Right To Liberty Of Religious beliefs And Expression Religious beliefs Essay

Religion is a particular system of beliefs and belief regarding the cause, mother nature and the goal of the universe. There are range of religions on earth with the major religions as Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism. Each faith has different idea of God as well as different lifestyles as led by their religious leaders. It can be clearly observed that each person has distinctive lifestyle using their own pursuits, activities, thoughts and attitude. Even the way they are transporting themselves in the dresses or their outside appearance also sorts the essential part with their lifestyles. While most of the civilized societies have settled down in peace with the great efforts in raising the respect for every religion amidst the residents, creating the substance of brotherhood and humanism, there remain many areas on the globe where intolerable behaviour towards other religions and their life-style are located and the conflicts still remain unresolved. From past history to present day, there are so many stories and incidents uncovering about the religious wars and their leading to psychological, physical and economical calamities. If it is seen through days gone by history, first the battle started between Jews and Christians followed by the Christians and Muslims and then later some intolerable Muslim emperors and leaders started out discriminating and violating the Hindu beliefs and lifestyles. And in this way throughout history religion has been misunderstood and abused. Bulk uses it as a way to obtain electric power and domination over the other religion people and their values. In fact in the name of the religious beliefs number of injustices is performed in a single way or other and in the reason whole humanity is suffering from the sooner BC period till now. And this violation has been done to this amount that even the word religious beliefs has lost its true interpretation which is signal of peace. Reality is that no faith trained this. Every religion spreads the communication of peacefulness. Though these conflictions have been diluting with enough time but sadly it seems to be everlasting and will be always lingering amidst the societies. Always such samples can be traced where there's a conflict on the views, violation in the name of the religion, hatred for others activities even in the present day. And where the extremists do not have any ironic indicate fight at they start attacking the slight issues like dress rules.

Dresses give the reflection of their religions. In some instances the dresses they wear is obligatory to wear them. Major religions which may have the stringent dress rules are Islam, Sikhism, Buddhism and monks. In Islam, it's obligatory for men and women to wear the moderate dress but women have to wear the clothes that cover nearly every part o her body except face, hands and feet (Hijab). Both Sikhs women and men have for their heads according to their spiritual laws. They wear a material bracelet (Kara) on the wrists as it is their spiritual personal information. Traditional dress of the Jews men includes payos, curled forelocks and shawls. Buddhist nuns and monks wear robes (http://www. factmonster. com/ipka/A0900638. html). And in the same way a great many other existing believers in this world have some type of traditions and faiths about what they wear. Some part of the world also has such people who do not have confidence in system of spiritual clothing. They prefer to wear whatever they like without any religious pressure.

"In most cases, the privileges to liberty of faith and manifestation entail, that people should be absolve to choose what - and what not - to wear. These privileges cannot be restricted simply because some - even a majority - find a form of dress objectionable or offensive. " But the challenge exists when the individuals specific choice is curbed due to the facts and just useless triggers. Whatever be the explanation of this, it is totally inhumane. Without heading beyond hundred years or decades, past modern times itself provides evidence of such happenings. The most popular controversial issue has been the matter of Hijab that has mirrored huge disagreements between the Muslim values and european societies. Some other examples also dictate the similar reviews are reviewed below.

Controversy of Hijab in the american countries

Not so far it was the repeated reports in 2004 when France administration banned the putting on of Hijab and Burqa in the academic institutions, universities, work places and even almost all of the public places. Even some other countries like Spain and Germany also wanted to implicate such laws and regulations in their particular countries. After the incidence of 11/11 even America was not behind in restricting the Muslims from openly pursuing their religious beliefs though they promise the reasons for this to be political. In one of the articles it's stated that In the event that you chose to wear Hijab guaranteed obstacles will come the right path. There will be issues in institutions and schools, in the career field. Girls who will be putting on Hijab won't have as many as opportunities as the girls who are without it. (Nadia Fadir, 2009). They put up with great underestimation because of something that has so humble cause to be followed. Putting on Hijab will not at all mean that women cannot perform better or possess less knowledge. Actually this is something protects the ladies from bad part of the society. Just why there are such conflictions where innocent are suffering? Is it significantly less than a terrorist attack? It can't be judged from what amount it is hurting and exploiting the privileges of the girl. Definitely Muslims have full to fight these unjust laws to be implicated. It is right to defend the girl's right to wear her religious dressings if she decides so. On the other hand she shouldn't be required if she will not want to. That is also undesirable. As Muslims denounce the violation of their religious freedom likewise they should also tolerate the non-Muslim beliefs and attention should be taken that their ways aren't unmolested.

Issue of the Sikh turban

While there was a ban on headscarves there was identical opposition on the Sikhs putting on turbans and even the Jews putting on yarmulkes in the american countries. Sikh turbans are facing the difficult times in the western countries although current immigration position of the Sikhs originated in the time of 1980s when there were many issues between Hindus and Sikhs in India (Priyeneha Gohil, 2004). Though time have brought a great change to the Indian province regarding the religious matters, but also for a long time frame Sikhs did not have much space in the politics world and were assigned for other high standard posts in a limited number. Turban was the major reason behind their rights being curbed. They were looked upon by odd sight as these were not the area of the society. Besides being a resident of India, these are just found adjusting in the Punjab Place. India is majorly a Hindu country and Hindus are not familiar with cover their heads with turban as Sikhs. These protection under the law cannot be constrained simply because some - a good majority - find a kind of dress objectionable or offensive. " Their right of wearing turbans should not be violated. They have full to follow their own ways and life-style. They should have an equal usage of all the opportunities as an integral part of the city.

Other similar issues

Religion is a means of life. Everyone has an equal right to choose their own lifestyle. Number of people in this world decides not to follow any particular belief and desire to have flexibility of thought and outward appearance but now on in contrast, these sorts of individuals have also been targeted anywhere by the religious countries or spiritual people. These are tortured even if they're not harming anybody or interfering in other's beliefs. They are really blamed for spoiling the spiritual values and regarded as against the lifestyle of God which is incorrect. Orthodox people forget that God's first lessons through every faith is humanity. They possess cleverness and participate in the development of the economy as just as others yet somehow they are not spared.

Though small, but these significant issues are creating variations amongst the various cultures which can be of no price. It is giving rise to hatred and wars. The primary reason for this reason we've made the religions as a cage to keep ourselves limited compared to that and trying to induce others as well to stay within this rather than bringing up the spirituality levels which will take us to the greater heights. Spirituality will always overstate the similarities while understating the dissimilarities. These sorts of limitations and conflicts aren't increasing the glory of any religion or society but instead highlighting their severe part. These all immoderate acts are the result of the ignorance of the true so this means of the faith and the lack of knowledge and ill-bred mother nature. These behaviours are anti moral to spiritual and moral ethics. Additionally when the God will measure the man he will measure the hearts however, not the brains and outward appearance unless it is now the reason of triggering some deadly sins to prevail.

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