Problems With Intimate Education Children And TEENAGERS Essay


The present analysis pretends to diagnose if there are issues with intimate education in a general population college in Nicaragua (Masatepe, Masaya). The purpose is to accomplish reflections and add with new ideas that make the development of new personal and interpersonal expertise, prevent teenage pregnancies, and STD's.

This problem arises from the results that there are many teenagers who lack good understanding of intimate health, do not feel empowered enough to require contraception or have not discovered the abilities to make a deal contraceptive use with the partners to protect themselves from unwanted pregnancies or sexually sent infections. In the last years, because of the media, kids and young adults have more usage of sexual material, and the orientation of the parents in this type of materials is scarce or void. The erotic mistreatment in children based on the police files has increased since 1984 from being 4. 9% to 22. 4% in 1991. At the end of 2011, the Ministry of Health in Nicaragua (MINSA) noted 34. 501 moms under twenty years old gave birth. Nicaragua has one of the highest teenage pregnancy rates between 12 and 19 years of age. Of 100 pregnancies, 25 are adolescents; reveal the results of the Review Nicaraguan Demographic and Health, ENDESA (Survey Final Survey Nicaraguan Demographic and Health) 1998-2006.

The government is giving an answer to these events with programs directed at teachers. This is why this study arises, to learn if they're actually put into practice and if students are learning, because the school in Masatepe has one program in hands, and was given to instructors. My research will determine surveys directed at students of the institution, from 9th to 11th class (50 students from every year), to know very well what their passions are, and what their knowledge about the topic is, an interview to the educators who have the program in hands, and also to the main of the school present my results. With each one of these in hand, I will propose recommendations for the advancements in the class of sexuality if any problems can be found, the solutions will come through the surveys, and make the director conscious of the proceedings in her classrooms.

Sexual Education

The code for children and teenagers of Nicaragua, article 44, claims "young people of our own country have the right to an intrinsic, objective, guiding, technological, progressive and formative intimate education, which advances their self esteem and respect to their own body and erotic responsibility".

Sexual Education proposes to provide the knowledge, standards and rules that allow the exercise of real human rights, the adequate performance inside our personal lives, encourage a deep change in civic principles, moral behaviour, and active tournaments which stimulate the personal development and communal integration of pre-teenagers and teens, and consequently prevent the transmission of HIV, undesirable pregnancies, and sexual violence. Generally it must break all the bonds between stereotypes and myths about sexuality.

Teenagers have the to have a wholesome and responsible erotic education. This encourages the respect that must definitely be directed at our reproductive rights, responsible maternity without risks, and preventing any venereal disease. Young kids need it to be capable of comprehending the changes that go on with their body, and moods. It will show them the best way to communicate, associate, and respect other people, and most importantly themselves. In this way they have better tools to use important decisions that will assist them live their sexuality properly, protect themselves from situations that may affect their healthy, mental and physical point out.

Sexual Education must be clear, objective, directed to all audiences to be able to protect and save all ethnic and social principles, and open to the community of all students and young adults who've not been taught intimate education. This must be achieved to avoid many diseases, issues in society, concerns of our body, unwanted pregnancies, not wished relationships, and abortions. If a region is experiencing a world wide web population expansion or if it is already exceeding hauling capacity, it is important for love-making education, family planning, and self-esteem programs to be focused on young women in their teenage years. Hence, medical evidence demonstrates that sexual education which includes information about different methods of prevention makes teens clear in when they want to begin being sexually dynamic. A teenager who is this point out is not conscious about the consequences to be sexually dynamic at early age.

The Population Finance United Nations was able to keep the collaboration in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, and with this is was managed to finish the Manual In depth Sexuality Education for Instructors, "which now drove an entire operational training, and it is said that there are 1, 500 trained already, "said Freddy Cardenas, Executive Director of "ProFamilia".

