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Self Concepts in PEOPLE WITH Eating Disorders

  • Neelam Nasruddin


Self-concept is a major part in building eating disorder. Anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa leading health matter in adolescences now a day. The prevalence in Pakistan is 21. 7% was reported for anorexia nervosa in nursing students. The aim to write this scholarly newspaper is to clarify the role of self-concept in eating disorder by self-schema model of eating disorder. In self-schema model self-concept is define in three sizes. Deficit in id development, in this model we discuss about how identification play role in self-concept and if there is a problem in development of identification just how it can benefit in later life. Another model discuss distortion in body image that how person understand negative self and dissatisfy with owns body. Furthermore summarize in this model about body dissatisfaction and low self-esteem that how interruption in self-esteem later cause negative thought about body. There are plenty of ideas such as psychoanalytic theory and feminist theory which works on self-concept, self-identity, body image and personal- esteem. There are numerous techniques where we major self-concept, self-esteem in eating disorder. There are several treatments open to deal up with eating disorder such as self-help, psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy and interpersonal remedy and learn new coping strategies for better recovery and it can also assist in making self-identity.


"Shape and weight overvaluation occurs when the individual evaluates self-worth largely or almost entirely on body shape and weight, to the exclusion of other domains (e. g. , work, hobbies, analysis, friendships) and relates to but different from perfectionism" (Wade & Bulik, 2007;Watson et al. , 2011). Eating disorders like anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa are leading health matter in youth. The aim to create this newspaper is to discuss self theory in people having eating disorder. As in modern period everyone try to look smart and perfect how self-concept was effected on these folks.


"As opposed to boys young ladies were more susceptible to get this disorder. In Karachi, 180 female medical and medical university student prevalence rate of 21. 7% was reported for anorexia nervosa. Another review using SCOFF questionnaire 307 out of 446(68. 8%) girl university student have scored two or higher indicating a potential eating disorder and need for medical assessment". (journal of college of physician 2011). The anorexia nervosa is the disorder in which person feel serious fear to becoming excessive fat and do challenging exercise to reduce weight. They perceive themselves as unwanted fat and donot meet with the body image. In bulimia nervosa the person overuse laxative, induce vomiting by fingering. In these type of disorder it's important to see k aftereffect of self-concept because they have got intense negative feeling about personal or they dissatisfy with their appearance. The self-concept is reported to be the individual's overall collection of considering own personal that are linked in memory receive the self-schemas and comprehensive image about home. The issue in self and interruption in self-concept and wondering burden can result in growing an eating disorder. In Pakistan the most vulnerable group is adolescence because raise in sociable pressure to maintain skinniness body consequently self-esteem of any person. In Pakistani culture eating disorder are hardly analyzed. In young feminine diet and low self-esteem is set at major risk for eating disorder. There are many ideas review that psychoanalytic and feminist orientation has great effect in self-concept of and specific. The psychoanalytic ideas talk about lower home in eating disorder mainly in self-psychological aspects. In feminist theory entire concern on body image, the procedure of psychodynamic and feminist theory is that eating disorder have balanced, accurate relevant character. Yet, few data of results and programs on self esteem. It includes one of the reason why that self-esteem methodology is comprehensive and undifferentiated. So, it isn't possible to taking every areas of individual's home image probably necessary when expanding eating disorder. In self-concept, self-schema model, there are three category includes 1. Deficit in personal information formation 2. Distortion in body image and 3. Body dissatisfaction and low self-confidence. (Karen F. Stein p. 97 personal schema model of eating disorder). Deficit in individuality creation, this model target on building up individuality in child and adolescence. Additionally it is give attention to parent-child affair. Matching to the theory parents through their expectation on child and the kid miss to develop self-governing. Child feels low and in adolescence he/she encounters social complications related their individuality. Matching to Bruch's theory that interruption in self-identity development is cause of disorder. The influence of parents governing and offer less opportunities to child can developed self-doubt, problem in formation of personality and child face problem in natural and sociable aspect and sense of feebleness. Schupak-Neuberg and Nemeroff (1993) "found that girls with BN have better self-concept impairments including higher degrees of identity confusion, a greater sense of enmeshment with others, and less steady self-definitions over time than binge eating women who do not take part in compensatory actions and settings" Another is body image distortion, in this theory they miss interpretation their body image. It is due to initially lack of parent child romantic relationship. It really is suppose to inability in feeling physical indicators like hunger, emotion and alteration in perceive body image. "Due to increasing pressure during adolescence for desire body form that conforms to the perfect. "(Imran N and Ashraf A). Body image created somewhat by influence of cultural norms. In american society leanness and elegance immediately related to women. These strategy strengthened through examination and observation to others such as significant others, fellow workers, and press images. According to DSM-IV-TR (APA 2000) that presence of interruption in body image is vital manifestation of eating disorder. In third theory which is body dissatisfaction and low self-esteem. According to Rosenberg (1965) define self-esteem as beneficial or unfavorable attitude toward self" (p. 15). In eating disorder this disruption in notion against self applied. In eating disorder determine their body in pessimistic way. "low self-esteem idea may be only part of a larger constellation of do it yourself concept deviation associated with the disorders"(Karen F. stein p. 100 self applied schema style of eating disorder). Some studies have found that individuals having eating disorder with low self-esteem has less effect on treatment. The person with eating disorder has other low self-esteem features like negative self-image, over concern about size, weight and body shape. Relating to Stice and Whitenton (2002), "almost 25% of adolescent women have clinical levels of body dissatisfaction, mainly induced by interpersonal pressure emanating from family, friends, and media". My estimation, it is major disorder in adolescence and day by day it getting most detrimental which is influence on the self-concept of an person. The marketing can play major role in develop eating disorder by idea of female beauty through advertisement and magazines. There are several side effect of this disorder in terms of building personality, cognitive aspect and action of a person. You can find some treatment for such people influencing from eating disorder. Home help is best intervention. "Studies on ED treatment final result indicate that psychotherapy focusing on personality dynamics coupled with nutritional treatment can improve overall emotional and social working and forecast better global final result in comparison to treatment centering only on the amelioration of ED symptoms". (Thompson-Brenner & Westen, 2005). Other treatment is cognitive behavioral therapy and interpersonal remedy also used. About 50% of eating disorder shows great improvement after treatment. Personality patterns treatment bring about people with eating disorder is depend upon their coping system cut down restraint and being socialize. Adoption of new coping skills like hearing music, reading, participating in etc.


In finish, eating disorder is a major concern in girl more than guys and it is very common problem in child and adolescence. You will discover three main do it yourself concept theory of eating disorder which talks about identity development that how eating disorder creates identification of own home. It also talks about parent child bonding and relationship which results on child's id and later it can result in eating disorder. In body image disruption how and individual understand her body in negative way and its own effect on behavior. There are numerous self-positive and even more negative aspects. One mainstream technique to exactly confirming self-perception aggravations in eating problems is to check the detail of shape size estimations and the last is dissatisfaction of body and low self esteem in which disrupting attitude against own self applied. There are lots of treatment plans by mean of psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy and interpersonal therapy which can help patient in recovery and strengthen their coping mechanism. By learning new strategies person has better option to recuperate from these disorder. The recommendation is that further research is needed in Pakistan to recognize severity of this disorder. Teaching in school, universites and colleges about self consciousness is very important aspect to diminish such types of disorders.

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