Socio Demographic And Cultural Factors Marketing Essay

Wm Morrison Supermarket plc most called Morrisons is a famous British store created in 1899 by William Morrison in Bradford (Great britain). This store is customized in the sale of food (fresh products) and grocery.

Morrison was very present in the north of the uk but start expending in the south following the acquisition of Safeway in March 2004 that have been concentrated in the south of Britain and Scotland. Now Morrisons has a total of 403 supermarket stores around the United Kingdom.

Today, Morrisons presents the fourth greatest supermarket chain in the United Kingdom after Tesco, Asda and Sainsbury's.

The retail supermarket industry has become very competitive in the United Kingdom. However, this sector still shows a solid growth probable. To expand overseas and being more competitive than the others United Kingdom vendors are the key goals of any major company.

But how strong merchants like Morrisons can face an uncertain economical future? How important is for a retailer to understand its consumer's needs. Which roles play customers in the retailer strategy?

We will dsicover in this article how the Morrisons market envirronement is by studying the results of the Infestation evaluation. We will also study the opportunities and hazards of Morrisons.

Secondly, we will analyse the Morrisons opponents by performing a competitors evaluation and comparing the various deals that Tesco, Asda and Sainsbury's offers to the customers and what is the added value of Morrisons.

In the second part we will show the partnership between Morrisons and its own cutomers.

First, we will emphasize the means utilized by Morrisons to appeal to its customers analyse the marketing blend.

Then, the services offered to your client and the relationship between the dealer and its customers.

Morrisons market environment

The market environment is very important for Morrisons because it shows the influences of the environment upon an organisation.

Environmental research:


Wm Morrison has to face some local and political implications, regarding job and economy. Those points affect Morrisons and the management of the organisation.

The acquisition of safeways can be an important aspect and affects positively the retailer. Because of this political decision that involves economics results, Morrisons has made great strides in the local market.

Morrisons also has to handle some Western european factors including the legislation of the worker salary and the number of work hours. European Union also offers created barriers pertaining to European staff and entry of European rivals.


Inflation, recession, growth, VAT and other factors like the level of career and other budget decision have an impact on Morrisons.

For example, it will be easier for the business to expand as a result of stable situation in UK. The level of career is good and the overall economy of the country too.

Global factors have an impact on vendors, although the company competes only within the U. K market.


The population of the country comes with an important impact on Morrisons supermarkets. Morrisons must provide more products to meet all categories of customers. (Especially for aging inhabitants) Furthermore it is actually important to provide a friendly shopping environment for customers. For instance Morrisons must understand the condition with the old human population is the option of employees for the future. You will see fewer more radiant people in the foreseeable future to work or search for employment.

Morrisons has to target different part of the population and offer products for all classes of people.

For Morrisons and other retailers, the sensation of "busy life" is more and more present. So they need to adapt their starting hours for the clients which work more and need additional time.

The United Kingdom has increasingly turn into a multi-cultural country with the looks and learning of different ethnicities. The growing variety of Pakistanis, Indian, Chinese language and other nationalities foods or products is becoming an important market and Morrisons has already known that by retailing takeaways menus with different food types.


E-commerce has become an important marketing and syndication channel. The most important rival of Morrisons, Tesco already start selling products online with tesco. com which motivate Morrisons to remain competitive also in this area which represent the future sales.

The use of machines (home check out) instead of personnel has influence the amount of staff in supermarket. But customers still needs people to help or advice them.

Supply string and value chain integration has advanced recently and is a significant area, where assets are had a need to gain competitive benefits.


Using the SWOT evaluation we can learn the primary opportunities and threats of Morrisons.





Good value on BOGOF deals

(bad quality)

Safeway acquisition

food labelling, recycling(good image)

Good PR with suppliers


No recognisable community face

More quality but high price VS rivals (Tesco former mate: 3024 cheaper products)

Porter VALUE CHAIN Analysis:

The first value string activity analyses of Morrisons are:

Inbound Logistics:

Morrisons has a competitive gain by controling its own supply string and due to superior logistical system that allows it to provide fresh an other items very quickly.


Morrisons earn another advantage by giving to its customers an event of shopping never seen before through the "Market Road".

Outbound Logistics:

Morrisons has substantially upgraded the outbound logistics by giving a whole lot of facilities to its customers such as parking but must face its opponents which can be highly informed about that kind of services that they already use.

Morrisons has to change its methodology of marketing and sales because its not a strong point of Morrisons success. If Morrisons want to keep being in the fourth retailers of UK it has to review its marketing.


Morrisons has a good service quality but still has to improve some tactical elements like the after sales services and customer's financial service.

The extra value string activity analyses of Morrisons are:


Morrisons has quite good infrastructures that let the integration of the source chain.

Human Source Management:

Employees are a pricey and vital reference that Morrisons need. Morrisons should improve its real human ressources management strategy to improve its profits.

Morrisons has a good research and development centre that helped it before by innovating media services. But today Morrisons should invest more in this sector if it would like to stay in the fourth UK retailers!


Morrisons will have to face major problems due to its rapid expansion.

