Rhetorical Research Of Personal Narratives

Rhetorical research of content material or any literary work can help understand better the message conveyed by the author and evaluate the style and technique used by the author. At exactly the same time, the rhetorical evaluation is always centered on two domains of the examination of a words: textual and contextual. In this esteem, the rhetorical evaluation of personal narratives, such as journal, is specially noteworthy because such rhetorical analysis really helps to get insight in to the mind and heart of the narrator to feel his or her feelings, thoughts and emotions. In this esteem, it is possible to refer to the given words, which is a sort of journal, where in fact the narrator depicts her restoration from an illness in the course of several days and nights using detailed explanation of her encounters, thoughts, thoughts and feelings.

The author of the text is a lady, a woman, probably a teenager, who is growing up and who is suffering from a sickness. However, her illness appears to be related not and then her physical health but also to her internal health. What is meant this is actually the undeniable fact that the narrator uses the journal to share her thoughts, thoughts and feelings with someone or, at least, to express all her thoughts and emotions. She should it with the reason to understand herself that is the challenge on her behalf because she cannot understand all her emotions and emotions that overwhelm her and because of which she probably suffers not only psychologically but also literally. This is the characteristic typical for a teenager, whose personality is throughout its formation. Therefore, it is possible to presume that the narrator is a teenage girl. Furthermore, her narration is directly intertwined with John, a health care provider who snacks her and efforts to help and in relation to that your narrator probably has quite controversial feelings. In such a way, diary becomes the means to understand herself through expressing her thoughts and thoughts on paper.

In such a context, the audience of the author is indefinite. To place it more precisely, the diary is rather destined to the narrator herself than to anyone else. However, probably, the narrator expects secretly that someone, for instance Dr. John, will browse the diary someday. Additionally, the author probably intends to share her experience with others who are in the similar position and who've similar problems. Nevertheless, as the author of any diary, the narrator is more concerned with her own home and her writing, which resembles some short notes, are mainly focused on herself and one day she will probably make use of it to comprehend her true thoughts and also to understand herself.

The narrator writes her diary at this time of her condition, when her physical and mental health makes are on the edge and she is going to be tired. The diary becomes sort of cure for her, a sort of cure which helps her to recover through understanding of herself and through detailed examination of her thoughts and emotions on a regular basis. In fact, the diary appears at the moment of a deep psychological problems of the narrator and probably she is suffering from solitude and misunderstanding from the part of her family and friends. In that situation, her diary becomes her remedy and her salvation. Incredibly, that Dr John motivates her to write that demonstrates the positive effect of writing the journal on physical and psychological health of the narrator.

The entire word is a journal that conveys an in depth description of the life of the narrator day after day. The narrator dwells upon key events and strongest feelings and emotions she experiences throughout a couple of days identified in the journal. The narrator suffers from a sickness which is not only of physical but also psychological nature. Throughout the journal, the narrator attempts to uncover her inside world and also to understand herself. Because of this, every day described by the narrator is a step toward understand of actual emotions, needs and wants of the narrator. In other words, it is a way to self-discovery and revelation of the real do it yourself of the narrator.

The creator uses skillfully logical reasoning as she attracts the expert of reputable doctor, John, who is a pal of the narrator. At the same time, the detailed information and notes created by the author makes the complete diary sort of documentary where facts only are observed. Alternatively, the narrator handles to intertwine her rational quarrels and facts with personal thoughts and feelings. She conveys her thoughts and emotions invoked by different situations occurring in her life eventually identified in the journal. The narrator makes the journal very personal that is a characteristic of any diary. Such personalization contributes to the audience involvement in the life span and into the inner world of the narrator. Readers can hardly keep from being sympathetic with the narrator and her sufferings. That is probably the major goal the narrator wanted to meet through such personalization of her narration. Additionally, personalization and genre of the narrative makes the dairy products a sort of confession where the author looks for a confidant and a reader becomes a confidant, who reads through the journal and gets mixed up in turbulent life of the narrator.

Thus, taking into account all above mentioned, it is possible to conclude that the rhetorical research of the given text helps to understand not only actual, textual concept but also the contextual message, the background of the written content material. What is intended this is actually the simple fact that the rhetorical research uncovers the extent to which the words is personal to the narrator because the text is a diary, where the writer conveys her personal experience, thoughts and feelings, whereas viewers become confidants, who feel sympathetic with the narrator. At exactly the same time, the rhetorical examination reveals the entire extent to which the words is important to the narrator as a form of self-expression and the means to understand herself.

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