The ANCIENT GREEK LANGUAGE Education Theology Religious beliefs Essay

The Ancient Greek Education and the result on the, THE BURKHA. The education system today has been built on ideas and affects of the past. By building and expanding ideas, education is continuing to grow into an ever-evolving system. However, there are still strong influences from past cultures affecting the education system in the Western World. Today, the Old Greeks continue to influence the, THE BURKHA with their legacy, especially in education; with the Athenian and Spartan systems being viewed back again to for help with today's system and the professors of Ancient Greece being used in instructing methods and evaluation. The Athenian institution system is appeared back on and influences today's public institution system. They were also the first to introduce something of advanced schooling, which is equivalent to today's post-secondary organizations. Spartans had a much regimented college routine and were mainly taught fighting and success, paralleling today's armed forces college systems. Another assessment that can be used the early age that the Spartans commenced training and were trained that the state of hawaii is the excellent concern; very much like Hitler's youth groups in World Conflict Two. The professors in Old Greece are appeared back to for their teaching methods and evaluations of teaching itself. Socrates, Aristotle, and the Sophists will be the major influences of the LADY with their coaching methods and evaluations. The Western World's education system has advanced and changed but nonetheless gets the strong affects of the Athenian schooling system.

Today's education system has been affected by the legacy left out by the Ancient Greeks. Especially with the Athenian education which provides examples of advanced schooling and public institution systems. There have been many ideas concerning who first created higher education, such as Socrates, "but it was the Pythagoreans, it seems, who established a genuine university of higher education- the faraway ancestor of the modern universities"(Flaceliere, 112). The higher education was inspired by the period of time as it was the "sons of wealthier parents usually prolonged their children's education to age 18 with specialist instructors in medicine, regulation, rhetoric or the ever more popular courses distributed by the sophists"(Adkins, 254). Athenians possessed speciality educators who focused on main areas of analysis for students who desired and may afford the advanced schooling that was offered.

Similarly, we've advanced schooling where students specialize in certain domains. Today these fields are educated at university or college or university and the Athenians were taught by philosophers or one of the traveling Sophists. Even these areas today act like those that were taught by the Athenians; one in particular being remedies. Another popular region of research for the Athenians and scholars today is rules. Even though the Athenian education system has not been actively used for a large number of years, examples and influences are still attracted from it. The establishment of advanced schooling in Old Greece provides information as to the way the Athenian education system offers a strong influence in the European World's education. However, higher education was not the sole influential aspect of the Athenian school system.

The modern GIRL is aware of private school companies where in fact the parents provide the funds for his or her child's education; paralleling the Athenians ways of education as well as the required university attendance. Today, students are essential by the Ontario authorities to attend institution until the age of sixteen, similar to the Athenians as while there is "absence of a written stature, compulsory education was most certainly enforced by custom and tradition-which are just like binding as a musical instrument" (Flaceliere, 92). Going to school is compulsory for students in today's school system, equivalent to the required schooling in Old Athens.

Another part of Athenian education that corresponds with today's schooling is the money for education by parents and benefactors with "an expansion of elementary education, with nice foundations setup in some cities to fund teachers" (Hornblower, Spawforth, 245). Today, private school systems are funded by parents and there's also generous followers of the students, offering scholarships or bursaries, allowing students to wait school as do prosperous civilians in Athens. The Athenian education system is continuing to grow and evolved to include higher education and benefactors to improve the funding for schooling. Today, the education system has been influenced by the Athenians in terms of university or college. The European World's education may be changing; however, it still draws influence from the Athenians and other ANCIENT GREEK LANGUAGE city says.

The Spartan education system in addition has had a long-term legacy on the Western World as they have been influential for military universities of today and the Hitler Children Groups that started out during the World Conflict Two period. Education in Sparta had the "review of characters was limited to the smallest amount; for the rest, their education consisted only in learning unquestioning compliance, superhuman endurance, and the way to win at wrestling their mind were close-shaved" (Plutarch, 1). The Spartans focused more intensely on armed service training and leaning that their state itself came let me give you. These were not worried about reading and writing as the Athenians were, satisfied to target intensely on armed forces training, which is shown in the influences still left on today's education in the Western World.

Today, examples can be seen in different military services corporations such as; "the service academies-the Coastline Safeguard Academy, Air Pressure Academy, Western Point and Annapolis- are shown to have been long associated with the duty of locating the synthesis point between your Athenian and Spartan philosophies"(Lovell, 1). The Spartan education system varies greatly from the Athenian education system, concentrating more on fighting and success as their state was immersed in military services culture. This could be relatively compared to today's military universities and systems as they focus on survival and repetition of drills. Spartans were focused on survival and becoming the fiercest warriors to be able to protect and provide pride for his or her condition. Also, the students who emerge from military college are taught they are fighting for the state of hawaii; likewise, the Spartans were trained that their state comes first. Many armed forces schools today bring on the Spartan self-control by keeping demanding rules and regulations that candidates must follow. Also, these academic institutions emphasize that the students will be representing their country and must make the country proud.

Sparta was a state dominated city, and therefore the state was put above other things and this opinion pervaded into all aspects of Spartan life, including their education system, which influences modern day GIRL education. At age seven a Spartan male "was enrolled (rather as young Fascists or Nazis were a couple of years ago) in a series of pre-military organizations which protected his entire youth and adolescence" (Flaceliere, 85). There are direct parallels between the young Spartans and the Hitler Youth Groups and military services schools of today. Both are educated obedience, success and that it is the state of hawaii you must defend and put first, not anything or anyone else. The young Spartans and Germans were required to learn to sacrifice their personal lives and well-beings to be able to protect the state/country. Both possessed the common denominator of starting their candidates young with the goal being to have a military with a strong alliance to the state or country.

