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Sales Promotion Gal in Indonesia

Sales Promotion Young lady in Indonesia

Sales promotion female is basically a lady who's promoting or selling something. She actually is one of the marketing elements of a company to promote their product to the client. In Indonesia, the word sales promotion gal has arrived to a certain and unique connotation which is considered negative. Sales promotion gal in Indonesia is equivalent with young girls wearing sexy attire seducing people to buy something. They are usually senior high school or university university student -young and attractive essentially stealing all the glances from people around them.

It is somewhat difficult to find the most correct classification of sales promotion girl. There is no such entry in the dictionary so when you typed it in the internet, mostly will provide you with a fake answer, just a cheap site writing sales promotion lady to make people click on that site. There is no information included there, just advertising. They would like to increase their click to get money from the internet business.

This is some the result I get from Wikipedia (English) as i joined the keyword of sales promotion girl.

· Tell Me Why (Spice Girls song)

"Show Me Why" is a music by the Spice Women, which was planned as the second. . . However scheduled to poor sales of Forever, the sole was later. . .

5 KB (623 words) - 22:03, 25 November 2009

· Forever (Spice Women record) (section Promotion)

Forever is the third studio recording by English pop group the Spice Ladies, . . . drop in sales compared to. . . because of lack of campaign especially. . .

13 KB (1, 459 words) - 21:55, 25 November 2009

· Sentimental Graffiti

which spurred a huge media sales marketing campaign designed to broaden the. . . A unit entitled "SG ladies" was formed and numerous happenings and concert. . .

10 KB (1, 487 words) - 07:47, 25 March 2009

· Step to Me

Kingdom - working alongside sales promotion activities, notably one by where. . . them off and received the free Spice Young girls CD one "Step if you ask me" -. . .

2 KB (259 words) - 04:30, 16 November 2009

· Giants and Toys

candy company to compete with the rival Large and Apollo companies over caramel sales. tomboy woman with bad. . . center of the promotional campaign. . .

2 KB (303 words) - 04:59, 18 November 2009

· Purple Haze (album)

to having less promotion Cam'ron asked to be released from the label. The album was certified Silver by the RIAA with sales of over half of a. . .

7 KB (981 words) - 03:59, 24 November 2009

· Kids Like Girls

Boys Like Girls is an American rock band from Boston, Massachusetts, who gained. . . promotional forward site. . . first week of sales, thus. . .

22 KB (3, 033 words) - 22:51, 25 November 2009

(http://en. wikipedia. org/w/index. php?title=Special%3ASearch&search=sales+promotion+girl&go=Go)

I surprise why there is no entrance for sales advertising young lady in Wikipedia. Could it be because people outside Indonesia did not use that term? I came across that it's very hard to find a relevant article to support my research. Many of them is just those cheap advertisings site or the porn site which including sales promotion lady as their tag.

Sales promotion lady is something which cannot be separated from the business chain of supply. Sales promotion girl is the one who is facing the client personally. You will find sales promotion female which are organic and non organic and natural. Organic means that those sales promotion girl are the real staff of the company which are in charge in promotion of the goods made by the business. Non organic means that the sales promotion girl is merely a temporary labor force which is chosen with a limited time agreement. The sales promotion girl could come from their specific or from the company which provide at prepared to use sales promotion lady stock. There are even sales campaign girls which originates from an outsourcing company. Nowadays, there is also security, phone operator or cleaning service which originates from those company.

The living of the sales promotion girl in a campaign event such as mobile road trip or stand exhibition pays to in attracting the client. The possible customer will firstly go through the appearance of the sales promotion girl, if indeed they think that she is attractive, they could want to come quickly to the stand, obtaining some brochure given by them, trying the product, etc.

On the in contrast, there is certainly some company which do not feel that the lifetime of the sales advertising young lady is important, especially the non organic one. This is due to the sales promotion gal which can be non organic will not have a good competencies for the merchandise which they are going to sell. They do not have a chance to learn about the product knowledge usually because the sales advertising girl is usually agreeing to a sudden job. There's also some sales promotion girl which caution nothing using their product knowledge. They just feel that they must appeal to the customer with their physical appearance and simply giving the client a brochure and make clear the product just in simple. They consider how to get rid of their move and get the amount of money for this day. Unlike the organic and natural sales promotion gal who is more adept at the merchandise knowledge because she actually is a part of the business. However, don't assume all non organic and natural sales promotion girl is like that. There's also non organic and natural sales promotion girl who are trying to learn the product knowledge deeply. These are positioning themselves just like the common customer who'll always wish to know the information of the merchandise. They could even be a specialist sales promotion girl who buy the product which they will sell in order that they could understand what the customer will feel after buying the product.