Nicaragua as well as other Countries

In European countries, the Asia-Pacific region, Latin America and the United States, the most frequent reason behind not using contraception is too little preparedness for sexual activity. "Each year, 16 million females aged 15-19 give delivery. 50, 000 of these die from complications related to pregnancy and childbirth. And 95 percent of those births occur in producing countries. "- US, Jul 18 2012 (Interpress Service)

As a growing, Nicaragua is expected to have high teenage pregnancy rates, low access to good quality education, and contraception, and this is what actually happening if we do not anything for education. The improvement of any country sometimes appears in the amount of education and exactly how has it been provided to the populace. Nicaragua is part of the International Convention about kid's privileges of the US ; this means it must ensure that kids and young adults provide an education which prepares these to assume a responsible life in world. However, not absolutely all the population has usage of a good quality education and this is because of a big amount of reasons or sociable problems our country activities in everyday activity.

However, Nicaragua as a non-developed country is expected to have high teenage pregnancy rates, but how is the United States, as a developed country that it's, is coping with the same problem? In the United States, the ratio of sexually dynamic young adults who do not use condoms rose from 38% in 2009 2009 to 53%. A couple of 47% of students that say they are sexually productive, in line with the Centers for Disease Control and Reduction with their country. The money for just a Positive Approach to Teenager Health, or Course, has evolved the curriculum that shows love-making education, and has shifted from abstinence-centered information to young pregnancy reduction. They received funding, because these were evidence-based to lessen teen pregnancy. This program includes university presentations, after university mentoring and parent or guardian programs, and community-wide events that encourage teens to make healthy options, respective to love-making, and relationship assault. Their goal is "for young adults to have more powerful more meaningful human relationships, healthy futures, and successful endeavors throughout their whole lives. " Another corporation called CATCH is now encouraging pills and the use of condoms to avoid unwanted pregnancies as an effort to make a change about the 7, 000 young girls 17 years or under that are receiving pregnant (90% are unplanned pregnancies). In addition, the programs they have got on television set which involved young adults having babies, has opened sight to the population, especially teenagers, to how complicated it is to provide birth at a young age with no preparation, and exactly how difficult it is to get prepared for a future with a child at hand and her or his education in the hands too.

In the other hand, the Netherlands has much fewer teenager pregnancies, births and abortions than the U. S which is a developed country as well, how is this possible? Sexually active Dutch teens are far more likely to use condoms or dental contraceptives than American teens according to information. In holland, making love education is shipped in the context of studying romantic relationships not biology. Dutch parents speak openly using their children about "waiting until ready" to have sex; healthy romantic relationships; and responsible patterns, such as contraception use, when sex begins. They discovered to "normalize" erotic development with the children, and appearance at sexuality as a normal part to be human. People and children are better educated, and it might be unthinkable for a Dutch parent to withdraw the youngster from love-making education. They think "There is no point in revealing to children just to say 'no' - this is a liberal country: you will need to tell them why they are saying 'no' and when to state 'yes'"- Siebe Heutzepeter. What is significantly different in European countries is a strong cultural concept against teenage pregnancy.

Nicaragua should take the Dutch and People in america as an example, parents should speak openly concerning this matter and stop great deal of thought as taboo and this is a difficulty that is going in the institution: "I do not see any inspiration from the parents to the students, because they say that this kind of matter is a taboo, plus they should not be discussing it at home. "- said the instructor I interviewed. She desires to connect with them and make sure they are involve in the school regarding their children, but the parents do not take the time back. Besides, promotions are also being launched within Nicaragua, such as "Ganale a las Ganas" (Win your Wants) which includes talking to young adults about the potential risks of having sexual intercourse at a young age.

Role of Government

Reach toward the end of 2015, in the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean, a 75% decrease in the number of schools that do not provide extensive education about sexuality, and a 50 % decrease in the amount of adolescents and teenagers who lack access to contraceptives and erotic health services, the goals were assumed by the ministries of Health, also called MINSA, with a declaration signed called "Protection with Education". Within the agreement, signed during the International Aids Discussion, presented in Mexico, the governments of the parts focused on develop targeted strategies in adolescents and teenagers to strengthen initiatives in prevention of HIV and pregnancy. However, because the last 4 years (since 2011) there has only been a progress of 48%.

