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Providing Leadership in an Organisation

Providing leadership for a team in an organisation


Task one

1. Give your brief record of your organisation and your role in company?

United Rose Growers Ltd (UFG) is a company made by the combo of grower-owned companies United Bloom Auction Small, and the flower operational arm of Market Gardeners Small - creating a really unique and well-structured marketing organization that is totally targeted to the needs of the New Zealand Blossom Industry. It is located in 500 MT wellington highway in mt wellington.

I am working as a supervisor in the business which is really hard for me personally I must do lots of work to arrange auction. We arrange 3 auctions in a week. Auctions start at 6 am but we have to download the trollies prior to the public sale so we begin working at 3 am.

UFG currently works two physical 'in-house' public sale systems in Auckland and wellington.

  • This auction runs on the 'Dutch Auction Method' using an electric clock system using an auctioneer.
  • The clock descends anti-clockwise from a set start price and then decreasing in price until a buyer is desires to make a bid and allow the price.
  • The big benefit of this system is the swiftness, reliability and fairness of the sales process.
  • Fresh blossoms are delivered your day before, right away or early morning before the start of the auction.
  • The flowers are sold on a non-preferential basis. The blossoms are sold over a non-preferential basis. Which means that provided product is received before the auction 'minimize off' time, the bouquets can be sold at any time during the public sale.

Q2. express your Company visions and ideals, and then describe them in a manner that is significant and would be realized to your team?


As an industry-owned company, our goals and objectives are almost indistinguishable to those of our own suppliers and customers also to be alive in the bloom industry for the 50 years. We will continue to work as industry associates with all involved in the NZ bloom industry.


  • Be friendly to customers.
  • Responsible to your job
  • Punctual to work
  • Co-operative with other staff management.
  • Name and popularity of company.

Q3. How do you know that your team understand your visions and Prices?

As a supervisor it is my responsibility to check with my team is they really understand the visions and beliefs of the organisation. It could be done in lots of ways so I am going to describe following-

Meetings- by doing ending up in my associates I can confirm that they first got it or not.

Feedback- at the finish of the month I could take feedback from each employee to ensure they understand the vision and worth.

Work performance- I believe that it is also a best way to make certain everybody is working on the expectations of the company; I can see or supervise their work they will work good or not.

Q4. Describe at least two control styles which you have used in the context of your work explain the way you chosen your command styles affect others in your team to achieve your organisational goals which is consistent using its visions and beliefs ?


Autocratic leadership is a management style manipulated by individual control to make all the decisions. Autocraticleaders typically make selections predicated on their ideas and judgments and rarely allow advice from other associates.

For example if I want to fire someone from work whether he is working good or not, if I want to flame him I don't take any advice from anybody I simply make my decision.

Democratic authority is a kind of leadership style in which participants of the group have a more participative role in the decision-making process. Everyone is given the possibility to get involved, ideas are exchanged freely, and discussion is encouraged.

For example if I want to employ somebody so I will determine with my associates that any kind of need to employ someone or not.

Q5. Providing types of the way you model behaviour that are regular with your organisational visions and values?

Group work is with respect to the basis of specific partners. They have to trust, admiration, and support one another. It could be anything at the workplace for example help and support if anybody need.

  • Sharing Information
  • Communication
  • Patience
  • Honesty
  • Team work


Personal styles


Every workplace has a fantasy to obtain employees with glowing behaviours, making management of employees an easy task. Talk beautifully with staff and customers. If any issue try to solve it with persistence.


It methods to respect, and support one another. It could be anything at the work place for example help and support if anybody need.

Working styles

The Sociable Work Style


The Investigative Work Style

Problem solving

The Conventional Work Style


The Artistic Work Style

Creates more plans

Q7. Describe a good example of a work place situation where inconsistent styles were present, nevertheless, you could actually provide support to specific and teams to achieve consistency?


I am a supervisor at UFG, as a supervisor I must face many problems and also to provide reliability in a team or a work place is most beneficial option is to make team nature in your working team that everyone in your team is usually to be friendly to every person of your team.

An example for my workers not work properly like be sluggish anticipated to any cause I take advantage of authority style democratic first discussing with all the current staff about their working by specific meetings or personnel meeting then after that see their working if they start working better so that it is good but if not then apply autocratic management style by upright order to them or give them alert if the previous time they certainly the same then harshly flame them off their job.

