Strategic Targets Of Procedures Management Within Company Commerce Essay

Operations management is the region of business; it handles the development and services. It entails the responsibility of the business enterprise operations are effective by making use of using small resources as needed. It is the process that turns inputs into outputs by means of product and services. Procedure management is the heart and soul of the organization by managing the functions of the machine. It handles the operation, design and improvement the grade of systems product and services. Procedures management, marketing and money are the functional field of the business with management obligations. The need for operations management atlanta divorce attorneys business organizations activity attached and it takes on important role to ensure that firm achieve their objectives and goals or not.

Honda Motors can be an vehicle company which produces bikes and autos. To taking care of every business activity it requires necessary operations management techniques. To ensure efficiency and success in the organization Honda Motors uses operations management. How exactly to well resources like individuals know-how, machines efficiency and materials are use to improve organizations performance. The business is having principal target of to earn maximum revenue. The business reduces cost of the development using multiple new systems. The company must have objective to increase productivity by using minimum resources. Honda Motors have performance and efficiency because they totally utilised worker productivity, proper utilization of resources, and management techniques.

Honda Motors use operations management for proper usage of its products and services management. Wide variety of management activities is having service or product management, new ideas for the merchandise to provide support to customers who purchased the new Honda product. Product management conducts by every firm whether it is done intentionally or unintentionally. Honda Motors uses it expert skill for to bettering creation techniques, quality improvement, marketing through advertise and magazines to introduce services in the market place.

Strategic aims of Honda Motors

Fig: Strategic Management

Strategic management is nothing but of the skill of putting into action and analyzing well decisions that allow an organization to attain its objective. Arranging organizations objective is one of the main and challenging activity. The success and inability of the organization depends after the environment of the proper objectives. Strategic aims are established for longer period. In Honda Motors tactical objectives established for three to five years.

Honda Motors understand their internal capabilities as well as environment. Strategic goals plan gives recommendations and guidelines to Honda Motors for where to start and where in fact the organization is going. Another aim is to motivate the professionals and associates for giving prize when they are taking effort for to advance of the business. The objective setting up helps to evaluate the success of Honda Motors in the strategic planning.

Tool for examination of the proper objectives

SWOT Analysis

SWOT tool is widely used in business for proper planning, SWOT research is basic guide for proper planning. If management is provide proper information about objective then this tool very helpful for the company. SWOT analysis discovers capabilities and its own inner position by figuring out the company's talents and weaknesses. Once the organization discovered its advantages and weaknesses then it should determine the importance of each factor. Management team must make examination of all strength and weaknesses and find the amount of these durability and weaknesses. The importance of these strengths and weaknesses should be diagnosed.

SWOT Analysis of Honda Motors


High R&D


Market share authority in smart segment

Strong brand equity

Unique products

Production system that is sophisticated in the years


High cost framework in comparison to China

Company is determined by profits coming from throughout the world, thus at the mercy of global economies performance.


Now every day, Customers consistently increased interest into less energy consuming and bare minimum pollution vehicles, Honda Motors having powerful R&D to develop these kind of cars when planning on taking more and more benefit of the marketplace. Customers required quality product with paying lowest cost. Honda motors taking this advantages having his product minimum cost and best quality as compare to other products.


Economic slowdown due the financial meltdown in 2008

External changes (federal, politics, taxes, etc. )

Lower cost rivals or imports from

Performance operations, goals of the company

An group success is depends upon three major factors that is product quality, cost, and velocity. In todays market tendency every customer focuses on these three things of the product. If any companies product quality is good, and cost is also bare minimum with having good comfort as compare to other products then your products demand upsurge in market place. This will helps to group for permanent sale of the particular product. For retaining each one of these things, company's operation management must be good. Corporation must be attaining aims with help of proper planning. Honda Motors having good businesses management, to attain objective of the business. Strategic objective planning really helps to achieve organization aims. To keep good product quality Honda motors uses procedures management. By using operations management organization finds his stability of the creation, and it also helps to organization how to fulfil the dependability of the business. Honda Motors have flexible and powerful businesses management for making quality products. Honda Motors yearly make review of the marketplace for the understanding current market needs. After the research of the study Honda Motors chooses his strategic aims and these targets firm achieve by using good functions methodology. In today's market place Honda Motors having powerful brand because of company produce quality product and sales the merchandise with least price according to the marketplace needs. Company unveiling his product in market with having good quality, comfort, and minimum amount price as compare to competitor's products. Overall flexibility is most important part of the organization, firm must make changes into the product according to the market need which is attained by good businesses management of the business. Flexibility is very useful for company's success. By using operations management group achieve strategic aims. If company having powerful businesses management in an organization, it will automatically achieve organizational strategic objectives. Honda Motors always take this advantage and achieve his tactical objectives. [1][2]

