Product Design Plays Significant Role Marketing Essay

Product design plays significant role in reaching the goals of a business. A good product can ensure client satisfaction, quality and low production cost. However if the grade of the product design is poor then it's evident that the reviews from customer also will be poor resulting insufficient interest on a single. Additionally quality and cost of production will also affect if the look is poor that is the production cost will increase.

1. 2 What is a product?

A product is things that are produced by the effort of labor resulting of any function or process. It could be classified either as tangible or intangible. Tangible product means a physical thing that can be touch and see such as building; on the other hands intangible products are product that can only be believe that could it be is something like insurance coverage.

1. 3 Meanings of Product Design

Product Design is vital in production and operation management since it is the main element condition as it influences acquire from the merchandise. Quite simply we can say it's the transfer of intellectual intelligence, requirements and satisfy the needs of consumer on specific product

A product design is all about taking care of each information when the procedure of processing point starts till the finish point. It requires different aspect into account like whether the process will be reliable, safe and reliable manner; how much competent to get targeted consumers and lower cost.

It can be depicted in the next diagram below fig 1

What-is-Product-Design-Definition-Meaning. jpg

The two basic steps in planning a product are:

Functional design

Production design

Functional Design

The efficient design step must fit the bill when designing something. Decision regarding the magnitude, how much materials to be consumed, the finish point are key aspect are extremely important. At this time the designer must lay more emphasis about the merchandise itself rather than worrying about the way how it ought to be made. Concern, customer appeal, cost and ease of operation and resources are the key things for efficient design.

Production Design

In this level that is creation design stage the maker makes adjustment considered the launch and new principles for the merchandise in order to make the development more appropriate. Standardization, modular design and simplification are some of the concepts used in the production design level.

Standardization - this helps area of the product which is comparable or evens the whole product. It even lower the cost of production by eliminating the necessity for planning numerous product design and help the business to work larger with fewer components of good qualities.

Modular Design - it creates construction and continuation easy as this kind of design are mainly used and are easy to adapt with the sub-assemblies or sections products.

Simplification - at this time adding features in the design for the merchandise is vital and the look must be due to the fact it under look at several value examination in order to see on which part the organization must work with lower cost.

1. 4 Why do we are in need of design products?

Product design is essential for any organization as this will appeal to customers and make anything less than a great product strategy can be dangerous to a firm. In order to maximize the prospect of success top companies focus on few products and concentrate to maintain advanced of quality. The strategy is to stay competitive in the market and allows customer to truly have a variety of choice.

In the planning process, decisions regarding the design of something or service must be studied very carefully because a single blunder done can make the business face from huge losses. The design of new product must be produce separately to avoid confusion from the old one.

From the study that has been done a business must go according to the demand of consumer because from review we are able to make new discoveries, build new applications which will lead to commercial application. Product design is important because it is related to the sales of the business. For example if the merchandise is design in a good way this will definitely get more customers and as a result this will lead to a rise in sales and earnings.

1. 5 Product design related to product life cycle

Product life routine is applied in production and operation management for product design as it shows what sort of product lays at different phases and which can take inputs and turns it into result by using some process. The production system pertains to the process of creation depending on what type of product we have to produce and level of the process we need to produce the goods. The whole procedure for operation from release to decline of the creation system is defined as the product life cycle.

A product life cycle consist of four stages namely the introduction stage, growth, maturity and lastly the decline stage. Firms go through introduction, development, maturity, high amount saturation and lastly decline. The life span circuit can be build into four phases to show four important issue areas. It could be depicted the following in figure 1

http://4. bp. blogspot. com/-oXu4mSvunAk/TmdVTsLKmrI/AAAAAAAAAss/MKBQBJfceCI/s1600/product-life-cycle-2-thumb. gif

Introduction - it's the first level when is product is new and must be launch in the market. Product design is very essential in the first stage itself because design of the merchandise plays vital role for the increase of sale. The early stage emphasize the product's unique characteristic If people are drawn by the look of the product then it is apparent that there will be demand for that product and will survive on the market.

Growth - this refers to the increase of the merchandise as it shows a rise in the curve. This is an indication that the merchandise was successful on the market which is the open where a company/organization can make its earnings and cover its development cost.

Maturity - it is the stage where a company can make maximum profit and at this time before the product will land the organization must redesign its product or develop it. That is so because once it offers reach the decrease stage, the sales of the product will start dropping and will be kick out the marketplace.

Decline - it is the last level of something to survive on the market, now the merchandise will be kick from the market and at this time the firm will have to bear deficits. However, if the organization develops the product or they redesign after that it it still has change to stay in the market.

Product life circuit helps a business to know of which stage the product lies and if they have to innovate something new with the product or they will have to redesign it again. The demand for a product and its own market popularity generally will follow a predictable design. As something goes through these stages it's pricing, packaging, promotion and circulation are reevaluated and change. It's the journey from new and existing too old and dated.

1. 6 Product development or product redesign

Product development pertains when a company is adding new features to its product.

For example similar to the mobile Nokia is adding new feature in order to make the product stay in the market. Product development undertake major when risk when the problem comes up to a new product. Before getting into a new product into the market one has to execute a whole lot of research and development in order to be able to know about so on and dislike about the consumers. We must consider each and every solitary details while design something. It can computer based, paper and so forth. Before launching something onto the marketplace the business must bear many things in mind. For example Nokia mobile before approaching onto the market the dog owner has use expert to focus on this project. They may have design the mobile on computer, paper and finally they may have choose the appropriate one and begin reselling it. Once something idea floors, it must be shown that the merchandise match the consumer needs and that is the existing is no longer needed.

Moreover with the evolution of new technology we can easily see the merchandise with the same feature are having different design. Let take the example of water itself, it all will serve the same purpose but yet the make has design it in several ways to appeal to people. Some people opt to drink essential and other crystal due to different design. Quite question when we design a product is, could it be demand-able, the amount of quality, does it has an economic standpoint. These questions are essential in order to avoid a waste products of money and time and ensuring it is worth changing the product.

1. 7 Advantages of product design

Product design benefits a company in a number of ways when the merchandise complements with local requirements on the market. They lay focus on the preference, standardization, prices and the like. A number of the advantages are mention below.

Platform - it allows manufacturers to create fundamental product with original versions for the average person marketplaces and consumers. It reduces research and development electricity and permits company to release its product. It also help control cost compared when new product is being done.

Quality- deviation is important when the merchandise design is same level quality at all market. In addition, it allows the company to produce a strong brand which really helps to recognize the merchandise and brand strength improves success of local promotions.

It is a source of increased sales and better income, more brand value, better market share, better return on investment design as a learning resource for society most importantly.

Design as transformer- this can be a reference for creating new business prospect for enhancing the capability to deal with changes.

Design as differentiator-it is as a way to obtain competition on the market through customer commitment, customer orientation, price and so on

1. 8 Conclusion

The main procedure is to manage the merchandise design from the study that is done, new idea from brainstorming, originality, and it is the necessity to ideological design and finally detailed design. To be able to ensure product design specs general market trends must be done to be able to avoid conflict and it is related to the design of the device. The manifestation and information designs are created based on the concept design. The device and activity can show the undertaking of the device. Moreover the options of materials are also a key element when designing a produce as materials can affects the processing process. Therefore product design is vital for any group as sometime if the merchandise is well design it can make the business prospers.

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