Sales promotion young lady must master the merchandise which they are going to sell. She must know very well what their competition do. For instance, a sales promotion girl of Kartu Halo must understand the merchandise understanding of Kartu Halo and understand all the other postpaid services such as Xplor from Excelcomindo Pratama and Matrix from Indosat, and vice versa. That is why the company and the sales advertising girl will require CAD (Competition Activity Data). After the sales promotion female has get good at more product knowledge and the competitors, this sales advertising girl will be a qualified sales campaign girl. There isn't uncommon for this type of non organic and natural sales promotion young lady could enter into the high position of the business and get an important position at the company which she used to joined up with partially.

There are public known that the "requirements to be shown as you the sales advertising girl come usually from their appearance. They should be tall, white, rather, and willing to use a sexy uniform which actually, has no relation to the product they are available. Sometimes, also, they are selling things without any correlation to a female. Well, sometimes, another requirement like the fluency in English or other terms is essential, but it is not mandatory.

The most popular field in this sales promotion woman business is in the cigarette and automobile industry. Would you imagine a sexy lady coming for you and requesting whether you are smoking or not? She actually is bringing a pack of cigarette with a short skirt and limited blouse which rarely addresses her underwear. Most people-usually the male would say YES even if they're actually not smoking. They are simply just carrying it out to keep carefully the dialog, to make her keep talking to them. Then, she will promote her product-cigarette in cases like this, explaining its style, the feeling and the brand, that may not even reach their brain which are now occupied as their testosterone development increasing. "The hell with the cigarette. Maybe it is exactly what they are planning in that situation. Then, she'll give you a free sample of cigarette. You smoke it and desire that you will look cool to her. Then you will buy two packages of the smoking to win over her, she'll say thank you, and left you with two packs of cigarettes which you won't even smoke cigars!

Another case of the sales advertising girl is at the automobile industry. There is usually a car exhibition in the heart of the shopping mall. There are a great number of new cars showed which are usually "guarded by sexy ladies who will gives you a brochure of that car. Both the women and the cars will likely take every one of the male kinds attention. No person could resist the temptation to peek a glimpse on the masterpiece work of individual and god Himself. The business enterprise is using the ultimate creation of God to sell the ultimate creation of mankind.

From the logical viewpoint, the practice of the sales promotion girl is belittling girl. It makes people questioning whether the business is using the woman to sell their product or they are available the woman instead. Well, they aren't really selling the woman, but they are available them literally. They may be dressing her, exposing her in order to get people's attention and finally buy their product. It creates people think that Indonesia's girl is available for purchase.

Essentially, the work of an salesperson is to entice the prospective customer, promoting his/her product, and then persuade those to choose the product. But as time goes on, customers need something is more attractive to make them turn their focus on something. They can be sick and tired of the sales announcement, free product, or special offer with small star written terms and condition apply. They need something more straightforward. Something which they could instantly obtained and never have to do some necessity. The sales advertising woman is the response to all of this demand. You intend to see her? Just go ahead. You could look at her from the distance. You don't need to buy a product to check out her. It will cost you little or nothing to see those amazing number. It's all free of charge!!

Sales promotion woman is often being the frontal type of a sale, especially in starting of a fresh product. To advertise their product, sales advertising girl must have 4 skills in:

1. See

A customer of course want to start to see the product which he's heading to but first before he finally decided to choose the product. This means that the product must be appealing to them. That includes the individuals who are reselling those products. The sales advertising young lady should be attractive in order to make the client see their product.

2. Touch

After the client is attracted to the product, this is the time for the sales promotion girl to "touch the client needs and wishes to provoke those to buy the product. This is actually the opportunity for the sales promotion girl to permit the client to look meticulously or even try the merchandise which they are going to buy.

