Strategies for Employee Communication

Communication happens atlanta divorce attorneys company everyday and it's really a required and important method to operate an organization. Communication is a common exchange of ideas, opinions and information, which is using spoken or written words, symbols or specific actions (Business communication and its types, 2009). The Good communication in a business could make the corporation work very well and improve the performance of employees and promote the commercial benefits (Lorette). Also some key points and framework of communication will be utilized to discuss the research study. In the case review, Steve Yatman works on the foster health care team with the Section of Community Services and they fulfilled some problems and use some methods to offer with it. Following that, some advice are listed in the last and these recommendation helps Yatman to cope with their communication problems effectively and proficiently. As the result of that, the readers will understand the meaning of communication and the methods that are launched may provide specific approaches for the kids. Finally, in the final outcome part, all the situation and theories will be sum up clearly.

In the process of communication, there are seven elements can impact the results of communication (Chand): Sender; Message; Receiver; Feedback; Channel; Context; Software.

  • Sender: the person who plan to pass information or ideas to others. In the event analysis, Yatman's organization's customers are senders in the process of communication because they send their information to the staff of foster treatment team. However, the staffs in firm are also the sender in the internal environment of organization because they need to talk to their work peers or supervisor.
  • Message: the information, ideas, views or feelings sent from senders to receivers.
  • Receivers: the folks who receive communication and understanding the info. In the event, staff and their work peers received information.
  • Feedback: it's the important part for an efficient communication.
  • Channel: the techniques or strategy to send message. In the event, the best way to converse is face-to-face communication and it could reduce the daily stress for staffs and support them through the difficult times.
  • Context: the location and the situation where the communication happens. It could influent the consequence of communication.
  • Interface: There are some elements may deliver negative effects on communication. In Yatman's corporation, if work peers or supervisors are insufficient courtesy or don't have enough attention, the communication won't work well.

There are 7 concepts of communication are described in several business literature or thesis, and they are known as 7Cs of business communication (Trainer, 2015):

  • Principle of Courtesy: Quite simply, communication needs friendliness. That takes on an important role in the work of foster good care teams because they must offer with other households' issues kindly and if they're treated friendly using their company colleague, they can do their job better.
  • Principle of Completeness: The senders got to know their subject and describe a circular picture for device.
  • Principle of Conciseness: Communicate effectively, a couple days or too short.
  • Principle of Quality: Make sure the receivers understand your words or experiences clearly. When the staffs will make their colleague and supervisors understand their reports or feelings, they could get more support form them and then deal with the challenging job well.
  • Principle of Concreteness: Using specific words or solutions to make receivers understand your communication easily. It is also quite quality of the social worker because they may meet different people or coping with different problems.
  • Principle of Correctness: Usually do not allow receivers misinterpret your message.
  • Principle of Awareness: Such as for example using several methods or communication skills to keep receivers in mind. Social staff in Yatman's firm should utilize this principle positively since it can deliver more good results in their jobs and the emotion of themselves. If they can psychologically detached from the negative feeling, they'll complete their careers better and become proficient at their career.

Furthermore, there are several methods can be used to make communicate effectively in business. Also these procedures are best for Yatmas' team if indeed they can follow the suggestions below.

  • Create a good communication environment: In Community Service, they can build up openness and honesty atmosphere for employees to talk and it decrease the daily stress for these people. Although Yatman said the division has quite a strong school of thought of supervision to ensure people are backed, they still need to be sure the atmosphere is very openness and employees want to talk to guidance team.
  • Empathy: In the case, the division has idea of supervision to support people. Individuals who work in the supervision team must have the sense of empathy because this quality has pivotal role in support staffs. Also, if the staffs that has empathy during helping families to deal with problems, they can have better communication to customers.
  • Create a win-win way for both communicators. In the event, Yatman must build up a win-win strategy between customers and staffs in foster good care teams. To begin with, they need to interview some persons who can feel sufficient out of concern in their careers, as they did. Then, they should comprehend their customers who are helped to make them comfortable in the process of communication. Following the win-win approach is built, the communication will more smoothly.
  • Self-disclosure: Sometimes, turning up the true feeling of oneself is the best way to converse. The staffs in foster health care team should show up their real feeling to work peer and supervisors, to allow them to find out staffs' mental problems and support them effectively and proficiently.

Although the organization has focused on encouraging their staffs, but you may still find some methods can be used to manage this company well.

First of all, the foster health care team should interview the specific employees who love this type of job and could convert negative sentiment into positive feeling. The reason is that, this type of people can control their sentiment well and is not easy to feel down and then depressive disorder.

Secondly, they ought to arrange alternative training, like the introduction with their responsibilities, the methods to emotionally absorb the intricate things and emotions from their careers. If they understand their jobs and responsibilities beforehand, they can do it well.

