The Durability And Weaknesses Of Oracle Company IT Essay

The company Oracle is specially enthusiastic to keep all its newly acquired customers happy and persuade these to buy into its Fusion roadmap. For businesses making strategy software decisions, the company believes it has the richest most complete profile of applications and middleware. The company also complies with all the current ethical guidelines that legislations has placed and it also has its ethical rules that the complete work force practices. Oracle is really the only company that is capable of applying complete global e-business alternatives that extend from the front office customer marriage management to again office operational applications.

Larry Ellison saw an opportunity that other companies skipped more than three years ago. This is a description of a relational database. There is no company in those days that dedicated itself to commercializing the technology, but Ellison and co-founder Bob miner and Ed Oates noticed the business probable of the relational database model. The company is headquartered in Redwood Shores, California. Throughout record, the company has proved so it can build for the future, getting together with all demanded and changes in movements. The intimate understanding of customers and successes analysed by the best technological and business heads on the globe, made the business what it is today. The main focus of the company is to fulfil its customers' needs and implement key technology and business decisions that upend standard intelligence and take its products and services in new directions.

If one looks at companies that are similar to Oracle, it has turned into a standard for repository technology and applications in businesses across the world. The merchandise of the company can be found in nearly every industry, and in the data centres of 100 of the bundle of money Global 100 companies. Oracle was the first company to build up and deploy 100% internet -allowed organization software across its complete product line: database, business applications, software development, and decision support tools. (Wikipedia)

Strength and Weaknesses

Oracle being the first company to create relational database, possessed the first mover advantage. It helped businesses enhance their corporation of information and also helped them improve their business processes. It is the world's leading dealer of software for information management, and it is the world's second major independent software company. They have annual revenues of more than $10. 1 billion. The business offers its database tools, program products, along with related consulting, education, and support services, in more than 145 countries throughout the world. Oracle is the only company that is with the capacity of applying complete global e-business solutions that extend from leading office customer relationship management to back again office functional applications.

Oracle software operates on PCs, workstations, minicomputers, mainframes and massively parallel personal computers, as well as on personal digital assistants and set-top devices. This makes its product the best on the market. The feature of compatibility is exactly what gives Oracle an edge over the others being its major durability.

Oracles internet-enabled solutions give a cost-effective way to increase market opportunities and improve business process efficiencies, and draw in and retain customers. This is especially for the tiny and medium businesses that require an IT infrastructure in their firm that could help them get an edge over their opponents. With Oracles help, these businesses are able to replace expensive, unwieldy client/server processing models with the efficiency and reach of the internet, companies can deploy a wealth of progressive applications that may be reached with a Browser.

A weakness of the company that hurts its market is the way it markets its product. Because of the image understanding which it has, it will always be trying to get market on the basis of this brand recognition. Which brand popularity has badly afflicted it in the past.

The company markets the majority of its products using the slogan "Can't break it, can't break in", or "Unbreakable". (Wikipedia)What this signifies is the increasing requirements on information security. People expect the program to be unbreakable. The business also stresses on stability of networked directories and network usage of directories as major selling point.

But two weeks after its launch in 2002, David Litchfield, Alexander Kornbrust, Cesar Cerrudo while others demonstrated a whole collection of successful attacks against Oracle products. (Poulsen, 2002). Then your commentators criticized the slogan as unrealistic so that an invitation to crackers, however the company's key security official Mary Ann Davidson portrayed the criticism as unfair.

Environmental factors


It is a fact that IBM dominated the mainframe relational-database market using its DB2 and SQL/DS repository products, it delayed while entering the market for a relational repository in UNIX and windows os's. What this have was that it opened the door to Sybase, Oracle, and Informix then eventually Microsoft to dominate mid-range and microcomputers.

This was enough time Oracle lagged behind Sybase and in 1990-1993 Sybase became the fastest-growing repository company and the repository industry's darling vendor, but soon it merged mania and also to technical issues with System X.

