Swot Evaluation Of Vege Oasis Marketing Essay

The name of the business is VEGE OASIS which is private retail shop. This shop was proven in 1999 by Mr. Baldev Singh. It's the greatest vege, and food shop in the Mangere. This shop retains the 50% 0f vege market in Mangere. He has 5 stores in the Auckland. In 5 branches he has more than 50 staff. It serves the product range and the costs are within the ranged of the consumers.

The group has other suppliers such as grocery, and iced food, meat. They are produce locally and also have easy access to all or any categories customers. Vege Oasis is a retail corporation but it also retail other household grocery, cleaning material. Vege Oasis is retailing of wine beverages, beef, seafood, fruits, and fruit and vegetables, Bakery.

The Vege Oasis provides successful service to the clients. They develop the new influx products and services. They allow their people to grow and succeed. Vege Oasis 's marketplace is low course families, middle income families, top quality families and everything age group people as, it is retail shop. Vege Oasis 's main opponents are Pak n Save, Countdown, and local retailers in that area.

The purpose of project is to suggest solution for determined problem restructuring the business enterprise group. The Swot evaluation was done to recognize the challenge. The Porters 5 forces were used to resolve the problem the challenge and the suggestion for an organization.

The consequence of the research is the fact that Vege oasis is facing the problem in restructuring. They have to solve the situation as soon as possible. The clients find difficult to find the grocery stuff from the shop.


The name of the dog owner is Mr. Baldev Singh; he has a good reputation in the market. It is located on 374 Massey Road in Mangere. Your competition in the food industry is strong; with customers benefiting through the introduction of many services and services. Many types of services includes eatable at special price and many more discounts.

Vege oasis provides newspapers, sea food, lotto, meat, Asian foods. A couple of different departments for all foods. It becomes easy for customers to find their destination. They supply food and other material to other outlets in a small scale. There are many distributers in Auckland, like Countdown, Pak in Save, New World. Each of them have competition among themselves. All try to give good service with their customers. But vege oasis has affordable price as compared to other food suppliers.

Structure of the body:

The framework of study consists of introduction to a business then further on given a brief explanation of the determined problem at the VEGE OASIS is restructuring the shop. Within the report, where the porters 5 forces and finish will be mentioned. It can help to find how restructure may take place within an organization. From then on implication is mentioned, in which summation, limitations and final result is covered.

Based on the problem the method used will be porters 5 causes that will helpful in problem dealing with. The effect and examination are also discussed according to the method used. The strategies are also given to use the recommendation in real practice.

Method used for Problem recognition:-



* Different products: - scheduled to many departments customers have many choices. In produce department there differs types of fruits sold in the shop.

*New Product: - weekly in the shop there is something new for the clients.

*Good reputation: - The business has a good reputation on the market because every day there is certainly a lot of things on special for the clients.

*Location: - The location of the shop is at very good places. There may be Countdown and little market at reverse of the shop. It includes good competition with them. There are numerous houses near the shop.

*Sites:-It has very good sites all around the Auckland.


* Guidelines and Regulation-There are no specific roles and duties given to the staff. All staff work multi jobs in the business.

* Backup-Vege oasis lacks its system and tools to backup harm of fruits.

* Water-Too much normal water is utilized for washing vegetables.

*Checkout-The current range of checkout counters are less in the shop.

* Camera-There should be 3 security camera systems outside the shop.


* Employment -There are four branches all over the Auckland. So it has more vacancies for people.

* Advice- Obtains suggestions from the clients about the product.

* Proper Advertisements -They should give adds on radio, also mass media and the different newspaper of special things of the week and put them in the letter box of individuals houses.

* Stakeholders-Various stakeholders of food sector in New Zealand.


* No of Vendors- There are many opponents of food industry like Countdown, Super value.

* More competitors -Not in a position to contend the other opponents like countdown, pak n save in food department.

* Wastage of berries- Too much food wasted daily due to weather.

Purpose of research -

The reason for review is to recommend the perfect solution is of recognized problem in an organization.

The name of the organization is VEGE OASIS. The condition in the business is the restructuring of the Business.


Qualitative method can be used for research. The study form used both kind of question closed ended and open finished. it is an advantage of the technique that customers can response widely. it is simple for customers to spell it out their experience.

The study was used to get understanding of the customer's issues in the business. It is discovered that a few of the customer's have problems with the material in the shop. They were finding difficulty for locating the materials in the shop.

Porters of five Makes -

diagram of Porter's 5 Forces

Threat of new access - The organization face troubles when new opponents enter the marketplace like Countdown, Super value, Pak n Save. They offer strong competition to the organization and provide attractive techniques.

The bargaining ability of customer - Due to more competitors providing the same service, the customer will have significantly more options to choose things at good deal. Vege Oasis targets providing good quality products at acceptable prices.

Threats of substitutes - It impacts the power of your visitors to discover a different way of doing that you do like example, if your products are sold like any veg at high price however in pak n save its price is less then customers have the option to visit Pak n Save.

Bargaining electricity of suppliers- there will be threat of continue by suppliers relative to the risk of backward integration by organizations. The point is cost of inputs realitive to value of the merchandise.

Competitive rivalry- if you have many challengers, and they offer equally attractive products and services, then you will most likely have little electric power in the problem. If suppliers and customers do not get a good deal from you, they will go somewhere else. On the other hand if no one else can do what you do, then you can often have huge strength.

Analysis of data:- Porter's 5 forces

This technique handles factors outside running a business that influence the type of competition within it, the five makes inside the industry that control the way in which organization compete, and so the company's expected success is conducted in Porter's five makes model. A small business must understand the dynamics of its market segments to be able to be competitive effectively in the market place. This method shows the five ways of thinking and comprehensive solutions of the issue, This method labeled problem into five forces, such as risk of substitute shows the outside completion. Customers can purchase products from other areas however the quality and stock control will help them favorably. So research determined that the organization should thinks about the problem which means they have to think about increasing the area of the shop, they should put most providing material in the front ranks.

Conclusion using Porter's 5 causes;

In the conclusion I would like to state that, quality and stock control, Extending the shop area, in the food department the area is so congested, the parking area is small it should be increased. The business should maintain it. They should increase competition between their suppliers that will helps in enhancing quality of the products. They need to understand the competitive on the market if it's to reach your goals in complete its objective and in creating appropriate strategies.

Management Theory or functions:-

Planning Process:- In order to resolve determined problem the dog owner and management have to make certain changes. Owner must arrange getting together with and determine what all changes have to use. Then management should plan how to make decision into action.

Organising Process:- The business is concered with the certified and competent staff. The management should inspire the staff to attain organization target and allows to suggest ideas and solution if indeed they have any improve or solve the problem.

Directing process:- Management or leader of the team should lead team rather than take care of the team. Management must clear them organization's goal and change to deliver the goals of the VEGE OASIS.

Controlling Process:- The process that guarantees programs are being implanted properly is controlling process. Meetings are used to examine and compared previous result with actual results. If indeed they have any problem, needs to solve them on regular basis. Control is the procedure, check and managing between strategies, process, to attain the desired result.

Strategies to place alternatives into practice: -

Quality of the merchandise: - it should be always better than competitors.

Investigation: - There must be something for the customers.

Customer 's survey :- Ask customers for suggestion and thoughts to improve the quality and development.


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