Assignment Process Two

Section 1


We can establish a team behavioural targets and criteria with some responsibility if we give responsibility to someone.

One of the best key components of establishing a team is to preparing expectations for the team members who are arriving on my path way.

1. See the members desire for the business problems or anything happen in company that they take part in company's matter or not.

2. See company decision making skills by which you get a simple idea that company's members knows about all the characteristics visions and ideals of company.

3. The behavioural anticipations of the team sometimes appears in the overall organisation.


Yes thee decided behavioural expectation and criteria must be clear and consider and really should be recorded in a format that satisfies your individual groups and organisational requirements. I could see effecting of each person from the gathering and with that said, in case I see execution drop in a gathering or an individual, and have a gathering with him/her or gathering to energize that individual or gathering in addition help the individual or getting together with in accomplishing their points which boosts the execution of the individual.


It must be align to with the organization vision and worth it is vital once and for all work performance. If everyone is working according to the vision and prices then we can work nicely. By watching s and group's advance and taking a gander at what aims have been skilled and in the event that they organize with the relations values and vision.

Minutes of meetings

Staff get together minutes:

Meeting subject- issues during work

Date - Wed, 1, March, 2016

Time of the meeting - 11:00 am

Area of getting together with: Staff room

Visitors - Sandeep

Open correspondence: none


karanvir Singh Sandeep Singh, Rajkawal Singh kamaljit Singh, Mandeep Singh

Absentees: Arshdeep Singh, Rajvir singh


1. Have to look after the clients and meet them by giving incredible qualities of organizations.

2. Problem of parking.

3. Speak to the other personnel and conform with them where we are in need of more staff.


Scene: auction room

Time: 11 am


Manager - Happy

Supervisor - Karanvir Singh

Administrator - Sandeep Singh

Group Leader-Rajvir Singh

Minute taker: kawal Singh

1. Customer service

2. Parking issues of colleagues.

3. Need more staff.

All arranged.

Section 2

A) Problem in the working environment can be considered a positive strategy if managed reasonably. Issues besides, issues are seen and directed in a split second. In the event that I continually disregarding issues that is considered to be making issues my accomplices it could understand the lessened level of thankfulness between your accomplices and interpersonal event pioneer. To guarantee issues of accomplices are viewed out for, I provide them with plan of their duties and possessions. It is fundamental to display screen my interpersonal occasion, uninhibitedly and taking everything into account to examine their issues and issues worry with the work and working environment endeavoring to see issues before they find yourself being full range issues. They provide me reactions on the movements of work and on the off chance that they require additional advantage or time for you to complete the endeavor. Format: Rajkawal required additional opportunity to organise on the research with your client association provider (alluded to not) as the supplier was away.

B) I assure I have a sorted out talk with every person from the sociable event and have a gander at any issues or bolster they might need secluded from the appointment. Beginning late Dilraj evidently was late at work. On exchange with him I learned he had transportation issues. Anmol moves from an undefined course from Dilraj and we reviewed the problem with Anmol why should merry give Dilraj travel until his car was resolved.

C) The accomplishment of any try out relies on after the duties of each individual from the total, yet several clusters arrange more advanced than anything others. Exactly when accomplices produce an diagnosis particular proprietorship in the public event meander, accept that their obligations are well known, additionally, see that the attempt administrator contributes practically and display others how it's done, they feel damaged to contribute their finest work. By allowing to every person to speak up and also to promote their contemplations, make everybody a pioneer, being an common illustration and empowering proprietorship, these exact things demonstrates particularly desirable to support the lovers. I make use of the running with strategy to broaden unrivaled in the social event. I keep files of the progress. To make a region for accomplishment, by purging hindrances, arranging an unmistakable eyesight and presenting major mechanised gatherings and arranging.

d) I allow my partners to operate their viewpoints in the midst of our social incidents. Exactly when the whole assembling should be included at the same time, I explore accord essential specialist models. With these, each gathering part has the opportunity to give data and suppositions. All people discuss decisions until we overall acknowledge an answer. With understanding, there's frequently exchange off. Not everyone gets all that they might need out of the official conclusion. No matter, in light of the fact that everyone has practical information, the decisions emerged to tend to be ones that can live with.