The International Discussion About the populace and Development, taken in Cairo in 1994, claims "countries about the world must give answers sufficient to the necessities about intimate education and reproduction young people have, taken into account from a perspective that we have erotic and reproductive rights, and not only from the perspective that we could take the risk of contracting a disease. " Delegates at the seminar come to consensus on the next qualitative and quantitative purposes:

Universal Education: Ensure primary education for simply by 2015 and attempt to take away the difference between enrollment rates of children in key and secondary education

Reduction of infant mortality rate and children under 5: Reduce to significantly less than 35 per 1000 live births and infant mortality rate below 45 per 1, 000 mortality rate of children under 5 years before 2015.

Reduction of maternal mortality: Reduce maternal mortality by fifty percent by 1990 to 2000, and again by fifty percent before 2015.

Access to reproductive services and erotic health, including family planning: Allow 2015 widespread usage of reproductive health services, including family planning and sexual health.

According to the Ministry of education (MINED in Nicaragua), erotic education will have a wide perspective predicated on human privileges and on the admiration towards the ideals of any democratic world where young families and areas are developed appropriately. The curriculum includes ethical, biological, mental, social, social, and gender aspects, styles related to gender diversities in orientation and id, expanding tolerance, rejecting any kind of discrimination, and promote non ignorant decisions in relation to a person's erotic life.


According to the Ministry of Health, "MINSA" in Nicaragua, in 2011 Nicaragua finished with 34, 501births which came from teenagers, between your age ranges of 15 and 19 years of age; this corresponds to the 25% at nationwide level.

The roles of government, all the programs they may have launched, are promoters to a good quality of sexual education, plus they do not only use contraception methods, but encourage the learner being educated to not using a sexually energetic life because these books provide information that may be extremely important for the future of the young adults of our own country. These programs promotes beliefs and considerations everyone should execute in their lives to be able to diminish sexual abuse, which is an occurring problem, or teenage pregnancy which is incrementing each day because of the non efficient intimate education it being implemented at institutions, because if this might be happening, the teenage pregnancy rate should lower. That's where I question this programs, how come, if they're as effective as they look, they are not being put into action in the institutions or areas more concurringly, because the reserve I will be presenting next it is not being presented entirely at the school I had been surveying, but only being shown partial information of it, and directed at only two instructors of this college.

"Intimate Education: Basic Guide Guide for teachers"

It is an application the Ministry of Education is imposing in the institution Calixto Moya, it offers the elaboration of your collection of courses with themes of interest for the development and formation of the personal and professional areas of the staff in a university or to the parents in a family. Of course, the goal of all of this is to assist the prep of experts or personnel in schools, so they could give ideas, orientations satisfactory for the introduction of someone's personality during childhood and adolescence.

Ways to provide education of sexuality

General Considerations

It is essential to reorient the programs for children, adolescents and rural and metropolitan youth, by figuring out the strengths that are necessary and the negatives that need to be evolved.

Sex-Ed must be creative, available to analysis and representation, with the key purpose of retaining the inspiration of the one's being informed, making them take part in a program in an interactive manner. You can include recreational activities and typical techniques such as brainstorming, work in categories and individuals, discussions, case studies, panels, skits, conceptual maps, talks, seminars, workshops, video tutorial forums; all with special treatment directly into give seriousness to the boarding of the theme.

This type of education looks for to strengthen requirements which may be applied to the many situations of daily life

Special Considerations

The teaching personnel must bear in mind that this issue of sexuality, involves the development of capacities for channeling favorably the expression of ideas, thoughts and emotions, staying away from situations that could cause discomfort or rejection to the persons that are being shown this class

It should provide honest criteria, sound, objective and technological, without looking to impose their own items of view, certain ideological positions or associated with the own connection with life.

It should be prevented, provide criteria that could affect emotionally to the learners, or that they signify judgments or discriminatory thoughts about themselves or their family members.

Why is this materials important? It can help our world, and due to the aspect of any theme, it is difficult to conciliate it with this culture because of the diversity that goes on inside our country, values and personal ideals, all of this united were capable of producing a piece of material relevant for modern culture.

