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Requirements of a Job Description

Shari M. Kern

Dental Assistant

A job information allows a business to put on boundaries for a purpose and aids as an conversation tool between the workplace and the employee to be sure of any clear knowledge of expectations. Matching to Youssef (2015), a job description "recognizes characteristics of a task to be achieved in conditions of the duties, duties, and tasks to be fulfilled. " A job information has three main functions. The first element of a job description emphases on key roles and the goal of the positioning within the business (Youssef, 2015). The next component of a job summarizes the work (Youssef, 2015). The 3rd component of a job description gives a detailed set of the functions, responsibilities, duties, and responsibilities associated with the business, and the final item is "other responsibilities as needed, that communicates the necessity for versatility and adaptability. (Youssef, 2015). The next is an example job explanation for a Dentistry Assistant.

Position Summary

Under the direct oversight of the Dental office, the Dental Associate will perform a range of responsibilities that'll be approved by the Dental office. The Dental Assistant will assist the Tooth doctor with all medical procedures. The Dental care Assistant will abide by current OSHA restrictions and suggestions related to illness control and universal precautions. The Oral Assistant will also assist in some front desk responsibilities for the Teeth Receptionist.


  1. Prepares dental tools and materials; cleans and sterilizes tools. Monitors inventory on all dental supplies.
  2. Greet patients in the reception area and accompanies patients to the operatory.
  3. Reviews patient's medical and dental history.
  4. Reviews the daily schedule to set up oral trays and musical instruments.
  5. Assists the dentist with all oral procedures, including periodontal charting, taking impressions, and pouring models and other chairside responsibilities.
  6. Keeps tabs on inbound and outgoing labs.
  7. Responsible for keeping operatory stocked with dental supplies.
  8. Delivers dental cleanliness instruction.
  9. Provides any support needed to the front office; pulling charts, filing, answering mobile phones, collecting payments, scheduling appointments.
  10. Perform additional duties as delegated by the Dental Office Manager or the Dentist.

Tools and Technology

The Dental Assistant will be knowledgeable in Dentrix, or other dental software packages. The Dental Associate may also be acquainted with Schick Digital x-rays, Panoramic x-ray, and AED.


The Dental Assistant is required to be knowledgeable in all matters of the dentist office and procedures including oral health issues.

Skills and Abilities

  1. Takes and reads digital x-rays, including panoramic images (NC x-ray documentation required).
  2. Certified in CPR (Current CPR qualification required) and is been trained in all emergency methods including AED. (Office defibrillator).
  3. Teamwork
  4. Creating a effective and safe work place.
  5. Dental health promotion and maintenance.

Education Requirements

  1. High College Diploma or GED.
  2. Minimum of five years' experience in a dental office, and have a Certified or Registered Dental Assistant Certificate.
  3. Proof of CPR certificate, NEW YORK X-ray safety certificate required.
  4. Previous Dental Associate experience in implant placement and Periodontics greatly suggested.

There are various methods an organization use to get started the recruitment process to complete an open position. Organizations will get expertise internally and outwardly. Internal recruitment range from promoting within, employee recommendations, and lateral transfers. Externally recruitment range from advertising, job and temporary office buildings, web recruiting, business fairs, college, and universities and so on (Youssef, 2015).

For filling up a dental helper position, inserting an ad over a career website is the common method that it's utilized to accomplish a spot. Some other method that is usually used is contracting a oral assistant on a temporary basis with the choice to hire via a dental agency that is solely geared towards dental care personnel.

Two methods of evaluation for a dental care position that are generally used are set up interviews and work sample lab tests. "Structured interviews are interviews that consist of a specific set of questions that are designed to assess critical KSAs that are required for a job. " The author also says, "Work sample lab tests consist of tasks or work activities that mirror the responsibilities that employees are required to perform face to face. " "Like job knowledge tests, work sample exams should only be used in situations where individuals are expected to learn how to perform the examined job duties prior to job accessibility (Pulakos, 2005).

In conclusion, planning a job information is essential to an organization to put up boundaries for a job and helps as an discussion between the employer and employee to make sure of the clear understanding of expectations. An activity explanation should be clear, concise and explain a specific job function and objectives that gives the employee a sense of the priorities engaged. It not only offers a readable image of the problem for potential individuals, but is also a utilitarian tool for appraising performance and a crucial reference in the consequence of disputes or disciplinary concerns.

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