Systems to ensure quality of product and services

Business Process Management

In the competitive world every corporation creates different products from the competition for to secure business on the market place. Quality management is the need for today's business environment. In these days consumer can pick variety of similar products, but consumer select which will vary from others. If customer not satisfied with this product performance they swap to the brand. Thus the organization must give attention to customers' needs and wants and differentiation of the quality from the other volume of competitors. Client satisfaction is most significant for build up brand loyalty which helps for long-term sales.

To complete specific business results business process used set of easy or difficult business oriented tasks. A small business process typically starts with a specific need and end with outputs in the form of product and services. Many business procedures are sometimes produced by accident, in these procedures no real thought in how those functions were developed. In some instances many procedures developed in case of changes in technology, environment, insurance policy, and market tendencies. Whether the techniques developed by intentionally or by accidently nearly every process need to improvement of the grade of the product or services. For improving these processes company must make a tactical decision or planning when they will not improve or change.

Business process improvement is a systematic strategic approach to improving organizations business procedures and product quality and services. Many times these processes required inputs from interior departments in the business or outside the corporation like inputs from customers or suppliers. Organization must get the customers current requirement about quality, cost and comfort about product and service. Identify new operations or different process to make desired output faster, less expensive, improve quality of the product.

Business process Management tools

In the market there a wide range of business process management software alternatives are available. Pursuing some of the business enterprise process management applications are as follows:

Pegasis system






Software AG

To locating the solution customers should perform an intensive search that matches the organizations permanent needs and permanent direction for the business there are a lot more systems are commonly used. BMP alternatives having few existing standards. A number of the specifications used are Business Process Execution Terminology (BPEL), XML process description dialect (XPDL).

With the assistance of business process management alternatives, it can help to organization to improve all business procedures and quality of the product and services. It also helps to increase efficiency of the employees and also helps to find organization strengths and weaknesses. Business process management can connect with improvement of most business process activities. It can help to identify gaps in existing procedures. It can help to development of new impressive processes which helps to increase product quality and services, whether you are working on improvement of worker efficiency process or improvement of development system process.

Quality audit system

The inside quality audit is the device with the help of this procedure of the product quality management system is supervised and similar with the recorded quality system is guaranteed. Audits done by the auditors, auditors are appointed by the company for the Organizations functions or methods being audited. Through the inner audit success of the quality system is obtained. The main reason for the product quality system is to verify quality of the merchandise and services according to the organizations standard. Internal quality audit is very good for to increase success of the organization.

Approaches to Auditing

Vertical Auditing

Horizontal Auditing

Vertical audit looks at particular function or department. These kinds of audit keep an eye on all the actions and methods in this department. Internal audit are usually vertical audits.

Horizontal audit practices learn to end process. These types of audit check out strategies as they support the process itself and are likely to period many different departments.

The internal quality audit system is a noted system within the planning, execution and follow-up of quality audits carried out within the range of the product quality management system. It is part of the quality management system itself.

Internal quality audit system having three functions (required by the ISO 9000)

Management Representative

Internal Quality Auditors

Management Review Body

All these three elements required by ISO 9000 however the method and implementation design of the inner quality audit system (IQAS) is not compulsory. The IQAS needs the corrective action system to be effective. An interior quality audit requires engagement of the organizations senior management peoples. This involves expert on the management team or the management rep. The management representative is the hyperlink between the operating quality management system and the business management through the management review function. The management representatives constantly focus on those problems which cannot be solve at any level. These problems may be found through normal quality control activities, but these problems will also identify during internal audits. The management rep is in charge of ensuring requirement of the business in terms of policy, target and supporting steps are implemented and looked after. Quality director is also accountable for organizations day to day activities. The role of quality director is must fulfil these obligations. The quality manager must make good romantic relationship with the individuals. The quality administrator should never have conflicts between workers or team.

The quality manager is accountable for selecting, training and managing the quality auditors, managing inside audits, monitoring the implementation of the audit schedule and give article to the top management peoples. How many auditors required for auditing it's depend on the size of the organization. The scope of the quality management system and the various functions completed in to the quality management system. For instance manufacturing company having manpower 800 individuals, and propagate over 3 sites, it might control with a 24 interior auditor's team and quality management system protected all the major functions.

