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Royal Mail Strategies and Responsibilities

Royal email is the United Kingdoms nationwide postal service which was founded in 1516. Royal email is having its operations around UK as well as in International areas having more than 176000 employees. Royal mail do have parcel service, notice service, Airmail service, Business support services, money transfers and great deal of services they continue adding day by day. It is the subsidiary organization of the "Royal Email Group LTD". According to the Royal mail its highly skilled employees are its assets and the customers are the life bloodstream of the organization. This essay identifies about the following factors:-

Royal Mail's three tactical levels

Corporate Strategic Responsibility

Human source of information strategies (Classification)

Human Source of information Strategies between 2005-2010

Swot Analysis

New Human Source of information strategy of the Royal Mail

The Royal Mail's response to your competition and the to the recent Credit Crunch


1. The Royal Mail do have three degrees of strategies:-

Corporate level -which deals with the overall firm. Ex girlfriend or boyfriend: Geographical locations, Market selection.

Business level strategy is mentioned for each type of business completed by the Royal mail.

Functional level- The Money, Human Learning resource Management, Production, Marketing, Research and Development comes under this section.

The Corporate strategy of Royal email is designed in such a way so it shows their ability to handle the marketplace changes in a positive and negative manner. It is the hardships of the employees and their standard customer services makes the Royal mail to obtain a competitive advantages over its competition like TNT, DHL etc. Royal Mail which was once reported to be the Monopolist in neuro-scientific Postal services lost the title of Monopoly initially of 2006. It had 99% of the market share in its hands. Royal email do have a view to make their commercial Strategic responsibility to become part of their proper management process. These are:-

2. Corporate and business Strategic responsibility includes:-

The support of the personnel from the place of work which sorts the backbone of the Royal email. The management also deals with the staff in a more friendly manner without almost any discrimination.

Being workers reported to be the investments of the organization, Royal Mail calls for good care of their workers and about the working conditions too.

To make its activities designed to have a solid positive influence on its workers, customers also to its suppliers.

Achieve a net zero carbon footprint by 2015 also to support their clients to do their activities to truly have a positive advantage towards the environment and attain a competitive edge.

With their Corporate responsibility at heart Royal Mail wants to vary from its competitors

Royal mail acquired created their corporate and business strategy by firmly taking into consideration of these Organizational goals and their achievement. It really is in the Functional level the Individual Resource Strategies comes. The definition of the Human being Tool strategy and the Man Reference Strategies of the Royal Email from 2005-2010 are brought up below.

3. Human Source strategy (Description):-

Before moving to Human Resource Strategy we should know what is meant by the word strategy?. Strategy results in selecting the best decision from a blast of decisions. Matching to "Lundy and cowling" (1998, p16), strategy is: " The artwork of war, generalship, especially the artwork of directing armed forces movements in order to secure the most useful positions and combination of forces. " The People Learning resource Management team in the Royal Mail directs the personnel by motivating them and providing them proper training in order to attain the Organizational goals and to get a competitive edge over its rivals.

The term Individuals Reference Strategy is well defined as - "Human Source of information management (HRM) is a proper approach to taking care of employment relationships which emphasises that leverage people's features is crucial to achieving sustainable competitive advantages, this being achieved through a distinctive set of included employment policies, programmes and procedures. " [Bratton and Gold, 4e, p3]

4. The Individuals Tool Strategies from 2005 - 2010:-

Human Source of information Management forms the main function within an Organization as the staff are considered to be the valuable belongings of the firm. The right kind of individuals in right position at the right time is the objective of the HR Manager. It is said that normally per day HR Administrator usually spends 20% of these working hours in working with the grievances of the employees without influencing the Organization's daily habit activities. HR Executives should have an ability to deal with their staffs in a good and friendly manner rather than imposing more control in it. The Royal Email take the efforts created by their workers into good awareness and rely on the fact about their career development rather than simply employment. The Royal Mail's People Resource strategies in the time from 2005 to 2010 is stated below which includes several hazards they faced and the steps carried out to handle those risks.