3. Feel Different

After the client approaching to the stand, trying the product, the sales advertising girl should provide them with detail justification about the product. What makes them not the same as other product? What's something special about those things? Might it be beneficial for the customer?

4. Buy

Finally, it is time for the final sales. Physical attraction power coupled with fluency in conversing between the sales promotion female and the customer will finally lead to your choice of the customer to buy the product.

That is the reason why most people using the sales promotion girl alternatively than sales advertising boy. Nowadays, many people also feel unfilled when there is no sales promotion girl by using an exhibition. It can be said that within an exhibition it is not only the product which the customer want for. It is also the sales advertising girl which is now an important part for the show.

The spark of the sales campaign girl world in big situations has entice many girls with beautiful body to get this done job which give quite good income. Lots of the sales promotion woman are actually attempting for the very first time but then they got dependent on it. Maybe it is as a result of money of the junior and the older sales promotion woman are the same, or possibly for the reason that the work area which do not absorb too many brain of physical electricity.

There is usually no specific test to be always a sales promotion female. There's usually not even a solitary test kept. Just submit your photo, personality, and interview (which sometimes is not conducted) and you are officially functioned as a sales campaign girl.

Psycho test, that are usually presented before selecting someone, is used to :

1. Make objective decision.

Psycho test will be recognized by standardized test utensils which could increase the objectivity of your choice. In so doing, the decision to accept or reject a new employee will be based on the strong objective reason.

2. Validity of the test utensils.

Psychology test is produced by scientific method so that the interpretation of the test is exact and reliable to predict the prospective worker psychological. If this technique is combined with interview, it could accurately forecast the performance of the possible employee.

3. Reduce the price of wrong recruiting

A fault in recruiting an incorrect employee is very costly for the company, in example in working out fee or the advertising cost. It's not even included the and time used to the recruitment process. A psycho test could reduce those cost and they're relatively cheaper set alongside the cost put in if the worker chosen is not capable. A psycho test also ensures a higher chemistry between the prospective employee and the company.

But, addititionally there is some exception to the psycho test. There may be some case which the psycho test is not needed. The reasons are:

1. They character of the job.

There is some company which uses staff only for briefly only, for example for data entry. If the entrance job is performed, than the work is done. The company didn't need to work with that worker again. For this type of job, psycho test is not effective because the worker will not be in the business for a long period. However, addititionally there is some exception because of this, for example if the staff, even briefly working at the business, is having an important job. In that case, the occurrence of the psycho test is a must.

2. The responsibility of the work.

An worker at a managerial level or the positioning which has a high effect to the business will be better to use a psycho test. There are a great number of money and cost allocated to those people if the company chooses the incorrect people, the price could be multiplied.

3. Long lasting career development.

If the job and the positioning has a possibility of a career development, it'll be easier to use a psycho test so the company could get an employee which is absolutely fit between your job and the attribute of the average person psychological.

4. The expense of the test.

Many company which have a huge cost budget for the recruitment process so that they are doing the test for each and every position. However, there are also some company which does not have it. Because of that, it is necessary to find out the necessity of subconscious test which is fit with the position which needs to be filled. Usually do not find a mature manager with a poor emotional test which is not exact.

5. The availability of the prospective worker in the market. There is time in a particular job where the prospective staff is very high, making it easier to find the replacement unit immediately. Within the other hand, there are also certain position that your applicant is very scarce and very hard to be found. For this type of position, it'll be better if the business uses the psycho test because that kind of job usually needed some specific subconscious requirement, or those people on the market that has specific personality. Because of this type of job, the business will need to make an accurate decision, which could be obtained by using this psycho test.

So, by considering those factors, it is clear why sometimes sales campaign young lady recruitment uses no psycho test. Maybe the job of the sales advertising girl is merely a short-term job, or there is no career path for the sales campaign girl. It might also be possible that the company has no budget to perform a psycho test for the sales campaign girl or maybe there are so many sales advertising girl availability on the market which makes the company think that there is absolutely no use to carry out the psycho test. (http://www. portalhr. com/klinikhr/strategis/4id1252. html) translated

Being a sales campaign girl is not a very hard job. Due to by the fun acquired while working, sales promotion girl sometimes feel safe in doing her job. Sometimes being a sales promotion woman could even bring some other fun outside their work life. Creating a new relationship and having an easy access to enter in a nightclub really lead them to the hedonism lifestyle. All this are mostly due to trying or following a friend.

