SWOT examination of country team hotel

The manor house country club hotel in Singapore represents of Jenkins's family own business. Move decade MHCCH has seen a level of the activities, establishment, development and value creation unsurpassed, reason been was it is at a great location that visitor would attract. time passed because of it became a luxury comfort hotel.

This report is going to analyses the SWOT of the MHCCH and marketing plan to enhance the hotel this debate is further reviewed in statement.


Jenkins's family who owns manor house country club hotel


(MHCCH) marketing consultants

As a marketing specialist of the company my responsibilities are how to face the troubles and opportunities in macro and micro environment, The marketing environment includes social, technological, economic and politics variables (STEP), On the other hand ''some authors organise the variables in a new order, namely political, economical, communal and technological and they are then known as Infestations'' (Adcock, Halborg, Ross /2001/p, 31), identify the business SWOT and assess importance of the many factors. When planning identify the right proper key components such as designation, resources environment effect.

Furthermore investigate the customer needs and demand in hotel industry and enhance the business accordingly. Customers are the gold key in a small business 'no customers no business exits'. If company give high quality customer support then can perform lots of the business aims confronting all competitive hotel industry, such as;

Minimising customer turnover

Attracting new customers

Improving profitability

Improving company image

Improve the quality, value of customer and employee satisfaction. (Lancaster and Reynolds/2004/p. 399).

Singapore hotel industry is very competitive in providing accommodation they are really fulfilled in many ways in this ongoing environmental industry.

Mainly with this competitive market how to extend the business enterprise next 2 years in this swiftly changing environment. Use appropriate methods to achieve a concentrate on budget. After research analysis more info on practice of competition, customer behaviour and market segmentation as input to the business development of targets and specific strategies.

What is market environment?

In an company we should understand its environment in order to attained changes in market condition and it target successfully, the substance of a successful market strategy.

Market environment must consider micro and macro environment.

Micro environment

This will impact directly on the industry and its activities, also internal aspect will effect the improvement of the marketplace strategy.

The main key components are


Are the people that directly including with the organisation. Eg : requirement agency, drape suppliers, interior designers, , in pub section licker delivers, napkins supplier. These are the individuals we are looking at and we must mark sure that are satisfied with our hotel service to these to keep them longer.


The obstacle of the syndication is how to advertise the hotel. Distributors will evaluate the price and recent to the clients by online, Thomas cook, last minute. com,


The customers are the key to the sales. in this industry the customers are the people who seriously holiday, honeymoon,


According to the competition on the market the success and behavior judged. eg: if there is a 5star hotel close to the MHCCH then what will happened guest will entice that hotel.

What is macro environment?

This will involve indirectly to the business. if we carefully monitor the macro environment that will help us to identify opportunities for the threats that way it will solve the issues quicker.

'In inspecting the macro-environment, it is important to identify the factors that may in turn influence a number of vital parameters that will probably influence the organization's supply and demand levels and its own costs' (Kotter and Schlesinger, 1991; Johnson and Scholes, 1993).

The main key components:


This examination will identify such as changes personally useable income, the interest, and unemployment.

Eg: if more people is unemployed and income rate is low we can categorize the purchase price according.


This will identify the changes in the point of the politicians

Eg: export and import policies

Greener policies


Strictly to make use of of tools to change feels. Technology is very challenging in order to satisfy this quickly changing environment therefore company should effectively research, plan, and market the right aim for.

Eg: in MHCC hotel we can change by new salon instruments, changed t. v, new repayment systems. These changes will catch the attention of the clients.


Legal also link to political environment, rules and regulations, judge decisions also includes.

Eg: liquor licensing (this is an benefits) includes the perfect time to close and open if you don't do consequently you changes.

Ban on smoking in public area health and safety.

Minimum wages

Social /cultural

It is all about societies, values, behaviours, principles and norms, life-style. (old, young, middle aged way of life)

cultural food,

Most traveler people like other country ethnical, dress code.

Attitude towards global warming

Family structure


It is the population growth according age the industry

Eg: what location hotel is and population? It is old, young or family oriented. Out of this information you provides facilities (segmentation)

Importance of the environmental scanning

Keeping very close eyes on what is happening in the generally in market field specially competition more widely in macro environment

There are 3 main methods of scanning

Ad-hoc scanning - short term

Regular scanning - for example 1 year

Continuous scanning - which if there is one much check regularly

In related to competitor's intelligence we need more capacity of data in order to target our market.

Financial reports

Mutual customers and suppliers

Review of competitors goods

Finally past employees

Internal environment

When creating a market strategy we need to consider in involves 5 m's this show you how to advertise the item to the target customers. 5 m's generate a framework for advertising structure.

Marketing audits help an company to understand the internal environment.

How will 5m entail in this process:

Money = is the key of any organisation. Money generates a corporation. Money could be loans. As we can see that MHCC hotel shows that towards tourism the government is planning to spend $4 invoice. That is a great edge.

Man vitality = employees will be the strong key of the business. If they're not satisfied the determination will lower. This dissatisfaction can be expensive because if the experienced staff and experienced leave the training cost will be great.