When the auditors have a audit in the organization in those days they need to be self-employed. This prevents conflicts and inner politics which may be generates wrong results. Auditing is about communication with the individuals and being attentive about procedures. Auditor must be good listener. The auditor must have good knowledge to ask the right questions so you can get the mandatory information.

Implementation of the product quality audit system

The audit conducted as per the particular objective basic and quality system and standard platform. It is conducted by the auditors individually where these are auditing. This means when audit is carry out there should never include internal issues and politics which generate incorrect results for the auditor.

The typical process of audit will include:

In first stage i. e. prep stage during this level auditor makes a set of functions to be audited.

Deciding the opportunity of the audit.

Preparing proper list of the questions to be covered through the audit.

The director or supervisor of the function being audited, it must be first receive backup of the set of the audit. The audit processes generally start with the appointment to clarify the range of the audit. To everyone familiar with the audit process this stage is very brief. During the audit noted any non-conformances and mix referenced to either the standard. The procedure of the audit will closes with taking ending up in auditee to agree with the fact the non conformances, and discuss about taking corrective actions and decide times for activities to be completed. Solutions and the corrective actions and dates for the conclusion will all in the form of audit report. After the audit is completed report should prepare yourself within 24 hours. The audit is not regarded as closed until group take corrective actions have been completed and auditor confirms all considered actions. If the Follow audit is not complete auditor must take re-audit begin from the first process and discover useful alternatives.

Ways to create new quality culture

Company, Suppliers and customers we all have been in together

When company employs this culture means we all have been this collectively, reminds everyone how individuals success will depend on company success and the business's success is determined by how everyone doing their work well. This type of environment helps to identify everyone is a part of organization and having personal personal information. It is also support for teamwork with the teams. It will help to company for create strong staff loyalty.

Open, Honest communication is important


In the business everyone has problems regarding to personal, cultural, or any issue in group work. Managerial person must having sense and understanding about the worker when employee having any problem.


Sometimes some individuals not listen to others. Peoples try to say what on their minds, they make an effort to say that they are right among others are incorrect, but nobody wants listens him, sometimes this will creates organizations big damage. Because whatever they try to say which is very good for the organization. The manager must have encouraged open and honest communication. This can support to making powerful decisions against the issues by concerning everyone's views in the organization. Different peoples having different views and ideas, if in company having facility to listen everyone's view and ideas then it'll very helpful for organizations success.

Focus on Processes

Every organizations success is determined by how efficient processes done in the organization. Organization must targets techniques because all techniques in the business not heading well, it'll automatically impacts on product quality and hence it will affects on product sales. If organization needs success, it will need to have proper adjustments on all organizations techniques. This may helps everyone to understand the value of teamwork and cooperation to each other and the self-reliance of the task. This can help to improvement of the product quality using useful quality tools and measure process performance and teamwork. Corporation must monitor every process and by making changes into the procedures increase efficiency, correctness and velocity to raise the productivity. If procedures or plans are predefined in a firm its outcome is actually beneficial for an organization, because management targets the techniques which executed according to the requirements or plans, it helps to improve the efficiency and also quality. [6][3][8]

Improve organizational performance

Identify problems and opportunities for improvement

In Honda Motors organizations work activities did by using procedures management activities for to attain organizations objectives. Firm fixes objectives with the aid of proper planning. Company facing some problems in production system, but company continually research on these problems and try to improve production velocity, efficiency, and accuracy and reliability of the product. Company having good R&D team for making continuously research on product quality and try to find solutions which increases product quality better than current quality. It can help to organization maintain position in the current market. In today's market customers required more fuel efficient cars, this is the big possibility to Honda making vehicles with maximum fuel efficient with keeping good quality of the product.

Organization improvement

Every business produce product according to the existing market need, and make an effort to presenting good quality product with minimum cost for enhancing product sales and secure place in market. Organizations aims must establish with the help proper planning which helps for success. If the business objectives set according to the market style and need then it'll helps to reduce variation between what customers want and what product and services deliver. Any product sales depends on how the product fulfils the customer's requirement. When any corporation produces any product, company must be making survey of the marketplace and try to learn what the necessity of customers. Because what customers and stakeholders required and what product company offers this is very important for organizations success. If the company produce any product which not fulfils customers need it will results customer leave this product, this will impact on product sales and company's position on the market.

Implications of proposed changes within the business.

