Role of High-protein Diet in Weight Management

Structured Representation: Probably one of the most wide-spread and popular problems on earth is the weight problems that people is suffering from and makes them to check out a well-known diet. Most people in the community will search for a diet that is most reliable, no matter their hazards and benefits. But this is most likely a big concern that people have to place under consideration that the community requires a fast effective diet displaying results within a brief period of time. One of the most distributed diet through dietitians, internet sites and nutritional publications is the high-protein diet. Many research workers are putting this kind of diet into consideration due to it is attractiveness within the city. A lot of the obese people who is suffering from over weight will have had some connection with carrying out a high-protein diet. Personally this has come into my areas of interests as my owned by be an obese person. As I wanted to find out about this type of diet to improve my poor knowledge and try as much as possible to make it beneficial for myself and then for the community. As most people feel that high-protein diet is fast enough to show results within brief period of time this is how I acted and used the same type of diet, I based my decision on many people testimonial through social networks. It really is now the time for recognizing that I have to take an action to research the role, benefits and hazards of this type of diet so more beneficial knowledge will be offered to the community and myself to help make the situation better and set up a clearer understanding and increasing awareness of the community following this kind of diet. Like a nurse this can help me to provide a rich in knowledge health education to obese people, as a group work this will be pushing all healthcare providers in gaining more understanding of high-protein diets showing it with the patients. Search Strategy: The role of high-protein diet in weight reduction: Benefits and risks.

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Annotated Bibliography Article No 1: Santesso, N. , Akl, E. A. , Bianchi, M. , Mente, A. , Mustafa, R. , Heels-ansdell, D. & Schјnemann, , H. J. 2012, "Ramifications of higher- versus lower-protein diets on health outcomes: a systematic review and meta-analysis", European journal of medical nutrition, vol. 66, no. 7, pp. 780-788.

In this content Santesso et al. specialists in medical field which happens to be employed in the department of professional medical epidemiology and biostatics and Department of Drugs, McMaster University, Section of Medicine, State University of NY. Have been assessing the health ramifications of high-protein diet by looking at the difference between high-protein diets and low-protein diets by performing a systematic overview of randomized controlled trials that will support in attaining knowledge whether high-protein diets could aid in weight loss in case it offers another health benefits. The review on the whole determine that there is an information with this kind of diet shows beneficial effects on adiposity, metabolic parameters and hypothesis which may be due to thermogenesis and satiety. Many reviews has been concentrating on body utilization, weight loss and single effects related to high-protein diet, So a organized review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials asses the benefits and health benefits. The main aims were to systematically investigate in the effect of higher health proteins consumption related to health insurance and if it has any risk factor for a persistent disease also to perform meta-analysis to check the correct medication dosage that carry out a romantic relationship between protein absorption and health indicators. It is very beneficial for those who are following this high-protein diet to control or lose weight. The writers followed the Cochrane handbook for organized review of involvement, developed a standard protocol to search Midline, EMBASE and CENTRAL databases using subject conditions and words without language restriction. The technique described very clear as studies that provide evidence that is related to a general inhabitants consumed an eating plan were included, also people who have long-term diseases such as hyperlipidemia, hypertension or metabolic symptoms were included and studies that is suitable for weight-loss or not, co-interventions, different calories from fat content and comparisons. The author altered the primary final result which were immediate to any health complication, standard of living and adverse occasions. Statically analysis were used as arbitrary to carry out the meta-analysis to determine the effect of diet varied by calorie-intake. A second evaluation were conducted to make sure many eligible studies which didn't report ideals, a arbitrary model in the meta-analysis were used using the pooling results from the last follow-up reported, which remains the study reliable. The advantages included the systematic approach to a subject that has been put to unsystematic methods use within studies, first review to work with meta-analysis of RCTs to summarize results on health benefits, risk of bias in studies and class of the quality of your body of data has been used. The restrictions were that no study focused on effects, the description is based on pre-defined surrogate benefits. The author concluded that the higher-protein diets increases adiposity, blood circulation pressure and triglyceride levels in small and need to be weighed against the options for harms. Other review in this annotation helps that the long use of high-protein diet is adding individuals into risks for long-term disease regardless of the effectiveness of this diet to lose excess weight which has been approved by three articles.