Role as a Teacher

Some professors' methodology is to instruct abstinence first and then discuss the possibilities of what can occur if students choose non-abstinence, looking at not only sexually transmitted diseases, but also physical and mental changes. They need to always remark that abstinence is the sole 100 percent effective way to avoid a premarital pregnancy and a monogamous marriage is the best way to avoid sexually transmitted diseases.

What is a teacher's job in their category and what worth should them be promoting with their students? With professors being fully familiar with what they should be teaching they need to have the ability to analyze their communal relationships where they get excited about every day, and be competent to communicate, dialogue, and generally, be able to accomplish the talents that allow them to perform an appropriate social integration. The value to value their community and everyone else, the importance of earning your rights and the rights from every person else be reputed and make them be done, & most importantly something that it should not be left behind, is making them mindful about what problems they might be overcoming or facing at any moment with their lives by displaying and educating them the way they should confront them.

You must especially take into factors the teachers given that they have the duty of examining their students, and by this After all they must be capable of recognizing in what type of environments they are really developing and prevent these students from growing up in hostile environment. The role as a teacher, is to see what are the students interest on, and from there give their class, because as students I really do not give my time and energy to topics or materials I am not interested on, but if they are important, I'd expect the teacher to get me interested. The professor must impart their class from the training capacities he views on the students, because, for example, if he instructs from a book and makes a student read it, learn it, and following that give exams, for me, the students aren't comprehending or learning appropriately. Students should be not only thinking about theory but in practice, therefore, I would encourage talks and communal activities that would make the school more dynamic and even more interested to be on. As well as the instructors must completely comprehend the topic they are simply boarding they must also be in charge of teaching and making clear to the parents what they are providing with their students about the designs relation to sexual education.

The tutor I interviewed, which was not responsible for giving topics of sexual education, , accomplished all these. I price:

"What I really do in both institutions when I supply the classes, that the students also ask me to do, is a panel forum with them. I inquire further what exactly are their topics appealing, and they answer sexuality"

"I evaluate their problems and understand them"

"Yes, I connect to them and I want to have good marketing communications with them, because by doing so I identify their passions, desires, doubts and worries because I know I could help them"

"I really like making discussions, -panel forums, round furniture on this kind of thematic. I like to say that no matter the amount of condoms that are used, there's always a risk"

"I like to read, pay attention to the radio, and watch television programs that will help me, because I assume that the teacher should always be updated to learn how to deal with this technology. "

Parental Involvement

Sex education must not be only involved in teens or pre-teenagers, but also in parents who must be interested and care for the introduction of their children. What they must do is create relationships in the family where young adults can easily adapt to, an environment free of hostility, and capable of solving issues that involve every member of the family.

In Nicaragua, contribution of parents in the development of these critically important programs is seldom if ever detected at the turf roots. Hence, they do not know what has been taught with their children, they haven't any decision to it, and their role as parents is not being done successfully as it ought to be expected. Parents are in charge of bringing into the table everyday prices that require to be educated with their children not only by the school, but by them. Besides, full acknowledgment of what their children have been educated in school gives new ideas and improvements done by those to the school, since they can now have a decision on what it should be taught and bring on debates in whether these decisions must be done. Therefore, the role of the institution should be that of assisting and completing the task of parents. However, this is not done matching to a teacher of the school: "I talk to them about the values of our body, and elevate their self-confidence, because lots of the students who result from very disintegrated families (no mommy, no dad or without anyone speaking with them about making love). They only notice relating to this orientation in classes, therefore we do the parents jobs here. Besides, the parents who are responsible for it do not undertake it either because they do not know the info or because they contemplate it a taboo (sexual education)"

Parents have a lot of impact over their children, and when conversations about making love were a normal, natural part of day-to-day life, if it is appropriate so when it's needed, I think that would have a significant impact. Therefore, with the correct guidelines directed at them, this could be improved by involving the parents more into the school demonstrating them their curriculum, doing meetings frequently where they could be updated, and find ways to know whether or not all the materials being demonstrated to the parents is making a good result at home in order to see if this information should be retained being proven to them, however, at these times even more work must be achieved by the institution to help make the required formation of teenagers possible and effective at home.

Results from Surveys

How well do you consider the category of intimate education in your university is?

