Report on Compare and Contrasts approaches to Businesses management at Dell and Tesco

Operations management targets carefully taking care of the processes to produce and disperse products and services. Major, overall activities often include product creation, development, production and distribution.

Related activities include managing purchases, inventory control, quality control, storage, logistics and evaluations of processes. A great deal of target is on efficiency and performance of processes.

Identify the types of Functions/transformation process in each organisation and analyse each company procedure/transformation activities are sufficiently designed to meet its customers' needs.

Dell Computer Corporation

Dell assembles desktop computers, laptop computers, servers, enterprise safe-keeping devices and workstations. All of these products are put together to custom specs afters purchases have been placed; therefore, dell supports essentially no done goods inventory. Every one of the components that go into these products are ordered from other companies. Even the Dell labelled chasses, keyboards, and mice are manufactured by others on contract. Therefore, Dell is quite different from traditional manufacturers in that it generally does not own or operate any treatment moulders, go with and place circuit board assemblers, or sheet metal stamping machines. In addition to its computing products, Dell sells branded computer peripherals and gadgets such as screens, printers, PDA's, MP3 players, and LCD tvs, all of which are made by contract manufacturers.

Dells operations

Selling right to consumer

Single point of Accountability - get alternatives quickly

Build to order production

Being the low cost head in the industry

Use of standard established technology

The key competencies of Dell are customer emphasis, manufacturing processes, supply chain management, customer selection, acquisition and retention, customer support and individual capital management. Dell's strategy has been to match its center competencies with key industry success factors.

Dell's direct-selling business model revolutionized the computer industry. The organization has maintained a massive marketing budget to press its customized Personal computers. Although most requests are put via Dell's website, customers could also place customized requests by telephone, fax or through limited retail locations. Those requests, which now include printers and gadgets, are then delivered within one week for considerably less cost than its challengers.

Dell's differentiation stems from process innovation. The company is very successful in leveraging and harnessing the worthiness of its suppliers' and lovers' technology advancement. This allows Dell to reduce R&D spending and enhance the cost structure, a strategy that is rarely matched by competitors

Dell's mission is to be the most successful computer company on the planet at providing the best customer experience in marketplaces we provide (Frequently, 2011).

In doing this, Dell will meet customer prospects of:

Highest quality

Leading technology

Competitive pricing

Individual and company accountability

Best-in-class service and support

Flexible customization capability

Superior commercial citizenship

Financial stability"

The exceptional performance of Dell Computer lately illustrates an progressive response to a fundamental competitive factor in the personal computer industry-the value of the time.

Organisations attempt to perform the same basic function: to convert resources into done goods. To execute this function in the current business environment, manufacturers must constantly make an effort to improve operational efficiency. They must fine-tune their production processes to focus on quality, to carry down the expenses of materials and labour, and also to eliminate all costs that add no value to the done product

The Computer industry is driven by rapid technological advancements in components, specifically microprocessors, other semiconductors, and storage devices. The improved upon performance of hardware has been matched historically by increased difficulty of software, creating demand for the latest hardware. This means that time is a crucial competitive factor in the industry in two ways: First, excessive inventory manages to lose value and costs money; second, products making use of the most advanced solutions are in popular and carry a price premium. As a result, companies that minimize inventory and bring services to market faster can reduce costs, increase market show, and keep maintaining higher margins.

The traditional syndication system of the PC industry is an indirect model. The PC maker offers its products to marketers, who buy products from many manufacturers and then sell these to a variety of sellers, resellers, system integrators, as well as others, who sell products and services to the final customer. This circulation system was a highly effective opportinity for distributing high volumes of Personal computers with a variety of configurations to attain a wide customer bottom.

Dell's strategies of direct sales and build-to-order creation have proven successful in lessening inventory and taking new products to advertise quickly, allowing it to increase market talk about and achieve high profits on investment in a highly competitive industry. The impact on the industry of Dell's success is seen in the efforts of other leading Computer makers and distributors to develop their own direct selling and/or build-to-order features.

