Reflection On Positioning Experience

The Ipswich Women's Centre Against Domestic Assault is a feminist community established organisation committed to working into the elimination of local and family assault throughout the city. The primary target of IWCADV is to provide support to women and children survivors of home and family assault. This includes cell phone information, recommendation and support services, courtroom support for females, counselling services, group work and children's work. During my placement experience as a women's counsellor at IWCADV I first spent a few weeks developing my knowledge of the issues involved with domestic violence and the systems that are in location to support women and children who are survivors of domestic and family violence.

My knowledge of the issues affecting women and children experiencing home and family assault includes an understanding of the psychological impacts of maltreatment (such as thoughts of grief and damage, anger, guilt, despair, trauma), the increased loss of personal and physical security, safety concerns, the financial costs, family rules and other legal issues, and vitality and control imbalances in connections.

I have developed my understanding of the issues impacting on women and children experiencing local and family violence in my university or college studies and might work experience. The understanding that I gained from my University or college studies was enhanced during my university student positioning at the Ipswich Women's Centre Against Household Violence. It was here i developed my knowledge of feminist perspectives on local and family assault, including the specific, familial, legal and interpersonal issues. In such a role I was able to develop my understanding of feminist educated practises and techniques. I support this platform for practice as it can enable women and help them find their speech, encouraging women who have experienced the increased loss of control to make options about their own life and to take responsibility for their life choices and to take back control. I worked well from within a feminist platform to empower the client to find her tone and to discover her worth and make her own options.

In my role as students counsellor at IWCADV I provided crisis support and advocacy work to women who have experienced home and family assault. During the beginning counselling sessions, I came across it was quite difficult to always follow the tale and set route for the counselling. I took a strengths centered narrative way and usually after 2 -3 trainings a clearer picture possessed developed of the client's experience with domestic violence, which extended to unfold throughout the counselling lessons.

One of the very most personally rewarding aspects of my counselling experience was the possibility to explore and experience symbol and sand tray therapy. I put in time reading Sandplay and Icon Work - Psychological curing and personal development with children, adolescents and adults by Make Pearson and Helen Wilson to get ready for my personal experience with symbols and sand holder therapy during my professional supervision sessions. I then had the opportunity to introduce one of my counselling clients to the sand tray. Whilst I did have thoughts of doubt about my capacity to facilitate the process, I did feel comfortable enough with the setting up and with my customer to make a safe place for self-discovery and self-awareness. She was very available to the process and we both found this to be a satisfying and meaningful experience. My client reported that this was a very positive experience on her behalf and allowed her to process a few of her activities with domestic assault and that it was a breakthrough for her in terms of learning to acknowledge and value herself. I felt that it was an honour to talk about this part of my client's trip.

With another client who was aimed by the Department of Child Safeness to wait counselling, setting up the direction for each and every session was more difficult. I did not think that this female was ready to explore a few of the emotional issues related to the injury that she got experienced because of this of permanent domestic violence. I used to be motivated by her regular attendance and I believe that this was due to my increasing capacity to develop rapport. I could develop good rapport with my clients when you are non-judgemental, using open concluded questions and appropriate body gestures. I believe my skill in producing rapport is mirrored by the opinions and regular attendance to counselling trainings by my clients.

I did struggle with ending the periods on time and frequently found that consultations with some clients were operating over 1. 5 time long. I spoke with a few of the other personnel at the service about this and they decided that maybe it's difficult in particular when women are exploring very agonizing issues which it was important to be very sensitive but direct when closing a counselling procedure.

The group supervision times i was included in at IWCADV were also very satisfying and inspiring times for me. The other staff at the service were all very ardent women with a solid commitment to empowering women and changing community attitudes about violence towards women. During group supervision there is opportunity and support for employees to think about their own thoughts of despair and helplessness, and there was encouragement to extend and discuss your knowledge and knowledge of the issues relating to local and family assault. The group times were also very worthwhile team building occasions and there is a strong commitment at the service to supporting one another. Such as, I found that after long calls or after a counselling procedure, another worker would check-in with me to provide any support and to answer any questions which i had.

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