Then, the comfortable atmosphere of communication plays a pivotal role in a company or organization. Because they can get active support from work peers and supervisors to control the negative feelings well.

Lastly, the supervision team is necessary to help the staffs who already have emotion problems, the sooner to help them, the better support will deliver to them.

Communication has fundamental influence on the operation of any business entity. Therefore, different stakeholders should follow the guidelines of communication and using communication skills to get an improved consequence of communication. In the case research, good personalities and support from group are both important. Better communication causes a better business.

This report is aim at studying the research study and pointing out the value of communication within an organization. For the community service team, communication is necessary because they have to package with the daily stress in their careers, also they should get active support their work peers and supervisors in firm. To be able to make that happen, they hire folks who have specific personalities to get this done job and training them carefully. Also the supervisor team in company is also make contribution in promoting staffs.

Communication and engagement in an firm play important role in building organization's culture and make the teamwork far better. In modern organizations, people are always asked to complete their are a team. Definitely, the effective and healthy communication can result in a better teamwork, for example eliminate daily stress for employees, complete project effectively and make more earnings for company (Gluck). Furthermore, the employee engagement makes add on promoting a good workplace culture and when employees are involved in making important decision, building customer relationship or innovate products, their sentiment changes. Most managers said that proposal is important to enhance employees' eagerness and effects and also impact on the entire success of an business (Bakker A. B. , 2008). Especially in modern organizations, employees should believe that they are lively and focused on help firm to get competitive benefits (Bakker A. B. , 2010). In the case study, the poor communication and low level proposal of employees among three companies resulted in the oil-rig explosion in Apr 20, 2011. This record will review their problems and suggest what they must do beforehand to avoid this kind of tragedy.

Communication in business is the two-way procedure for common understanding by verbal and non-verbal dialect, where not only exchange the information, ideas and emotions, but also this is (Miller, 2014). And there are a few methods can be presented during interacting in teams to make the team more effective (Management Study Guide):

  • Leaders of team should make team members understand their responsibilities and responsibilities and don't confuse any staff. In the case study, the worker who done the drilling rig are bought to "set your final cement plug at 8, 000 foot below the rig" and "displace the dirt before the last plugging operation had begun". Both of these actions will vary from their usual process and mistake those to do their job. As the consequence of that, both market leaders in Halliberton and BP companies should take responsibility because of this.
  • Written communication should be used in both small and sophisticated projects to make communication clearness and transparency. After the explosion happens, three companies began to blame each other. BP is the owner of well and it blamed the failing of a big group of valves and Transocean Ltd's blowout preventer. Halliburton, a company in the drilling, blame Transocean's failure to put a concrete plug within the well. Transocean, the owner of rig, said it is BP to make decision how to proceed and they just follow BP's behest. Most of them cannot provide the process of the way they communicate which is the primary reason to these issues.
  • The issues should be communicated and reviewed on an open up message board and the members should speak readily. The related companies in the explosion had poor communication plus they just follow the procedure and behests from BP PLC. The discourse is not sufficiently through the process and the employees on the drilling rig possessed no chance to speak out their impression.

In conclusion, the groups in this task possessed no effective teamwork plus they had no good communication. The bad communication is the important reason to lead to the explosion.

Furthermore, the proposal in the task is another weakness and it experienced negative effects on the results. It identifies a workplace strategy, which was created to ensure employees are committed to company's value and success. And yes it could influent employees' conducts and degree of initiatives in work (Business Dictionary). In essence, the level of engagement for a staff depends on the organizational culture and the strong and positive organizational culture could motive employees make investments more energy and time on their work.

In the research study, the problems of employee proposal can be found easily. The employees on drilling rig didn't understand company's order, which is the engineer wished to overflow the well with seawater before establishing the ultimate plug. Although this behest was different from the usual work process, the personnel did not declare their uncertainty and just follow company's order. Furthermore, the indegent communication between these three companies is also an indicator of poor proposal because they did not discuss the procedure and the stage of task. As the result of that, a petrol rig explosion occurred without a good communication and staff engagement to establish a confident organizational culture.

First of all, all main members of this project should hold a gathering and discuss the complete plan of project before starting it. The atmosphere of assembly should be calm and employees could speak out their impression. After confirm the final plan of task, they should follow the program strictly, nor change it out easily.

Secondly, the leaders should ensure employees understand their job and obligations, especially the workers on the drilling rig. Therefore, they could understand what they should do and the purpose.

In addition, the written communication is necessary and it is also the evidence if something will go wrong.

Communication and employee engagement are the important part in building up the organizational culture and make the teamwork effectively. The oil rig is the nice example for poor communication and proposal for employees. Within the project, the market leaders should make an optimistic organizational culture to encourage communication and require employees in to the project to motive them.


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