Principles of Management

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"Professionals work in a powerful environment and must assume and adjust to challenges. " With regard to the above declaration, discuss the role of the new-age supervisor by taking a good example of any Indian group.

Approach any small size company in your city, contact the HR administrator and get details of the organization framework with names. Then chalk out the primary functions of the most notable management, midsection management and supervisory management regarding that company and discuss their tasks and duties.

Part a

Manager is somebody who runs the business enterprise on proven lines and frequently maintains the status quo. He's the merchandise of change who runs an existing business, will take no risk. Administrator is an employee and is dependent on the dog owner. The reward of the supervisor is the salary which is fixed and regular. In small organizations, the owner himself works often as the administrator.

Management identifies the on-going coordination of the production processes involving pursuits like planning, decision making, handling and performing activities at an administrative level.

Role of a manager:

  • Supervise and deal with the entire performance
  • Achieving business and company goals, vision and objectives
  • Analysing and expanding strategies for increasing quality and variety.
  • Identifying problems, creating choices and providing choice span of action
  • Working out settlement and rewards.

Business Environment

Business does not operate in a vacuum but in a host. Business environment includes the totality of factors that happen to be exterior to, and typically beyond, the control of specific business firms. Environmental analyses will involve corporate planners monitoring the economic, governmental, and market options to look for the opportunities for and dangers to the surroundings. The business environment can be divided into two parts:

Micro- environment- it identifies the firm's internal conditions i. e. within the company. It mainly includes competitors, investors, suppliers, employees, lenders, govt. organizations.

Macro-environment- it identifies the conditions exterior to the company like govt. plans, competitors strategy, international scenario etc. this environment involves:

Economic environment

Politico-legal environment

Socio-cultural environment

International environment

Natural environment

Technological environment


The modern age is characterised by changing exterior conditions making for a more complex, uncertain, and sometimes a turbulent environment. Over the period of time market segments for particular goods and services have been through phenomenal changes- music cassettes intimidating the marketplace for discs, detergent powders that of cleansing soap, cooking food gas ovens changing the utilization of traditional ovens, television set and videos intimidating the movie film industry, computers changing manual office businesses, diesel and electric locomotives upgrading steam engines, etc. These changes have been partly occasioned by economic, social and technological advances; partly they are also the outcome of professional R & D and entrepreneurship. Combined with the powerful socio-economic conditions, business organizations have also run into problems and dangers of increasing competition, quick obsolescence of machines and equipment's, changing customer preferences and personal preferences, govt. intervention in the market processes through legal enactments and administrative procedures, constraints on free venture, cost and price inflation, militant trade unionism, and growing public demand for socially sensible behaviour of management. To cope with the dynamic character of environmental conditions, management firms has to have a systematic effort to analyse and anticipate the changes.

Impact of environment on business:

The economical environment has the most significant effect on business because business itself is a economic organization. Reforms in professional and fiscal regulations have led to development of new businesses such as capital raising funds, mutual funds, etc. Indian businesses have grown to be more susceptible to competition from multinational companies.

Political and legal environment provide the framework for performing. No business succeeds without the support of general public view. The supportive political local climate has made Bangalore and Hyderabad as the hub of it companies. Multinationals and foreign direct investment attended to India in a major way due to removal of settings over forex.

Social and ethnic changes have led to demand for reservations in careers for minorities and women, equivalent pay for identical work etc. Pepsi's cola lost market show I some countries where the company's slogan 'come alive' translates as 'come out of the grave', in local terms.

Thus business must interact with the environment continuously. Environment provides inputs to business which offers outputs to the surroundings. Different causes create both dangers and opportunities for the business. Positive changes help business firms to improve efficiency and expand. For example: Liberal insurance plan towards international investment has created new opportunities for international multinationals.


In many organisations, employees know more about their work than their managers. This certainty should power organisations that still cling to the old, top down style of managing to identify that many employees today are extremely capable of taking care of themselves.

Today we discussion of managing one's employer, and of having relationships with tactical companions, suppliers and customers. " Management is much more than what managers simply do to get work done through employees. Today, we can deal with ourselves, our time and many other activities that don't require someone to have a formal managerial role or to control people.

Role of the "director" is merely a particular program of management, not the whole history of managing. Additionally, employee proposal, especially regarding innovative knowledge staff, cannot turn into a actuality until we move beyond our industrial-age meaning of a director.

In modern, post-industrial organizations, all employees need to control. Self-managing teams use complex systems to help them manage their own work, and correct performance methods are openly accessible. Knowledge workers don't need to be told how to proceed, and often, they know better than their managers.

Taking an example form an Indian business, Mr. Pritesh Chothani, brand director of Sprite is a superb example of a new age supervisor. He comes with an experience of 4 years and 5 a few months in the marketing industry and comes with an skills in Marketing and business development- FMCG and consumer durables. He is a young metropolitan professional and comes with an ideology of delivering some contemporary ideas in his brand marketing, Sprite. He's not just the brand manager, but is also a inspiration and a motivator to work with.

