The Decision Making Process And Physical Activity Marketing Essay

All folks are consumers. We eat things of daily use; we also ingest and buy the products according to our needs, preferences and buying electric power. These can be consumable goods, durable goods, niche goods or, industrial goods. Everything we buy, how we buy, where and when we buy, in how much variety we buy will depend on our perception, do it yourself concept, social and cultural background and our age group and family routine, our attitudes, values values, inspiration, personality, social class and many other factors that are both inner and external to us. While buying, we also consider whether to buy or not to buy and, from which source or seller to buy. In some societies there is a whole lot of affluence and, these societies can afford to buy in better quantities and at shorter intervals. In poor societies, the buyer can scarcely meet his barest needs. Therefore, marketers try to understand the needs of different consumers and having grasped his different conducts which require an in-depth analysis of their interior and external environment, they formulate their ideas for marketing.

Consumer behavior can be defined as the decision-making process and physical activity involved in acquiring, analyzing, using and disposing of goods and services. This description clearly brings about that it is not only the buying of goods/services that gets attention in consumer action but, the procedure starts much before the goods have been bought or bought. A process of buying starts in the heads of the buyer, which brings about the finding of alternatives between products that can be acquired with the relative advantages and disadvantages. This contributes to internal and exterior research. Then comes after a process of decision-making for sale and using the products, and then the post purchase patterns which is also very important, since it gives a idea to the marketers whether his product has been a success or not.

"Why do some companies perform more profitably than others, even though they compete for the same customers, need to pay the same pay, and are subject to the same rules? One major reason commonly advanced is the fact that some companies are much better than others at developing products and services where their customers see a high value in accordance with rivalling products and relative to the price"(Blois and Grunert, 2000). Developing products where customers will dsicover a higher value requires, subsequently, a good understanding of customers, what they need, how they buy, what determines if they will be happy with something or service. A corporation that continuously attempts to comprehend its customers and uses that knowledge in developing products and services is also said to be market oriented. It has been shown that companies that tend to be market oriented are usually more profitable.

Researchers in marketing have analyzed most areas of consumer behavior like the impact of from music to lighting how people behave and exactly how they consume products. This is not surprising while considering the fact that we are in a consumption-drives culture. Also the factors influencing consumer behavior must be considered as well as similar factors influencing the buying decisions in business to business transactions. On this paper, we are going to discuss the underlying benefits that consumers look when purchasing a car and determine customers' expectations on the merchandise, and how to create the segmentation of focus on customers to have the ability to differentiate between both genders' possible and attitudes.

2. Books Review

2. 1. Consumer Buying Behavior

The decision techniques and works of final household consumers associated with evaluating, buying, eating, and discarding products for personal ingestion.

Consider the purchase a car. You generally won't consider different alternatives until some event triggers a need, such as a problem needing probably expensive repair. Once this need has put you "on the market", you get started to ask your friends for suggestions regarding dealerships and car models. After visiting several dealerships, you test drive several models and lastly decide on a specific model. After picking up your brand-new car, you have doubts along the way home, wondering when you can afford the monthly payments, but then commence to question if instead you should have purchased a far more expensive but probably more reliable model. Over the next five years, the car has several surprising breakdowns that lead you to want to get a different brand, but you have been very happy with the services of the local dealership and opt to again purchase your next car there (Palmer, 2000).

In this specific case, the following generic style of consumer decision making appears to hold:

In the problem recognition phase, the consumer sees a huge difference of his current state and ideal state. The consumer realizes there is a problem which needs to be solved. Inside our paper, Believe that, consumer realizes that he desires an automobile for his daily travelling. The reasons are probably he moves to countryside from the location centre and he needs traveling the car from his new home to his office or probably he is not satisfied along with his current car's position, for example, most likely the design is too out of date.

