The Airline Group In Malaysia Commerce Essay

This article reviews and examines the management operations in organizations, using the airline group in Malaysia; Air Asia as our case study. In assessing or scanning this article, one will definitely come across certain terminologies that are not frequently used and not suitably applicable to your everyday lives, and for that reason one may find it hard to absorb and concur the true point of the essay. Such terminologies can include work firm, management, unemployment, management businesses Etc.

This concerns an integral part of the business or organization functions whereby they try to increase or optimize customer satisfaction utilizing the minimal amount of resources possible, e. g. in the case of an organization like Air Asia, they have got being ranked among the top low-cost airlines world-wide. Their Low-price in comparison to other Airlines helps in motivating visitors to opt for Air Asia over others. Thereby, they improve the customer satisfaction while the try to expend the list amount of resources easy for this to be financially efficient for the business.


Motivation is like an action which activates or assists with the activation of a kind of behavior which is defined for higher standards (goal-oriented patterns).

When a administrator motivates his/her employees, it will always be generally with the aim of achieving an increased group of goals for the business. This motivation may take place under various circumstances and also in a number of formalities, such as;

Increasing Job satisfaction of the employees

This may be accomplished through things like increasing the personnel' salaries, replacing their working conditions, better benefits and pension allowances and so on and so forth.

First of most, a goal is an objective which a person intends to attain in most cases, within the stipulated amount of time.

Goals are establish for various purposes. For instance, some people establish goals and then plan to strive to make that happen it within the stated period of time. The limited acts a kind of desire and pushes them to strive harder in obtaining the target.

One of the most notable of the techniques of goal configurations is the ''SMART" plan. ''SMART'' represents;


The goals should be specified for easy rectification.


They should be quantifiable not uncertain.


They should be things that can be reached or achieved within the explained time frame.


They should be somewhat as a dream or a aspiration but should be possible.


There should be a stipulated time frame within which one should be able to achieve the goal.



Conflict is a state of opposition between people, ideas or interest. Whenever we want to utilize people discord is unavoidable because we all result from different qualifications, culture technology and we all have different believes and value. Each folks brings around different views on about everything


1 Accommodating: This is whereby you permit the other party to certify there consign and neglect your own

2 Collaborating: This implies cooperating with the other party to understand there consign and work to find a mutually satisfying solution.

3. Reducing: Attempting to resolve issue by identifying solution that is partly adequate to both celebrations both completely sufficient to neither.

4. Avoiding: Not watching the conflict and not taking any action to solve it.

5. Forcing: making use of your formal power to satisfy your own consign without respect to the other get-togethers consign


1. Arbitration: This is process whereby an authorized is involved that has being asked by the conflict get-togethers to propose the solution

2. Seek Mediation : Is a process whereby a third party consults with those involved in a conflict to see if the challenge can be presenting in a way which facilitates a resolution, the mediator may simply listen closely and have questions

3. Apply authority or push: If mediation, conciliation and arbitration do not work or the celebrations are not eager to try them, turmoil can be settled in a fashion by one party imposing his solution through expert. (I. e. Administrator) this negotiation will resentment among the workers at the acquiring end both sometimes this is the only way to solve discord and save time.


Organizational composition depicts how jobs and official efforts are formally broken down, grouped and completed cord natively. Here are the types of firm structures;

Simple Structure

This is more commonly associated with smaller business including the sole proprietorship as well as others like that. It is because; it is more practical when applied within an organizational setting with few workers. It is fast and versatile and also relatively cheaply appropriate. Its major demerit consists of the fact that it's relatively unsuccessful with other organizations with a larger workforce.


It is mainly characterized by a strong standardization technique such as highly formalized guidelines, strong hierarchal system and chain of demand.

The Matrix Structure

This is departmentalized into 2; functional and product. Probably the most fantastic and easily identified structural feature of the matrix is the fact it breaks the unity-of-command notion.

How people are managed

Directing making decisions embodying decision in instructions and offering as the first choice of the enterprise

Organizing establishing constructions and system through which activities are arranged

Planning out ling the insurance policy, targets and resultant what to be achieved.