There is even some of the sales campaign girl which leave their education; in high school or university. They do that because they feel safe in being a sales promotion gal. They are dependent on the sales promotion woman job. Their life has become a public concern, specifically for a rich men who's looking for some sexual replenishment, which could increase their income.

There is a new slang in the sales campaign woman world called SPG BISPAK which stands for SPG bisa dipakai (could be utilized). It means that the sales promotion young lady could be booked anytime. With a sum of money they are prepared to sleep collectively. Well, don't assume all sales promotion lady are bispak, but that kind of sales advertising female has really polluted the work of the sales advertising gal. Those sales promotion girls who feel that they aren't bispak should cope with the peer pressure of the other people. Actually those sales advertising girls who are bispak is actually coming from those good female who are just seeking or invited by their friends.

To know which kind of sales promotion female are you encountering to is challenging. Even if they're seducing and naughty, that don't straightly means they are the bispak. The non-public approach is the ultimate way to have more service from the sales campaign girl. The key reason why many people prefer to have sexual intercourse with a sales advertising girl is they are different from the prostitute which are selling themselves in the street. Making love, is not their main business, so that people think that they are simply fresher and tighter compared to other prostitute. They don't do sex every day, just sometimes perhaps. Making love with a sales campaign young lady has less risk either. From medical, because they don't have sex as much as the prostitute, they may have smaller chance to infect the sexually transmitted disease. Of course, that benefit should be included in big money.

There are also some of this sales promotion girl who've dedicated themselves to be wanita simpanan (2nd wife) for certain people. Maybe it's a rich entrepreneurs or ministers. They can be facilitated by them in return of the erotic replenishment distributed by the sales advertising girl. They are given an apartment to reside, a car to utilize, or even with a drivers. All that they need to do is just to keep this a key, await a call from her man, and present them the best service that they could.

To ameliorate the word sales promotion gal, some company changes it into Feminine Presenter. There is no difference out there, with the same payment, same guidelines, same job explanation. Too bad that even the name has been changed, however the impression made by them is stay the same. They can be a young, beautiful lady who is seducing man to buy their product.

All of the sales promotion girl features can't be evolved by sales promotion boy. There is a funny example from inspirasipakde. com. Two pictures contrasting sales promotion males and sales promotion girls. Even if they are taking the same cause, It just doesn't make it.

From my point of view, maybe because I am a man, I'd rather choose the girl ads, and I really do not want to see those young boys posing before the car. It is merely disgusting.

But there isn't only good tale can be found in the sales promotion girl world. There is also a funny tale. When Anlene, a dairy product was introducing their product for the very first time and the business didn't have enough fund to support their transportation, the sales advertising girls are the person who became the sufferer. They should take a seat in the truck to be able to promote their product to the consumers. They do this so the sales promotion woman could give personal approach to every consumers. Nowadays, as Anlene is continuing to grow into a big company, they remain utilizing their sales promotion young lady makes to keep their position in the market. We could easily noticed Anlene sales advertising young lady in Carrefour or massive. Needless to say, they aren't using the pickup truck to get there now.

In Indonesia, it must be troublesome For the sales promotion lady herself to keep dangling on this job. Not due to income. A sales promotion girl is well paid in conditions of salary. In '09 2009, a sales campaign girl could easily get Rp 300, 000, 00 per day for a complete day just work at a big event such as international expo, excluding the commission extracted from the deal they made. The burden mostly originates from other folks view of her. Maybe the folks who pass by will think that she is an inexpensive woman, selling herself in the general public or doing something haram for the Muslims by exhibiting her body to other folks. But those burdens wouldn't normally equal to the negative view given by people near her; her family, her friends, or her boyfriends. Imagine if they think that she is such a shaming gal? What if they refuse to call her as a sister, or daughter, or mother? The amount of money she get will be worthless compared to all of this burden. There will always be a battle in a sales campaign girl's heart. I ask yourself if she asks herself everyday whether what she actually is doing is a right thing.