Once issues is recognized, the buyer enters into the information search phase. Consumers need right information to help him/her solve the condition. Information search is the process by which the buyer investigates his/her environment for right data to produce a sensible decision. Information sources include two types: inner search and exterior search. Internal search consists of a check out of information stored in ram to recall past experiences or knowledge regarding purchase alternatives. Exterior search involves going outside sources to acquire information such as personal resources, marketer controlled resources, public sources, or through personal activities such as evaluating or handling a product. In our review, the internal search may signify the several car models in the consumer's mind. For the external search, it may include the car advertisements, car manufacturers' websites, dealers' intro and friends and relative.

The third level is the analysis of alternatives level. Consumers are up against different options plus they have to slim down different alternatives and choose one of the options as the ultimate one. The alternatives actively considered during a consumer's choice process are his evoked set. The evoked set includes those products already in memory space, plus those prominent in the retail environment. For instance, in our review, consumer probably didn't know much about automobiles, especially the complex aspects of automobiles, so probably he had only considered a few major Japanese brands in his ram because he thinks Japanese brands presents value for money and good quality. If a company's product is not included in the set of alternatives or if information about the merchandise is unavailable to the client, there is absolutely no opportunity to contend actively for the potential business. 36It is not impossible to change a customer's evaluation but it's very difficult. Which means key to good marketing, matching to (Dongyon and Xuan, 2008 ), is to comprehend the evaluation standards used by the client as well as the strengths and weaknesses of the competitors.

After the related alternatives from a category have been considered and examined, a choice would be made. Based on the decision, the customer will thereafter make the purchase decision and also choose the product. The customer's decision is situated partly on the product quality and price of the merchandise and partly on the procedures and procedures of the business.

When consumer was considering different autos, he centered on a couple of Japanese brands he's familiar with and ignored other brands. Consumer narrowed down his selections by only considering two specific brands. Evaluative conditions and determinant attributes are being used. Evaluative criteria will be the dimensions used to judge the merits of rivalling options. When comparing with alternate options, the buyer could chose cars equipped with night perspective and navigation which he believes could be useful for his leisure visit to countryside, so night vision and navigation are believed as evaluative standards. Cars without night eye-sight and navigation will never be on the consumer alternatives list. Another important point is the fact that criteria on which products change from one another take more weight in the decision process than do those where in fact the alternative are similar.

Finally, there is a post-purchase stage where the customer evaluates the merchandise and its effectiveness predicated on their goals of the merchandise. A satisfied customer directs positive text messages or discussions favorably to his friends or family members about the merchandise. The satisfied customer will purchase other products from that company or will repeat purchasing the product in the future. Marketers could understand how to build brand devotion and the way to encourage favorable word-of-mouth communication by learning the post-purchase level (Palmer, 2000).

2. 1. 1. Factors Influencing the customer Behavior

Consumer tendencies is afflicted by many uncontrollable factors. Consider, what influences you before you buy a product or service? Your friends, your upbringing, your culture, the media, a role model or affects from certain groupings.

'Culture' is one factor that influences action. Simply culture is thought as our attitudes and beliefs. But how are these behaviour and beliefs developed? As an individual growing up, a child is inspired by their parents, brothers, sister and other relative who may teach them what's incorrect or right. They find out about their religion and culture, which helps them develop these viewpoints, attitudes and values. These factors will affect their purchase behavior however other factors like groups of friends, or people they look up to may effect their choices of purchasing a particular service or product. 'Reference groupings' are particular communities of people many people may research towards too that have a direct effect on consumer behavior. 'Opinion leaders' are those people that you research to because your value their views and judgments and these views may effect consumer decisions (Proctor, 2000).

2. 1. 2. Perception

Our perception is an approximation of truth. Our brain tries to seem sensible out of the stimuli to which we live exposed.

Several sequential factors influence our perception. Exposure involves the magnitude to which we face a stimulus. The majority of this publicity is random; we don't plan to seek it out. Visibility is insufficient to significantly impact the individual, at least not predicated on an individual trial In order for stimuli to be consciously processed, attention is needed. Interpretation involves making sense out of the stimulus. Weber's Legislation suggests that consumers' capacity to detect changes in stimulus intensity look like strongly related to the strength of this stimulus to commence with.

