The Horse Whisperer Nicholas Evans British Literature Essay

a) It's a very modern story. Enough time it requires place is not mentioned in the story, but the folks have very modern software and products, so I guess it's in this time, because a year or two ago they didn't had a laptop, while in this history they have got one.

b) the story takes about a 12 months. It stats when the kids have that crash and it ends when Tom perished.

c) The storyline occurs around New York where Grace lives and in Montana, where in fact the horses whisperer lives.

3. Plot

Grace comes with an car accident; she gets struck by a truck while operating her equine. Grace's lower leg is very terribly damaged and her horses Pilgrim has an undesirable trauma. Her mother reads about horses whisperers plus they decide to go there and find out if he can make Pilgrim better. He makes Pilgrim better and Grace's mom and the horses whisperer land in love. When Grace hears this she goes for a long drive with Pilgrim and when she's in the mountains Pilgrim and another stallion get in a battle. Tom and his sibling go looking for her and they make an effort to get Pilgrim away from the other equine, then Tom gets strike by the other horse and dies. Elegance and her mom go home to her dad/husband and her mother get divorced. Later the mother get's a baby.

4. Characters

a)Main characters:

* Sophistication : she's the 13-year-old woman who gets the automobile accident. She blames herself for the crash and also have troubles to cope with it. She get's very quiet of it, and ignore's her mom at the beginning of the storyline. At the end she can don't stop talking better with her mom and the contact is way better.

* Pilgrim (grace's equine): The story is particularly based on him. In the beginning it's a normal horse, but it gets damaged in the car accident and works weard after this. The horses whisperer attempts to make him normal again.

* Tom Booker: the equine whisperer. He's a peaceful and nice person. He comes deeply in love with Annie, but at first he doesn't give in, becuase she's hitched. He's very patient with people and family pets.

* Annie (grace's mom): Grace's mom, she feels guilty because after Grace she couldn't have children any longer. She acquired four miscarriages and she blamed herself because of this. After Grace's automobile accident she attempts to make her happy again. She spend tons of time in it and even decide to keep Pilgrim and make him better, even though Crace don't want this.

b) * Robert (Annie's hubby, grace's daddy) : When Grace and Annie leave he keeps in NY to are a lawyer. He and Elegance are incredibly close.

* Frank: Toms sibling. He's a good person and appears out for Sophistication sometimes.

* Judith: she's Grace's friend who's there with the crash, but she dies.

5. Theme

the theme is about not quitting. Folks in the storyline has got a hard time, but they continue fighting to become happy again. It's also about doing feels because you like people. In the story the execute a lot of thinks to help make the other person happy. They woul do everything to see them laugh again.

B: Your opinion

1. Which character(s) have you prefer?

Annie, Grace's mom I like the most. It's very difficult for her when her only child gets a automobile accident and she tries everything to make her child happy again, allthough Elegance don't make it easy for her. She an be very bothersome and irritating, but Annie don't give up. Annie will try to be strong for her doughter.

2. Wich character performed you dislike?

I think I dislike Grace the most. I understand she has lots of trouble working wit the accident, but her mom wants to make her happy and does indeed a great deal of thinks on her behalf, but Grace functions like she can't appreciate this and does indeed very frustrating to her mom. She makes it problematic for her mother to help her, so she makes herself only more miserable. I am aware whye she does indeed this, but I don't trust it. It's also mostly her problem that Tom gets killed.

3. What do you are feeling when you browse the story?

You do not get a happy sense when you read this story. The accidents cause you to sad and you truly sympathise with the players. It's an extremely sad history.

4. What's your favorite part?

I guess the finish of the storyline I liked the most. This as a result of beginning you know you will see a loss of life on the finish, and at the end you finnaly read it. You also know how the storyline ends, and thats usually the thing whye I stay reading. The end wasn't happy, but I was glad while i had finished the publication, because I held in tension about who should die.

5. What do you think about the theme?

The story is based on a true account, so it's not really one theme where it's predicated on. I can't stand horses, so that was not whye I read it, but I believe this story also offers got a message and that came out good. He just want to show the reader that whenever you really want to help people and make sure they are happy it could work, allthough you should do a lot for it.

6. Question to the article writer:

I want to know why they let Tom die by the end of the storyline?

In the start it's a unsatisfied story, but in the center it looks like everything wil come out right, but then Grace's mom cheats on her man and by the end Tom dies. I wish the story could end different.

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