E) Enhance and support

(1) Monitoring the work adequately (offering hopeful input and giving an answer to issues in the work with gratefulness and provide) Anmol required additional some advice about timing to complete his assignment in managing the Customer Service Course Supplier. I comprehended that in this manner of the inaccessibility of the provider he was not set up to complete his work inside enough time partition and required more time.

(2) Providing socio-anxious fortify (indicating support for a colleague's activities or choices; relaxing unsavory conditions for subordinates; combining; keeping accomplices instructed about upsetting conditions; tending; really appraisals; and uncovering individual data). I saw when Sandeep was not set up to complete his work and was underweight because of move issues. I procured Sandeep and Manoj for a little espresso meeting to cope with his concern. Anmol was proven support and vitality to help Sandeep.

F) Shared trust among individuals

  • I develop my social affair on the start of their lord accomplishment altogether for accomplices to respect each other. I see their fulfillment straightforwardly.
  • I don't speak about bungles made by somebody despite his wonderful certainty. I have to understand with him stealthily and exhibit how he is able to overhaul his execution.
  • Prohibit items of jibber jabber inside the interpersonal event, keeping an open up ear to testimonies which can contain hurting, adversarial or too much individual information on anybody from the get-together. This can be a basic inability to our cultural event.
  • I ensure all folks are overseen correspondingly as no twofold standard appreciated to any one individual from the public occasion.
  • Distribute work in wise way.
  • Solve clashes in ace way.

G) Encourage new thoughts that encourage viable cooperation

I make a working environment where all recommendation, obligations and activities are pleasant from specialists in any way levels of the affiliation. I carry social affairs to create new considerations. Compensate staff for his or her exertion by offering impelling causes e. g. I provided Anmol trade compensate so you can get out a person Benefit Course Professional who engineered around and offered us an design that was less exorbitant than some other relationship inside our basic region.

Section 3

A) I interface with individuals beyond your public occasion utilizing fitting correspondence channels. If they come with an inclination for email, I email to interface with them or telephone call, faxet cetera. I really do plan key delegates within our social event on how to deal with manage the overall people when observing demand on touchy issues. Furthermore I utilize studies and reviews to assess and addresses issues.

B) Some techniques for correspondence from people outside our gathering are by methods for email, calls, verbal correspondences, surveys, studies etc.

C) With the cut-off tips and experience and being an old personnel of our company together, karan was hopeless about his wages. There hadn't been any improvement to his pay inside the latest season. Together with the creating workload he was expecting a remuneration climb soon. He was crying of this matter on the few occasions. Associates were beginning to get exasperated by his problems. I had formed information from the head concerning the issue. I had goes to with the amount of money and back department if there may be pay climb in weeks to come. i promised them that Surjit is a resolute employee and no hesitation were experiencing workload starting at now. It really is sensible to give him a reimbursement climb. Since contradictions and emerges are inescapable from communal affairs, the best strategy is urging accomplices to learn sharpens offering them some assistance with working through clashes and keep up careful working romance in the meantime.

D. The next issue was, there was a two individuals, one of my area of skill and the other of the other department were having strife with the other person over some negligible concern plus they were the principal communicators in the center of both the office buildings they conveyed each other's specializations data and were in this way essential in correspondence inside the office buildings and for the powerful working of the organization as they using a few issues with the other person they used to forget about imperative data's sent from each other or weren't notwithstanding mailing any and were reprimanding one another for the disappointment which cost the connection a lot so far as customers and notoriety, then they both were called attemptedto mollify them two and instructed these to be experienced in work and on the off chance that they didn't work correctly and the organization endures any further misfortunes they'll be ended after that on they kept that hatred from the workplace and started out working legitimately.

E. The restorative healing move designed for the main example was to have a ending up in that representative and educated him regarding the significance of the client benefit and when he doesn't enhances than stern move will be made against him. In the second circumstance I apologized to the client and changed the typical and asked client that we will give finished. at an identical value we've posted on the flag on the off chance that he needs.


https://ufg. co. nz/growers

https://ufg. co. nz/work/inhouse-auctioning

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