Several factors affect the level to which stimuli will be recognized. One obvious concern is relevance. Consumers, when they have a choice, are also more likely to wait to nice stimuli (but when the buyer can't get away, very annoying stimuli are also more likely to get attention, thus, many very frustrating advertisements are incredibly effective). Surprising stimuli will probably have more attention wand success instinct requires us to provide more focus on something mysterious that may require action. A larger compare occurs in the difference between stimuli and its own environment as well as higher prominence (e. g. greater size, center position) also tend to increase likelihood of processing.

With better understanding of customer's perceptions, companies can determine the actions required to meet up with the customer's needs. They can identify their own advantages and weaknesses, where they stand in comparison to their competitors, graph out the path future improvement and improvement. Client satisfaction measurement really helps to promote an elevated concentrate on customer final results and stimulate advancements in the work practices and operations used within the company (Dongyan & Xuan, 2008).

2. 1. 3. Attitude

Consumer attitudes are a composite of a consumer's values about, thoughts about and behavioral intentions toward some subject within the framework of marketing, usually a brandname or shop. These components are looked at together being that they are highly interdependent and jointly represent forces that influence the way the consumer will react to the thing.

Consumers also keep certain thoughts toward brands or other things. Sometimes these emotions derive from the values, e. g. , a person feels nauseated when considering a hamburger as a result of tremendous amount of fat it contains, but there may also be feelings which are relatively impartial of beliefs. The behavioral intent is what the buyer plans regarding respect to the object, e. g. , buy or not choose the brand. As with affect, this is sometimes a logical outcome of beliefs or have an impact on, but may sometimes reveal other circumstances.

Changing attitudes is generally very difficult, particularly when consumers suspect that the marketer has a self-serving agenda in causing this change, e. g. , to get the buyer to buy more or to switch brands.

Changing Affect; one way is to try to change affect, which may or may not entail getting consumers to improve their beliefs. One technique uses the approach of classical fitness try to match the product with a liked stimulus. Finally, products that are better known, through the mere vulnerability effect, have a tendency to be better liked, that is, the greater something is advertised and observed in stores, the greater it will generally be liked, even if consumers to do not develop any specific values about the merchandise.

Changing Habit; people like to think that their action is rational; thus, after they use our products, chances are that they will continue unless someone can get them to switch. A good way to get people to switch to 1 brand is to use temporary price discount rates and coupons; however, when consumers buy something on deal, they may justify the purchase based on that package (the low price) and may then change to other brands on offer later. An easier way to get people to switch to our brand is to at least briefly obtain better shelf space so that the product is more convenient. Consumers are less inclined to use this availableness as a rationale for their purchase and could continue to choose the product even when the product is less quickly located.

Changing values; Although wanting to change beliefs is the evident way to attempt attitude change, particularly when consumers maintain unfavorable or inaccurate ones, this is difficult to achieve because consumers have a tendency to resist. Several approaches to belief change are present:

Change currently presented beliefs; it is generally very difficult to try and change beliefs that folks hold, particularly those that are strongly organised, even if they're inaccurate.

Change the value of values.

Add beliefs; Individuals are less likely to withstand the addition of beliefs as long as they do not conflict with existing beliefs.

Change ideal; It usually difficult, and very risky, to attempt to change ideals, in support of few firms succeed (Palmer, 2000).

2. 1. 4. Motivation

People considered several perspectives on patterns in an effort to understand what motivates the consumer. Each of these perspectives suggests various things in regards to what the marketer must do and what can and cannot be operated. The Hard Main Behavioral perspective is based on learning ideas such as operant and traditional conditioning. These ideas claim that consumers must study from their own experience rather than basically observing others who overeat and get sick and tired.

The Public Learning Perspective, on the other hand, permits vicarious learning i. e. , learning obtained by observing others getting good or bad repercussions for patterns. The models that may be noticed and imitated include peers and members of the family as well as relevant others which may be seen in advertising. Certain people are more likely to be imitated than others. Generally, observations are constructed of overt behavior, however, many room is made for specific reasoning in learning from others. This perspective is plainly more genuine than that of the Hard Primary view.