Morrisons and its own competitors

If Morrisons be successful being the fourth nationwide shop it is due to acquisition of Safeways which was essential to face its big rivals.

The Morrisons's magic formula is easy: low costs, low prices, and basic and fair food retailing.

For this examination I have chosen to review the case of two of the key Morrisons competition such as Tesco and ASDA. Tesco and Asda are the primary threats of morrisons because of the financial advantages and how big is the firms.


Tesco is the countrywide leader in the UK market. However it has also founded itself internationally. Tesco has a view to continue and increase its market stocks in the united kingdom and be a prominent player in the international market.

The Tesco's current strategies include new programs of marketing, and market development. For Tesco we can say that it has a good opportunity to show its shows and be successful on its challenges. We can easily say that the key reason why Tesco is the best (leader) is because Tesco always deal with successfully its resource chain and its finances. We can also add the fact that Tesco has a good online marketing strategy facing all the supermarket prices and will be offering.

In the future Tesco can follow the same strategy and become more hostile because the retailer market permits it and it is more and more competitive. Furthermore Tesco will advantages from the global expansion, what Morrisons can't do.


ASDA, which is owned by the international supermarket string Wal-Mart, has its goals, to become the marketplace leader in the U. K.

The ASDA's strategy is to targets the same strategies as Tesco and attempts to concern it. ASDA hasn't as much chances as Tesco to succeed in its strategies due to strong ability of opponents on the market. But ASDA is highly competent to face and contend with Morrisons's strategy.

ASDA has the benefit of benefiting of belonging to Wall membrane Mart which can commit more in this brand. It can help it to become more competitive and face others retailers. The threats posed by Morrisons will make ASDA more hostile as Tesco.

This analyse give us some information about the main Morrisons's competitors and help us to realize the Porter five forces analyze.

Threat of new entrants:

The threat of new entrant is high because of the nature of the United Kingdom industry. However the UK retail market does not only host United kingdom retailers and Western supermarkets also want to penetrate it. The German chain already did it with the Lidl stores. British isles retailers also needs to be afraid of American supermarket chains which make an effort to integrate the united kingdom market in order to make British retailers weak.

Threats of substitutes:

Substitutes could be viewed as impartial retail outlets, off certificate, or particular stores like Londis. For the moment it generally does not represent any hazards for large merchants as Morrisons but could be dangerous in the foreseeable future.

Bargaining electricity of customers:

The bargaining electric power of potential buyers is relatively high because customers of Morrisons have a great deal of alternatives. If they're not completely satisfied they'll easily change of store for lower prices, better quality or offers. Moreover, today, customers are incredibly aware of what happen in the retail world, that is to say that they know all offers, special offers in all stores as well as for all brands.

Bargaining electricity of suppliers:

Since today, Morrisons hasn't suffered a great deal from the bargaining electric power of distributor but it has to find new suppliers because of the recent expansion. It's very hard to predict the near future bargaining electricity of suppliers but we can imagine that it will be highest in than today.

Rivalry among rivals:

The retail industry is highly competitive. However there are just four sellers that dominate the forex market in UK such as Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury's and Morrisons.

Morrisons and its own customers

Morrisons services and offers:

Being one of the primary retailers in UK, Morrisons must deliver the best services and products to its customers.

First Morrisons established fact for the quality of its product and services. Indeed, Morrisons wishes to offer to the client the cost effective on its products. That is why each company is carefully chosen as the products.

Morrisons is especially known for the quality of its products and its own large numbers of fresh products.

In reality, Morrisons works hand in hand with farms which reassured the customers the quality and provenance of every fruit, vegetables and meat, second the Morrisons website corporate information.

Morrisons offers an array of meat, especially from Haswell Moor Plantation, England, vegetables & fruits as well coming from Tattersett Farms, and Strawson in Nottinghamshire.

Morrisons is absolutely proud of its supplier network and play a whole lot on this asset.

Morrisons is also one of the supermarkets in Great britain with a broad choice of fisheries also from Trafalgar Fisheries and Falfish, Great britain.

Therefore, we can say that in the idea of view of fresh products, Morrisons makes a point of honor to meet customers while keeping prices acceptable even see amazing.

Apart of the merchandise Morrisons, guarantee to its customers, services waiting for you such as salad, pies, bakery, pastries bars but also some facilities for your client like a car park, petrol train station, car rinse, restaurant or caf and cash machine.

All these elements symbolize the customer's needs which may have been researched by Morrisons to gratify the customer.

Morrisons also release his proper website online to facilitate searching for customers. Indeed, this right way to shop, has been followed by competition and Morrisons also had to handle them in this section.

This way, Morrisons's customers can finally have access to products available in their supermarket, but can also create their grocery list online.

On the website, we will get information about products, their source, the appealing offers suggested by Morrisons.

It is still impossible to buy online on the website but we feel that it'll be soon.

In addition, Morrisons also places at the disposal of its customers a store finder, that allows one to find the nearest supermarket just writing the postcode. Upon this page all the information about the shops are available as for example the beginning hours, services provided by the store, and all facilities.

