The Consumer Behavior Project Pepsi

1. 1 Backdrop of the study

Carbonated soda Pepsi was initially manufactured in 1890 by Caleb Davis Bradham in US. Since that time there have been a significant alteration that is presented in the product in order to cope up with the changing exterior circumstance. In 1898 it was called as Brad's Drink, which was improved to Pepsi-Cola in 1903 and finally to Pepsi in 1961. It has a vital product line that includes Dr Pepper, 7 Up, Irn Bru, Cola Turka, Big Cola, etc. One of the most influencing people associated with Pepsi was Nickolas Dias who made vital contribution in defining the marketing strategy of the product that finally made top quality influence over the buyer behavior. One of its prime competitors is 'Coca-Cola'. Warming up of this rivalry was first detected during 1970s that made Pepsi to conduct checks like 'Pepsi Problem', that could also be mentioned as blind flavor test to be able to hold on to its identification in the competition. In response coca-cola also improved its strategy by introducing modified version of their basic drink. Such activities got always been there since then by both edges so that better talk about of consumer market could be gained with no discrepancy. (A SHORT Pepsi Record)

Although coca-cola was way forward in this competition Pepsi, however the difference is shrinking over a monotonous basis without any second opinion. This is due to the fact that Pepsi has started knowing consumer behavior in an better manner. If we talk about consumer tendencies, it has always been tilted towards coca-cola whatsoever points of time. Among the perfect changes that had always been there in this product is its tagline which had been continuously modified as it is one of the basic entities that makes a deep impact over consumer habit.

One of the milestones experienced in the annals was when coca-cola declared that it includes changed its formula to provide the better and much better product to its customer, which was referred to as Coke. This task was initiated for negating the initiation used by Pepsi referred to as Pepsi Challenge. In a review conducted in 2008, market talk about of Pepsi Co in US was found to be about 30. 8% as compared to that of 42. 7% of Coca-Cola. In almost all of the regions of US, coca-cola outperforms Pepsi, however the regions where reverse happen include NY, Buffalo, etc. Consumer patterns in Asian region could be recognized from the fact that market share of Coca-Cola in this region was about 50% regarding to a review conducted in 2005. A major proportion of world's population was leaned towards coca-cola in the earlier days, but now a fresh part of the gold coin has been discovered.

1. 2 Statement of the Problem

This project must explain the buyer tendencies towards Pepsi, i. e. whether they are satisfied from its current product line or is there any need to draw out the evolved to make it more suitable.

1. 3 Aim and Objective

1. 3. 1 The purpose of the Study

Aim of the research is to explore consumer tendencies centered over various factors towards Pepsi in order to raised understand the client needs and offer certain recommendations for changes if essential to gain desired competitive gain over its rival company.

1. 3. 2 Objective

Objective of the analysis is to analyze several advantages and weaknesses of the business to better understand its consumer habit.

1. 4 Scope of the Project

Area of research is actually focused over junior as this section is the largest consumer of Pepsi's or this particular product line. In order to perform this activity effectively and in a hazel-free manner, Abu Dhabi School was chosen as the section over which this research would be based upon. In this research, both male and feminine resting in the group of 18 to 30 years are included in order to make an addition of all facts and facets into account. This will likely also help in better understanding of the boundaries and constraints of Pepsi due to which it is always considered to as a follower of coca-cola and not as a market leader.

In order to perform the research in an overall manner factors like


Advertising & campaign,

Its winning strategies,

Effectiveness of promotional initiatives,

Customer interest towards advertising,

Affect of superstars in the advertisements,

Pepsi's growth in international spreading,

Customer satisfaction with shape & size of the product,

Changes required like color, taste, shape, slogan, etc

All these factors as designed in such a manner that they can be covering almost all of the areas of the customer behavior and any need to make changes in a way that it'll be reflected in an explicit format by this research. But most importantly, this particular domains of the marketplace will clearly indicate alterations that contain come in the customers over the time frame towards carbonated soda. (Levis, 2005)

1. 5 Concentration of the study

Focus of the study will be specifically on the improvement that can be presented in Pepsi's products in that manner that it might be able to compete with its biggest rival in an efficient manner. Another factor over which concentrate is made is the fact that what are the new features that are making effective change in the strategies of such companies in luring the interest with their consumers and improve their customer platform?

All these factors will be chosen by the buyer tendencies research along with certain previously available data regarding the same.

Thus principally, our target will be over following aspects,

Understanding Customer attitude towards Pepsi product bottom by observing their reaction against several questions asked by them to be able to handle the study.

Defining a clear marriage between various factors from the product and its impact within the sales as it is straight related to the success of the product.

Finally making advice about changes that could be presented in the merchandise line in order to make sure that survival could be made possible in such a fierce competitive circumstance.

1. 6 Significance of the study

If we concentrate over present market situation, we would discover that it is highly volatile and flexible in nature that want constant changes by direct customer founded organizations to be able to preserve their identity without the have an effect on to its internal structure in a poor manner. For this function, companies have to conduct regular market studies in order to obtain current market situation in an exact fashion and take initiatives to harness those opportunities to the maximum possible level.

Another factor that would signify importance of this research is continually changing global market. In earlier couple of years, globalization has made a deep impact over functioning of all organization in one way or the other. Thus in no way it could get away from this particular facet which has effects on performance of all organization with no exception. There is also a factor of understanding customers in that situation in case a company like Pepsi is eager never to only preserve, but also augment its dominance in the market.

This study can help in creation of comprehensive marketing plans that are a substantial part of proper planning and may not be skipped no matter what. Strategic plans will be the entities that can be held entirely responsible for progress of business and increasing the gains beyond certain boundaries, thus guidelines of such researches are defined in that manner that they will help in so that it is an effective measure to improve organizational efficiency.

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