The Cognitive methodology emphasizes consumer pondering alternatively than mere patterns. Here, the emphasis is about how people reason themselves to the consequences of their tendencies. It is somewhat more challenging to try and enter a consumer's mind than it is to just observe his or her behavior, and everything we observe is relatively more subjective.

The Biological strategy suggests that most behavior is determined by genetics or other natural bases. By this perspective, it is suggested that consumers eat the meals they eat in large part because your body craves these food types. The primary implication of natural determinism is that the marketer must change, for example, food advertisements are more likely to be effective when people are starving, and thus they might better be run in the past due afternoon rather than in the late day (Blois & Grunert, 2000).

Involvement; it is due to an individual's intensity of interest in something and the importance of the product for see your face.

The purchase of a car is a lot more dangerous than the purchase of a quart of orange juice, and therefore presents a higher participation situation. This modifies the way that the common model works. As participation rises, consumers have greater motivation to grasp and elaborate on information salient to the purchase. A life insurance coverage agent, for example, would typically become more interested in contacting a young couple who just possessed a baby than an eighteen season old college university student - even although new parents might be attempting to pay the bills while the student is living more easily. Although the gross annual investment into a policy is much lower if started out at a youthful age group, most young college students aren't open to thinking about long term house planning. A couple with a fresh child, however, is a lot more open to considering issues associated with planning the child's future education, keeping to buy a residence, or even keeping to take an extended vacation upon old age.

The car industry today is the most profitable industry. Due to the increase in disposable income in both rural and urban sector and easy fund being provided by all the financial institutes, the traveler car sales have increased quickly over the equivalent period in the previous yr. Further competition is warming up in the sector with a bunch of new players to arrive and others like Porches, Mercedes, Audi, and BMW all set to venture in Egyptian Market. One factor that could help the companies in the marketing of these products is buying patterns of the consumers. The buying patterns of the customers can be examined by knowing their perceptions about the vehicles in the market and about the possible entrants in the market. One such approach is by knowing and making a personality for the brands. So marketers must constantly monitor and understand the main demographics and psychographics to map their particular establishments are moving and make a decision what needs to be done, via adding value that motivates customers to buy the company's products and affect the future industry structure (Blois & Grunert, 2000).

2. 2. Development of Car Market

According to the new technology that is producing nowadays, customer attitude towards automobiles has been changing for the automobile companies, and they have to serve these new obstacles to gain client satisfaction and gratify his needs. The automobile marketers are actually growing across the world other than previous years, and they are evaluating and studying the new car potential buyers' needs and desires. They discovered that the consumer's basic needs while thinking about an automobile are comfort, luxury, protection, economy, performance and convenience. Also we can not disregard the role of marketers on understanding how culture has an impact on the automobile marketing with regards to consumer buying process, and the demand of the merchandise differs from country to some other, so marketers should take this under consideration when studying the consumer buying action. The segmentation is absolutely important to be created in order to attain the selected concentrate on customer in the mark market (Nath, 2009).

2. 2. 1. The Uses of Demographics and Lifestyle Segmentation

Many marketers use the term segmentation and convert it into "Demographics" only, which is really an incorrect strategy to be adopted in order to generate an effective concentrate on customers. The term segmentation is classified into different kinds that happen to be; demographics, lifestyle, psychographics, behavioral, geographic, and utilization. On this paper, we will focus on demographic and lifestyle and start to see the uses of every one. The demographic segmentation concerned on get older, gender, occupation, sociable course etc, the problem that marketers do is focusing on one type of demographics such as age, for occasion. This wrong notion cause lack richness of information which lead to the declining of the product life routine. So, to be able to have a good analysis and evaluation on consumers, marketers should collect all the information needed in the demographic segment to obtain a more clear information of the audience's characteristics.

Life style segmentation, people understand it as "the way the person lives, purchases, and uses the merchandise". It can be defines as the full total image the average person has of himself by expressing his do it yourself concept. It is also a good strategy for having a good advertising plan since it elaborates the storyline life of the mark customer which will make it better to identify the advertising image efficiently. According to the researchers' perspective, they detected that needs and dreams are being created by life-style, and life-style are one of the major principles that influences the purchasing ability and the buying patterns of consumers. Associated with cars, marketers can be supported with the life style analysis to be able to understand the relationship between consumer's life-style and the product or service they sell. The life span style of individuals who use automobiles can be assessed using to the following questions;

1) What exactly are their demographic characteristics?