The people who said "Good" and "Excellent" were for many reasons. In institution they give them a conscious intimate education (actualized with fact), prepare them for what they are going to be wanting in life, instruct them sexuality's fluctuations, make them aware of the importance of it, the consequences and risks that come from experiencing it, know more about sex, instruct them how to look after their intimate life, they find out about their bodies and the way to manage them, find out about things not everyone does, helps prevent them from any hazard, learn about some contraceptive methods and how to utilize them, know they cannot have sexual intercourse with a random person, their uncertainties are cleared, discussions receive, helps them prevent a teenage pregnancy, makes them think about their responsibility before taking decisions, and even though it isn't a profound intimate education the school gives them the fundamental points.

People who said "Regular" and "Bad" was because they state they don't receive sexology, boys already know very much about love-making in present times, designs are left brief rather than developed, the institution does not give them the topics they are enthusiastic about learning, not absolutely all teachers consider these themes, they give them a brief amount of information and this short amount is interrupted from the same alumni, they don't reach further on this issue, and leave them with questions, concrete information is not given, attention is not paid, do not talk much about the topic, mocking is done, missing intensity, very little interest from them when they ought to, and it is only imparted in civics.

If you can view, answers contradict themselves from many perspectives, for these reasons, all email address details are subjective, but can still be taken into consideration. While the bulk says that intimate education in their college is good and snooze says no, it still means some problems exist, and support can still be done. Hobbies are subjective, but if we can find a category were all the topics are taken into consideration, deepened enough, and full participation is completed no problems would come up.

Sexual education has been taught to you through?

Presentations guideline in the method educators use to impart their classes. Which means that they are learning not only from catalogs and theory; they are participating.

In what other way are you informed about sex? (television, magazines, papers, radio, friends, classmates, family) Comment.

These graphs show the dominant source for teens to get acquainted with sex, is television. This is proof from what I mentioned before, teenagers now have more usage of television set, and their heads are being influenced no subject right or wrong. After tv set, friends and classmates are who play an important role in someone's life as well as family who give them more information about these matters. Then comes in the rest of the media which generally affect teens no subject how full acquainted they may be with it. Like a matter of evidence about how much it make a difference the number of knowledge you understand about intimate education, this question rose. We can not do anything relating to this, since it cannot be operated, because you get damaged by it indirectly or directly.

Have you experienced problems with sexuality or have you experienced changes? Have you had answers to these concerns proper to your actual age?

In the three grades, more than half said they didn't have problems which means either they have not experienced anything or are fully informed, few replied complete. Next, will be the people who did have problem but experienced their answers due to college, parents, or friends they asked. Finally, there have been individuals who did have problems but never got their answers neither from the school nor family. This means that there continues to be some of students whose problems or concerns have not be solved, and the educators have still not gained full trust from them. Therefore, we can put into action meetings or discussions were they could all ask their questions, stop being shy, provide trust, or build better relations between them and the parents through the conferences that are kept with the teachers.

""Whenever we have conferences, I look for texts where it seems how the parents can help their children. I provide them with tips or ideas how to treat the kids, be a little more flexible. Each and every time, another year comes by, a fresh school year does indeed too. Whenever a new year begins a new thematic abruptly shows parents how to deal with their children, for example, in the current meeting that I have with the parents I have a text well prepared for these people that says "10 tips about how to take care of adolescents". I'll let them discuss in pairs, and then make sure they are expose their ideas so they can also capacitate themselves. "- says Professor Flor de Maria (Civics)

"We do conferences with the parents, plus they even learn from these conferences, because as I was letting you know the students come from poor families, plus some didn't go to institution, don't have jobs, or have really poor jobs. In the meetings, we give topics that help the parents improve communication with the children. "- Professor Vilma Tapia (Civics)

According to your view or conditions, what themes can you suggest increasing this program or content of erotic education being taught at your institution?

Ninth Grade


How many people said it



How to prevent a pregnancy?


What changes happen after gender?




Contraceptive Methods


Sex Addiction


Risks from sex


Tenth Grade


How many people said it



Contraceptive Methods


Rescue to your principles and esteem to a sexual life


Causes and Result from having a sex at a young age


Risks you take from having sex


Sexual Diversity


How to regulate sexual nervousness?


