Product attribute awareness

This paper defines product attribute awareness as the data or understanding among consumers about a particular product. Matching to information process model, after determining the necessity of a specific good, a consumer would accumulate relevant information and then execute an evaluation onto it (Engel et. al. , 1986). This evaluation subsequently gets reflected on the attitude of the buyer towards the product/good. Effectively, product recognition identifies the consumer's level of knowledge and understanding about a product and can been measured by the amount of purchase, utilization and information stored in consumer's storage (Lin and Chen, 2006).

In basic, product attribute knowing of a product, goods or service can be broadly split into objective and subjective knowledge. Objective understanding of a product bank checks on various aspects including terminology, available attributes, evaluation criteria for traits and factors that can determine feature importance. Research shows that consumers place various degrees of importance on product attributes (Wickliffe and Pysarchik, 2001). In case of drinks like carbonated and non-carbonated refreshments we can take the example of flavour of the drink as you of the main attribute that contributed to the consumers' attitude on the drink. Product feature awareness functions as a mediating variable between health awareness and product attribute. Hence, because of this study, we have focussed only on efficient attributes and are not taking any information related to cosmetic attributes. Therefore the factors selected to evaluate product attribute understanding are objective and useful in nature. That is clear from the list of attributes which we've taken into account for our review, they are really:

(1) Mouth-feel of the drink

(2) Occurrence of artificial sweetener

(3) Added flavours and colours

(4) Manufactured preservatives

(5) Calorie content

(6) Tooth derisiveness

(7) Caffeine content

In numerous studies, product attribute consciousness has been associated with factors like branding and advertisements, however in our study we have limited the range of product feature consciousness to only useful and objective capabilities that can be immediately related to consumers' health awareness and frame of mind towards the merchandise. For example, if we consider consumer's awareness about the product's carcinogenic properties then we can easily see are direct relationship of this influencing that health conscious consumer's frame of mind towards that product, she will simply refuse to consume that product.

It does not whether matter the level of consumer knowledge is high or low, everything affects the buyer information search processing procedure (Brucks, 1985). With regards to the degree of consumer's product feature awareness, it could affect him/her when analyzing product quality and hence will influence the attitude towards a specific product. Zhu (2004) studies in his research, whenever a consumer selects something, he/she usually uses his/her understanding of the product to make evaluation. His/her understanding of a product would also affect consumer attitude.

The effect of product attributes understanding on attitude into the product

In our research we make an effort to study the result of consumers' product attribute awareness on their attitude towards the merchandise. Our research hypothesis states that attitude towards a carbonated or non-carbonated drink is positively damaged by the consumer's consciousness compared to that drink. A consumer having high consciousness about the product's attribute would have high level of knowledge and information about this product. A consumer depends on his/her product understanding level in order to judge it, the result of which is shown on the consumer's attitude towards that product, which would subsequently determine consumer purchase decision and indirectly have an impact on his/her buying motive (Lin and Chen, 2005). While making a purchase, the amount of knowledge consumer has of about a product wouldn't normally only affect his/her information search behavior (Brucks, 1985; Rao and Sieben, 1992), but also influence his/her information and decision-making processing, which is highly recognized by the consumer's frame of mind towards the product. Relating to Rao and Monroe (1988), the merchandise knowledge would affect the relationship between consumer price and quality perception, and our study is focussed only on the qualitative capabilities of the product, carbonated and non-carbonated beverages. With regards to the level of consumer product knowledge, it could have an impact on him/her when evaluating product quality and would build his/her attitude towards the merchandise. Specific to our study, the merchandise capabilities of carbonated and non-carbonated refreshments like calorie and level of caffeine content, occurrence of preservatives and man-made colours are some of the qualities which significantly helps the consumer to develop his/her attitude to the drink. A consumer of lower degree of awareness might only look for attributes like the mouth-feel or fizziness of the drink whereas a consumer of higher level of knowing of might also look for information like the oral corrosiveness and carcinogenic impact, if any, of the drink. Some other degree of product knowledge would determine a consumer's purchase decision and would indirectly have an impact on his/her frame of mind towards the merchandise (Lin and Chen, 2005).

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