Sugar Supply Network

This statement will give attention to the resource network. Resource network can be used to highlight connections between organisations so information can move easily. A couple of 10 main network materials however there are three main ones which is talked about that happen to be workers, the making and the circulation of a certain product. This consists of the staff, the waste products management, this management, recycleables and the vehicles. People support the supply network are usually the ones who get excited about the network itself such as the workers are supported by the management and vice versa. And how they converse is also important so the stream of information is easier and clear. Generally the employees would report to the supervisor and the supervisor will record it to people higher to resolve issues in the organisation.


Supply network is supply chain which has turned into a more complex structure which involves higher level of interpendence and connection between organisations. This report will be speaking about different types of individuals involved in the supply network like the workers, waste products management, drinking water management, raw materials and transportation. It will also discuss about the people who support the resource network structure and their communication within the network.

Sugar Resource Network


Workers get excited about the supply chain network. This is because they are the ones who work hard to bring the merchandise into process. This source network is available right at the start of the resource chain in case it is not for the personnel the consumers will never be getting that particular product. For example employees in a sugarcane plantation vegetable the canes so they grow in few months for harvesting times. When the harvesting occurs the sugars is then carried to manufacturing sites where the canes are prepared further and delivered to supermarkets so be sold. It's important that the personnel who work in places such as the glucose plantation in poorer areas like India or Brazil have a good trade contract between them and the company. That is to ensure that personnel are treated pretty and this contract would also help the personnel families to get a better life where they could send their children to schools. Another types of personnel are the ones mixed up in making sites. These personnel are in charge of the machinery in the worksites. It is important that their health insurance and safety is taken care of on the websites. Employees in factories are responsible for each separate areas in which they have that one skills in. They all work differently in different work conditions.

Waste management

The management is accountable for the waste material management. That is important for each organisation to minimise the impact on the surroundings and also cut costs as well. For instance in sugars factories the waste products is minimised by the team in control for each parts. Normally there are people who are appointed to be mindful for the misuse in the organisation. The overall waste should be recycled by the business users. Council should accumulate the waste which is often recycled by them rather than as well. The canes are crushed to release the sugar drink from it. Factories have thought ways to minimise waste by reusing the canes woody parts in their millers to power the boilers. Other ways waste is supervised in places like that is by misuse streams are made by the vegetable; the wastewater reservoir receives waste materials process flows such as discharge from carbon columns, dewatering screw, cyclone, excessive transport normal water, overflow from the carbon tanks and different floor drains (Chelsea Sweets, n. d). materials such as this can fill sediment in water tank if it is not stirred so new ways to pump waste material water reservoir up to carbon container is where good carbon granules are resolved out so that it is dried and reused rather than disposed.

Water management

Saving normal water for the surroundings as well as for management is crucial as it is important in our lives. Normal water management must also be done by individuals responsible for this sections. For instance Chelsea sugar is convinced that saving water is important and are looking

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