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Team Role Belbin Home Inventory

According to Ennis (1987), critical thinking and skills practice is required in this module for student to really have the ability to reflect questioning or hesitation and to think in a reasoned way in order to develop their personal development as individuals, specialists and also as a team member. There are two of the actions are chosen to be talked about in this assessment.

Activity 1 of the Module: Team Role - Belbin Self Inventory

According to Dr Meredith Belbin, this is of team role means that "A propensity to behave, contribute and interrelate with others in a specific way". (Belbin. com, 2012) A person may identify their team role and knows their behavioural strength and characteristic weaknesses. We able strengthen our durability and manage weaknesses. We can know the team role we play to be able to boost efficiency while we have been in a team.

According to Srds. co. uk, there are nine team tasks types of Belbin Team Jobs Theory such as place, resource investigator, planner, shaper, monitor evaluator, team staff member, implementer, completer finishers and specialist.

Reflection 1

After we identify we roles, it lets us build good working associations, develop high-performing clubs and increase self-awareness and personal efficiency. I am doing the test very very seriously and I am having the score that represents my personality. I am a screen evaluator. I also know that each team role has own characteristics and to be able to contribute to a team. However, a team can't have all the people with the same team. This team can't be a perfect team because the strength and weaknesses are largely similar to all or any members. On the other hand, the team can only be perfect with all people with different team role. However, almost folks have a mix of functions. It didn't mean a team will need to have nine people with different roles to be a perfect team. I likewise have dominant and subdominant assignments. I am also a planner and team staff member. My score is the best for screen evaluator and the report for planner and team staff member is the just a bit lower.

I learn that team tasks having different strength and weaknesses. I understand myself better after I have the test. I understand about my strength and I'm also able to deal with my weaknesses. The planner is a person-oriented innovator. The positioning that suit is chairman or the leader in a team. This person is trusting, agreeing to and is committed to the team goals and goals. The weaknesses of a coordinator do not have a sharp head and also don't stick out in a team. Screen evaluator plays a part in the team at the times of crucial decision making. It is because they are capable to evaluate competing proposal. Monitor evaluator having a serious minded and have a tendency to be slow-moving in approaching decision making because of considering over and the decision never been wrong. The weaknesses are mind feel dried out and uninteresting or even over-critical. This person is bad in inspiring others. Team staff have a tendency to keep team soul up by allowing other customers to contribute effectively.

I find out about the advantages that test giving if you ask me. I know my role play while I am in a team. I know how to position myself while I am in a team. There are a great number of advantages and a well balanced team is made. A team can be considered a perfect team with less conflict and enhance tolerance between associates. It maximizes the contribution of every team member and minimizes the risk of faults being made. Each member understands they're responsible. As a result, the perfect results generates from a team. I understand the task that I will complete and let all my associates do their best in their part.

160-Belbins_Functions. jpg (500-526)

Source from: Intellegohealth. co. uk (2002) Belbin's team functions.

Activity 2 of the Component: Leadership - Culture of Trust

I am on team six in this program or school. We delegate the task to finish the task distributed by Mr Vedha. A couple of four members in our team. Tan Fhee Chin, Siew Ling and Cheong Siew Chin are my team member. We are working on the answer of what sort of leader create and sustain a culture of trust among his / her staff.

Leadership is an activity whereby an individual can influence an organization to achieve certain goals (Northouse, 2007, p3). You will discover five types of market leaders. For cases, there are innovator by position achieved, leader by personality and charisma, head by moral example, head from power performed, and intellectual innovator. An excellent and qualified leader must have a specific goal, a eye-sight and goal and also strong commitment. A leader must also a good listener, good problem solver and also a risk taker. You can find two types of authority style - democratic and autocratic. A couple of no perfect management styles. It is always space for democratic market leaders hold an view and autocratic head to hear his subordinate.

Source from: Businessballs. com (1995) authority model - Tannenbaum and Schmidt continuum management theory.

Reflection 2

I understand the important of characteristic that a leader should have to be able to let other to follow his or her step. A team or a group will need to have a leader to be able to get effective work. My team never appoint a leader. However, there's a behaviour leader that leads us to complete the duty given by the lecturer. Our company is brainstorming and checking the internet for the answer. We also do some reason and discourse in the group. We had written the answer on the presentation newspaper after conversation. I learn that the characteristics of an effective leader such as empathy, regularity, honesty, direction, communication, flexibility and conviction. (Leadership-toolbox. com, 2008) A innovator must be regular in order to gain respect and reliability from your users. A leader must be honest and also have a clear way by making a are a symbol of the function that you believe in. A leader must have a objective and vision to achieve. The supporters will trust the first choice who thinks in the objective and works toward it.

We want to do a presentation after discussion. Each of team members are taking changes to present before the lecture hall after the display point was written. Your members is trying to make further justification with all the current point written. My words was with the same build that allow listener to reduce their interest in my own presentation. My tone let us the listener to feel sleepy and bore. Mr Vedha directed my weaknesses and I understand my weaknesses after this display. I try my best to control my weaknesses and don't let audience to feel uninterested and lack of interest while I am delivering the next time.


I gain new knowledge in this program. I begin to comprehend and foresee the culture and the circumstance that I must face after my graduation. This program is very useful for me to understand the truth of the office. I perceive knowledge, skills and ideas that we learn from this course are useful in the future. The world is obviously changing and new knowledge will appear. I couldn't stop to learn since I understand the value of lifelong learning for a few of the info and knowledge today may become invalid in the future. I will develop professional development and always have the skills and knowledge advancement to be able to maintain my professional development.

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