Teamwork and job satisfaction

One factor that is going to determine if you are satisfied or not in your present job is

teamwork. Teamwork can be defined as person in group work together in order to

achieve one common objectives. Furthermore, the idea of teamwork is the fact that:

T= Mutually.

E= Everyone.

A= Achieve.

M= More.

However, the teamwork is essential tool can be utilized in organization to be able to achieve

an group goals. Furthermore, the organization should has a good team to be more

responsive to the varying requirements of the marketplace place because the team can be closer

to customer's, they know customer needs, more enlightened about new technology, and faster

to react than traditional hierarchies.

Advantages of teamwork:

The best way to truly have a good idea to truly have a great deal of ideas, so the teamwork can creative many ideas and alternatives.

Teamwork can provide quality result.

Everyone from an organization member mixed up in process.

Shared information means increased learning.

Develops personal romance.

Increased knowledge of other people perspective.

Effective teamwork:

A team whose account, amount and resources equivalent the duty.

Obligation by associates to understand and recognize with one another's goals.

A sense of common possession of the task.

Teamwork can be effective when the strengths of individual put together together.

It is important to group people to know very well what they have to do, what role each

members must play, what each individual is responsible for, so that all energy can be concentrating in the same path.

Each person in group must have ways to expression his judgment without fear.

Establish commitment together and determine time in order to get that done.

Each member of a team supposes to aid other member when he /she needed that.

The teamwork usually needs you to definitely guide these to the effort. Each member of the

team has to understand that the team innovator has position because he has a good leadership


However, the organization needs to provide the condition to aid teamwork to deliver

improved performance. Central to encouraging teamwork is the thought of subsidiary.

The basic principle of subsidiary places decision and authority as close to the action as

possible. This gives teams the authority to achieve worth it goals.

Moreover, every member must understand how essential it is to allow them to work smoothly

together if indeed they want to be successful. Each member must be focused on the complete team and

be willing to do something unselfishly. When troubles appear (as they always do), the team needs to

have the resources, responsibility and determination to cope with them in a constructive and

positive way. A feeling of teamwork will play an integral part in this.

Job satisfaction:

Job satisfaction is defined as sign of how people like (satisfaction) or dislike

(dissatisfaction) their careers. Job satisfaction is a very essential point which is frequently

measured by organizations. First research mentioned that neuroticism is negatively correlated

with job satisfaction, whereas conscientiousness, extraversion, and agreeableness are

positively correlated with job satisfaction. Openness to see has a negligible impact on

job satisfaction. Additional research, however, has only been able to replicate correlations

among the factors of neuroticism and extraversion, with extraversion being positively

correlated with job satisfaction and neuroticism being negatively correlated. This may be

due to the communal character of the work place (Judge, Heller, & Support, 2002).

How a good team leads to job satisfaction:

Good team is essential to job satisfaction. If each member feels that he/she is a part of

properly operating in the team, then he/she believe that is needed. In addition, along with the

sense of belonging is a sense of fulfillment.

Team users need to feel that they may be truly adding to the communal goal of the team.

If a team member feels as though they're doing unimportant work while others are doing

more important work, then team unity will be weaken. This is situation in which the team

leader must corporate each member in the group along the way and more importantly,

each member importance in the work. Market leaders with proper skills in drive, who

stimulate and task subordinates, are referred to as transformational market leaders.

Transformational leadership contains four constructs: charisma or idealized influence,

inspirational determination, intellectual arousal, and individualized awareness (Lim &

Ployhart 2004). when innovator has these characteristics defiantly his team outperform everybody else. But the question is the fact that how transformational leaders lead to job satisfaction?

Transformational leaders suppose to remember to answer the questions of specific worker.

They make the group member feel needed. If associates feel as though they are needed

by the team, they will be satisfied with their job. In addition, when transformation leader

distributed job to each member also that it makes the each member feel important to the

group. However, the transformation head can be any one from the group member with all

skills of change leader.

The role of change leaders is the fact contribute to personnel sense of accomplishment. When

an employee goes to a transformational innovator with a difficulty, not only the leader spend time

to help the employee, but also inspire the worker to attain the most with solution.

In addition, the change leaders have to be modest. By mean, when objective over a job

done well, the change leaders have to escort credit to the teamwork. This feeling make

the teamwork feel appreciated and also make sure they are satisfied in their job and have need to achieve

more aim.

However, the transformation leader has to seek improve teamwork skills by working with all

teamwork because all energy of the teamwork focusing on one objective therefore the team will feel

more satisfied and makes them create more ideas. Furthermore, the transformation leaders

should installs assurance in the teamwork. This translates into not only better job

satisfaction for teamwork but also better for output of the company.

