The benefits of Offshore outsourcing

For the previous 2 decades international business has taken a fresh form anticipated to increased global activity. The business enterprise world has witnessed a extraordinary integration of varied businesses forming a global network which disperse across political and geographical limitations due to operate liberalization by many under-developed countries. Companies are continuing to get strategic resources in the international markets which allow them to get benefit of various factors like location, ownership and internalization as recognized by John H. Dunning. (Dunning, 1993)

Offshore outsourcing is a strategy accompanied by many businesses to access the recycleables, skills and resources in the coordinator countries where they are really cheaper.

Allocating a part of the company's procedures to another company with an objective to gain some cost gain can be recognized as outsourcing. Outsourcing can range from tendering administrative and back-end procedures like HR and Payroll to that of key functions like management and marketing. In most cases companies vacation resort to outsourcing because of lack of resources and also because procurement of such resources would cost much higher than contracting a specialist company to achieve that job. (Needle, 2010)

When a company allocates its functions to an abroad company, the sort of outsourcing is called Offshore Outsourcing. This seems to be a present global trend accompanied by popular MNCs.

For example, many silicon chip producers have outsourced their creation process to low priced spots like China and Taiwan. India is still the back-office for the European companies by answering their customer enquiries from numerous call centres for the multinational companies like Accenture, Lender of America etc situated across cities like Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad. In the same way HR functions like recruitment and payroll are outsourced to Indian companies where considerable skilled workforce can be acquired.

Impact of Offshore outsourcing on European companies

Especially for businesses in western countries it is just a common practice to outsource a few of their functions to low priced and labour rich under-developed countries. There are a host of advantages of european companies gained through offshore outsourcing. A few of the advantages are the following:

Cheaper cost of Creation: The key factor that drives any business is revenue. In saturated markets like US the only path companies can increase income is by lowering the production cost. Hence traditional western companies count on low cost spots by outsourcing their functions.

Example: Verizon, the primary internet provider in US has outsourced its call centre service to India.

Difference in Time-Zone: Due to the time difference between your Western world and the East almost all of the companies think it is logical to outsource their customer support function to countries in south Asia like India and Malaysia. As a result of the time difference companies are able to provide round the clock support to customers thus providing added value.

Likewise various other advantages for traditional western companies would be availability of skilled workforce. Sometimes businesses might take a choice of creating subsidiaries in variety countries which would fetch them other advantages like Taxes benefits and incentives offered by federal as well as help them create in new markets which earns income.

Difference in Cultures

Western companies need to comprehend the culture of web host country to be able to totally leverage from offshore outsourcing. Due to the cultural divide between the west and the east the host companies face a friction in terms of ethical and legal routines which actually is the greatest disadvantage of offshore outsourcing for european companies. The parent company having less managerial control over the web host companies is also a major drawback.

Nike is one of the very most popular sneakers companies from United States which outsourced their creation line to several offshore locations on the globe like Indonesia and Vietnam where the wages are relatively very low and also the labour laws are very lenient. Nike was under allegations of mistreating their workers by displaying gender differentiation even though Nike was not directly involved in the situation as it generally does not own the factories. Nonetheless it affects the brand image and their business in further expanding globally. In May 1998 Nike declared a new code of carry out and it packages to choose the partners to take part in the monitoring practices in Indonesia, China and Vietnam. It also announced it would lift the salary for the entry level factory employees in Indonesia by 22%. (Deresky, 2000)

Impact of Offshore outsourcing on appearing market companies

Third world countries have been growing rapidly over time to contend with the developed countries in terms of economy. Foreign Direct Investment always improves the overall economy of the number country and also offers a variety of benefits such as employment creation and technology transfer. (Lewis, 1999)

Increase in GDP: Offshore outsourcing has contributed for a rise in the GDP of the appearing economies as a whole lot of inward move of investments has boosted the national income and catalysed the business activity. More the earnings acquired by companies, more is the tax paid to the federal government.

Employment Opportunities: In emerging countries like India, an incredible number of jobs were created to support the back-end administrative jobs for overseas companies which socially benefitted the company. The major job creation scheduled to outsourcing was in the assistance sector and specifically in IT/BPO industry in India whereas in China, Vietnam and Thailand, most of the jobs are created in manufacturing sector.

According to the information posted by UNCTAD, there can be an increasing trend in the outward FDI of appearing countries. Most of these investments come from large companies listed in India and China that are voracious for overseas markets. Mainly rising companies rely upon other nations for knowledge and technology and hence they outsource the key functions like management to international specialist companies.

Offshore Outsourcing techniques from emerging countries is principally seen in the Middle-East, where large companies in the olive oil, shipping and engineering market sectors outsource their techniques to proven companies in developed nations.

For example, the training needs for management of Emirates, a leading airliner from Dubai are outsourced to a international company.

Impact of Offshore outsourcing on the workforce of Traditional western countries

The major good thing about outsourcing is gaining of competitive gain apart from success gained through cheaper cost of development. For the parent countries which outsource to locations like India and China one of the major advantages is the size of population. The number of the technical graduates who distribute of universities is increasing daily creating a great expertise pool who remain competitive for jobs on the common platform. Hence entry level employees tend to be more in quantity who get paid less as the demand for experienced staff stay the same in western countries who are paid heavily.

Due to offshore outsourcing, there are major job losses in american countries leaving a large employees unemployed. Often such work force is dissatisfied for reasons like insufficient quality services by the host company.

The cultural variations should be handled properly when just offshore outsourcing which is major concern for the making an investment company's. Regarding Taxis Bleus is a French taxi hiring company where customers can call and reserve a taxi cab. The call centre process was outsourced to a corporation in Rabat, Mexico. The French customers were unable to comprehend the vocabulary of call handlers and believed annoyed. Thus Taxi cab Bleus business fallen down and People from france taxi motorists lost careers. (Jacques, 2006)

Impact of Offshore outsourcing on the labor force of emerging market countries

Due to international companies buying the emerging markets and searching for outsourcing support, the living expectations of the folks there have increased. The data of the employees has also increased anticipated to version to new solutions and working out has imparted skills to the labor force making them globally demanding. Offshore outsourcing helped rapid increase in income rates in India and China. Just in both of these countries more than 300 million people have are relieved from abject poverty which is the very first time in history for such a big change to occur in too short a period.

Due to scarcity of skilled employees in developed countries like UK both public sector and private sector like health care, IT and education have recruited people from many producing countries like South Africa, Ghana, Nigeria and India (johnson, 2001)

In the western countries scheduled to lack of skilled labour and expensive wage rates, the united kingdom authorities has insisted organizations to skilled staff from India. Companies such as Atkins and Network Rail have recruited signal technical engineers from India who are a scarce reference. (G. smith, 2002)

It is apparent that the tough economy in 2008 started in US has great impact on the global current economic climate. Thus western companies have immediate effect on the outsourced companies in number countries. Many people became jobless, demanding ramp down in the groups, reduction of incomes etc.


Though offshore outsourcing has many advantages every business process can not be outsourced to overseas companies anticipated to limits such as social barriers. However businesses should better limit their techniques based on their primary competence and should outsource the rest of processes to leverage high cost benefits and specialist services that exist only in few countries.

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