But in 1993, Sybase sold the protection under the law to its database software jogging under the home windows operating-system to Microsoft Corporation, which now markets it under the name "SQL Server. "

Informix Software overtook Sybase in 1994 and became Oracle's most significant rival. But eventually Oracle defeated Informix in 1997. And in November 2005 a reserve detailing the war between Oracle and Informix came out. This reserve provided an in depth qualifications on what took place and exactly how Informix Software's CEO Phil White got in prison because of his obsession with overtaking Ellison.

But once it overcame Informix and Sybase, it enjoyed years of dominance in the repository market. But everything changed when Microsoft SQL Server became popular in the late 1990s and IBM bought Informix Software in 2000. It is still the same today as it competes for permit on UNIX, Linux, and Glass windows operating systems mostly against IBM'sDB2 and Microsoft SQL Server.

In 2004 was the entire year when Oracles sales grew at a level of 14. 5% to $6. 2 billion, offering it 41. 3% and the very best show of the relational-database market. (InformationWeek - March, 2005). Oracle Corporation's main competitors in the databases arena continue to be IBM DB2 and Microsoft SQL Server also to some lesser scope Sybase and Teradata. With open source directories such as PostgreSQL and MySQL, has recently made inroads by saying that its product delivers Oracle compatibility features at a much lower price.

The software-application market explains to the same tale. Oracle Corporation mainly competes against SAP. And on March22, 2007 Oracle used SAP, accusing them of fraudulence and unfair competition. But due to the broadening market for business-intelligence software, many other software companies have successfully competed in quality with Oracle and SAP products. But more products will appear within the next a decade.

Oracle Strategy

The company Oracle is specially eager to keep all its newly attained customers happy and influence those to buy into its Fusion roadmap. For businesses making strategy software decisions, the company believes it gets the richest most satisfactory stock portfolio of applications and middleware. The business's breadth and depth is a large plus and it offers helped it in getting a good reputation for supporting attained best-of-breed products. Furthermore, the company capitalizes on these amassed alternatives, Oracle should further develop its ISV partner-friendly, solution-centric ecosystem a d continue steadily to chip away at its historically less than customer focused perception. (Duncan Jones)

Corporate Governance

Oracle's Panel of Corporations has always developed a corporate governance practice to be able to fulfil its tasks to the Oracles Company stockholders.

There are certain suggestions that the mother board are required to follow to help ensure that this gets the necessary authority and steps in place to oversee the task of management and exercise independence in analyzing Oracle Corporation's business procedures. These recommendations help them align the passions of directors and management with those of the business stockholders. The business continually can be applied good corporate and business governance guidelines to multiple areas.


The major people of the Mother board of Directors of Oracle must specify as impartial directors relative to the applicable provisions of the Securities Exchange Take action of 1934. The person to be decided on as a Director will possess certain traits including business judgment, management, economics, accounting and finance, legal, marketing, industry and technology knowledge, international business, authority and strategic eye-sight.

2. Director Responsibilities

One of the essential obligations of the directors is to exercise their business common sense to act in a manner they reasonably imagine is in the nest interest of Oracle and its stockholders and in a way consistent with their fiduciary responsibilities. The directors can carry out any type of exploration as they deem appropriate, and could reasonably rely on the information provided to them by Oracle's mature executives and its outdoor advisors and the auditors.

The board is also in charge of overseeing management's initiatives to determine and manage materials risks as well as for researching options for risk mitigation. It also reserves the right of overseeing the major hazards facing Oracle and may delegate risk oversight responsibility to committees of the Table.

Directors are expected to wait the Annual Conference of Stockholders also to regularly attend Panel meeting and conferences of committees which they serve, to spend the time needed in preparation for such meetings and also to meet as much as they deem essential to properly release their responsibilities. In addition to this the directors should stay well-informed of Oracle's business and markets and as appropriate, talk with Oracle's customers or enroll in happenings or take other actions they deem appropriate to improve Oracle's business and its own success as directors.