It is also possible to view information highly relevant to the company, its suppliers, etc.

To complete these advantages Morrisons, the company sets at the disposal of its dedicated customers an especially skilled personnel.

Morrisons included in its commercial culture that each customer should be able to get the info they want on any product, service that Morrisons offers. That's the reason every employee gets an exercise to enable these to respond to each question asked by your client.

The employees all work in a heart of teamwork and family, because Morrisons is a great and big family that anyone can join if they really want.

Corporate culture is very important at Morrisons as it will reflect the concepts and ideals of the business and meet the employees and customers needs.

Like its competitors, Morrisons has created offers on its products: the purchase price crunch.

These reductions relate to a vast majority of products and allow customers to take pleasure from a common products at low prices.

We will get these offers on the regular in-store mag launched in 2008 by Morrisons. That one is a assortment of information about the store, the occurrences that touche it but also the products that it sells and several formulas designed to products sold to get.

Therefore, Morrisons boosts its popularity because of this free support for customers.

Now we will have the marketing mix of Morrisons. The term of marketing blend represent all the various tools available to the business to achieve its aims with the mark market.


Morrisons offer an array of products for all sorts of customers. The product quality and the source of its products are details of the Morrsions marketing.


The Morrisons prices are higher than the others like Tesco and Asda or Sainsburys but Morrisons insist more on the quality of its products than the prices. For instance Tesco with its low prices could be observed as a discount store so bad quality store. Morrisons also offer some price reduction on some products.


Morrisons is especially based in Britain and most in the north. It can certainly play with the proximity image and the culture customers and store share.


Morrisons base its campaign on the quality of its products and especially on the fresh and the friendly atmosphere of its stores.

Morrisons's relationship with customers

In this part, we will analyse the relationship between Morrisons and its customers starting by the customer's evaluation to define the marketplace portion and the targets and exactly how Morrisons do to answer the customers need.

Customer's examination:

Thanks to the Hawkins and Mothersbaugh publication we can understand the purpose of this research which is to separate the population in various groups in order to understand the customer's needs and to check if Morrisons has known how to answer them. By this analyse we can easily understand the relationship between customers and dealer.

The traditionalist:

This area of the population is inspired by the annals of its own country and region. Its a socio-economic and ethnical phenomenon that influence the customer in his way to be, buying etc. Morrisons succeed in responding to this consumer's category section in Britain but should meet some problems growing abroad since it could be identified diversely or as a stranger.

The homebody:

The homebody is an extremely particular section of the populace because he is very attach to its roots and roots. Each of these factors will influence his way of shopping for and of choosing the shop. The Homebody needs a secure sociable environment.

For this category Morrisons has comprehended the consumers needs and has targeted this area of the inhabitants with success by giving a family atmosphere and homely environment in its stores.

The rationalist:

The fact that Morrisons learn how to diversify in United Kingdom is an excellent thing and can permit the being successful of this category/ section because this kind of customers is unstable, complex and prepared to take dangers.

The pleasurist: The pleasurist is a portion of the population that underline the psychological experience. They may be autonomous/ solitary. The pleasurist is a good category because they like changes and you will be in a position to buy in Morrisons. The issue is that it'll be hard for Morrisons to preserve this segment for ever.

The striver:

If Morrisons wishes to keep this category it will have to innovate in a everlasting manner and always renew its habits and products. This category is continuously captivated by the novelty and changes. That's the reason Morrisons is able to satisfy this part of the population but will have to invest in research and development to keep this category.

The trendsetter: Morrisons will involve some problems to sustain this category due to its constant needed of changes. Indeed this category of customers is a bit hard to focus on because they always need spontaneity and advancement. For this portion Morrisons would have to innovate more and start doing different event that could get them.

With this analyse we can understand that even if some categories could stand for issues for Morrisons, it actually concentrate on many of these. Morrison should innovate more and improve its strategy to be able to answer all sections of the population's needs.

Nowadays, we can easily say that Morrisons has earned the devotion of a big part of consumers by answering the consumer's needs. The traditional and familial aspect of Morrisons seduces seniors and family but the constant innovation this is the take great pride in of Morrisons will usually attract youthful.


To conclude with this survey, we can say that Morrisons be successful and face an uncertain monetary future by hearing its customer's needs.

Every retailer has to understand that without consumers there is no business, so sellers have to comprehend what their clients really want and try to do its best to provide him it.

A store like Morrisons should not stress about conserving its customers because it recognizes how to answer their needs but should understand the best way to get it done by minimizing some costs that might be committed to another sector for example the research and development.

To end we can say that Morrisons is a superb dealer that understand its customers and really know what they want. Morrisons also innovate constantly to be able to supply the better to its customer. This added value makes the customer being dedicated to a brand. The traditional aspect of Morrisons is a good point since it help customers sense at home and feeling secure, which point is vital for a shop also for the customer itself. Actually this is the determinant point that will determine of the sales.

In the future Morrisons must innovate again and again to increase its market shares in United Kingdom but also in another country in another new market and follow the Tesco steps.

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