Most problem fixing environment in many organizations, everyone needs to go straight to

the solution and get that done. The transformational leader should follow each steps which is

used by the team & most significantly covering each steps before moving to the next step.

In addition, in every group team, the leader of an organization should make a good relationship

with the team just because a good romantic relationship makes the team feel satisfied in order to achieve

the goals of company.

Model: explain how effective transformational authority causes job satisfaction:



Good teamwork

(Strategies, they know what to do, interact)


Productivity of


Effective transformational leadership

(engorging, charisma or idealized affect, innovation, eyesight and mission)

The model above explain that increasing efficiency of organization is determined by the nice team and

a good team created by effective transformational leader that has good skills.

Case examination:

The case demonstrate that how the leader or the business deal with their workers and the majority of workers are not satisfied with their job and defiantly there are many bad influence on workers and the organization:.

Nowdays the entire world has become development in every field. Each day there are new technologies are appeared and every companies have to work with the new technology in order to increase their efficiency. Any company can have the best & most expensive system in the world but unless it has the necessary reach and reliable service, it is bound to be failing.

However, atlanta divorce attorneys company when it wishes to involved a fresh technology or tools, the company should prepare their staff or workers before going to use that technology or tools and it also ensuring that it has a leader that can learn their employees in effective way. Furthermore, the leader who has to learn the individuals, should separate his time taken between learns and does indeed his task.

In the truth, the company included new technology (software) to make the work increasing rapidly but the situation was that who has to learn the staff, how to use these software, Senior workers who have to learn the personnel!!!. However, senior personnel because they didn't separate their time between learn the staff and doing their duties, they neglect to learn the personnel and also they don't have enough knowledge and experience about the new software. In addition, when the leader found that this process in teaching it isn't effective, instead of change that process in instructing he insisted to keep in that process.

However, in this situation, the company must have put the right person in the right place. By mean, a technology head. The technology leader has highest professional and personal standard to produce a project success. In addition, the technology leader can give plenty of time in order to complete a task and get workable results. Results that also will be pretty common, inflexible and not years ahead of the competition, by controlling people who to put it simply with time.

A technology leader stands at the top of the team and asks the other users to check out as he addresses the duties before them. The technology head asks the team to are they can & most importantly ensure that to really know what they have done so they can confirm their work.

The biggest problems to be experienced in any kind of systems project are nearly always management, rather than technology-based. To efficiently overcome them, its not necessary smarter people: you need to become the kind of person smarter people will observe. You and I could both look for the most part organizations in our industry to see that they're not performing at peak efficiency. (David J. Wardell).

The performance apprises is essential to team professional development in order to meet the company objective and goals. The essential reason behind performance apprises is observing the team performance; motivate them and upgraded company moral. Furthermore, if the first choice of a group continually measures the performance of the group, he-she can determine the strengths or weakens of the team.

The case illustrate that the leader did not do enough performance apprises for the team so each member was mixed up about what should he does and how can improve his performance.

However, the team need to feel that they are an integral part of the target company in order to feel satisfied and they can create more ideas facilities to attain the goal of company.

The third point in the case would be that the team were not being satisfied in the business because there is different treatment between your person in the group and also they felt that the first choice was not genuine with them. In addition the team were work extra hours as well as worked in the public holiday.

However, the tem work to become satisfied in the work they need feel that each member in the same stage no person has preference more than another member. In addition, transformational leader needs to be genuine with the team in virtually any situation. Honesty is essential way because it is a great way that another people judge you. In the event the transformational head s can't be honest, they will not have a good business relationship. Furthermore, honest is important to each person in a group believe a transformational innovator.

Unfair treatment at the job can damage morale, create more problems such as breeds animosity and distrust between people of group and create uneasy work. The transformational leader has to ensure that all member of the group gets the same treat with another member. Furthermore, making sure that the employees get their breaks on time, to make sure that each member of the group who works overtime or on holiday seasons in order to give them extra money.

In every business there are numerous mistakes occurred by personnel but is the key issue how a leader or administrator deal with workers mistake. However, in this case the transformational head had taken a poor attitude along with his team and made them frustrated and he also yelled at one when she does mistake during the meeting.

However, transformational head skills or a good head who recognizes that everyone in his team can do oversight including the leader so whenever a worker did fault the best frame of mind can be studied by the leader seek to inform the employee what he performed incorrect, why he do that wrong and what he must do to avoid the problem from recurring in the future. Furthermore, transformational leaders can speedily increase a productivity and effectiveness by assisting their team manage workplace pressures.

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