Quantitative and qualitative methodologies in Logistics research

Combining quantitative and qualitative methodologies in Logistics research


In today's period of globalization the organizations and the economies run by the organisation are identified by the earth most importantly as Global town. But also for this global community to exist in tranquility and without the miscommunication, conflict and misunderstanding mix cultural management had become. Cross culture management is the key discipline in today's international management sphere which is continuously being searched on to assist in the better knowledge of the global town.

In the research paper of John Mangan, He has attempted to depict a better knowledge of the international task categories by grasping the strategies project leaders setup to handle diversities of culture. The three kinds of cross-cultural practices emerged from the comparative research of European job teams: (1) to draw upon specific tolerance and self-control, (2) to enter a trial-and-error process in conjunction with romance development and (3) to capitalize on transnational commercial or professional cultures. " (John Mangan: Cross-cultural management in multinational task groups'). There has been an intensive use of research methods in her newspaper however the question arises is the fact that whether can we easily consider her analysis as comprehensive study and extensive analysis of subject matter after taking into consideration her research project. The justification of the methods used depends on the kind of research where they get integrated with their level best.

However, on the contrary in this newspaper I have tried out to discover the illustrative answers to the above mentioned said question by critically studying and justifying the study methods. I have also stated types of the researches transported by other creators and producing similar results rather I'd say much better than John Mangan one.


Data Analysis used by John Mangan: Mangan, the author has accumulated and analysed the info in two different periods one by descriptive method and the other one by comparative examination of the three instances. Since project managers were the population considered for performing study which means information or the info provided by them has helped Mangan in identifying various aspects of cross culture management. And because the managers were from different record, Mangan has tried to use strike and trial method to have the ability to adapt to each of them.

However if we have a comparative analysing and also have a look into creators way of interacting with the practice is by using qualitative management unlike quantitative method. According to Mangan a proven way to deal up is by rehearsing tolerance and self applied control. From the observational data accumulated by her through the research has found that all the folks he interviewed "stated that cross social team cannot succeed without special personal qualities of the individuals namely "openness", "patience" and "self control"

Another method used by the researcher is to cope with cultural dissimilarities and make an effort to produce a common culture based upon the data of the members. The author stresses more on this method is because if indeed they know one another they may get acquainted well with one another. But like every upside this technique too has a downside that this method is bound to a small group of individuals from same job. Furthermore a researcher cannot not ignore the various methodological way by different folks of the same occupation.

However the thought of adopting a mediator as a method suggested by creator suits today in the world of global community.


As i've noticed the primary method of collecting data in the newspaper of Sylvie Chevrier is through sampling techniques although author in addition has used other research and methods to justify the research but sampling method has considered the centre level in most of her findings. The basic knowledge of this task is to evaluate and understand concerning how the leaders cope with ethnical diversity when it comes to dispersing the wings of the management in the global village's sky. This paper has also advised various other means of learning the same realization but with other methodologies in practice.

Data Collection: The term data means information and collection means piecing together. Which means term data collection identifies just how of acquiring or gathering information to enable and help any researcher to find out the answers to his unanswered questions that he recognized while doing the case study. And the info collection techniques are the tools and the methods which are used to collect the data to answer some questions. Various ways of collecting data is through two ways namely :(1) main data(data through observation) and (2) secondary data (normal documents. Following i'll demonstrate the difference between the two data and what data has Sylvie used in order to justify her research.

(a) Primary data:

When the researcher gathers the data specifically for his analysis, it is commonly classified as key data. The data so collected is basically original. For instance Sylvie in this research has culminated the data mainly through face to face interviews and observation as a silent observer during the interviews. The primary assortment of data in this research is because of qualitative method rather than due to quantitative method.

Secondary data:

Data which is gathered for some other goal but can also help and serve the goal of the research by helping in a variety of studies. The three main types of supplementary data collection is through documentary, survey and the ones through multiple sources

Qualitative and Quantitative method:

Qualitative methods are an important match to both quantitative and participatory methods in virtually any impact assessment. They may be a necessary to increase understanding of:

Complex and very sensitive impacts and procedures, whereas

Quantitative method refers to the transformation of information into statistical data.

Coughlin (2002) survey accomplish research as a general term which addresses many types of action directed research and which affords both action and research outcomes Hussey (1997, p. 65) remember that it is typical to conduct action research within a single organisation and that it is thus similar to the case-study Way in many of its procedure


Interview and that too face to face interview is the most effective method of collecting the info. in case of qualitative research there is usually a need to conduct such interviews. An interview is the verbal communication between two people or more and it is conducted while keeping some specific information in mind. It is one of the essentials of qualitative research and are categorized as two categories namely(a) set up interview and (2) unstructured interview. A set up interview is the main one wherein the questions are predetermined in a set framework and unstructured interview can be an in depth interview not organized and gives the person more flexibility to answer the questions.

The benefit of the interview is the fact that it gives the researcher a spontaneous response which is extremely hard otherwise. The interviewer provides structure to the interviewee to make things easier and provides the interviewee a established guidelines within which he must answer. However there are negatives to it as well because of the language barrier as it might hamper the carry out of the interview and the interviewer may have to be bilingual or pay extra aspect attention to discuss in regards to what he or she wants in exchange as answer. Another downside of this method is that the interviewee will probably move away from the topic of dialogue and should be steered again.

Data collection: test or survey founded:

One of the leading concerns of the researcher is to carefully choose what methods will be helpful in taking right out the research. It is unlikely to think that researcher is kept without choice as the researcher is do still left with the traditional and technological options of making in person contact telephonic interview, internet etc

Survey is an extremely productive data collection method because in this data collection is the uniqueness of the info so collected unavailable from many other resources and are biased free. Analysts also use review data to check existing data from extra resources. Whereas in experimental method a researcher buils a setup to answer some psychological questions in the research conducted.

Sampling and Sampling approach:

Sample refers to the rep of the subset of the populace. the factors such as get older, race, ethnicity, gender etc are all considered. . An example stands as a representation for the complete group of data and then the observations that are discovered with the examples should connect with the entire group of information that is compiled. (Saunders et. al. , 2003). The most important factor for choosing sampling method is because of its validity and dependability factor.

Since all the project professionals were trained on the combination social management it is evident that the experienced person will not look into minute details and can tend to overlook them therefore moving the study validity to the nil. Another most glaring similarity was that all the project professionals selected for the research research study were from Europe but since it was a research study about combination culture management, therefore the researcher must have spotted the difference between cultures of the 7 continents of the world and not only Europe itself


The analysis conducted has highlighted that as a person it is essential never to let own beliefs come in the research conducted. Regardless of how hard a researcher tries to exclude his own but it'll inevitably consequence him. As we all know that every specific grows up with some or the other pre conceived notions and prices with them. This research features that positionality of the researcher not only has effect on the analysis of the study but also on this issue chosen for the study.

More and get rid of the ideals of the researcher on the study being completed. Regardless of how hard a researcher will try his research is a direct result of his positionality. The only way to have an unbiased analysis is by making the viewers aware of the positional of the researcher


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