The Effect Of Exercise On Heart Rate Physical Education Essay

The heart and soul is a muscle that is used to pump blood throughout the body and helps circulate oxygen and red bloodstream skin cells to muscles and organs. Heart rate is the measure of how many times a person's heart beats in a degree of time. Its is solution in BPM(beats per minute). This is affected by the task of the muscles in the body. The more strain the muscles of your body are under or the more work they do means a higher heartrate. Recovery rate is derived from the measuring the heartrate after ceasing activity.

The hearts need to rate or down is brought on by the cell's dependence on oxygen. As you exercises, the muscles in the torso need ATP so they can complete their particular functions. ATP in the energy source for the cells and it is required for the cell to do work. Air is the final electron acceptor in the cell's production of ATP and is also therefore necessary to make energy for the cell. Therefore, the structure cells need air to generate energy and need energy to complete their functions. They obtain the air from oxygenated blood vessels circulating throughout the body. The oxygenated bloodstream is pumped from the still left ventricle of the heart to the aorta and then throughout the body. Once this oxygenated blood is utilized by cells it is sent back to the heart as deoxygenated bloodstream to the right atrium and then to the right ventricle. From here the blood vacations through the pulmonary circuit and becomes oxygenated again through the air breathed in by the lungs. The bloodstream is oxygenated again and repeats through the circulatory system. This system contains the heart and soul, blood vessels, and blood that circulates throughout your body and delivers nutrition and other essential materials to the cells. In addition, it removes waste products. The greater muscles work, the greater oxygen they need this means the circulatory system must compensate and pass more oxygenated blood through to the muscles which need it to make energy. Therefore, the heart must work faster to pump this blood throughout your body at a faster rate, which escalates the heart rate. The lungs also play an important role because the air breathed in oxygenates the deoxygenated blood vessels. This means that the lungs must also work harder when performing exercises because the blood needs to be oxygenated faster because the muscles will work harder and need the ATP. This applies mainly to exercise however; stress, medication, infections and even stimulants such as caffeine containing drinks can also have an effect on heart rate.

Voltage is the electro-mechanical force that could drive an electrical current between two different details. When applied to the individual circulatory system, it refers to "The depolarization and repolarization of the SA node and the other components of the heart's electical system produce a strong style of voltage change that can be measured with electrodes on the skin. " That is discussing the negative and positive ions. The SA node refers to the pacemaker which has regarding the hearts ability to generate its impulse. The AV node also is important in this technique and is found at the combination section between your right atrium and ventricle. These control the atrial and ventricular contraction which is essentially the heartbeat.

This lab utilized an ear clip to gauge the heartbeat of the subject. The clip comes with an infrared source of light and a light detector. The detector actions light sent from blood after light is emitted from the infrared source. The light sensor measure the change in the light transmitted. The reads your pulse because the quantity of light emitted differs during high blood circulation compared to low blood flow.

The heart, like any other muscle in the body, requires exercise to keep it in healthy condition. Daily cardio exercises can help a person lower their resting heart rate which means the heart and soul needs less beats each and every minute because the muscle is becoming stronger. Therefore, the heart will become more efficient and pump more blood out with each combat as it gets stronger. This implies the heart and soul a heart and soul can go back to the resting rate quickly after strenuous exercise, meaning the restoration rate will be higher as the center strengthens. Most people range between 60-100 BPM. Males average around 75 BPM and girl average around 70 BPM.



During the exercise, I put to begin inhaling and exhaling quickly and my muscles commenced to get tired in my hip and legs after about 30-45 seconds. This sustained throughout the exercise time period of 2 minutes. My heartrate also began to increase and I recognized a growth in body's temperature because I commenced to perspire and I could also see my veins filling with an increase of blood on more biceps and triceps as I noticed them stick out more.

After the exercise I discovered I was fatigued overall and after I sat down the heartrate began to diminish continuously. I also became less tired and slowed my respiration down once I sat down on the couch.