2) What are their passions and just how do they spend their time?

Mainly we can say that the essential idea of life style is like what Nath (2009, p. 2) stated in his research which is:

"The greater marketers know and understand about their customers, the better they can communicate with and provide them".

2. 2. 2. Consumer Action on Luxury Cars

In the last seven years, the demand of luxury car marketplaces is increasing with the expansion of technology, and this permanent changing impacts our daily life and our demands too. Marketers try to understand the various needs of consumers then understand different behaviours on the purchasing process, which requires studying the internal and external environment that is formulated because of their marketing plan to become differentiated in the field and improve the market share apart from the competitors. It really is evident that competition is growing consequently of these advancements, and this shows the role of brand id to beat the competition. The identified car image is the key of success in the buying decision, large companies such as Mercedes-Benz and BMW need to be updated with all the current changing of public value to build up their traits and categories on their brands, and this leads to the saturation of these positions of the global market (Anurit et al, n. d. ).

A process of buying starts off in the imagination of the consumers which lead to the finding of alternatives between products that can be acquired with their relative benefits and drawbacks. This aspect is applicable on autos; the marketers examine the consumer's life and understand his needs in order to beat your competition because now the luxury car market is extending in a higher speed and corresponding to the heavy competition, marketers are obligated to be differentiated as is feasible as they can to surpass the market within the competitors.

Few authors established the client perceptions of luxury cars and they were worried in consumer devotion and brand turning. So marketers use the promotional tools to keep up customer relationship, increase their commitment and brand turning. The creators' researches were centered on the segmentation of low price car ranges, about the segmentation of luxury vehicles, and how to choose between the brand image and the decision of buyers. Unfortunately they found that marketers overlook customers' differences behaviour and perceptions towards automobile which affects the buying decision.

Studying the buying behavior of luxury automobiles is actually different for marketers as opposed to the lower segmented automobiles. Now marketers are on the spot, so they have to understand well their target customers, their lifestyles, their attitudes, and their perspectives on the blissful luxury cars. They also needs to study their loyalty level towards their present brand, and exactly how to use and encourage them to switch to your brand. This can be by showing the benefits of car that identify it over others, then marketer can use the promotion tools to experiment with on his subconscious side by making him test drive the automobile to become more convinced and also to boost the customer's reliability. Also internet marketer can execute a special promotion for the customer showing him the way the company focus their customers rather than the others (Anurit et al. , n. d. ).

2. 3. Understanding Women

2. 3. 1. Women Buying Behavior

Women will be the most profitable customers in the cars industry alternatively than men because they're involved in two dimensions: loyalty and recommendations. First, the demand of women are greater than men while doing excellent purchase in virtually any category, they spend the majority of their moment loyal with their chosen brand, and the role of marketers here's to maintain the client relationship by sending invitations on a particular event, improving the after-sale-services to fulfill them and increase their commitment. Second, the role of word-of-mouth came out, although women are satisfied and dedicated to the brand, they will recommend to other that brand is favorably impressive. Once the marketer gets to women's satisfaction, he is successfully targeted men and women because he will over fulfill the demands for men as we mentioned before. So we see that marketing to women delivers a better go back on marketing through higher customer acquisition and increased customer retention (Barletta, 2003).

2. 3. 2 The Characteristics of Ladies in the Market

There are some ways in which the women's market wields a big stick. They offer some perspective how much women earn and own, and they cast light on how women spend.

Earning Vitality - What's In Her Finances?

On average, women are gaining a whole lot more money than they used to. Over the next two decades we will see the immense belongings of two years become increasingly focused in the hands of baby boomer women. What that means will there be are an existing market today and a straight much larger potential market that spans the next two decades.

Consumer Spending Vitality - Household Main Purchasing Official.

