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Role Of Technology In Business

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In todays competitive business environment, quickness is the key for all the business processes. A small business process would be inefficient and inadequate without the aid of current information technology. Today, it provides communication and analytical electric power that organizations dependence on global level business. Globalization of world economies has improved the principles of information to business organisations and has brought success and new opportunities to the business. All sorts of business have to contend with their rivals for capturing majority of the market and for innovating better products and services. Because of this, they need to adjust to the technology to take care of information systems. Because, being the first to introduce a new product in the market leaves a substantial draw to the industry and will provide a competitive border. This gain is extremely hard without information systems and technology running a business. In addition to this, for improved customer service, easy information retrievals, quick preparation of financial business deal, easy building of strategic alliances etc. , IT performs a major role in business.

Importance of computer in business

Almost a myriad of businesses are counting on personal computers for automating their traditional techniques. Businesses use wide variety of databases, management information systems, information sharing platforms, data sharing sites, internet, intranets, machines, and equipments etc which highly count on computers. Computer technologies are not only used in the field of finance or marketing, but also in the medical industry, human tool departments, inventory control management systems etc.

For example, in a creation firm, all deals done in a warehouse is packed in a exchange digesting system. If the machine is not around it will require a lot of time and also manpower to track record all the recycleables appearing out of the warehouse for use in the production floor which delays production and delivery of parts. The lead time from placing your order to producing and shipping the product will be a long which customers won't understand. Speed is very important to be competitive.

IT and competitive Advantage

The current concern of putting into action IT-dependent tactical initiatives like business process reengineering, customer intimacy, organizational learning, and even organizational transformations makes an IT potential very valuable in appointment business. Furthermore, the primary resources, or IT management possessions, can be problematic for competitors to imitate. Thus an IT capability has the potential for delivering long-term competitive edge.

The U. S. trucking industry was deregulated in 1980. Schneider National, Inc. , is a big truckload carrier. The most notable management recognized so it support of businesses would be crucial for maximizing usage of its tractors and trailers. Schneider quickly developed freight modelling software and provided a management interface to the data that enabled the firm to provide more reliable customer support with a lesser cost platform than most opponents. Schneider National is prosperous because it is rolling out a functionality for putting it on to ever-changing business opportunities. (Ross, Beath et al. 1996)

Impact of computer in business

Effective implementation of information technology would decrease responsibility by reducing the expense of expected failures and increase overall flexibility by reducing the cost of adjustment. IT is having effect on all trade industries and businesses, operating as well as in creation. It is affecting workers at all levels of organizations, from the professionals to middle management and clerks. Information technology is increasingly becoming a simple factor of all types of solutions such as build, engineering, usual, and non-routine. The advances in IT would bring about remarkable decline in the costs of synchronization that would lead to new, focused business constructions. It enables the business enterprise to react to the new and immediate competitive forces by giving effective management of interdependence.

Decision Making

Enterprises would want effective information systems to aid also to deliver information to different users. Such information systems would include technology that support decision making, provide effective user interface between users and computer technology and provide information for the managers on the day-to-day functions of the enterprises. Information is necessary for various purposes and serves as an invaluable item or product. Information is vital facet of decision making in all degrees of management in enterprises [Hicks, 1993:648], especially in competitive business environment and managers utilize information as a source to plan, organize, staff administer and control activities with techniques that achieve the enterprises objectives. The ability of enterprises to understand their goals depends on how well the company acquires, interprets, synthesises, evaluate and understands information and how well its information programs supports organisational techniques.

Information glut

In the near future businesses would be facing a lack and a redundancy of information called information glut. To solve the information-glut companies will need to introduce options for selective thinning out of information. Advancements in telecommunications will make it better to control business units dispersed over various areas of the world. Innovations in telecommunications, would cause increased distance-communication. Indirect communication would be preferred for well-structured information for schedule, pre-programmed and decision procedures. (Ruler, 2006) Therefore, it plays a significant role in the expansion of business.


The aftereffect of it on business advantages may very well be durable since flexible IT build backbone of the companies for communication and exchange of information. Not merely IT infrastructure increases the competitiveness of the businesses by increasing the coordination within and over the organizations, but also it is definitely an integral component of the business strategy (Henderson and Venkatraman, 1993; Laudon and Laudon, 2000). Thus, a flexible IT infrastructure may well not only make a difference for generating business growth but and yes it could be a catalyst for technology. Moreover, It's important to improve operational efficiency and tactical advantages by lowering costs, improving agility, taking care of change, and increasing performance (Henderson and Venkatraman, 1993).

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