Table #1

Heart Rate Data







45 BPM

200 BPM

96 BPM



136 BPM

167 BPM

151 BPM

3. 1

Data Evaluation:

Graph #1

Heart Rate at Leftovers vs. Heart Rate After Exercise

Recovery Rate Calculations

Max heartrate after exercise - min heartrate after exercise


167BPM - 136BPM = 3. 1 = Good


Overall, the heartrate after exercise was well above the heartrate at rest as you can see from the graph above. However, the graph above has 2 outliers of 200 BPM which must have been due to one in the machine because it wouldn't normally be possible for the heartrate to increase that rapidly for no reason. The mean also shows this as the mean at slumber was 96 BPM, but after exercising the heartrate mean was 151 BPM. The studies led to a good recovery rate of 3. 1. This was found by subtracting the max after training that was 167 BPM and then subtracting it by the min after exercise which was 136 BPM. There are many factors in my own lifestyle that may have affected this including my diet and exercise. I exercise moderately at the gym, but overall I do more exercises which include lifting which are not cardio exercises. I really do not play any athletics which may have affected the recovery rate. I say I healthy and drink a whole lot of normal water and overall I would consider myself who is fit, but I also am not very muscular. I got by no means stressed and drink caffeine containing drinks on occasion, but did not your day or week of the lab. These factors all may have contributed to a good restoration rate of 3. 1.


The target of the lab was to determine the effect of exercise over a human's rate and this purpose was met through conclusion of the lab. This was accomplished through calculating the heartrate at break and then measuring the heartrate after exercising. You can clearly see the difference as the mean for the heartbeat at snooze was 96 BPM as the mean after exercise was 151 BPM. The minimum amount and maximum of the graph is skewed because of errors in the machine. The heartrate must increase when your body is using energy and working significantly harder. This helps the hypothesis that the heart rate increase after exercising compared to the heartrate at recovery. These results occurred because the muscles were in need of more oxygenated bloodstream than at leftovers, so it could make more energy to complete the exercises. The heart therefore needed to pump the bloodstream faster to the muscles which escalates the heart rate.

One large source of error is the error in the device itself as well as the error in the clip attachment. The device itself is not as correct as machines like electrocardiograms and makes many mistakes. The clip itself is also a source of error since it slipped off many times which made huge errors on the device and is also evident in the graph. At both 5 seconds and 22 seconds the clip slipped creating huge outliers in the graph both coming to 200 BPM which is impossible to hop from out of nowhere specially when at rest. An improvement that might be made would discover a way to keep the ear clip from slipping off of the ear. This might be able to be achieved with tape.

This lab could help in the future if one were to employ a more complex and expensive machine such as an electrocardiogram. Both are the same notion of measuring the heartrate, but the electrocardiogram is a lot more accurate because it measures epidermis electrodes rather than lift reflection. An identical test could be performed with exercising but it could be done while doing exercises rather than only after exercising.


What was the control in the experiment?

The control of the test was the resting heartrate. This heartrate would be set alongside the heart rate after exercise.

How will the resting heartrate compare to the pace after exercise?

The heart rate is much higher after exercise set alongside the heartrate at rest. It is because the muscles are being used more and need more oxygen during exercise. Therefore the heart needs to pump more oxygenated blood to the muscles, increasing the rate.

When did the maximum heart rate occur?

My maximum heartrate was at 5 seconds and 22 seconds into the resting period that was clearly one in the machine. Disregarding this error, the best heartrate was at the beginning of Trial #2 that was after exercise and progressively declined from there. This is practical because the muscles where working their hardest as of this period and needed the most oxygenated bloodstream at that point. Therefore, the heart and soul would have to pump the most at this point leading to the best heartrate.

Why, on the cellular level, does indeed heartrate increase with exercise?

When the muscles are being functioned, they might need more oxygen to complete this work. The red bloodstream cells which may have hemoglobin that mainly carry the oxygen provide you with the muscles with the oxygen. Once, they deliver the air, the blood is known as deoxygenated which is returned back again to the center. The heart in turn moves this blood to the pulmonary circuit which oxygenates the bloodstream. This blood vessels is then pumped throughout the body which is the beginning of the cycle once again. This all requires the pumping of the heart and soul. A lot more muscles are performed throughout your body, the more air they need this means the heart must pump more to compensate for the oxygen being used faster by the muscle.

Research to determine how heart rates & restoration rates are different between guys & females.

The heartrate of men is slightly greater than the heart rate of a lady because males have more muscle throughout your body. Therefore, they have more muscle that requires oxygen, meaning the heart needs to pump more oxygenated blood vessels to the muscle. There is no difference between the recovery rates.

Research the distinctions in heart and soul rates & recovery rates between athletes & non runners.

An athlete's center muscle has generated up overtime and become stronger because of the frequent exercise an athlete participates in. Therefore, the center muscle can pump more volume of blood per combat when compared to a normal person. Therefore, their heart needs less beats to pump the oxygenated bloodstream to the muscles looking for it. An athlete's heart will likewise have a much higher restoration rate because their heart and soul will be strong enough to easily cope with the pace it needs to keep up with during exercise. It will then move down quickly on track heart rate after the body is performed exercising.



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