Retailers and packaged goods companies have known for some time that their principal purchaser was female. What marketers haven't trapped on to yet is the fact that women's spending electric power now extends very good beyond the small stuff. In the past, big-ticket stuff like cars, insurance policies, and major gadgets were historically bought by, and therefore promoted, to men. Things have transformed, nowadays; women drive the acquisitions even in historically male motivated categories. For example:

a. Women make 53% of all investment decisions.

b. Women make 55% of most consumer electronic acquisitions.

c. Women make 60% of all home improvements buyers.

d. Women make 60+% of most new car acquisitions.

e. Women make 66% of most new computer acquisitions.

Women Mean Business - Managing the business Checkbook.

Companies that market business to business also need to pay attention, because when it comes to business buying, women play a significant role as well. A lot of the purchasing professionals and buyers including the general and retail potential buyers are women. Not merely do women make up a lot of the market, however they will be more profitable. Marketing to women will deliver more earnings to your bottom line than putting the same budget against an all-male concentrate on.

More Profitable Customers

Two sizes of the women's buying process make sure they are more profitable customers than men over time: devotion and referrals. First, because women are definitely more demanding in making the initial purchase in a category, they recoup their time investment by being more dedicated to the brand they've chosen in succeeding purchase cycles. Second, because word of mouth is more frequent among women, they are more likely to recommend to others those brands or salespeople that win over them favorably (Barletta, 2003).

Effectively targeting women produces higher customer satisfaction - among both women and men. Accordingly, when you meet the higher objectives of women, you are more than gratifying the requirements for men. In essence, you've got two satisfied customers for the price of one. Marketing to women provides a better come back on your marketing dollars through both higher customer acquisition and increased customer retention.

2. 3. 3. Why Market Differently to Women

When it comes to buying, women have different prospective, beliefs, attitudes, and preferences on their buying decision. In order to understand how to reach woman's satisfaction, marketers should use gender learning to be given and in a position to reach the target segments through language, mass media, visualsetc. There can be an important question we need to criticize here to clarify the importance of using the gender learning to have the ability to differentiate between both gender's needs. The research Marti Barletta (2003, p. 2) stated the following question:

"JUST WHAT EXACTLY if women and men are different? A car is still a car, and some type of computer is a computer-right? Wrong Question !"

As we see here the question and the response are totally wrong but unfortunately many people view it as the right one! However, the experts have to prove the correct way of thinking on these aspects in many different ways in order to lessen the percentage of individuals who are convinced with it. On this newspaper, we will examine as much as we can to clarify the several between both genders.

2. 3. 4. Marketing to Women

Many researchers analyzed how to have a successful online marketing strategy and the majority of them conducted the same finding which symbolizes both effective guidelines of an effective marketing strategy and they are:

1) Understand your market.

2) Understand your consumers.

In the Automobile industry, women are the most effective consumers in the buying process nevertheless they cannot be targeted easily. If marketers don't realize women's desired needs and wishes, their sales will be slipping a lot. So we have to figure out what women buy, when they are content with the merchandise or service, how they use the product, and lastly they most important part is calculating the effectiveness of word-of-mouth because matching to different studies, we discovered that every single female you have, you create a multiple of sales and extra business (Barletta, 2003).

2. 4. Auto-Mobile Advertising

Automobile marketers have pursued females with interesting messages because the beginning of vehicle advertising. As the role of females inside our society has greatly changed over the past century, automobile marketers have tried to improve the content of the advertising to meet up with the needs of females. As the need for automobiles rises, the necessity for information on automobiles boosts as well. Many people turn to advertising for information in front of you car purchase. Marketers have discovered that females, just like males, have a tendency to react more favorably to witnessing them panned as skilled, experienced consumers (B. G. S. and Burks, 1997).

Females want the industry to take care of them as customer's who are Interested in all top features of a car, not simply the color. It is because, for many females, a car purchase symbolizes flexibility and freedom based on the previous researcher mentioned the next:

Whatever successfully focuses on this market will be way prior to the competition. It requires greater than a token of advertising in a few women's journals. It takes an understanding of what women want and offering it to them.

