Technological developments in the movie industry


Advances in technology are changing the way the movie industry is doing business. Today's movie individuals are looking for far more convenient ways of looking at films without seats in a movie theatre. Also, they are seeking better quality and sharper images. To stay competitive and decrease the challenges associated with technical improvements the industry must identify guidelines and apply those tactics to problems the organizations might face.

Best Methods in the Movie Industry to Leverage Technological Advancements

Best Practice 1: Building Strategic Partnerships

On May 9, 2006 Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Group released a groundbreaking agreement with Bit Torrent Inc. to leverage the business's peer-assisted delivery system for the digital sales of motion picture and television set content in america. With this announcement, Warner Bros. became the first major studio room to provide legal video content via the BitTorrent posting platform.

The Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Group was founded in 2005 to gather all of the Warner Bros. Entertainment businesses mixed up in digital delivery of entertainment content to consumers, including home video, online, wireless, video games and anti-piracy and appearing technologies functions.

BitTorrent houses the world's leading open-source file-sharing protocol by the same name, specifically created to overcome the obstructions of moving large files online. Created in 2001, BitTorrent enables an incredible number of users worldwide to publish, search and download popular digital content quickly, easily and securely.

The new BitTorrent Service will feature hundreds of Warner Bros. tv set shows and films for download with Disc. The technology behind BitTorrent is elegantly suitable for the delivery of large data files like TV programs and videos. Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Group was founded to provide impressive, next-generation distribution models and this relationship provides our company with a distinctive platform to attain a new group of movie lovers. By incorporating Warner Bros. ' popular training video quite happy with BitTorrent's proven delivery efficiency; consumers will provide an unparalleled way to see entertainment online. Source: Business Wire: May 9, 2006

Best Practice 2: Digital Distribution

Until about five years ago, the pack office was the greatest initial earnings for movies in america. Now movie studios are viewing a dramatic increase in Dvd and blu-ray sales and digital distributors are profiting from the increased sales of theater-quality home entertainment systems (O'Mara, 2005). Relating to Datamonitor, "The home training video market is the most important within the movies & entertainment sector, accounting for 44. 6% of sector income in 2004" (Global Movies, 2005, p. 8). The recent reputation of camera mobile phones and iPods has grabbed the interest of the Hollywood studios. The movie industry is embracing digital distribution through a new technology called MovieBeam. This service carries a set-up container that costs around $200 dollars and arrives positioning 100 videos that customers can lease for between $2 and $4 dollars each (Taylor, 2006). A maximum of 10 new films can be downloaded through an electronic signal every week. The motion pictures are transferable to the iPod or pc, which allows the customer to view the movie everywhere and whenever.

Best Practice3: Digital Cameras

A head in the movie industry use of technology is George Lucas. George Lucas has used his company, Lucas Films, to change just how films are produced. As Ron Magid (2005) highlights George Lucas has found a better way of producing "from the digital cameras that are swapping film video cameras on movie packages, to just how movies are edited, to how special effects are manufactured, to the sound one hears in theaters with home, and even to just how movies are distributed to theaters, Lucas has led just how in adopting ground breaking technologies. "

Challenges Confronted In Movie Industry Because of Technological Advancements

Challenge 1: Insufficient Security

Digitalization's main disadvantage is that it generates unrestricted opportunities for unauthorized usage, enabling perfect copies to be made in less time, with little effort and lower costs. Digitization also allows content to be modified in ways that can really compromise a brand and violate performers' image privileges. The rapid growth of broadband internet access aggravates the situation as it makes transmission of content and document access faster and easier (DreamWorks SKG, 2005). "In November of 2004, the first lawsuits were released against those alleged to have illegally shared copyrighted videos via the web (Global Films, 2005). " Corporations in the united states and across the world have invested large amounts of money in security software to safeguard information and products.

Challenge 2: Busting Budgets

Technology has made filmmaking not only more expensive and time-consuming but also more challenging to manage. The folks who create special effects consider themselves painters and their plan is to get it right -- not make it cheaper. Amid the exhilaration, studios are starting to realize that counting on special results is financially risky. Such big-budget films have a tendency to be bonanzas or busts. If a movie visits the jackpot, it can create a box-office struck that mints money on video and television for years to come. If not, it can burn off a massive gap in a studio's funds. To keep pulling people to theaters, studios feel pressure to keep pushing computer-generated realism to new levels. Before, filmmakers would often accept the first special-effects sequence created, however now, filmmakers have multiple options and spend many times holed up in editing and enhancing suites perfecting sequences. The simultaneous climb of cosmetic effects, which can fix anything, has created even more opportunities for tinkering in post-production. Filming with new digital cameras creates a sharper, cleaner look, but the one which turns up every blemish and wrinkle. A filmmaker can add weeks of work and about $250, 000 getting rid of undesired facial hair, a wig lines, or bags under an actor's eye. In a scene from "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fireplace, " in which the hero does battle with a dragon, ILM wasn't satisfied with the computer-generated fireplace. Rather than spending more long days fiddling with each spark, ILM hired a flame-thrower which it filmed on level. Then it superimposed the footage onto the sequence. The entire process lasted each day and cost ILM around $50, 000 (Marr, M. & Kelly, K. , 2006).

