Reasons Why Us Acquired Involved In Vietnam War History Essay

The main reason to why United states got engaged into Vietnam Conflict which was between your non-communist South Vietnam and communist North Vietnam whereby communists North wanted to dominate the non communist Southern Vietnam was containment of Communism and the growing of communism in to the non communist democracies that was a menace to the international capital and development passions.

Communism had distributed at a first rate in your community after the World Warfare II influencing countries like China, Korea and Vietnam. Communist China had supported Vietminh that was a communist group in the North Vietnam in their fight French rule which gave Vietminh victory over the French guideline who at the time were USA government was encouraging French with military help as well as school funding.

Communism was from Soviet Union states which always envisioned communism and counter attacked United States foreign plan which envisioned capitalism and development. Both of these superpowers started campaigning for other countries in the world to embracing their ideologies thus creating two contending superpowers on earth. Communism got dominated the north area of the world leaving USA and other noncommunist in the south. The studies by these superpowers towards convincing other states to adopt their individual ideologies resulted into cool war.

After the World War II, Top Stalin of the Soviet Union possessed send pledges to the United States and Britain declaring that countries of Eastern Europe who had previously liberated into communism would be permitted to keep free and fair elections but long time transferred without Stalin living up his pledge but instead continued to make use of these countries as colonies of the Soviet Union. This step led america into observing communist Soviet Union state governments as ambitious and was bent on world domination.

United States got to create foreign policies which were to be utilized as tools of counter attacking the get spread around of communism after Leading Stalin of the Soviet Union failed to surrender to his pledge. A significant insurance policy is the containment doctrine which enacted by George Kennan and later got to become major used plan by Chief executive Harry S. Truman and many who been successful him(Williams, 1985).

The plan of containment was made so as to create a strong hindrance situation about the Soviet Union to contain communist power within the prevailing boundaries. USA later prolonged to plan for other countries into developing treaties that have been to help into further containment of communism within its boundaries. These treaties include: Central Treaty Company (Cento), North Atlantic Treaty Company (NATO), Southeast Asia Treaty Corporation (SEATO), and other treaties with different nations of the world.

With the introduction of the coverage of containment was the enactment of the Truman Doctrine. Truman doctrine mentioned that the United States would help any land in resisting any subjugation whether internal or external with a communist ideology. This essentially recommended that the U. S. would however not allow communist takeover in other countries as a major act of made up of communism within its limitations.

The two doctrines were requested the very first time in Greece and Turkey when communist believed to have been under the route of the Soviets invaded these two countries with motive of taking them over. USA offered military aid to these countries and they defeated the communists. To america this was a great and the first success and victory for the two policies and hence they proved appropriate.

Just close to the end of World Warfare II Korea was a divided nation whereby there have been two occupied areas, an American zone in the south and a communist zone in the north section. In June, 1950 the communist North Korea invaded the non-communist South Korea driven to have it over. AMERICA under the need of the US to the defense of the South Korea. Communist China joined the war aiding the North Korean side in 1951. This convinced america that it was an international communism by the Soviet Union and the Chinese language. The war finished up dividing Korea into two nations. United States was happy because containment and the Truman Doctrine possessed been successful in Korea by halting communist growth.

The two insurance policies containment and the Truman Doctrine had succeeded in Greece, Turkey and Korea. In European Europe edges communism was totally in order and in Western world Berlin, which was in the communist East Germany, remained linked to democratic West Germany. This demonstrated that the get spread around communist have been halted and it USA had confidence that these procedures would be successive wherever a free country was invaded by a communist aggression (Etzold, 1945).

Later the plans were used in Indochina where France was a colonial ruler. During the World Battle II Indochina was taken by Japanese and became area of the Japanese Empire, and French power was defeated. Japanese were defeated through the war and France reemployed the colonial control. The Vietnamese became immune against the French rule and shaped Vietminh the resistance party. USA was at that time reluctant into supporting French imposing colonial guideline but the cool war that was still in existence and the truth that China had became a communist nation in1949 made French capable of convincing america that this resistance was communist allowed. USA offered military help to People from france who then raided Vietminh.

French guideline was defeated by the Vietminh at Dien Bien Phu in 1954 and possessed to lose colonial electricity over Vietnam. Later conference happened in Geneva Switzerland in which it was determined that it was necessary to separate Vietnam into two parts which were to be temporary, communist North Korea and non-communist South Korea and reunification elections were to be organised in 1956. South Vietnam that was then led by Ngo Dinh Diem didn't to these elections declaring that there is no opportunity of free elections being organised without guidance of the US and the elections were never presented.

United States recognized their stand. The North Vietnam which was led by Ho Chi Minh declined their idea. United States then took the position that they were to remain split into two countries, that is communist North and non communist South and USA committed itself to the success and military assist with the government of South Korea if you need to. Each section became independent.

In early1960's there have been found to be communist militia in the southern Vietnam called Viet Cong. The sect started out a advertising campaign to overthrow Ngo Dinh Diem's federal government. By the mid 60's USA looked at this insurgency as something perpetrated by communist North Vietnam who in then were aided and supported by Communist nations that is China and Soviet Union. In 1965 the North Vietnamese had joined up with the militia Viet Cong so that they can take over South Vietnam (Summers, 1985).

The reality america had the policy of containment that was to contain and end the pass on of communism and also implemented Truman Doctrine which was to assist in safeguarding sovereign countries in resisting subjugation by communists, it was permissive for america to send its armed forces men as a way to defend the sovereignty of South Vietnam as it was appealed by its federal. This is done in early on 1965. The militarily move by North Vietnam and the Viet Cong against South Vietnam was viewed as a contradiction to the Truman Doctrine (Griffiths, 2000).

United States looked at this harm as an attempt to multiply international communism which might have been sponsored by the communists' nations. United States previous successes with the coverage of containment and the Truman Doctrine made its military services support dedication to the security of South Vietnam a logical step since USA foreign policies had evolved following the World Conflict II.

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