Symbolism Of Moby Dick

Moby Dick is a tale of a voyage, with the common plot of struggling to achieve an objective. Many literature have used this story such as Huckleberry Finn and Catcher in the Rye, but few have a tragic hero so obsessed with their goal in life. Ahab is the tragic hero of Moby Dick, with his major tragic flaw being displayed through his unethical decision making, distorted prices and false symbolism. He's enthusiastic about revenge, and this obsession blurs his sense of common sense. Ahab is a monomaniac with only revenge in his mind. Ahab has a great interest, based on many reasons, to get revenge against Moby Dick. The most obvious reason is the increased loss of his calf. This loss is also what activated Ahab to begin his quest to look for the whale. Every one of the other reasons for the quest started to develop in Ahab's brain after he lost his lower leg and became crazy. The personal injury was only a spark for the countless reasons Ahab detested Moby Dick and determined his life to hunt it. Peleg areas this in the storyplot by expressing, "I know, too, that since he lost his leg by that accursed whale, he's been some sort of moody-desperate moody, and savage sometimes; but that will all complete off. " Ahab's obsession did not pass off, but acquired a whole lot worse as his battle to hunt Moby Dick continued.

The first indication of Ahab's tragic flaw is noticeable through his symbolism of Moby Dick. Ahab abhors the whale not only because it took his leg, but also due to the fact that he view it as greater than a whale. He perceives it as the embodiment of most evil. This is indicated through his famous talk to his staff members, "He work me; he heaps me; I see him in outrageous power, with an inscrutable malice sinewing it. That inscrutable thing is chiefly what I hate; and become the white whale agent, or be the white whale main, I am going to wreak that hate upon him. " This talk illustrated Ahab's hate against the whale to his staff members and convinced them to also view the whale as the mark of wicked. Ahab can do anything to obtain the staff to help him out in the struggle and keep them convinced that he's right about occurring the run after. Ahab also symbolizes himself as the hero. He views himself as the one to damage Moby Dick, therefore destroying the source of bad. Ahab says, "Converse not to me of blasphemy, man; I'd affect the sun if it insulted me, " declaring that he'd even attack the sun if it harmed him. This further demonstrates the indistinct idea he has about the possible risks and consequences of his trip to hunt Moby Dick. Ahab feels that he is more than mortal when de facto; he is merely a individual. He compares himself to Gods when he message or calls himself as pleased as a Greek God. He also baptizes the harpoon in the name of the devil, showing disregard to God. This also shows he respect himself as God's similar, refusing to worship other things but his own will.

The second sign of Ahab's tragic flaw is clear through his unethical decision making. Ahab risks the lives of his whole crew just for his own selfish reasons. He disregards his crew and claims he'll search forever in order to find Moby Dick. "Aye, Aye! and I'll run after him round Good Trust, and round the Horn, and round the Norway Maelstrom, and rounds perdition's flames before I give him up" Also, despite every one of the warnings that are aimed towards Ahab, he persists to find the whale. There are plenty of examples of incidents that Ahab should have taken notice of and stopped his chase of Moby Dick. The first occasion is when he learns from two different ships that each one has had a crew member wiped out by Moby Dick. The captains of both boats recommend Ahab to stay from the whale. Pip, one of the captains of the boats told Ahab, "Ha, ha! old Ahab! the White Whale; he'll nail ye!" Ahab overlooked the warning and just continued his quest, impaired by his want for revenge. Ahab furthermore shows his unethical decision making when he determines to disregard the warnings when the navigational helps breakdown. The quadrant won't give Ahab the position of the whale and then he destroys it. Then your compass malfunctions, demonstrating a course that could take the Pequod from its chosen journey and the whale. He still decides to seek Moby Dick following the navigation aids are worthless. Ahab resorts to using the primitive approach to navigation, utilizing a log and a line to get the way of Moby Dick. Even after that does not work, Ahab denies that the failures are warnings and is constantly on the overlook them. Ahab's unethical decisions eventually get him and his entire crew killed, departing only 1 survivor.

The last recommendation of Ahab's tragic flaw sometimes appears in his worth. Ahab prices his hunt for Moby Dick more than the lives of his staff mates. He hazards their lives often just to be able to fulfill his goal to getting revenge against Moby Dick. Starbuck, tells Ahab, "I am game for the crooked jaw, and for the jaws of Death too, Captain Ahab, if it pretty comes in just how of the business enterprise we follow; but I emerged here to hunt whales, not my commander's vengeance, " arguing that he would be glad to deal with to the death against Moby Dick if he arrived in the path of the dispatch but the primary reason for this trip is not to hunt Moby Dick, but to make profit. Ahab ignores Starbuck's discussion since he values revenge over other things. This is further shown when Starbuck is trying to remove from a whale a valuable material used to make perfume. Ahab says that there surely is virtually no time for collecting and that the run after must continue. He is clearly valuing the search for the whale more than the team, who need to generate profits in order to aid their own lives. Later in the booklet, Ahab statements, "What business have I with this tube? This thing that is intended for sereneness, to send up light white vapors among moderate white hairs, not among torn iron-grey hair like mine. I'll smoke cigarettes no more----. " The pipe symbolizes the pleasure in Ahab's life and his obsession for revenge has overshadowed his value of his own joy. By throwing the pipe overboard, Ahab implies that he no longer can enjoy simple pleasures in life; instead, he dedicates his lifetime to the quest for his obsession, the killing of the white whale, Moby Dick. His value of gams (conferences between boats to have a great time) is also overpowered by his pursuit. Instead of having a great time, he constantly uses these meetings to seek more information about Moby Dick and his whereabouts. His prices and morals are distorted by his obsession over Moby Dick and format his main tragic flaw of being handled by his need for revenge.

In bottom line, Ahab's tragic flaw of obsession is portrayed by his unethical decisions, bogus symbolism and immoral values. His flaws are the reason that the Pequod acquired demolished and his whole crew was killed by Moby Dick. Ahab wants revenge; he battles to get it, and fails. The sinking of the Pequod proclaimed the finish of Ahab's voyage and confirmed that there is no turning back. Ahab would either have to get rid of the whale or be wiped out by the whale. "Ahab stooped to clear it; he does clear it; however the flying turn trapped him round the neck, and voicelessly as Turkish mutes bowstring their sufferer, he was taken from the fishing boat, ere the staff recognized he was gone. " This is ironic because he is eventually wiped out by the whale that he searched for revenge on for his entire quest. His obsession is what killed him, continuing to go after Moby Dick in spite of the numerous warnings from people around him.

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