Infogue, Indonesian interpersonal website, used to interview a sales campaign girl named Nina. She is a university pupil who works as a sales campaign girl to pay her tuition charge. At the time being, she actually is working at Indonesia International Electric motor Show (IIMS) 2008. She is a new gal in this industry, who have only just 1 year experience, but has been hired by many company. She starts this job by being a sales promotion female for a cigarette, cellphone and auto company.

She said that from job, she could know a lot of people characteristic and feel more 3rd party. She could now pay her own tuition fee for her bachelor level. She admitted that she received different salary from each company, however the highest salary originates from mobile phone company which could pay her Rp 300, 000, 00 per day. From 10 days of exhibition, she was usually hired for 8 or 9 days and nights. In per month, Nina said that she could get two or three 3 job. Would you imagine how big it is?

Nina also said that as an automobile sales promotion girl is really hard because she have to have a great deal of product knowledge. The customers will probably ask a question and sometimes she could not answer those questions.

Since she could easily get big money from this job, she never thinks to work in the office. Furthermore, her parents support her in doing her job. Once she observed her friend who was simply working in the office's story. She thought that the office job was so monotonous, just sitting inside the room rather than getting the maximum amount of salary as she get. She prefers to meet people exactly like what she does indeed in this job(endel, infogue)

Another tale of from the sales promotion girl's aspect of view is the storyline of Dewi. She actually is a 19 yr old girl, who's working as a sales promotion girl in Arena Pekan Raya Jakarta at Kemayoran, Central Jakarta. When she is interviewed by Kompas, she actually is wearing short red skirt and a good blouse with a hat and ponytail. She actually is working at a Japanese motor bike company. Her job is to accompany the potential buyer and clarify everything related to the merchandise which they want to buy. That day, Dewi could sell 2 street bike after she evidently explain the product's advantages. Dewi is not ashamed to work as a sales advertising female. She uses everything she's such as her attractive face, nice body body, and her communicating capability. At 2007, Dewi was paid Rp. 100, 000, 00/day. That number, of course, will not include the reward received if she actually is able to make a sales. In those days, she was looking to get 5 million from the Pekan Raya Jakarta event.

Unfortunately, not every sales promotion girl is paid as high as Dewi does indeed. The sales advertising lady in furniture is only paid Rp 20, 000, 00 up to Rp 50, 000, 00 per day excluding the fee for the sales made. Too bad that those young ladies do not get as much fortune as Dewi do. Compared to the street bike product, the furniture product is not attractive to the client.

There is another lady named Fitri. She actually is not actually a girl now. She is a mother of 1 1 child. She tells her manager that she actually is still sole and does not have any children to be accepted as a sales promotion girl. She does indeed this to get some good money and hopefully a big bonus offer to increase her income. (Adi Kurniawan, kompas cyber mass media)

Do you understand DJARUM Cigarette? That product is manufactured in Indonesia and has been imported abroad. It is very popular beyond Indonesia, it even has its advertisements on the penthouse journal. Too bad that Djarum promote their product by using those sexy sales promotion girl with practically no clothing attached to them. The author of this article ask whether we ought to be happy by this achievement or not.

(Djarum Ads) (Djarum Sales campaign girl)

It could be concluded that Indonesia is a hypocrite country out of this issues. The united states which established fact as one of the biggest Muslims country on earth is in fact, allowing such thing that occurs. As the house of representative is proposing an anti-pornography constitution, the administrative centre of the united states is showing semi-pornography show. The administrative centre of the country-Jakarta, which is lately rated as the 2nd worst city on the globe, the icon of hedonism and materialism is very contradicting the constitution. There even used to be a circumstance of Yahya Zaini, a minister of religion is taped making love with a dangdut performer. It certainly show how hypocritical we are.

If you typed the word sales promotion girl in google, the first entry of the site will be those sales promotion girl related to love-making. Sales promotion female video, pictures, love-making tape, everything about the negative one. In the event that you type the word sales promotion female and seek out its picture, you will notice generally are pornographic picture of them. Better maintain your parental control on if you are with your kids.

There is a site in the internet named www. spgindonesia. com. They are simply a company which give a sales promotion lady or guy service. Here are the info on the homepage.