Organizational change it is only of changing current work routines by launching new guidelines and systems into the operation. Organizational change is very difficult because the regular routine activities not support to improve. Organizational change also not directly helps because company employed in current place environment which is not easily helps to the change. To compete with the competitors in the market every corporation must make changes in the organization. Using new solutions and inventions produce quality product that may compete with the competitor's product. Change in group is very useful for organization success. If the organizations suggested change implements properly by making use of change models and tools then it'll increase company efficiency, productivity, quality, and really helps to produce quality product in bare minimum cost, otherwise it will generate organizations damage. The main objective of the organizational change is to increase quality of the product with lowest defect and earn maximum profit with investing minimum cost.

4. 4. Put into action changes in the organization

Product quality

Every organizational success is will depend on his product and services. To increase product quality according to the customers' necessity and comfort, since when consumers purchase your product if he will not satisfy very long time with your product then he will leave your brand. Organization must constantly improve product quality and technology for the secure base in market and increase deal of your product. If your product is good he compete with others product then automatically improve your company profit. An excellent customer always customer always start to see the product quality. Because they would like extended life comfort with the merchandise, customers have many selections while buying something so for that every company needs to keep up with the product quality for to attract the customers.

Cost of quality measurement

In organization the three things are extremely important which are cost, time, and manpower necessary for the creation, before producing any product every creation company assess this three things. For to keeps product quality corporation must commit cost. Group must calculate creation cost and exactly how much price he'll get from the marketplace it is vital. Organization must take care of these exact things when maintaining quality of the merchandise. Because if group produce quality product, however in market having competitors same product which having price is significantly less than our product, if our company lower product cost which is significantly less than production cost then it will generate organization reduction. Sometimes you won't influence on company's sale of the merchandise, when company having strong brand in market place.

Honda Motors have balance quality cost as per sales cost, and in the organization effective quality programs can reduce this almost, It will result making immediate contribution to the profits. Honda Motors having powerful brand in market, that is why product cost not affects on product quality. This is the big benefits to the Honda Motors to earn much more and more revenue. To improvement of total company performance and quality following points are essential:

Leadership must make a difference.

Better implementation strategy and better planning

Employee participation should be accurate

Easy and simple identification and measurement

Proper Control and improvement in operations.

Focusing on critical areas

Honda Motors always research his critical areas and look for solutions for how to convert these weaknesses into strengths. This plan will helps to organization to produce powerful organizational environment, and also really helps to increase productivity. When Honda Motors expose any product on the market after that they make review in the market and sees critical areas of this product which is immediately affect on his sales, for example Honda Motors introduce his new product (Honda City) which is not gas efficient, this is made an appearance into customers responses. Company concentrate on this area of the product, and look for how to increase gas efficiency in current development cost.


Organization must be flexible when any change creates, like environmental change, market changes, technological change etc at that time corporation must find alternatives to resolve these problems. If any machine downtime occurs at that time whole production never to be stop, it must be having alternatives to continue creation process. If any staff knowing any machines functions and in case he will unable to come on work then, it must be having what other employee to handle this work. Flexibility in the organization is very important to smooth company process. These all things support to increase organizations performance.

Human Tool Development

Employee is the major area of the organization. Managers must inspire to employees to complete their work. Planning training sessions for the employees to the improve work efficiency. Give increments to the employees. Human being resource development is also called as personnel improvements consist of all activities to ensure that effective usage of employees to doing organizational targets. Provide good facilities to the employees where they work.

Automation in production

To improving organizational production techniques, it must be use machines and robots for the creation. This will very helpful for those organizations that are produce mass production. Automation is very helpful for correctness and fast development. It reduces manpower, cost of the production and helps to support batch development. Using automation in the organization, it increases efficiency in minimum time. Minimum amount manpower is necessary.


Teamwork is the important in company to completing any activity properly and fast. Organizational director must inspire to employees work in team. Teamwork is vital factor to bettering organization performance. It does increase work efficiency. By using teamwork fast problems should be solved, finds new impressive ways to concluding particular task. Easily completed any job because of work is dividing in several parts. It can help to sharing new impressive ideas with the colleague, which may be really helps to increase corporation performance. [1][5][7]


In the study of this project, we add new techniques for bettering organizations quality. We also suggest how to manage business processes and exactly how to improve techniques. We find organizations durability, weaknesses, opportunities, risk with the help of SWOT research tool. We suggest how to boost product quality. In such a task we take one circumstance as Honda Motors and make research of the different factors of firm which affects on organizations quality, and we give solutions for to increase quality. This will helps to company maintains group as well as products quality.

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