The professional ecology


Industrial ecology is the key topics of industrial ecology Subject matter. Here also come Ecology, Ecosystem, Industrial ecology, Industrial system, Relation between commercial ecology and professional system. Then talking about and talking about the similarities and variations between an ecosystem and an professional system. Then talking about and talking about the actual explanation of professional ecology in the main body of the project. Here we can also note that the effect and the final outcome at the ends of the body. At the end of this task we see the references that i have put into start to see the original information.


At first we have to know very well what is ecosystem and what is industrial system? So we need to know, what's ecology? Ecology is a broad biological technology and can be split into many sub-disciplines using various conditions. Many of these fields overlap supplement and inform each other (refer 1). THEREFORE I think Ecosystem is something which we start to see the natural world where every thing is running automatically called natural system is one kind of ecosystem. On the other hand industrial system is a system where we get a product or energy whenever we then add materials. Willpower that traces the stream of energy and materials using their natural resources through manufacture, the use of products, and their final recycling or removal.

Secondly we need to know, what is industrial ecology? Industrial ecology can be an interdisciplinaryframework for creating and operating commercial systems as living systems interdependent with natural systems (refer3). we also get in our textbook, Industrial ecology consciously comes with the term ecology, a term originated with guide of biological system. In my assumption, Industrial ecology is one of the systems which we can contribute by the industry. It is very difficult to identify the actual meaning of industrial ecology.

Aims and Aims:

The goals of this task are to describe and discuss the similarities and dissimilarities between ecosystem and commercial system and also we will illustrate and discuss this is of Industrial ecology used and research.

In our main goal is talking about and speaking about elaborately and find the primary difference and similarities between ecosystem and industrial system and also we look for and find out the actual description of professional ecology.


Through gathering information from Section 4 of Graedel and Allenby (2003) and Chapter2 of Erkman and Ramaswamy (2003), and other on-line resources about the similarities and dissimilarities between ecosystem and industrial system and also accumulate the info about this is of Industrial ecology. Here I have given two questions answer and also discuss of this questions to broader our knowledge and provide a more practical view of commercial ecology.

  • Describing and talking about the similarities and difference between an ecosystem and an commercial system:

Similarities between ecosystem and professional system:

In the ecosystem we see that where use some materials and energies on the other hand professional system we also use some materials and energies. If we consider things that we get ecosystem is a bicycling system and professional system also a bicycling system. If we consider the natural things like that natural system then we see that ecology is a one kinds of food chain and industrial system when a product finally out from the system then the system also go to the beginning process. So it is also one kind of food chain. Some waste materials out out of every system, the majority of the time we see that in ecosystem can restore their waste effortlessly and professional system also tries to recuperate their waste.

For example:

In biological systems, trees use nutrients to produce nuts, that are consumed by squirrels, and the nut resources are used to create baby squirrels. Some of these infants become food for foraging mammals and parrots. The squirrels is thus both pray and predator, supplementary manufacturer and consumer. A similar situation is accessible in industry, where a factory operating as consumer may receive drive drives, housings, and key boards as a consumer and assemble personal computers as a secondary producer.

  • Differences between ecosystem and professional system:

Inside the ecosystem we see that where in fact the physical energy don't come immediately like as a nutrient but commercial system where physical energy result from directly like as a mechanical or human being.

In the ecosystem we get the principal condition and sometimes we get the supplementary condition like as gas, coal, petrol. But the industrial system only we get the supplementary condition like as electricity, light etc.

And finally in the ecosystem we see some wastes but maximum wastes can retrieve naturally but industrial system we see the misuse more and the majority of enough time it can't retrieve to use the machine.

  • Describe and discuss the definition of Industrial ecology in practice and research:

Industrial ecology explores the assumption that commercial activities should not be considered in isolation from the wider world but rather in terms of any industrial ecosystem performing within the natural ecological system or biosphere.

However here there is no standard explanation of professional ecology. Industrial ecology more or less follows three key elements which is below

  1. Industrial ecology is a systemic, complete, integrated view of all the components if the commercial market and their relationships with the biosphere.
  2. It stresses the biophysical substratum of human being activities.
  3. It considers technological dynamics.

So we can say that if we can retrieve our commercial system then we get the real industrial ecology. We are able to recover it by restructuring the commercial system.

We can restructure the professional system by using four main elements

  1. Optimizing the utilization of resources.
  2. Closing material loops and lessening emissions.
  3. Dematerializing activities.
  4. Reducing and e laminating the reliance on non renewable resources of energy.

If we consider in this four elements to restructure of your professional system then we can see the industrial ecology.


We've already defined and talked about our matters elaborately in the body assignment. We likewise have described this is of commercial ecology but it is very difficult to find the definition of professional ecology.


In end of the task, my assumption is that the commercial system is not the same of the commercial ecology.


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