Welcomes to www. spgindonesia. com www. spgindonesia. com is Event Organizer initial from resource area services of Stand Guide (SPG/SPB) and the conspecific. Since set up in 2004 as yet we've more than 1000 smart & friendly crews & specialists which become the primary capital in promoting something during event take places. This website also can be the spot to meets the exhibitor/ owner and the Stand Guide (SPG/SPB). Exhibitor from industrial circle, company and even from agent or distributor. www. spgindonesia. com will be help you for the function like :

Presentation, starting product, tender/grand opening, picture session, gathering, Television set program, Television Commercial, online video, celebration, conferences, conference, seminar, fashion show, exhibition and other event.

As easy as click on the mouse, the picture of your staff and their personal data's can bee observed in this sites. Even the service get of the team can be recruited online. Result from the service feeder of stand guide, this sites also provides : style of advertisement print advertisement and also audio aesthetic, usherette at beginning event, bridesmaid at event of marriage ceremony, musician, disk jockey, comedian, announcer, master of wedding ceremony, presenter, vocalist, dancer nor becomes mannequin, catwalk model and celebrity. For organization, company and also person that is necessitating employee

( formal/short-term officer), like :

Liaison official, secretary, operator, receptionist, marketing, professional and other, we provides as regarding to criterion & characteristic required.

In the advancements, we also provides offer event of party ( music group, vocalist, DJ, dancer, funny, MC and other) tidy with theme predicated on the submission; of the event organizer.

(http://www. spgindonesia. com/home. asp)

At this web site, the customer might use a sales campaign girl to be :


Stand guide





Master of Ceremony


City Guides

Print advertising model

Cinema casting

Liaison office


Audio visual model





In certain event such as:



Cinema casting

Wedding ceremony

Music concert



Product launching

Photo session

Sports event


Fashion show



We could see that site is absolutely providing capable sales promotion lady in a number of type of event. Only if every sales advertising young lady could follow this good example, the negative image of a sales promotion woman could perish.

From the demand tab of www. spgindonesia. com, we could see that all we need to do to work with one of these crew services is by just simply sending your client identity, interested in utilizing their service as, for what event, the time, time, and place of the event, and your client could even choose the team that they want to utilize. There are always a picture for every team in www. spgindonesia. com. Your client simply need to tick the sales promotion girl which they want from the total 55 staff of www. spgindonesia. com. This practice looks like we are choosing the girls which we want to utilization in the massage middle.

There are also other sales advertising girl firm which starts their recruitment at the internet. Also, they are offering their service through the internet. This is the result I find while i type the keyword sales campaign girl company in google

· Hiburan - Model - Indonesia

29 Apr 2009. . . Bursa lowongan kerja Sales Promotions Young lady/Stand Guide. . . . Elok Organization Agensi SPG (sales advertising lady). Jakarta. Kamis, 21-Agustus-2008, . . .

www. endonesia. com/mod. php?mod=katalog&op. . . 46 - Tembolok - Mirip

· Model Indonesia Network - Foto Model Company - Photography Model. . .

model - organization - management artis - fashion - model indonesia - foto model indonesia - models indonesia. . . Sales Advertising Girl (SPG) · Calon Model Wanita. . .

model-indonesia. world wide web/ - Tembolok - Mirip

· spg - Foto Model Company - Image Model Indonesia | Cari Artis. . .

model - organization - management artis - fashion - model indonesia - foto model. . . Lowongan Kerja SPG SEPATU CV BINA CIPTA MANDIRI di Sidoarjo November 2009. . . .

model-indonesia. net/spg. html - Tembolok - Mirip

· Doeta Company, SPG agency, SPG event, Usher, Umbrella gal, Caddie. . .

13 Nov 2009. . . Doeta Firm, SPG organization, SPG event, Usher, Umbrella gal, Caddie | Architect & Service provider Community forums : Architect & Property Membership | Advertisement | 88DB. . .

id. 88db. com/identification/. . . /Property_Agent_Developer_Community/?. . . - Tembolok

· Kerjasama Dancer, alluring dancer, SPG (sales campaign girl. . .

30 Jun 2008. . . FAMOUS AGENCY adalah penjual di Indonetwork yang menjual Dancer captivating dancer SPG (sales advertising woman ) di Indonesia. Dancer captivating dancer SPG. . .

indonetwork. or. id/. . . AGENCY/. . . /dancer-sexy-dancer-spg-sales-promotion-girl. htm - Mirip

From this data we're able to see that we now have many organization, which provide sales promotion girl services, that could also be considered a caddy, umbrella woman, dancer, etc.