In this article many aspects was related to my subject matter including the risks which facilitates my annotation. It would help me in determining the minor hazards that high-protein diet does indeed. As being a nurse this will support me having a much better understanding of the target area writing this knowledge to patients and encourage them to follow a wholesome balanced lifestyle to lose excess weight and to enough time high-protein diet prospects for harms.

Annotated Bibliography Article No 2:

Soenen, S. , Martens, E. A. P. , Hochstenbach-Waelen, A. , Lemmens, S. G. T. & Westerterp-Plantenga, M. 2013, "Normal Health proteins Intake Is Required for Body Weight Damage and Weight Maintenance, and Elevated Necessary protein Intake for Additional Preservation of Resting Energy Expenses and Excess fat Free Mass1, 2", The Journal of nutrition, vol. 143, no. 5, pp. 591-596. In this article Soenen et al. Division of Individuals Biology, Diet and Toxicology Research Institute Maastricht, Maastricht School, Top Institute Food and Nutrition, Wageningen, HOLLAND. Have been analyzing the consequences of dietary health proteins content on weight reduction loss related with the use of diets which contain protein as required level (gram per kg) for your body during a 6 month energy restriction, investing in to consideration the difference between normal health proteins diet and high proteins diet, bodyweight, body composition, metabolic replies and daily energy requirements for individuals specially chubby and obese participants, In addition to many hazards and possible adverse effects into consideration. The Authors referred to the methods as clear as they conducted the analysis in a randomized parallel design including two energy-restricted diets with a notable difference in protein usage, Normal-protein-diet and high-protein-diet, which includes been approved by the medical ethics committee of the Maastricht University Medical Centre. Individuals recruited by an advert in newspaper. The study followed a typical protocol according to their latest dietary intervention study. They suggested several steps to gauge the effect considering all related body changes such as body composition, energy expenses, eating behavior, exercise, physiological characteristics and appetite account. Figures were used that data are shown as means. Diet groups were assessed using independent examples t assessments, factorial ANOVA with repeated procedures and baseline prices as covariate to test changes over time and whether changes differed between the normal-protein-diet and high-protein-diet. Bonferroni corrections for multiple comparisons and post-hoc analyses were applied with the ANOVA lab tests. The next studies on the protein diets and their influence on body weight loss qualify as an example to compare the results which qualifies it to be reliable and valid. The restrictions were evaluating the leads to another review results which is similar in support of small group of participants participated in this review. There were some talents in this study including the different use of several methods looking at the ends in each method and every aspect and the result of every on the desired outcome. The writers concluded the study stating that both diets were equally effective for bodyweight damage and maintenance, the metabolic account improved in both organizations, blood pressure in the same way decreased after 6 months however the diastolic blood circulation pressure reduced more on the High-protein diet group. The study clarify that when the control diet provided with wrong amount of health proteins, this has a detrimental effect that a rapid body weight will regain. This post supports the facet of using high-protein diet for weight reduction which has been clarified in other two articles that it's beneficial but with reduced risk for short-term use. This article have been clearing the knowledge of the high-protein diet which is pertinent to the role of the dietary plan. Like a nurse this will make the perspective clearer for the individual with this information during health education and examination of the obese individuals and can assist in taking background if the dietary plan has been adopted before with low energy use. The study shows that high-protein diet has more beneficial impact than risks which is a good point in working with obese individuals having a serious disease. Annotated Bibliography Article No 3: Noto, H. , Goto, A. , Tsujimoto, T. & Noda, M. 2013, "Low-Carbohydrate Diets and All-Cause Mortality: A Organized Review and Meta-Analysis of Observational Studies", PLoS One, vol. 8, no. 1, pp. 1-10. In this article Noto et al. Team of Diabetes and Metabolic Medication, Center Hospital, National Centre for Global Health insurance and Drugs, Tokyo, Japan. Department of Diabetes Research,