Human Tool strategies of the Royal Mail in 2005:-

One of the main actions of the Royal Email is seen in the beginning of 2005 which used individuals from the socially excluded organizations. The candidates who had been recruited performed perfectly in the selection process as well as in the business too. New recruits by this process were placed constantly in place as post man, delivery truck drivers, notice sorting who were ex-service men or those who find themselves homeless. This Pilot program helped the Royal Email in lowering the cost and labour turnovers and proved as the company with best employee satisfaction. The employees thus possessed a permanent commitment and got a self motivated method of work hard for the firm to attain its goals. The employer expectation of high dedication and the staff expectation of taking care of their sociable needs made the personnel of the Royal Mail to be loyal to the company and increased the proportion of trust to the organization. The voluntary organizations like the Royal Association of Impaired and Treatment, Business action on Homelessness etc helped the Royal Email to get prospects of socially excluded communities. The Human Source team played a very important function in sorting out the list of disabled candidates and selecting the best candidates through a standard selection process. The Man Resource Manager who've the Management as an art aspect means having inborn skills will have those skills to recruit those individuals who can contribute to the maximum with their prolong towards their Company. The Royal email team supervised by Mr. Adam Crozier made record total annual earnings in 2005 which helped to provide 1074 pounds of bonuses to its employees. These were achieved by the employee performance, better customer service by properly trained personnel and their performance related pay strategy of the People Source team.

Human Learning resource strategies of the Royal Email in 2006:-

The Human Source team in the Royal Email were able to provide instant solutions to the grievances of the employees. The starting of the entire year 2006 was not as good for the Royal Email as it faced a postal strike in Belfast. Practically 200 postal employees stopped their be employed by 2 weeks which made an extremely negative impact on the Royal Mail's services to the customers. The clients were thought to contact the office directly for any important issues and the majority of the words and documents were blocked occasionally remained undelivered. The Communication Employees Union says that the attack was because of the bad and unfair procedures of the professionals towards the personnel in Belfast and the central concern is not accepted by the Royal Email. Important delivery including customized services were quit temporarily and the management needed immediate action to resolve the condition. The Personnel in affect were assured that they will not be treated badly when they go back to their work and necessary activities will be taken against those who have been found guilty. The Human being Reference team in the Royal Mail took the issue seriously and they guaranteed that the workers will be treated fairly and without the discrimination. The emotional deal which says high desire and high determination should be taken into consideration which made the Human Resource Manger to deal with the situation in an agreeable and smart manner. It had been this season the Royal Email lost its position as a Monopoly in the postal Industry and started facing endemic competition. The management arranged that their will be no reduction in the work push, high job security will discover increase in pay scales to the staffs. The Holiday season of 2006 also made the customers of the Royal Email to suffer due to the hit of 800 employees which caused huge volume of undelivered documents in the office. The managements decision to improve some regular post to part time when an job opening arise was objected by the trade union by stating that it is against the Country wide agreement. The matter grew up very significantly and the Royal Email responded to it by declaring that the decision will be with the consent of the staff member agreement. The attack was ceased by achieving to the idea that the new job openings in the Royal Mail will be completed by the management with the merged hands of the trade union to make decision regarding whether to treat the vacancy regular or part time and the management assured that no personnel will be forced to change his full time job position to in your free time. The closing of the sorting office in Paddington, London in the same season was discussed by the Royal Email as a step taken in order to boost their customer satisfaction and productivity against the endemic rumours about some unlawful activities of the postal workers. The 950 staff who worked well their were temporarily kept from their duties and some of them were given transfer offers. The personnel commitment in a company not only depend on their salary but also on other factors like work atmosphere, staff- employer relationship, colleague persona etc. The sacking of 5 workers who cared for their women colleague very terribly in one of the Royal Mail branch shows the immediate response taken by the Individual Tool team in those concerns which affects a staff to perform well in an Organization and reduce those activities which affects the trustworthiness of the company. The Human Source of information team has made recently certain improvements in the health and safety precautions for the personnel due to the huge fine the firm was required to pay regarding the death of an employee, that was made as a health and safety concern by the court docket.

Human Source of information strategies of the Royal Mail in 2007:-

The Privatization of the Royal Mail was the primary problem discussed by the Human being Source of information team in the Royal Mail and the workers point of trust towards firm tends to decrease daily impacting on their performance in the work. The Communication Workers Union was opposing the issue but some professionals say the Privatization will help the future of the Royal Mail.