Do you know very well what the variations between sales promotion young girls and saleswomen are? Both of them are responsible for selling a product. Both of them are paid and get fee for each and every product they sell. The main difference is the procedure. Sales promotion woman are usually in charge to selling a new product; promoting them. Inform the public that there surely is a new product available for them to sell. A saleswoman or a salesman is in charge of continuous selling of a product. That's why a sales advertising gal should be attractive because they're the first soldier that goes to the warzone. They are the people who are in charge of making a safe seacoast because of their friends. Saleswoman and salesman will be the folks who are in charge to continue their work.

So, here is the step. First, a firm would make a new product through the Research and Development section, innovate them, etc. etc. until they finally come up with a new brand thing for illustration, a new style of cigarette. They will put advertising in the publication, television set, radio, billboard, and they'll advertise their new product straightly to the customer. They will maybe start a stand in an exhibition, or in the mall, or in the shopping centre to present the new style to their customer. The product is completely new. People won't even discover it if it's not visible. To attract the client, the company will most likely use the sales advertising girl pushes to attract the customer. They male customer will be drawn by the arena. A beautiful, hot lady wearing a sexy outfit will come to them and bringing out the new product etc and so forth.

Now, the clients have all known this new brand, the new flavor of the cigarette. The company now does not need to work with any sales promotion girl forces ever again given that they have breached the wall membrane. All they have to do is raze the city. They have conquer the hardest part of an war. They have got destroyed the hurdle that protecting the customer. The company doesn't need to send their best soldiers now. They simply need to send the salesman or saleswoman, a regular people asking the customer whether they still need it the merchandise or not. Forget about sexiness in needed. Forget about sexual appeal is needed. That is all because the client has now be drawn to the product. The merchandise is well known and if indeed they have used it plus they like it, they'll continue using or buying it. Despite having a standard salesperson, the customer will probably to buy that product.

Sales promotion ladies do not always promoting a new product. They could sometimes promoting a vintage product which must be reborn. Old product which are experiencing a discount or special offer, or a vintage product which wishes to be re-entered to the market.

Another difference from the sales promotion gal with the sales female is the continuous process. There Skills

So allows get down to basics and take into account the skills a good salesman possesses. Actually there are probably only a few. The most important however is the skill of tuning in. Listening to what people say and don't say, and listening to what they want and what they want, sometimes two various things. Linked to this is actually the skill of requesting the right questions to determine more.

Then process starts off to kick in - if you have listened carefully and asked looking questions you are in an improved position to present solutions in terms of both features and benefits. And you are better equipped to take care of objections and present rational arguments.

So if you can master the abilities of being attentive, questioning, delivering and objection handling you are well on the way. And as with any skill practice makes perfect.

If you've were able to get better at these skills you're likely to be far more confident to go on to the ultimate stage, which is to ask for the business enterprise.

There's a straightforward way to provide yourself more self confidence and that's to truly have a proven sales process that you can follow. Based on second thoughts and opinions marketing, there are a several steps to be always a good salesman or saleswoman.

Sales Process

You should map out your sales process for getting close to a particular customer before you start other things.

A simple process might look something like this:

Pre-qualification - You have a call from a potential customer. You should collect information about them, to establish if and exactly how you may be in a position to help them, and present them some information about your business. This stage should be biased towards being attentive.

Information - Send them or direct them to relevant information as a follow-up to your initial conversation. You may send them an email with a web link to articles on your website, send them a targeted brochure or several case studies. Keep in mind less is more - they don't take a seat and read internet pages and webpages so keep it quick and relevant.

Appointment Arranging - If you believe you can help them ask to see them. You need dedicated time with them to find out more about their business. You might offer an initial consultation cost-free if this is suitable.

Preparation - the meeting should generally be an information gathering exercise. So be sure you do your own initial research so you know the basics about them and can ask more looking questions to expose their real needs and explore how you may be able to help.

Meeting - have plans and ensure you are obvious on the questions you want to explore. I always think there is no damage in taking demand of the reaching and declaring your plan up front. Like that you both know very well what to expect.

People want to talk about themselves and their own business but you might need to ask appropriate questions to keep things on the right track.