This summer time Sprite has think of a completely new idea for its series of advertisings to be aired on television. Pritesh Chothani knew the powerful environment in which he is working and the fierce competition in the drink industry. Thus he needed to think totally from the box. He realized that the target customers are mainly youngsters, college heading students and since every brand is now trying to focus on youngsters, he implemented suit and developed some ads with a theme University of Freshology: In this particular, they have got created a hypothetical college or university of freshology. Within this, there's a professor who teaches the younsters how to approach difficult situations like, "How to handle difficult questions of father and mother. "

The basic purpose behind these ads is to attract the youngsters towards taking in Sprite and improve the market coverage in the drinks segment.

Thus, Pritesh Chotani, as a fresh age manager performs following assignments:

He known the dynamics of the environment which is nowadays the most necessary condition in which to stay the marketplace, i. e. about 60% of the Indian society is now youngsters, thus in order to capture the marketplace share, he has to concentrate on young consumers.

He performed a SWOT research of his brand Sprite, and so came to know that competition in this portion are many and thus he understood that he needed a modern-day outlook to keep a ranking of his brand in the market.

He not only become a team head for his marketing group but also encourage and stimulate them to work efficiently.

He created an environment of trust, assistance, and presumed in decentralisation of power and provided the associates some autonomy to make decisions.


The only thing regular is change. In the corporate world change means change in environment, change in tasks, responsibilities, dissimilarities in opinions, changes in company framework, changes in insurance policies etc. These dynamic changes are essential to maintain with the industry requirements. Thus the role of the manager must change keeping in view the changes in this vibrant environment otherwise the business may lose its identification on the market.

Part b

I frequented Krishak Bharti Cooperative Ltd. (KRIBHCO), A-10, Sector-1, NOIDA - 201301 to meet up with the HR Administrator or Key Vigilance Official ( Mr. A. K. Gupta). KRIBHCO, a premier Cooperative World for production of fertilizer, deemed to be recorded under Multi-State Cooperative Societies Work-2002, was advertised by the Govt. of India, IFFCO, NCDC and other agricultural Cooperative societies distributed all over the country. KRIBHCO has installation a Fertilizer Complex to create Urea, Ammonia & Bio-fertilizers at Hazira in the Talk about of Gujarat, on the lender of river Tapti, 15 Kms from Surat city on Surat - Hazira Express Highway. I asked consistent questions and acquired the basic platform of the organisational composition as follows:

Chart1: Organisation Composition of KRIBHCO

KRBHCO has implemented the insurance policy of decentralised management, whereby, broadly marketing and production are working as a separate earnings centres. Even in the marketing, each talk about marketing company is working as independent profit centres. In view of the, it is essentially important for the imcumbent going the workers function of the organisation to take greatest care of uniformity in workers policies and routines. That is a project organisation which includes horizontal organisation models to complete tasks of long period. The main functions of the top, middle and supervisory level followed at KRIBHCO are as follows:

Figure1: Functions of the levels of management


To raise the capacity of urea installed and also to keep up with the market share

To ensure optimum utilisation of resources

To diversify into ability and LNG terminals

The top level functions at KRIBHCO are mainly to make strategic decisions about wheather to

invest in a project

increase the quality and development of fertilizers

set more fertilizer plants

to create another fertizer organic in distant regions

The basic functions at the efficient level manager i. e. middle level at KRIBHCO are:

Exercise line specialist over the subordinates.

To set creation targets of urea, ammonia and bio fertilizers

Ensure efficiency in operations

Determine who'll perform the specific tasks

Evaluate the performance

The various areas under the workers and administrative division are:

Industrial Relations and Coverage Section(IR)

Human Reference Development Section

Recruitment and Establishment Section

Administrative Section (ADMN. )

Leagal Section

Welfare Section

Various assignments and obligations that has to be accompanied by the management for the better functioning and success of the company are:

The role of the top management is decisive in aspect and can be summarized as follows -

Top management gives the mission statement, visions, goals, targets and broad regulations of the business.

It basically gives the basic rules for preparation of budgets, strategies, schedules, plans, rules, policies, polices etc.

They appoints the executive for middle level i. e. departmental professionals.

They control the actions of every team and if any deviations take place, it coordinates and then gives feedback.

Role of middle management is functional in nature and is as follows:

Execution of programs in accordance with the guidelines.

They make plans for the supervisory level.

They help the very best directors with the recruitment of supervisory level and also helps decision making.

Coordinate the actions within the department.

Evaluate performance of the reduced management

They are also accountable for uplifting lower level managers.

Lower level is also known as operative degree of management. It includes supervisors, foreman, section officers, superintendent etc. In KRIBCHO, operative level has an enormous role to experience because it entails large production procedures of urea, ammonia and bio- fertilizers. Thus the main activities include:

Assigning of jobs.

Instructions for daily goals of production

Check on quality and quantity.

Communicate problem of workers to the higher levels

They supervise & guide the sub-ordinates.

Providing training to the individuals.

They arrange necessary materials, machines, tools etc so you can get the things done.

They make periodical studies about the performance of the workers.

They ensure discipline in the enterprise.

They motivate workers.

They are the image builders of the venture because they're in direct contact with the worker

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