The main goal of the Spartan education system was to create a "well-drilled military machine made up of soldiers who were 'obedient to the term of command, with the capacity of enduring hardships and victories in fight" (Lin, 1). When the Spartan system pulled the young guys out of these homes, they became immersed in the state of hawaii. The young guys were trained that their state is the main aspect of their lives and they were to represent the state. This can be compared to the Hitler Youth Sets of World Conflict Two and military services academies as they are taught that their state is their lives and they must represent appropriately. The Spartan education system found in Ancient Greece can be paralleled to today's armed service academy with the use of regimented drills and tutelage of survival skills. Also, the actual fact that the guy Spartan junior were used at a young years and immersed in propaganda of the state of hawaii is similar to Hitler Youth Organizations. Even a large number of years after events, the training system of Ancient Greece is constantly on the influence the education system of today.

The, THE BURKHA not only draws influence from the several city expresses of Ancient Greece however the philosophers and sophists with the coaching styles and parallels to today's university or college professors. A big influence on today's coaching style is Socrates who taught with "conversation, debate, back-and-forth between educator and college student, a focus on student talk alternatively than teacher talk" (Schneider, 1), and "Socratic classrooms can be relaxed or tense, noisy or silent, large or small" (Schneider, 3). Socrates was a philosopher who trained young Greeks and his approach to teaching is still trained today from kindergarten to post-secondary education. His philosophy when it arrived to teaching was to really have the tutor ask questions to the students and have them answer rather than the student requesting the educator questions. Teaching in this manner caused a fresh type of education to be developed, one where in fact the students must find their own answers rather than relying on the educator to provide all the answers on their behalf.

With his method "the 'teacher' or leader of the dialogue, asks probing questions in order to expose the ideals and values which shape and support the thoughts and claims of the members in the inquiry" (Stanford University, 1). Socrates obligated the students to learn and understand by requesting these questions and making them think of their own answers instead of being given answers. His approach to teaching required the students to become self-sufficient and also think critically and deeply. College or university professors and middle college teachers similarly use Socrates method to increase the student's learning as Socrates have in Old Greece. He had not been the sole philosopher to influence the coaching system in the current Western World.

Aristotle was another Ancient Greek philosopher who influenced the European World's education system, by delivering a system where professors can be examined on the methods and success of coaching. His theory of "Phronesis (functional intelligence) has appreciated a revival in recent years. In modern philosophy, it supplies a possible basis for postmodern criticism of scientific society and its own restrictions" (Back again, 1). This discusses Aristotle's theory of practicality and how it can be applied to culture and reviewed in school of thought classes/ conversations. Aristotle thought that students would have to be taught practically, the only way for students to learn and more importantly understand; was to keep these things be educated in a useful, smart way. He not only provided this popular teaching method but also evaluation options for teacher's that can be used today.

He also discourses that teachers have to be examined and "under conditions of doubt and sophisticated or convoluted situations, the professional must follow an activity of "deliberation" in which he or she examines the appropriate means of attaining the goals in the specific parameters of this situation" (Back, 2). Educators must act consequently to the problems presented when coaching and when putting a potential educator within an uncertain situation, it is focused on seeing the way the professional reacts. Aristotle, the Greek philosopher, taught and is now influencing coaching today. His ways of teaching are not necessarily used to teach, but rather to evaluate teachers and focus on the teacher's ability instead. Despite the growing education system today, it can be partial to the teachings of Ancient Greece. He is not really the only influential person in Ancient Greek society, a huge group, known as the sophists, also were significant in shaping the European World's education.

The sophists were a group of men and women who travelled around Ancient Greece and were paid to teach subjects which were not trained in the regular schooling in Greece. They are simply equivalent to today's university and university professors as they also focus on particular subject areas and are paid a salary. Sophists were important not and then the introduction of today's education but also Ancient Greece's as they "met a need for higher education and some amassed large fortunes. The word 'sophist' will not refer to a school of thought but a professional professor" (Adkins, 254). The sophists are an ancient representation of present day university professors. They trained specialized classes that required primary schooling and long knowledge to those who desired it. Also a lot like today's university professors, the sophists also recharged a fee because of their services though today it seen as a cultural normality; in Old Greece, individuals, philosophers especially viewed down at the sophists and the money they demanded. The sophists created many innovative suggestions to the Ancient Greece, not minimal an income for educating youths.

These sophists released to the Old Greeks a fresh extended kind of schooling that proceeded to go beyond the standard schooling and experienced students (or their parents) spending money on education. Philosophers of Old Greece didn't approve of the sophists as they did not believe in the repayment of teachings. However they did provide more "under the general proceeding of 'school of thought' they trained all the themes then available that had not been included in the elementary school curriculum: geometry, physics, astronomy, treatments" (Adkins, 254). Despite the fact that these were not popular in Ancient Greece they created a fresh way of instructing that influenced today's education system. School and university professors are the sophists of today; instructing specialized subject matter and charging a price. The Old Greeks provide direction for the instructors of today's education system. They offer different varieties of educating methods and also how to evaluate teachers that are being used commonly today. Inspired by the Ancient Greeks, the American World's education proceeds to improve and increase.

The GIRL is inspired by the Ancient Greeks prolonged legacy through the Athenian and Spartan education systems, and also by the professors of Old Greece; influencing the teachers of today with the coaching styles and analysis. The Athenian education system created higher education which parallels today's post-secondary education system and also offers a comparison between the compulsory education and private schooling. Today's armed forces schools show impact from the Spartan education system. As well as the propaganda in Sparta that may be compared to the Hitler Youth Categories in Nazi Germany during World Conflict Two. Ancient Greek philosophers provide ways of teaching styles and evaluation for instructors today, demonstrating the affect and long lasting legacy of the Old Greeks on the, THE BURKHA.

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