A package was agreed between the management and the labour union in 2007 followed by stopping the staff strike. The brand new policies transformed the working time and new solutions were introduced that was implemented in every single branch of the Royal Email improved the efficiency and performance of the personnel. The brand new modern way of thinking and behaving was successful in the Royal Mail. Also Mr. Symbol Higson the handling director of the Royal Mail added that the continuing future of the Royal Mail Pension scheme won't form any area of the agreement. The People Resource Strategy of earning the employees feel they may be a part of the firm made the management to come to a spot of distributing around 20% of its stocks to the employees was opposed by the Government and the plan was turned down. The Human Learning resource team and the other managing partners have plan to explore the unused marketplaces and identify new opportunities to make the Royal Mail to provide quick and friendly based mostly customer services. The People Resource Section also do have ideas to provide Occupational pension plans for his or her employees in future. The Human being Resource Manager also taken care of immediately the most severe situation of low quality service by the Royal Email in Scotland and he promised to provide better customer service the year ahead. The contract lose with the web company "Amazon" hits very badly towards the Royal Mail and its own bad position to handle more thorough competition.

Human Source strategies of the Royal Email in 2008:-

In order to handle the competition and the concern of the future of the Royal Email, the Human Resource Department made programs to reduce the number of staff and providing better benefits for individuals who remains. The Personnel and the union feared about the reduced amount of the time careers and including more in your free time staff. The Privatization of the Royal Email which the English public doesn't like was also considered as the main concern by the trade unions and the management. The Privatization will cause more job loss says the union people but the Royal Email needs finance to support its future programs says the Management. The Management also prepared to improve the office buildings from old complexes to new ones in which the trade unions responded plus they said that the change of office buildings may cause problems in sorting of letters, loosing some customers and they feared about loosing jobs too. Also strategies were made by the Human Source of information team to improve the salary size of the professional Directors of the Royal Mail who are the main key players in obtaining maximum earnings. The "Devanna" model which ultimately shows performance appraisal, People reference development and compensation systems should get due thought. Many office branches of the Royal Email were turn off and the remaining workers should be determined by their performance and the management should create trust from the medial side of the personnel which in turn gives high commitment. The "Soft HRM" feature of high determination and high inspiration as well as the "Hard HRM" feature of controlling the workforce in a far more rational way should be carried out by the Royal Email.

Human Learning resource strategies of the Royal Mail in '09 2009:-

To Prevent the customers grievance about the shutting of the post offices the RECRUITING team implemented a plan to provide mobile post office services to the customers by Vehicle. The Royal Mail's intend to make 30% privatization was compared by the general public and the federal government consistently, if privatized it'll cause increase in prices, job losses and the customers as well as the employees trust in the Royal Mail will reduce. The Human Resources team released new outfits to the personnel which is suited to the weather and having big wallets to place the hand held computers that your customers prefers to hint and trace items was regarded as a part of the improvement in the delivery system of the Royal Mail. The entire year also experienced a punch on the pay slashes, salary freeze of the individuals. The Communication Individuals Union said that even trimming the salary or freezing the salary will not help the Royal Mail instead it will put into action new ideas in technology and new advanced equipment to aid the workers. All around the punch is making the clients to move from receiving the services from the Royal Mail. When it concerns enhancing their services, the Royal Email and the Microsoft acquired joined hands to hands by adding the "new e-mailing service without having computers". The HR strategy of how to contend with their competitors has made the above mentioned decision to put into practice in the Royal Mail.

Human Resource strategies of the Royal Mail this year 2010:-

The Privatization of the Royal Mail is the key factor of the Royal Mail as the company is jogging out of Financing, huge pension deficits and inefficiency in functions. The private finance is necessary for the easy function of the business, says the Controlling director of the Royal Email. The Human Resource Manager is taking willing steps to advertise the existing employees with good training but the majority of the workers got lost the trust with the Royal Email. The privatization will cause more job loss, price for the products will be increased and the most notable level managers are certain to get more benefits; a trade union head says in a gathering. The workers says that if the new management can help them in providing benefits and good promotional appraisal plans to them, it is better to get privatized. The natural constraints like volcano ashes also damaged he Royal Mail's service in a few part of the UK. The Psychological contract between the worker and the company is damaged. The employees social and other needs aren't fully found and the huge sacking of employees made these to loose commitment towards the firm which leads to inefficiency, reduced services, low production and down flip of revenue. The Royal Email is still considered as the provider of the greatest service among the European nations with least expensive service charges. The Individuals Source of information team have strategies to raise the state pension time for men.

