normal interactions. They bear invisible wounds and battle with their feelings. The shame they fight with causes them to isolate themselves. They cannot speak about their war experience with anyone. A substantial amount will commit suicide when they lose the struggle within themselves (Sederer, 2010). With this history, we see Henry attempting to fit into the society once more. As is the case with most conflict veterans, he challenges to acquire normal relationships along with his family and friends and doesn't discuss his war experience. As one veteran says, conflict products is "stuff you can not talk about in the civilian world", that is so detached from the war (Simon).

Avoidance (Medicinenet. com, 2010), a symptom of Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome sets greatly on Henry's life following the war. In addition to not discussing his experience in the war and preventing the subject entirely, he also avoids close interactions for example the cordial romance he shared with his brother prior to the war. He manages to lose interest in debt convertible that he once liked very much which worries his brother. Nothing at all seems to subject anymore and regarding to his sibling "he was such a loner". He seems psychologically numb so when he laughs, he appears to be he is crying. He is also no longer the jolly person he was, always breaking jokes and since his brother says, "you cannot get him to laugh".

Henry also becomes very peaceful. He also cannot remain still and is ever upgrading and down. That is as opposed to his calm carefree personal before when he'd sit down whole afternoons without moving. He appears to always be searching for something and was always tense, sometimes gripping the armrest of his chair with all his force as if afraid that if he release he could crash. This means that hyper arousal a symptom of Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome.

You can notify that Henry is reliving his experiences when he bites through his lip. Bloodstream moves down and he will not even see it. It soaks his bakery but he carries on consuming it which is most likely a landscape that he resided through in the battle. He also maintained wearing the clothes he had come back in. When he places going to repair the red convertible, he works nonstop to the idea of his brother thinking he'll freeze himself to death with the task, an signal that he still remembers the hard days at warfare.

At one point, Lyman can have the struggle that his brother is going through. Despite all that he will try to be normal and also to fit into the society once more. There are times that he seems better and serves normal. Post Traumatic Stress has however got the better of him and no matter how hard he will try, he finds that a war veteran will not overcome his experiences and be normal that easily. He does not live in the same world as other civilians and quickly enough, he becomes one of the reports in the record of war Veterans who endure the war ordeal but lose their internal battle to suicide (Sederer, 2010).

Story Two: Soldier's Home

In this tale, Ernest Hemmingway explains to a story of Harold Krebs a soldier who profits home after fighting with each other five major fights. On his return, Krebs will try hard to match into the population. It does not help things that he returns long following the heroes have been celebrated. Prior to the starting point of symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, Krebs is seen as a sociable person. On his come back, he would go to the poolroom to try and reconnect with people. He also somehow never stops liking his sister as mentioned, "He liked her. She was his preferred sister". This indicates that he distributed cordial relations with the sister and still liked her. There is also an indicator that Krebs was ambitious as suggested when his mom talks to him relating to his father's concerns; "He believes you have lost your ambition". He however appears to have been very detached from his father.

When Krebs comes home, he initially desires to talk about his experience in the war. However, nobody gives a listening hearing and his experiences do not appear interesting enough compared to the atrocities that people had noticed from other veterans. Soon enough he is pressured to lie in order to get people to pay attention to him. Clearly he's having difficulties re-entering the population after warfare and installing in. That is aggravated by the actual fact that he didn't get a hero's welcome. Relating to a Vietnam veteran, troops were likely to have problems with Post Traumatic Stress Symptoms when they aren't welcomed back as was the circumstance with most Vietnam veterans (Wellness Directory site of Minnesota, 2006).

Krebs badly needs to resume his normal life but no-one is aware of him and he appears to be he is surviving in an environment of his own. Even though he tells lays, the stories remain not interesting enough. The society that is supposed to help him package with his activities and deal with Post Traumatic Stress Symptoms fails on its part. One researcher says that after coming back home, "A battle veteran needs time, support and understanding of other people" (Wilson, 2009), and "produce an opportunity to discuss. . . . . . and, eventually, to feel the emotions associated with" (Wilson, 2009) the trauma. As is the case with an Iraq warfare veteran (Simon), Krebs' true battle tale is incomprehensible by the individuals around him. Krebs is forced by the culture he is surviving in into let's assume that nothing happened and he must go through avoidance to handle the situation.