2. 4. 1. Colors in Car Advertising

The five senses are incredibly important when creating a marketing program; touching, tasting, reading, smelling, and viewing, each one has its own success towards service or product. The sight is the most effective senses that affect 90 % of the buying decision. Everyone is getting afflicted by colors; every color refers to a certain meaning but people don't have the same reaction to colors. Here we can ask ourselves how color influences us. To investigate this question, we list a few of the colors that mainly affect our purchasing habit.

Red: when person see it on a product, he feels lively and excited. This can push the buyer to use an action on an immediate purchase. Therefore the red color is highly effective on the marketing program. Many car manufacturers are producing autos with different colors and then recognize that the most effective color is red because women seems hyper when driving a vehicle a red car, she also draws in people's attention and this will increase her degree of satisfaction, and women will favorably use the word-of-mouth that may extend the sales revenue of the brand.

Yellow: According to autos, this color will affect negatively on the brand image and desire because the yellow color can make the person feel stressed and nervous, then your brand will face a difficulty on the market and can lead to their reduction.

Green: it relates to character, cheerful, control the blood pressure but for cars, it is rarely to be accessible because there is no w high demand upon this color but marketers should consider it and measure the percentage of inexperienced color requirements.

Blue: people feel high and calm, and nowadays many car companies produce blue vehicles because in line with the research done, they found that blue has a higher demand on consumer's thoughts and thoughts.

Black: this means power and improve that is highly involved in the buying decision (Leichtling, 2005).

Our reactions are a result of biological and ethnical variations. Women are attracted toward brighter tones and they're more very sensitive to delicate shadings and patterns. Some scientists send this to biology because females see color better than males do and men are 16 times more like to be color blind. We are able to say that years also affects the responsiveness to color. As women grow older, their eyes mature and their perspective transformed quickly to the yellowish color. The aged women prefer the white color and other shiny shades as Lexus, for case, sells heavily on the market by making 60 %60 % of its vehicles in white (Leichtling, 2005).

2. 5. Variances between Genders in the auto Industry

Men and women have different beliefs, attitudes, behaviours, perceptions, and standards of living. They also takes on different assignments in life, work, needs, and interior responsibilities which means the marketer should be smart on knowing these distinctions by figuring out that women are relating to with the product or its features but with her expectation and needs towards the product. The success of any market program depends upon the communication interconnection that is recognized between the car and the target audience's perceptions.

Marketers were concerned about their product's performance on women buying decision. Relating to this view, some companies advanced their marketing and service strategy to expand the brand charm to women. But they discovered that their men were highly satisfied as well because their women reach the highest level of satisfaction, which affects favorably on the ladies attitude while dealing with man. On the car industry, whenever a company target to women, as Ford, for illustration, they put all the desired needs and features that are preferred to women to capture her attention on the car. As a result, she'll be delighted to the brand which will have a major impact on the fulfillment of male demand (Barletta, 2003).

2. 5. 1. Interdependence versus Independence

Consistent with common stereotypes, a favorite agency perspective of the essential differences between men and women in Western ethnicities may be studied to suggest that men are less faithful than women. Women give attention to maintaining relationships. In contrast, men in Western ethnicities view themselves as more impartial, are more individualistic, and shoot for uniqueness and individuality. For men more than women, the concerns of society, members of the family, or other people are secondary to those of the average person (Yoo and Donthu, 2005).

2. 5. 2. Gender Differences in Consumer Loyalty

A fundamental difference between men and women in terms of the self-construal to be impartial versus interdependent may claim that Western women are much more likely than American men to be loyal customers. If women tend to strive more to determine and maintain romantic relationships with people and interpersonal contexts, they may do the same for romantic relationships with, for example, service personnel and companies. Thus, the interdependence versus freedom theory can be studied to suggest that women tend to be loyal than men both to individuals and to communities or organizations.

