The Code Of Practice Social Work Essay

For the goal of this assignment I am discussing the overall techniques, skills and guidelines of the analysis process. I'll then discuss these with regards to Rhain from my case study, together with any relevant legislation and plans. Additionally I will show my knowledge of the Code of Practice, the account of ethical issues and anti-oppressive practice within the Welsh framework.

Assessments are carried out by social workers within their role and obligations of their occupation. An examination is main to good interpersonal work practice and its purpose is to understand and point out the service user's situation, help the sociable employee identify the needs of the service individual, and make relevant changes to help the service end user have a much better quality of life and well- being.

'Coulshed and Orme (2006, p24) explain assessment as 'an ongoing process where the consumer or service individual participates, the goal of which is to aid the social worker to understand people in relation to their environment. Examination is also a basis for planning what must be done' to keep, improve or cause change in the individual, the surroundings or both. '

The first point of examination is when a person has either self-referred or have been referenced by someone else, such as family, friends or other experts. It will then be identified if that recommendation meets the eligibility criteria set out by the department or if indeed they need to be referred on to another firm. If the individual has found the criteria a social employee would then perform an evaluation of need, age the service user would determine which assessment is necessary, Unified Diagnosis or Platform for the Assessment of Children in Need and their own families. To allow a social staff member to handle a highly effective and purposeful analysis they will need to know relevant up to date legislation and polices, have good regions of skills, use correct methods and models, practice anti-oppressively, prices and key points.

There are several skills that are needed to carry out a purposeful and effective examination, some of that are communication, observation, reflection and evaluation skills. Communication skills are used to interact with the service user, this is done verbally or non-verbally, through body language and attention contact and actively being attentive. Communication skills allows interpersonal worker's to connect to the service customer whilst requesting relevant questions about their former and present lives, and using an all natural approach when undertaking an assessment. Also non-verbal communication is also vital, having the ability to actively pay attention to what the service customer is telling you, as assessments should be considered a two way process. Service users should be able to exhibit their views, feelings and their needs with the social worker to work out the perfect outcome that will assist support them. On top of that negotiation skills are also needed, to allow the social employee and service customer to connect to the other person and come up with an agreed outcome, this will also show the service individual you respect and value their views and views and can also help enable the service customer. Social worker's should be mindful that we cannot pressure service users to use the support or procedures put into place, they do have a right to refuse. However negotiation will depend on individual circumstances, such as, will the individual hold the mental capacity?, will there be risk included or is it a section 47 of the Children Function 1989 child security order. Communication may also be done through body gestures and cosmetic expressions on both edges, the social worker must be aware of how they may be perceiving themselves across to the service user, had maybe it's a good or negative. You'll need communication skills to be able to work in partnership both with service users and significant others. Another skill is to be able to change the way social worker's talk with the service customer as you will be working with blended sets of people, such as, elderly person, children, mental health. . . . . . observational skills are also needed as this gives us additional information and facts, for example, if you are undertaking an interview with something user you might observe their residence is cold which could probably let you know that they cannot afford heat or the home itself is inadequate. Another part of communication is reflecting, paraphrasing and summarising, by doing this the social staff member will know if the service end user has understood what has been said to them and vice versus for the sociable worker. Egan (2007, p72) advises assessments are based on information obtained on the actual social staff member has come to understand through the give-and-take of the dialogue. Once information has been accumulated the social worker will then need to reflect and evaluate onto it. They will need to choose what information is pertinent, and compare other information obtained from other resources. They will need to critically analyse all the information in order to achieve the best result for the service customer, such as, what has occurred, why, and exactly how it happened and how this can be solved or possible results if it's not fixed.

Smale, et al. (1993) highlights three the latest models of of an examination process, first is the questioning model where a social worker would collect factual information, then make enlightened judgements predicated on theory, frameworks, guidelines and legislations. Secondly could be the procedural model where in fact the diagnosis has been judged on the fact of the service consumer appointment criteria's, it is ruled by frameworks and suggestions of agencies. Also is the exchange model where people are regarded as experts plus they have a tell how best to interact to agree aims and focus on them.