Dell marketing strategy was simple and basic. Lower out the middleman and sell the merchandise cheaper. Offer great customer support by giving the customer exactly what they need.

That is how Dell is going to become the major company on the planet selling computer systems. They achieved it by building pcs designed to order for the client. By managing all the sales (retail) themselves. If you want a Dell computer you can only just obtain it from Dell. Their online marketing strategy allowed them to pass the cost savings onto the customer.

Dell Competitive Priorities on Cost, Quality, Time, and Flexibility by providing customized PC settings, with brief delivery times and affordable prices.

Supporting DELL's Competitive advantages through a fresh operational model

Focused on strategic partnerships: down suppliers from 200 to 47

Supplier maintains close by ship things; delivery time a quarter-hour to 1 1 hour.

Suppliers own inventory until found in productions.

Demand draw through value string.


Tesco PLC is a Retail Company based in the UK. It is the most recognised dealer of groceries in the united kingdom.

Tesco mainly offers in the provision of foodstuffs. Furthermore to these, it also engages in the sales of clothes, consumer electronics, financial services, insurance services, internet services and sales of residences - this is its latest business venture. (Slack, N 2007)

The operation section of Tesco can fulfil all the above requirements, and then marketers can coordinate between marketing promotions and service delivery. (Ruffian 2000)

Customers who come to buy products or goods directly from the Tesco store. In addition they include those who order for goods and services online or those who have secured a package with the Tesco to provide the goods to them in person. (Ruffian et al 2000) Such customers expect to find the majority of the products that they want in the store or shipped promptly. They also expect to find a whole lot of variety in the store.

Tesco places its aims with the next categories; the first are the customers because these are the main people that bring in revenue to the organisation. Then there will be the suppliers; the functions section will depend on these groups of men and women to perform adequately. (Tesco, 2007)

Tesco Competitive Priorities

Speed: delivery time. Tesco prices this because customers can get what they require when they need it. This establishes a good record and makes them keep coming back for much more business.

Flexibility: different variety of products. Overall flexibility also pertains to the way products are delivered. Overall flexibility pertains to creation of new types of products consistent with changing customer tastes. Flexibility also increases dependability within the company because acceleration will have been increased.

Cost: is basically because if an procedure process is trustworthy, versatile, and fast and full of quality then less resources will be spent wanting to nullify flaws.

Quality: actually means that the merchandise or services offered by any given Company conform to international or local criteria. This aspect is important for two main reasons.

Customer's expectation: Performance through reduced amount of costs, increasing dependability and speed.

Dependability: is vital since it dictates what kind of image the company reveals to customers and therefore whether the organisation can be counted on next time a customer comes back.


Tesco is an extremely successful store that has succeeded through use of technology and budget. Tesco is vibrant and offered mixed services in the UK and European countries, the chain store will increase as the market is large. Tesco has an extremely structured way of choosing its suppliers who ought to have ability to provide. (Tesco, 2007) The operation management of the chain store works well and Tesco has an extremely structured distribution string for its products and services. All of the above goes to show that the business's development process is useful although advancements like performance measurements and stimulating creativity can have the ability to improve the process further.

The basis of analysis should be any two from

Competitive Priorities

Corporate Strategy: specifies the firms that the business will go after, isolates new opportunities and threats in the surroundings, and recognizes the growth target.

Differentiate itself from the competition

Choices include producing standardized versus personalized products and services or rivalling on the basis of cost gain versus responsive service delivery.

Corporate strategy has an overall path that will serve as the platform for carrying out all the organization's functions

An organisation product or service strategy addresses certain competitive priorities that will win purchases from customers - such competitive goal is variety.

Mass Customization


Marketing Strategy

Discuss how theoretical ideas, concepts/framework protected in

Capacity planning

Inventory management

Supply chain design

Performance options and

Total quality management are appropriate/ unacceptable for managing operations at each one of the organisations.

Evaluate the mixture of principles/frameworks are discussed

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