Sex Addiction


Why is a Tabu? How exactly to take it off as that?


Is Masturbation correct?


Sex, promoter for abortion


How to avoid teenage pregnancy?


Eleventh Grade


How often people said it



Contraceptive Methods, and their appropriate use


Is it good to teach people about it?


Ways to prevent a pregnancy


Causes and Results from having sex


At what years can you start having sex?


Make the theme stop being a Taboo


Maturity when taking the topic


Teenage Pregnancy




Maternity and Paternity in the adolescence. Teach the alumni




Myths about sex


Changes that come from having sex


You can see in these lists that the normal topics appealing are how to prevent teenage pregnancy, contraceptive methods as well as how to use them, results from making love generally, and STD's. From all these you can see a pattern they are interested on having sex, and they are afraid of the risks if something moves wrong, and they are afraid because they lack knowledge about it. Therefore, it's effective to teach them all these topics to allow them to be non ignorant, really know what they are simply doing, and completely acknowledge the consequences that come from it.

Therefore, the institution must be in demand of providing them with each one of these information, and if they are adding this on the list is because they do not know it, plus they want to know it. These could be the topics appealing they may have always viewed for, and instead being bored rather than paying attention, listen and find out.

What areas of sexual education do you want to learn in your university? Ex girlfriend or boyfriend. Contraceptive methods, STD's, anatomy, etc.

Contraceptive methods will be the topic the majority of students want to find out about in a far more profound way I really believe. Then comes anatomy that was trained to them in key, but it appears they would like to be reinforced in that theme also. Finally, venereal diseases are still left, which are the risks of the previous two topics if you don't know them. Therefore, the school must pay more attention in those three topics, because the students would like to learn deeply about these so they can not be fooled in life.


In conclusion, students at the school are getting a good sexual education in conditions of essentiality, however in depth it isn't good. The alumni are thinking about topics that they should already know more profoundly, however they are not reinforced within the last years. It is good that the school is putting into action these topics at an early age, but it does not mean they have to just forget about them when the students get older. For example, the topic "anatomy" was educated to them in main, and as a result they all want to know more about anatomy in these years because they found that subject more interesting now, I really believe, because of the changes they are really undergoing in life and in their body.

As an improvement, I will present the director all my results, like the interviews and reports. I will speak about the problems they are facing with education, lacking the subject areas students are interest on, and wish to know more about. Even though I understand the school is doing the task of the parents, because the parents have poor jobs, did not research whatsoever or aren't getting the necessary engaged, they still need to be tight about their education. Parents should stop considering their children's education as a Taboo, use principles in them, and know that no subject how much she or he would like to restrict this type of information off their children their children will always find out about this indirectly or directly.

Finally, I would suggest the classes to do ending up in parents more frequently even though they believe this kind of subject is not satisfactory, they need to be acquainted with what their children are learning so no regrets occur later on, and they can help now at home. Parents should be completely engaged at every part of the process - planning, implementation, and analysis in sexuality education. Extreme problems are not preset with sexual education as of this institution, but at nationwide level I still believe there can be found ignorance, and insufficient usage of contraceptive methods. Therefore, improvements will be slower, but I believe they will occur because the amount of campaigns, programs, and workshops the government is imposing.


Hoffman, Changes in Family Roles, socialization and making love differences.

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Appendix Survey

Age: Time:

Sex: Night out:

The reason for this study is to increase the content and coaching it has been given to you of intimate education at your college. Therefore, I beg that you answer the following questions :


How well do you take into account the course of sexual education in your school is?

Good Justify




This category has been trained for you through:





In how many other way have you been informed about intimacy? (television, newspapers, newspapes, radio, friends, classmates, family) Comment.

Have you came across problems with sexuality or perhaps you have experienced any changes? Perhaps you have possessed answers to these questions proper to your actual age?

According to your judgment or requirements, what themes can you suggest adding to the program or content of intimate education being shown at your school?

What areas of sexual education do you want to learn in your college? Ex lover. Contraceptive methods, STD's, anatomy, etc.

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