Machinery = will be the equipment in the company. Like MHCC hotel salon new and advance machines. Morden gargets could make an impression the gust.

Measurement =

How will SWOT involves in decision making

SWOT stands for strength, weakness, opportunities, threats. It is a bit of analysis on one site outlining where we live strong and fragile and can stand out or are susceptible inside our hotel industry. this example that will help it improve.

MHCCH SWOT analysis

Total power = 24

Total weakness = 18

Total opportunity = -20

Total = 12


After analysing SWOT and point platform system durability =+24, opportunities = -20, weakness = -18, hazards= -12. From this reality we can identify that durability and opportunities are high than weakness and dangers. Strength attaining its stated objectives, weakness blocks specific objectives. Total we can consider that MHCCH is up market hotel. From the data it implies that it is a luxury hotel. Also MHCCH has the primary main factor which is highly trained staff. Creating a relationship with the client is the main truth to encourage and appeal to guest to the hotel. Regarding to data below it shows that non business visitor and family visitor are increasing whereby corporative guests decreasing, this shows some where weakness has happened therefore we need to research where gone wrong, how? and offer necessary facilities to boost. Finally i would say that MHCC hotel.


What is online marketing strategy?

Marketing strategies choose group of objectives and format. It shows how to gratify the customer need inside our market. Marketing strategies help to grow, grow your business profitably.

Strategies of strategies

Development of the company mission report

Statement of objectives

Situational analysis

Strategy development

Specific planning

Implementation control

Strategies generate at few levels. Commercial strategy will involve with the general development of am firm's business turned on, then online marketing strategy concentrate on firm's activities in individuals to it s market. Deliberate strategies are end result of the company planning. Emergent strategies are making that point as the results of the activities and action of the organization.

What does indeed Ansoff's Expansion Matrix theory suggest?

In 1957 Ansoff's invent market matrix. he suggest that growth strategy result support on whether to disperse a fresh product or existing product to the new market. Possible options are:

Marketing penetration

Marketing development

Product development


According to the strategy option given

To sell - this option is related to diversification interpretation sell the hotel and after offering invests that money on new product. This is very dangerous step to part of. In the idea in MHCC hotel it is very profitable in the market therefore it is not necessary to sell.

Do nothing at all - this option is related to market penetration. It involves advertising more existing product, in the prevailing market. Well the hotel has increased past decade. that which we can consider to be able to draw in consumers from opponents is increasing promotional activities, increasing sales opportunities

eg: Quick repayment methods, buy one drink and other half price

Expand by committing - this is related to marketing development. Expand the hotel into a new market with existing product eg: segmentation rooms. Swimming pools for children, adult and disable people.

Expand by exterior - this option is related to product development. Introduce new version into hotel eg: new t. v in bar section, new equipment to salon. This will likely catch the attention of new and existing consumers'.

How to develop the business in 24 months by using 7p's

Product = 1st time, types of rooms life packages for honeymoon lovers, and old people disable people.

2nd yr, Introduce swimming pools for adult and children. Update the treatment in salon frequently.

Price =

1st year, monitor the competitors prices provide a best costing. Every customer is concern the price anticipated to market meltdown.

2nd time, consider organisation's cost creation.

Place = is vital key in an enterprise.

2nd time Location customers want nearer to the appeal places hotels therefore we can start building another MHCC hotel in another location

Promotion = is key of getting customers there for 1st calendar year we may offer discount like buy one drink obtain the other one half price similarly.

People =both years constantly auditing employees performance and behavior. Improve more staff training.

Physical data = it is an important stop for the intangibility of the product, informing the client about the product. More adverts.

Process = is just how of how achieve the mark.

Michael porter's theory

Porter's theory says that revenue depend upon the types of strategy in use. He argues that the strategy adopted by a company is important method for inventing and sustaining a profitable position in a specific market environment.

He identify five competitive pushes which determinate the group of opponents in a industry and which jointly determine the income probable of the industry all together.

Five make features:

Demanding power of supplier

Main factors will be the important of the supplier's product. eg: if the client demand rises suppliers demand surge because of the quality control. Supplier's product has differentiated. Turning cost is high.

Demand electricity of the consumers

The product quality is important to the client. In the event the suppliers switch the price of the goods increase therefore the customer demand to the same value.

Barriers to entry :

Product differentiation, scale of economics, capital requirements credited these fact it is difficult to type in the competitive market.

The hazards of alternate products

If another hotel industry produces same kind of product fewer prices than MHCC hotel this might have an impact on us as customers will get alternatives.

Competition in the industry

The level of competitive rivalry within the hotel industry will influence the company earnings. The main that affects are charges competition, advertising fights, and sales advertising campaigns.

What are the universal strategies?

Cost management this controls the market being good deal in their product

Differentiation when making a product it should be highly respected by the customer. Customer loyalty which prevent organization from the competitive market.

Focus looking to sell specifically attractive or suited segments.

Further more information about STP

STP stands for segmentation, targeting, setting.

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