One good way that needs to be used when undertaking an evaluation are a person centred strategy this is where the assessment will be completed on a 'needs only' basis keeping in mind that each individual is unique and each service user will have different needs. Rules that underpin Diagnosis Platform are making the service customer the key of the process; this is called a person centred. Public worker's will look at the service user's needs and the support they might need by working in partnership and permitting them to express their views and needs in order to form the analysis process. Methods such as information gathering, assessment tools such as ecomaps, to help the service customer prepare and be part of the analysis, this also helps enable the service user to look at their own talents as well as discovering difficulties. Social employees must be careful in how service users are perceived and how they may be spoken to. An diagnosis can be an on-going process so must be supervised and reviewed regularly to ensure the correct procedures and services are in place, added or removed.

My strategy with Rhain would be to set up a gathering so we're able to talk and reserve any worries she may have with social workers being involved. This might give Rhain the chance to express her emotions and have any questions that ought to be answered seriously. This may also show Rhain I am there to listen and respect what she has to state. Once this romantic relationship has been built I would then describe to Rhain the actual assessment process is approximately and why I have to ask certain questions that could potentially be upsetting to Rhain. I'd also describe to Rhain the info Protection Work 1998 and the process of information sharing, and to whom and just why information will be distributed to others. Then with Rhain consent I'd perform a Unified Diagnosis where I'd accumulate relevant information and get a alternative view of Rhain. Through the assessment I'd be hearing the information Rhain gives, empowering her to recognize her own advantages and what needs or support she'd require to enhance her quality of life. We would look at any issues or troubles Rhain may have and possible arranged solutions and ways onward to achieve them. However, Rhain would have to be made aware there are eligibility criteria's to be found to put a service or provision, therefore before evaluation is complete we're able to not say we'd give her anything we was doubtful of. Through the assessment we could use tools such as a genograms to help, again this allows us to work together and discuss areas that could have been ignored. Whatever information has been given by Rhain would need to be supported with evidence; this is where the information writing would enter into practice. With Rhain's consent I'd approach all the professionals, businesses and family associated with Rhain and have for information to be distributed to me therefore i could do that. Be mindful that there is Data Protection involved and only reveal relevant home elevators a need to find out basis. During any analysis a social worker must be honest with the service end user rather than make any guarantees they cannot keep as it gives false trust and can have an impact on any marriage that was already built, they shouldn't be judgemental nor as long as they presume anything before reaching and discussing information with any service consumer. If you are asked a question, nor know the answer be honest say you're doubtful but will see out, then pass on correct information to service customer. You should never discuss verbally or non-verbally the service customer or anything that they are involved in if you don't have consent in support of on a need to find out basis. A communal worker is bound by Code of Practice and Code of Ethics to which must be practiced at all times, in and out of work. When carrying out an assessment sociable employees must use an Anti-oppressive procedure whilst empowering the service end user. Sociable worker's should allow each individual and value their have their own ideals and beliefs to that they may not have the same way. Sociable staff will show the individual respect all the time and respect their confidentiality, privacy and dignity. Sociable worker will also be face with honest issues on daily basis and must be able to solve the dilemmas or concern such issues.

Wales is currently a diverse and multi- cultured country, therefore Welsh and English are not really the only languages spoken. Public workers must respect individuals who speak other dialects along with their beliefs and prices. Whenever using over the age of eighteen we use the Cover of Vulnerable Adults (POVA). Wales has different legislations and policies than Britain and social staff should know these to practice good cultural work. When undertaking an diagnosis In Wales we need to treat legislations and guidelines such as Data Cover Function 1998, Unified Diagnosis Process, Wales Accord on the Showing of private information (WASPI), In safe Hands (WAG 2000), Sociable Services Bill for Wales which include the Direct Payment Take action 1996, and NHS and Community Care Act 1990. Social workers should also be mindful concerning which area of Wales they are working in because of the resources open to rural areas so they have to know what services are available and what will be available in budgets.

With all the above information concerning assessments, I've come to the final outcome they can only just help if they're carried out using the correct methods. The engagement of the service user is vital to recognize their needs of support and if social staff work in partnership with the service consumer the procedure will be much much easier to undertake and you will be much more effective for the service customer. I also feel feel that if service users are involved with their own assessment and have been able to give their own goals to accomplish they would be more likely to give consent for an assessment being carried out right from the start.


(Coulshed and Orme cited in Martin, 2010 p7), Community Work Analysis, Exeter: Learning Matters

Egan, G (2007) The skilled helper: A problem-management and opportunity development approach to helping. 8th ed. London: Thomson Learning

(Smale, et al cited in Martin, 2010 p51), Public Work Examination, Exeter: Learning Matters

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