The Royal Mail is trying in lots of ways to improve its services by giving different varieties of stamps, weekend services, superior customer service however the competition and its bad budget is weakening its movements to go forward. Though it is known that the accessibility of new companies into the Postal Industry is very difficult due to accessibility constraints, the Royal Mail is facing very challenging competition. The companies like TNT, DHL and lots of the online services are serious treats to the Royal Mail. Your day when the Royal Mail lost its Monopoly in 2006 marked the start of competition as a frustration to the Royal Mail. Another problem which the Royal Mail faces is the reduction in the quantity of the words but the postal workers instructs that the number is increasing daily.

The Royal Email like all the firms had gone through a "SWOT ANALYSIS" to comprehend its advantages and disadvantages internally and Externally. The"SWOT examination" is performed to recognize their threats and opportunities, advantages and weaknesses.


The Swot Evaluation is usually conducted by the management which gives the Royal Email a very good sign of its Strength and Weakness internally and its Opportunities and Treats in the outside market.

The very skilled hard working staffs having high commitment motivated by the productive management and the organizations large and other money forms the Strength of the Royal Email.

Some complaints have been raised regarding the characters not reaching the destination and stealing of the words/parcels by its staffs influences the Royal Mail's prestige and the strikes which are created by the trade unions in Royal Email sorts its major weaknesses which scarcely hits its reputation and straight claims that employees aren't satisfied with the management activities.

The Royal Mail do have new opportunities to recognize more customers and Business clients and providing support to them that will have a competitive benefit over its rivals.

The Competition like TNT, DHL, UKMAIL and the likelihood of more rivals to enter in the Industry sorts the main dangers for the Royal Email. The wide consumption of internet, online bank, online delivery and e-mailing has reduced its volume of customers to a huge extend has made huge decrease in the quantity of mails in the Royal Mail is also considered as big hazards.

The Royal Mail still stands as the Standard postal service in the United

Kingdom using its valuable staffs and its own improved services like High grade service, weekend service etc. Royal Email also provides online supports and International postal services. The Administration of the Royal Email includes group of committees just like the Audit and Risk committee, The Management table, Pensions committee, Remuneration committee, Nomination committee and Sociable and Responsibility Committee. The new Human Reference Strategy and regulations are being Introduced by the Royal Email in order to handle these threats and then for the desire of the staff.

6. The brand new Human Resource technique to support the Royal Mail in today's bad condition:-

Steps have been taken in the all the levels of the Organization to support the company from the credit crunch and competition.

To the workers:-

Workers are provided with increased new selection of training and assured performance related pays.

The employees who are considered as a very important property in the Royal Email were provided with revised employee guidelines and steps and permanent job security and determination. In order to improve its reputation and to obtain a good worker- employer romance some additional steps were also used. They may be:-

The new plan for temporary redundancy and early on retirement are going to be enforced as soon as possible.

Existing contracts will be restored and new standardized contracts will be provided to the employees.

The release of new equipment and techniques helps the workers to achieve world class standard in performance.

The new modified Pension scheme strategies are going to apply for those employees in the Royal Mail pension design.

The working hours, the minimum salary are also revised. The basic safety of the staffs are used great consideration. Increased working conditions, medical facilities, stress relief exercises, changing their job jobs over a period, self appraisal process, promotional and increments are also presented to the new plan.

To the firm:-

The modernization of the organization with improved customer service support is the primary goal of the organization.

The co-operation of the Management with the personnel and the trade union added with putting your signature on an arrangement in new guidelines and steps of the firm backed by the trade union will happen.

The improved upon efficiency and production with unmatched competition by providing cheap and better quality services to its clients.

To the Trade Union:-

The firm will give suited position for the trade union in its management activities.

Support from the trade union in motivating the workers to cope with the Organizational rules and regulations and achieve a lasting competitive advantages.

To develop new communication levels between the trade union and the management.