Avoidance units in at full pace in Krebs life and his once normal romantic relationships fall apart (Medicinenet. com, 2010). The once sociable Krebs now chooses to get refuge in solitude at the collection. This is obviously observed in victims of Post Traumatic Stress Symptoms as is observed by one medical doctor (Sederer, 2010). In his words, he says that the pity they soldiers proceed through in the battlefield "has them isolate themselves".

Krebs also avoids intimacy, romantic relationships and anything else that could make his simple lifestyle of avoidance any complicated. This is quality of the victims of PTSD. He does not want to emerge from his shell and face anything that would complicate his life further. He begins living in fear of facing truth. He tolerates his mother but he does not love for. He desires anyone would understand the world he is surviving in and the actual fact that he does not love anyone. He has gone through psychological numbness and also lost curiosity about things that he previously previously liked (Medicinenet. com, 2010). In order to avoid being pushed further, he guarantees to go and look for a job.

In regards to fellow soldiers, Krebs appears to think they understand him more. However, when he foretells them, he relives his experience at the warfare which was frightening and is obligated to face simple fact. This makes him guilt laden and all the things he do nauseate him. He seems guilty that he survived and pity for all your things he have in the battle.

Story Three: How exactly to tell a true war story

This story is told by the soldier who is trying to learn the mystery behind a warfare story with regards to reality. He talks about his fellow soldiers in battle and the reviews they inform while aiming to tell a conflict story in order to be understood. Inside the story, there exists Bob Kiley whose best friend and fellow soldier Curt Lemon is killed and Mitchell Sanders who is seeking to be paid attention to and understood. The troops in this environment are suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Symptoms.

Rat Kiley is battling in which to stay touch along with his thoughts when his best ally dies. He is mental and humane and regardless of the war experience, he still has a very vulnerable part of him. According to the narrator, "a true war report is never moral" otherwise it won't be believed. Subsequently when Rat writes an psychological and moral letter to his friend's sister, she never replies. The frustration of not being grasped leads to him being insensitive and psychologically numb, a case observed in PTSD (Wilson, 2009). A little later, Rat is discussing dirty and getting in touch with the sister a dumb cooze. He has a whole lot of anger which regarding to a war veteran is an indicator of PTSD which is misdirected. Rat unleashes this anger by mutilating a newborn buffalo as the other military look on without expressing much. They clearly understand what he's going through.

According to the narrator, battle is a incomprehensible experience. It really is rarely about works of heroisms plus more about anger and inability to deal with terrible and uncomfortable encounters effectively. A battle story only is practical to the narrator in support of the listener can evaluate the reality of the story. It's also in what is real to the story teller if they die or live following the incident. The narrator portrays the troubles of an soldier in the fight for example, when Mitchell is informing a story; he would like to be thought. He keeps requesting, "Understand me". Despite the fact that he tries to act as if he tries to act as though he does not care whether he's presumed, the narrator can tell from his sadness that he needs to be thought.

The narrator also expresses symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. He relives the encounters he has experienced and has the images engraved in his mind two decades later. He is able to remember the previous moments of Curt lemon and exactly how he appeared as if. He can don't forget getting Curt Lemon's body parts of the tree; "I recall the white bone of your arm". He tells the story in a very indifferent way portraying mental numbness (Medicinenet. com). He ends the storyplot by talking about the true picture of war as the remembrances and the initial experience a soldier undergoes which involves being afraid and is also nothing close to heroic acts. He echoes what of a former veteran who says that "what's learnt in fight is never overlooked" (Health and fitness Directory website of Minnesota, 2006)

The other troops also portray their show of PTSD symptoms through the weird activities and the sounds they listen to that lead them to doing things that even their commander would not understand. Overall, the troops understand the other person because they have been through similar activities but their experiences are beyond civilian comprehension.


Post Traumatic Stress Symptoms is an experience all too acquainted with most conflict veterans. Their fighting is however incomprehensible to most civilians and their experiences are not grasped by civilians. At the end of a battle, the troops may receive a heroic pleasant but due to the bizarre experiences they go through, their lives should never be the same again and it requires a lot for them to fit back into the population.

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