Proposal - Unless really pressed don't propose the answer in the appointment itself. You should have gathered a lot of information and need time to think things through and match your answers to the client needs. Do however get a proposal to them quickly after the meeting. Clearly the actual amount of time will be based upon the difficulty of the task - but any other thing more when compared to a week after the meeting begins to look disinterested.

Follow Up - Once you send the proposal you should let them know you'll follow-up. Prepare carefully for your follow-up call. Identify potential objections and have answers and ideas ready to counter these objections. Also keep in mind to listen and have the right questions - if indeed they say it's not what they expected dig deep to find out why. If indeed they state circumstances have changed ask in what way and don't be afraid to ask if price is an issue, having decided in advance whether you can negotiate on this component.

Sign up - this is your goal. Be sure you cover all the bases - do you need them to sign a contract, perhaps you have explained your conditions and conditions. Don't shy away from the conversation about invoicing schedules etc. You intend to get the partnership off to an excellent start, this means both gatherings know where they stand.

We can see that from the abilities which are stated for the sales woman, a sales advertising girl should also contain the pre qualification, information, appointment setting, preparation, conference, and proposal skill. It means that a sales promotion woman and a sales female job is nearly the same. The difference is usually that the sales promotion lady need not have the follow-up and the sign up process skill. They do not do a ongoing job. They are simply just doing their job for every day, and they need not be related with tomorrow's activities.

Sometimes, sales advertising girl also feel that these are abused. They know that they are not for sale, and they won't do something which are not on their deal. Too bad that the entrepreneur will usually disregarded them and keep doing what they need. Maybe they feel that because a sales promotion lady is a girl who is reselling herself, they have to accepted everthing that they ordered to.

There was an occurrence of 25 sales campaign girl came up to authorities office at central Jakarta. They are sales promotion lady of Stock Junction who suffer from poor attitude form their employer. They are reported those occurrence one day before and completing the document at this time. They give no comment but just crying while joining the head officer Suwondo Naiggolan. Those sales advertising girl refuse to give any responses, including their lawyer Hendrik Sirait. They said that they can kept a press meeting where they will tell everything there. They are reporting their manager at Stock junction for abusing them. They may be kidnapped and even pressured to drink water from this inflatable water closet. Those event are resulted due to something absent at the business and the employer get furious about any of it. They are really then obligated to hint a contract that they are willing to displace it with the money. They are really be hostage then, given no food nor normal water. There was even one sales promotion girl who was simply forced to do something like a dog and saved with the bos camera. Those video recording was then proven to her friends who was also kidnapped. Those video recording made everyone frightened.

There is also a case of sales campaign girl mistreatment in Salemba. A supervisor of imported garment store is reported lacking after tormented many sales campaign woman. His name is Rick. No person knows where he's going. Based on the law enforcement officials, Rick is tormenting those sales promotion lady with two of his underling, Suh and Kad, who are the corporate supervisor. At this time, the police remain collecting research, and waiting for the visum of the subjects. If everything has been completed, they'll call the sales campaign girl. When there is enough evidence, Rick and his underlings could be accused with article 335 KUHP.

Nurhayati, one of the sufferer of those event said that she was called to the office and obligated to admit that she was stealing while actually she realized nothing about any of it. She refused at the first time but she was slapped until five times until he finally admitted it. A couple of more sales advertising girl who've the same condition as Nurhayati do. (http://www. wartakota. co. id/read/layananumum/16374)

Sales promotion girl is always considered as a taboo for most Indonesian people. We do not usually speak about sex in the family and I ask yourself what parents will answer if their children ask them about a teen using sexy even standing in the center of the shopping mall. Imagine if their children said that they want to be like her when they develop up? Perhaps they might just divert the question and instead answering the question, they might just discuss another thing. Actually, It is not a good idea since children wouldn't normally get a definite answer plus they won't even consider it anymore. They don't realize that it was a new way of slavery to woman. It was belittling and weakening them. A little young man won't have a consciousness of those issues so when he developed, perhaps he will be one of the businessmen who uses female to sell- or even "offering the lady. A little gal also won't recognize that truly her kind is being dominated by the men. She won't recognize that some irresponsible people are taking features of the girl and someday, it could be her.

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