Diabetes Research Middle, Research Institute, Country wide Middle for Global Health and Medicine, Tokyo, Japan. Have already been assessing low-carbohydrates diet in their combo with high-protein diet for weight management, they could develop several short term risk factors for chronic disease such as coronary disease. The objectives in this review was to clarify the long-term undesireable effects on cardiovascular disease and mortality as the exploration are of professional medical importance for the control of weight. Research with greater perfection for the consequences of low-carbohydrate diets on patients by using original records merging their data to acquire useful signs for evaluating the benefits and dangers that is associated with the diet. Heavy and obese individuals are most groups that article may be beneficial for, even health care providers. The writers searched for studies evaluating the chance of coronary disease through several directories including Medline, EMBASE, ISI web of knowledge and Cochrane Library using key terms low-carbohydrate diet or carbohydrate-restricted diet and coronary disease. The referrals list in addition has been inspected. The assessment of the tests done predicated on original data examination to clarify their eligibility in a qualitative evaluation. Meta-analysis were used as publicized full-text, randomized manipulated trials or observational studies that follow-up for at least one year clearly mentioned by the creators. Statistical techniques were determined by stating that heterogeneity one of the studies was evaluated using I information. To make sure the validity of this study, personal references CONSORT and STROBE assertions were used in each record and assessed using Newcastle-Ottawa range indicating risky of bias. Different studies used quantitative and qualitative to make sure the comprehensive information on the population by using meta-analysis which strengthens the organized review. The constraints in this systematic review that the observational studies were reasonably heterogeneous in addition to that there may not have been enough statistical vitality for the analysis, the targeted human population were free of chronic diseases. With this meta-analysis it backed long-term harm and no cardiovascular protection with this type of diet, there are a few complex interactions between the diet and the long-term benefits which Highers the risk of all-cause mortality however, not significantly associated with CVD occurrence. The articles has been found to be supportive for the great things about weight loss following a high-protein diet nevertheless they also clarify that the long-term use of the diet may develop injury or put individuals in risk for growing adverse complications. This informative article stated the effect of high-protein diet on health specifically for people that may or may not have serious disease but it can be a risk if the diet used for long period that is relevant to the risks of high-protein diet. Being a nurse this will help to understand the importance to health of your balanced diet, improving the nutritional treatment of patients, promoting a healthy diet plan despite having critically sick patients or patient with learning disabilities. This research has offered myself with new knowledge on the list of dangers of long-term use of the diet that might be avoided in the future.


To conclude my annotation the used research design in two articles were a systematic review meta-analysis plus they both used randomized design while one article used a way evaluating two diets high-protein and low-protein using a protocol according to their latest dietary intervention study. The aim of the three articles was related and similar investigating the role of high-protein diet that may be beneficial or dangerous, they found similar results that high-protein diets work for weight loss but it offers some small risk factor for chronic disease that take place when individuals follow the diet for long time.


Noto, H. , Goto, A. , Tsujimoto, T. & Noda, M. 2013, "Low-Carbohydrate Diets and All-Cause Mortality: A Organized Review and Meta-Analysis of Observational Studies", PLoS One, vol. 8, no. 1, pp. 1-10. Santesso, N. , Akl, E. A. , Bianchi, M. , Mente, A. , Mustafa, R. , Heels-ansdell, D. & Schјnemann, , H. J. 2012, "Effects of higher- versus lower-protein diets on health results: a organized review and meta-analysis", European journal of medical diet, vol. 66, no. 7, pp. 780-788. Soenen, S. , Martens, E. A. P. , Hochstenbach-Waelen, A. , Lemmens, S. G. T. & Westerterp-Plantenga, M. 2013, "Normal Necessary protein Intake IS NECESSARY for Body Weight Loss and Weight Maintenance, and Elevated Proteins Intake for extra Preservation of Resting Energy Expenses and Extra fat Free Mass1, 2", The Journal of diet, vol. 143, no. 5, pp. 591-596.

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N305B: Annotated Bibliography-S 2.

Prepared (January 2014).

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