Time management is the procedure of monitoring, analysing and revising, you intend unit it work, effectively planning as an art that takes time to acquire.

Prepare tomorrow 's plan before you can the office in morning

Coordinating this is important level involves interacting the various part of work. it consists of coordinating the various job, jobs and tasks of yourself and more staff.


The Internet, especially that of the 21st Century is super-fast, has an extremely high flexibility and can be used for the productive conduction of a myriad of transactions that goes on between suppliers, consumers and even multinational companies. These characteristics of the internet enable it to bring heavy positive returns to these organizations. For example, things such as purchase orders, travel of goods notifications, requisition words Etc. which were initially directed and received through post-mail can now be utilized online via electronic mail through the internet.

A customer-oriented company, mementos and elevates the customer above other things, it is convinced that the customer is obviously right.

A production-oriented firm focuses mainly on creation as their main driving force which is their priority.



Leadership is the power to influence a gathering to the success of destination.


Management is the functions of expert underlying in given formal rate to receive conformity from organizational associates.

People should be managed using a kind of management method known as ''Management by consensus''. Consensus as everybody knows has to do with mutual agreement including everyone therefore, management by consensus is a kind of management whereby everyone's judgment is taken in for thought and then a decision is considered predicated on everybody's consensus. This help's in offering people a feeling of importance and also offers them a role to try out.


Autocratic leadership

Bureaucratic leadership

Democratic leadership

Cultural leadership

Strategic leadership

Situational leadership

Participative leadership


Management by information system

Management by organizational development

Management by exception

Management by walking around

Management by performance

Management by consensus

Management by decision models


Widening their network looking for common benefit or aiding others selflessly.

An appraisal system using performance indicators and objectives as the basis of appraisal.

Information control keeping people prepared about issues which affect them.

Possessing good negotiating skills aiming for win/win outcomes

Resources control allocated based on business goal.

Job seniority giving clear instruction for duties.

Having and capability to get visitors to talk by offering private support

Giving personal reward on the basis of good performance

Involving others inviting and utilising others ideas

Managing access to people based on need and business priority.

Rewards and punishment using rather and transparently based on an objective requirements.


Group entails a variety of persons who interrelate with one another, who are emotionally conscious of each other and understand themselves as a group (Mullins, L. J. 2005). While groups denote groups that contain familiar target and see that their individual achievements is hanged on others.

A group consists of all sorts of persons. Just how individuals interact and interrelate forms their success.

The manners in which persons behave in groups are different. Some individuals are helpful and supportive, others are more concerned about getting the task done, yet others can start friction or dissonance inside the team.

Managing a project team has various parts. One of the most vital is arranging and establishing that task team. If one makes the right decisions when organizing his/her job team, he/she will be steps away from attaining the group project.

Make a set of the duties that required to be completed to help make the project a success. If you aren't certain precisely what wants to be achieved to complete the task, now is the moment to go to your administrator and get that discussed.

Step 2

Place a timeline for your process. When you have not been given a cut-off particular date, then you will require to place one, cum any erstwhile landmark inside the task. You will also want to set timelines for the tasks inside the quest, making certain that you will be finishing the duties in chronological demand.

Step 3

Locate the inputs that you want to make your task occur. Ensure that you will have entry to any equipment you want to compose your job an actuality. You must converse this as soon as achievable with administration so you will have all that you want by the moment the task is preparing to commence.

Step 4

Generate a catalogue of tasks that you'll want to load within your group. For instance, you might want two sales persons and a marketing supervisor to produce your team. Again, each one of the obligations, catalogue the tasks that this individual will be focusing on during the task.

Step 5

Decide who in your business will labour best on your objective team given the responsibilities that you would like to fill and the responsibilities that must be completed. Obtain the best individuals on board with you, remember who is effective together when your team form.

Step 6

Converse the set up amid assembling your project team as soon as feasible. This is the last step in institute of your flourishing task team. Ensure every individual recognizes what they will do individually and the particular team is wanting to achieve all together.

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