In compare, the view of male and female self-construal to be seen as a relational versus collective interdependence may have different implications for consumer commitment. The idea that women tend to focus more narrowly on dyadic bonds which men tend to focus more on a broader social composition suggests that female consumers are more faithful than male consumers to individuals but that the contrary effect occurs when the object of loyalty is a group (Yoo and Donthu, 2005).

2. 6. Salespersons' Role

Sophisticated salespeople take the initiative to actively cultivate prospects independently. Women actually control a lot of the financial possessions in this country. But who are these women? And how do you meet them?

Affluent Women, they're not who you think they can be; Most newbies think prosperous women are synonymous with rich widows. Certainly, there are rich widows, but they're not the only females with cash. As you'll see, there are actually a number of submarkets of affluent women.

The Executive Collection, The second place people look when they're seeking affluent women is here. That is a good place to look - but it isn't the only place.

Professional Practice, You probably already know most of the high-paying positions, but it may surprise anyone to learn how several occupations have women-specific associations.

Build the customer relationship and enhance her sense of brand commitment, so she profits to the brand for any succeeding or related buys.

Motivate her to become a keen brand ambassador and recommend the brand to her family, friends, and acquaintances.

(B. G. S. and Burks, 1997).

3. Conclusion

To sum up our newspaper, we can say that the affect of female consumers is great and it'll continue to expand. This is why it is important for companies to create a business strategy which includes marketing to women. Making a marketing plan that focuses on the female consumer can be an important step that will lead to business success. Vehicles are just like clothes and accessories suit the style and personality of a person and since all automobiles will become product someday, the key to market and excel on the market will rest with a person who understands how to use the perceptions of the customers to its use and sell the cars because finally only that car survives which provides.

Also understanding the main key points of gender learning will help marketers to determine what is recommended to do and what is not, and providing more attention on the direct consumer opinions to let them elaborate and improve their product. The success and inability of something can be referred to the suitable color alternatives. Life is identified in terms of connected colors, so we need to understand how it affects on our daily lives.

Finally, it is becoming clear that the uses and selections of color have significant impact in a wide variety of circumstances. The success and failure of something can often be attributed to the appropriate color alternatives. Societal patterns and traditions can lead to wide versions in the interpretation of colors, and the grade of life is often detailed in conditions of associated colors. Now we stay in a bright colored world, and we have to understand the impact it has on our lives.

4. Aims of the Study

4. 1. Research Problems

Do Feminine consumers impact in the Automobile Industry?

Do Consumer Buying Behaviors get influenced by the Cars Industry?

Do Genders affect the buyer Buying Patterns?

4. 2. Research Objectives

Determining the factors that effect the female consumers in the auto Industry.

Measuring the potency of the Automobile overall consumer buying tendencies process.

Evaluating the effectiveness of both genders on the consumer buying patterns process.

4. 3. Development of Hypotheses

Female consumer has a higher influence on the auto Industry.

Consumer Buying Habits are getting affected by the Automobile Industry.

Gender impacts Consumer Buying Tendencies.

5. Research Methodology

To determine whether male and female car clients shop diversely and conduct different types of external research, a study was chosen as the most practical method to answer the study questions because the analysis was descriptive in nature. Surveys provide the researcher with descriptive and ordinal answers and help determine the local climate of views for the sample.

The questionnaire was made to investigate female car clients and the amount of exterior research they carry out versus male buyers; the mass media advertising they utilize in their car searches and whether this multimedia consumption differs from male purchasers; the features they look for in a car and dealership and whether these features differ from male preferences. The questionnaire had taken between five and seven minutes to complete which appears in the Appendix. Expert Interviews will be achieved in the study in order to support the information collected from online and offline options, and to estimate the findings in an appropriate examination. This interview will be examined among seven interviewee related to the auto industry, and the questions is encircled on the major factors that female consumers called for, including colors, features, designs, . . etc. Also the questions support the gender difference perspectives while purchasing an automobile, and these information will better finalize the trials of our hypotheses whether they are suitable or not.

As for the Extra Data, which are informations collected from online educational sources to be able to understand the full impact and implication of the industry, to review and critique the industry norms and reviews, on which certain issues will be selected, which I feel remain unanswered or prone to change.

6. References

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