The mother board also thinks that the management speaks for Oracle. Individual Board people may, from time to time, expressly signify Oracle in conferences or otherwise communicate with various third get-togethers on Oracle's behalf. It really is expected that Table members can do this with the data of the management. The most important thing is that all the directors are anticipated to comply with the Oracle code of Ethics and Business Carry out. (Oracle, The Oracle Code of Ethics and Business Carry out, 2010)

Conflicts of Interest

The director also has the responsibility to ensure that other commitments do not conflict or materially interfere with the director's responsibility to Oracle.

11. Performance Evaluation

There is a Panel that is led by the Nomination and Governance Committee that will regularly execute a self-evaluation to ascertain whether the Plank and its committees are working effectively. The Mother board with the assistance of the nomination and Governance committee shall occasionally review these Corporate and business Governance Guidelines to ascertain whether any changes work. (Oracle, ORACLE CORPORATION CORPORATE GOVERNANCE Recommendations, 2010)

Finance and Audit Committee

The purpose of this committee is to provide good advice regarding corporation's financial concerns, to oversee the accounting and financial confirming process of the Corporation and the audits of the financial claims of the Corporation, to assist the Mother board of Directors in rewarding its oversight duties regarding finance, accounting, tax and legal conformity, and to assess merger and acquisition trades and investment deals proposed by the Corporation's management.

Decision making:

There are three types of decision making all of which are distorted and affected within the state of crisis.


Identify conditions that are required for decision making


Invent, develop different training of action and analyse them


Choose the best alternative, make a choice

Structured decision making:

This is identified which becomes unstructured when in the point out of crisis and when it isn't maintained properly.

Unstructured decision making:

Non-routine decision making (this is not defined)


There are four types of system which we've protected in this (MIS) course that i will be talking about here with their importance in the Crisis management:

Transaction Control System:

This system functions the administrator at functioning level. This system helps to track record the business deal that took place within the organization as well as outside the organization.

Management Information System:

This system acts the managers at the center level. This technique is used to regulate and monitor the business enterprise functions. The insight it gets is from the T. P. S. this system is not flexible and it is utilized for usual decision making.

Decision Support System:

This system also provides the administrator at middle level. This technique uses the analytical models to show the performance and it is used for non-routine decision making. This technique gets it source from T. P. S and M. I. S. This technique has flexibility to improve data/information.

Executive Support System:

This system serves the manager at top level. This technique is utilized to dig out information from big stores. This is employed for non-routine decision making, and uses visual representation of data. Its input options are M. I. S and D. S. S. But it will not use analytical models for this representation.

This means that the decision making procedures within the business get distorted. And because the decision in virtually any company is vital to its functions, hence it's important to have IS as a aiding tool in problems management.

The company uses each one of these software in its IT infrastructure. It generally does not should do anything to be able to improve this or even to improve this. All it requires to do is to maintain a place where all the information of the business could be reached easily. This might reduce the time of data retrieval and would also help them in improving them customer relationships and their business.

Oracle and Ethics

Internet technology has posed new problems for the safety of individual privacy. Information delivered over this vast network of systems may pass through many different personal computers before its final destination. Each of these systems is capable of monitoring, acquiring and storing marketing communications that go through it.

It can be done to record all online activities of virtually tens of thousands of people, including which online newsgroups or data one has accessed, which Internet sites and Webpages she or he has seen, and what items that person has inspected or purchased over the Web. A lot of this monitoring and monitoring of Site tourists occurs in the background without the visitor's knowledge. Tools to screen visits to the World Wide Web have grown to be popular because they help organizations determine who is visiting their Sites and how to better aim for their offerings. Some firms also monitor the web usage of their workers to see how they are employing company network resources. Web vendors now have access to software that lets them "watch" the online shopping behaviour of people and teams while they may be visiting a Web site and making acquisitions. The commercial demand for this private information is almost insatiable. It has made it difficult to protect intellectual property because computerized information can be so easily copied or sent out on systems. Intellectual property is at the mercy of a variety of protections under three different legal traditions: trade secrets, copyright, and patent laws.

Oracle can take this into account and makes certain that these exact things are considered and that the business name is not between the ones that aren't known because of their services. All the products produced by the business are up to customer criteria and they make an effort to fulfil them by being true and not being fraudulent.

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