Challenge 3: Digital Distribution

The advanced technology of broadband internet connection enables the consumer to download a feature-length film while preserving a high-quality picture. This causes competition between movie and entertainment theatres. To continue to competed movie studios must cut cost to become more profitable. In addition they need to enhance the movie heading experience (Dicarlo, 2005). As the internet is accountable for the world-wide exchange of information and products, it has removed the real human interaction from the purchase. When a consumer acquisitions a CD from a music store, there are relationships with employees that decrease the likelihood of property being taken. The web, however, gives consumers and marketers a certain degree of anonymity and can create an environment for the unlawful circulation or purchasing of the merchandise.

Best Practice in Other Industry to Leverage Technological Advancements

Best Practice # 1# 1: Security

Secure Computing Organization, professionals in securing relationships between people, applications, and systems, and Net Clarity, a leading provider of vulnerability management products and services, lately released the deployment of your joint solution for proactive network security at Seamen's Lender in Cape Cod, Mass. The blend of Secure Computing's SnapGear unified hazard management appliance and NetClarity's Auditor Enterprise vulnerability management product enables the bank to find, deter, protect and defeat hackers, infections, worms, spy ware and harmful insiders.

The bank industry only requires Seamen's to audit its network once a year which they thought was not often enough as hardware and software could pick up common vulnerabilities and exposures (CVE) anytime. Seamen's Bank believed the responsibility to their customers and took a proactive method of securing the bank's main office and four branches. The NetClarity and Secure Computing bundle augments the current network security strategy at Seamen's Loan provider to permit real-time protection of most assets on the LAN, which is paramount to guarding information about its' members (Business Line, 2006).

Best Practice 2: Distribution

The music industry has also been impacted by the way technology has modified the circulation of products. The attractiveness of iPods and the Internet has made music easily accessible to consumers. Rather than spending $14 on the Compact disk, consumers can choose their favorite tracks from the designer and download the music at a lesser price (usually $1 per track). This technology has increased the globalization of the music industry. The music industry also reduced the quantity of stolen goods by forcing download services, such as Napster and iTunes, to pay licensing fees. A far more recent development in the safety of music duplicate rights is the Perform Work Argument. The U. S. Senate Judiciary Committee has been hearing arguments from both factors about "legislation that could require satellite, cable television and Internet broadcasters to pay royalties. . . also to pay at fair-market-value rates" (Butler, 2006, p. 1). As Internet technology increases the accessibility of videos, legislation and licensing fees can make sure the legal distribution of the product.

Best Practice 3: The Ecosystem

Michael Gallis and Associates will work with city organizers to develop programs that addresses the interdependence of an community and the ecosystem. Peggy Ann Brown (2006) talks about how "never to just protect the environment, but to weave it into the fabric of an community. " She goes on to discuss the importance of not having the eco-systems surrounding a community collapse. Technology they are employee to support the efforts of the integration is GIS, satellite television imagery, and three-dimension mapping.

Application of Best Practices to Address Challenges

The determined best practice implemented by the banking industry can be employed by the movie industry prior to circulation of its whole original content wide the web. In this respect networking associations should be made with companies that know about security concerns and address them properly. Companies offering the info technology also needs to be aware of the legalities surrounding protection of IP privileges and esteem them. The recent tie-up between Warner Bros. Entertainment and BitTorrent has recently made steps in addressing this matter. "BitTorrent has ensured the creation of your legal relationship that respects the worthiness of the intellectual property. BitTorrent carries on to work with the FILM Connection of America (MPAA) to remove copyright infringing content from its search results and is working with studios to replace that content, to provide a secure, legal venue for consumers (Business Line, 2006). "

The request of George Lucas's improved upon three-dimensional filming can support the work of keeping our ecosystems. Through the use of this best practice three-dimension technology, combined with efforts of Michael Gallis and I. N. Vogiatzakis humans could better understand the effect on our planet. With the use of this technology could reduce journeys to sensitive environments and still enable the appreciation of these special places. With the cost of this type of eco-friendly trips reduced, the experience of these important places would be available to a larger human population. This in mixture with non-invasive robotic equipment could improve the search for medical alternatives from family pets and crops deep in natural forests.


The movie industry has a distinctive opportunity to profit from technological advancements. By doing universal benchmarks of companies which have prevailed in leveraging technology, the industry can effectively solve issues that the same advanced technology creates. Making use of best practices of others makes it possible for organizations to keep up a competitive edge. Technology will allow the movie industry to become more global and improve the opportunity of success.

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