7. The Royal Mail's react to the Competition and the recent MARKET MELTDOWN:-

The Royal email that was once called as a Monopoly company now faces serious competition and holds an undesirable reputation because of its continuous attacks, shutting down of the offices and grievances regarding its employees. Even though any company can compete with its rivals in two ways, one of many ways by lowering its prices and the other is by increasing its quality of service/product. The Royal Email provides high quality service to its customers and also the lower service/product price compared with its competitors helps the Royal Email to realize a ecological competitive edge. The Human Reference team is making its level best attempts to prevent such issues however the employees romantic relationship with the management is unclear. Among the key issues is the privatization of the Royal Mail which will make the staffs to loose trust for the company making them de-motivated. The corporate strategy is well identified and the Individuals resource planning and its strategical process is some what following a corporate and business strategy.

Making an agreeable relation with the CWU and a strong psychological contract between the personnel and the Management is very much indeed needed for the smooth working of the Royal Email. The recent market meltdown has made the Royal Mail to close most of its offices and also to sack many of its employees. The financial downturn in the UK is being experienced by the Royal Mail in some extend because of its highly skilled, flexible main employees. The peripheral personnel who were highly skilled were also considered into good awareness by the Royal Email. The clients still count on the Royal Email because of its better quality services and minimum prices compared to its rivals the TNT, DHL, UKMail etc.

The name of the aforementioned model is "The Five Makes Platform" which is developed by "[Porter 1980]" shows the fact - from where does indeed the competition result from?.

We can incorporate this model with the Royal Mail's competitive dynamics. It offers elements like

1. Potential entrants pointed out as new competitors of the Royal Email.

2. Rivalry from existing organizations like TNT, DHL etc that happen to be encountered by the Royal Email with its high quality products/services and of its highly skilled labor force who are trained and developed by their talented Individuals Source of information team.

The substitutes can be shown as the e-mail, online exchanges and online email ordering organizations.

Threat from the customers in the form of bargaining power, their change of demand, their potential for in front integration (which is integrated by the company with the option of suitable Human Resources).

Threat from the Suppliers includes their bargaining vitality, transitioning costs, market dominance of the suppliers, the potential for backward integration (which is put in place by the firm with the option of suitable RECRUITING). The suppliers include the printing and stationery, technology, clothes, transfer and travel companies.

The Royal Email uses the "Generic Strategies" structure work of "Mr. Porter(1985)" to determine how they encountered these competitions. The essential idea which comes from the construction is:-

Any firm can contend with other by decreasing their prices

Competing when it concerns quality makes each organization different

Focusing on the key market and its customers can gain competitive advantages over its rivals.

The Human Reference strategy of identifying the competitive areas and setting ideas for how to be competitive helped the Royal Mail to face all sorts of competition and to gain a competitive advantage over its competitors. The Human Source of information Management team of the Royal Email have a good qualifications from the Top Ranked Business Colleges added with their inborn talents and experience helps the Royal Email to compete with their competitors in a far more technical way which is problematic for the competitors to identify and making the Royal Email to truly have a strong base in the UK postal industry. "The very best quality products/services with the most notable quality employees makes the Royal Mail to move frontward confidently". The People Resource strategy of applying new techniques and training services with the performance related pay aspect for the personnel is seen in the Royal Mail. This past year the Royal Email received three bronze accolades from the TOP NOTCH Manufacturing Association because of its performance, health and safety good care of its personnel. The Royal Email consider each and every worker when it concerns basic safety and performance and they say that if they can make one worker to execute well, it will make another to execute well and it continues on and the whole workers will succeed gives high efficiency and income to the company.

8. Realization:-

The essay can be concluded by stating that the Royal Email have to face the market meltdown and the present difficulties in order to hold a strong position in the UK postal Industry. The Royal Email do have a strong corporate responsibility strategy and People Learning resource strategy which is properly planned and beneficial to the employees as well as the to the organization for even more development. The Individual Source Strategy from 2005 - 2010 shows the issues encountered by the Royal Mail and the Strategies employed by them to resolve these problems. The privatization and the pension deficits are the key problems faced presently by the Royal Email where the management have certain ideas to overcome the situation. The brand new entrants and the present rivals are competing very roughly with the Royal Email and they're experienced by the Royal Email by its good quality services and its own least expensive service/product prices.

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